This is a beta tester


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No, that is a sex toy.

For beta males, yes.
That's what OP said.

I would beta test her.

Nene a shit

fuck off already


This is getting too lewd for me

I bet that Hifumi is into some really crazy shit


H-Hifumi is scary...

this is chocolate

I bet she likes knife play

>Best girl
>Best moe
>Best debug tester
Is there anything Nene can't do?

I want to test Nenecchi's beta if you know what I mean.

I want to be Nenecchi's beta, if you know what I mean.

W-what does that mean?

That is Nene's owner.

I'd let nene test me.

Do you think she makes those sounds during sex?

Why would two girls use a condom?

So Aoba doesn't get pregnant.

So they don't get pregnant?

Is it degenerate to want to drink Nene's pee?

We're all degenerate here. But I'd much rather drink Ahagon's.

Can someone photoshop glasses onto Nene?

annoying ones

In what way will she test me?

She's into Aoba's shit.

I'm not smart nor creative.

Those are the ones I meant

I want to program and play FPS with her.

This video gets me through my day.

>tfw you will never convince Nene to do anal and then push her shit in.

The only good thing about Nenecchi is her feet.

I want Nenecchi to shit in my mouth.

Some one needs to make one with the ones from the rest of the season. I want to edit it with the sounds Skeletor makes from He-Man

This is an adult


How can you love her, if you don't eat her shit?

Why is Umiko so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

you mean the best girl, right?

Why is Nene so shit? She ruined the whole episode.

This actually sounds amazing

Why is Aoba such a piece of shit? She ruined the whole anime industry

This turned out to be a very average anime, first couple of episodes were good though.


I've been downloading various Skeletor laughs and MYAHS all day to make it.

Why is Hazuki so shit?
She molested the entire dev team.

Does Nene use tampons or pads?




Am I looking in the wrong place or is volume 4 not translated?

Newgeimus don't have periods.

The first chapter of it is translated, Doki just got started on it.

But they get enemas?

This was an aggressively mediocre anime and Nene is an absolutely garbage-tier girl.


Only when they want to do butt stuff.

From time to time. Hifumi dresses up as a nurse.

I want to do the Ecchi with Nenecchi.

Nenecchi is NOT eccchi.

What's the episode where Nenechi and Aoba are kids and buying candy or something


Insert: "Why is Hifumi so shit? She ruined the whole Internet." post.

>internal QA testing is "beta" testing
Idiotic video game bullshit.

Alpha is an internally distributed test build.
Beta is an externally distributed test build.

Don't listen to videogame manchild companies and the idiotic press that covers them. Alpha doesn't mean early. Beta doesn't mean early but not as early as an Alpha.

Shut up faggot no one cares.

>Don't listen to videogame manchild companies
You realize words can have different meanings in different contexts and different industries?

i want to fuck an hifumi

You don't fuck Hifumi, Hifumi fucks you.

Sure, but in this case "software development" is one industry.

Alpha, to me, means more that the game isn't feature-complete. Beta means feature complete, but not bug-free. I've heard of a few games going open in alpha stages.

This. There's no way their building plumbing could survive an all female lesbian period sync up.