Why is that shit allowed again?

Why is that shit allowed again?
>spend $60 on a blu-ray dvd
>it contains only 2-3 episodes
>you have to pay at least $300 for a single cour of anime
Then they have the audacity to complain that only extremely dedicated fans (otaku) are purchasing their products. When will this madness end?

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The only way to beat the jews is to be greedier than they are.

Because films have global appeal and hit more demographics instead of anime BDs appealing to only the 100k Otaku in japan that actually buy blurays.You release the lord of the rings, you get global theater revenue, global BD revenue, and you get commercial and promotion bucks.

With anime you get the Japanese otaki and maybe 10 American theaters for the global release, and when you release the BD you get importers and Japanese Otaku.

Supply/demand elasticity

Look it up sometime, underaged faggot.

Because Bakemonogatari has less of an audience and probably like 90% of people who have it pirated it, so in order to make a profit (which they don't) they have to overcharge for it.

So it's your fault, really.

Thats how the anime industry works since the 90s when producers started broadcasting anime late at night. How about you read something up and educate yourself. Anime are a luxury product for otaku virgins, hence the price.

>Then they have the audacity to complain that only extremely dedicated fans (otaku) are purchasing their products
Who does that? They'd have to be retarded, because the whole reason their shows cost so much is because only dedicated fans buy them. Also, is right, this really shouldn't be so hard for people on an 18+ site to understand.

>anime are luxury product
>CR can purchase distribution rights for pocket change

They gave up on distributing anime in the gaijinlands, so whatever cash they can make through streaming rights is good for them. Not even Japan cares about blu rays anymore, its all about the streaming and merch sales now.

the real question is why is anime industry so bad at appealing to global markets and releasing products globally

Basic consideration of the two markets will answer the question.

Late night anime
Dedicated small consumer base = niche market, demand inelastic with respect to price, not many close substitutes small quantity supplied = high price

Mainstream film
Large casual consumer base = commodity market, demand elastic with respect to price, many close subsititutes, large quantity supplied = low price

the complete internationsl set (2 vol.) of Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) is 260$

ill buy it as soon as my kidney trends on ebay

Gee i don't know maybe because japan doesn't give a shit?

That's why I only but American releases, much more reasonably priced.

They are bad at appealing to global markets because they have to concentrate on appealing to and avoiding alienating their small core fanbase who like things a very specific way making it difficult to experiment for fear of a flop. When your market is millions of people you can afford to experiment more because the likelihood is out of all those people there will still be a sizeable number that like your stuff. If you will get 10k people to buy your merch and BDs when you are successful then a bit of experimentation that doesn't go down well could kill the profit and hence will never get funded.

Because movies will always be better than anime

Just think, valuable bandwidth gets eaten up by having these stupid shitty bait threads.

Economics 101

it's only like that precisely because of the people buying it

>valuable bandwidth
>Cred Forums

>distribution rights
Yeah, and the nips have to pay the TV channels to air them. You're talking about the wrong thing - watching anime isn't a luxury product, owning the discs is.

did you miss the shitstorm ealier?

It is kind of fucked really, can't bring down the prices to try bring in a larger market because that might fail and lose money, can't attract a larger number of consumers because the prices are too high. The only way to really break out of it is to place the importance elsewhere and marginalise the need for blu-ray sales to be a success.

And jap goverment has to liken piracy to fucking murder because of the bd sales reliant industry.

Only shitty countries have limited bandwidth

> might
Will, you mean. It was lower before, they raised it because it made them more money, and experiments with lowering it have failed.

I mean, the US compares it to car theft. I don't think hyperbole is really culture-dependent.

Thats what i dont get, they pay channels to broadcast their anime, yet when i look into the data it states that TV is a high source of income for them. What does this TV mean.

If the target demo are willing to pay that much, then there's no problem.

>Will, you mean.
Past performance should not be used as an indicator of future returns. Anyone with basic financial knowledge knows this.

>he doesn't know that big pharma now owns Cred Forums
oh boy

Not him but I did, what happened?

Cred Forums is going to be deleted because Hiro isn't making enough money from the site and doesn't know how to make the money.

hiroshima made a post about winter coming and filling Cred Forums with ads because costs to keep it alive are too high

>Then they have the audacity to complain that only extremely dedicated fans (otaku) are purchasing their products.
Things that have never happened.

Anime are expensive because people weren't buying them when they were cheap. Lowering the price wouldn't increase the sales.

Kill yourself, moron. Or at least lurk more instead of shitting up Cred Forums with your awful threads.

>US compares it to car theft.
I think the anti piracy add was "you wouldnt download a car" so it sort of aknowledges they're exactly the same.


It's not a guarantee, but I think "might" is still an understatement. It's not really a matter of a paralyzed industry who want to do something but can't out of fear of potential losses, it's an industry that's making money and has no reason to do something that they have no reason to believe would increase their profits.

>vendors still sell only in dvd/bd format
>no ddl or stream options
>complain about pirates

Even if the entire cour was $10 I would still pirate. I don't even own something that plays discs. Get with the fucking times.

Yeah, sure

I mean that is essentially what the post says in a dramatised way read it
Capturing a global audience would almost certainly increase profits, that should be obvious. The problem is there is no room to experiment with ways to reach that global audience when your current revenues rely on such a tiny, hardcore set of fans.

See and Cred Forums twitter

Because 90% of people aren't capable of enjoying anime so there's no point in trying to appeal to them. Just tell your parents to watch New Game and see how they react.

Movies make their money back on ticket sales, dvds are extra. Granted they been relying on them more as of late due to decline in theater attendance but most still bank on making their money back within the first couple days of premiere.

Anime makes most of its money from dvd sales and has far less consumers.

I bet this is only the beginning

Ads bring so little money they are not worth serving and Hiro brought them down (Cred Forums.org/advertise?selfserve)
Goypasses alone are not enough to cover the current server costs.

they cant keep only appealing to otakus forever, at some point the industry has to change or crash

>Capturing a global audience
Pffft. Have you never seen a single anime?

Where would you guys go if Cred Forums were to shutdown? Open a user Reddit sub, twitter, eightchan?

>one is an adaptation of one of the most popular book trilogies ever made for mainstream audiences all around the world
>one is an adaptation of silly young adult novels made for a niche audience in Japan
Gee, I wonder why?

Cred Forums will be sold before that happens

>they cant keep only appealing to otakus forever
Why not?

>at some point the industry has to change or crash

You're just talking out of your ass. The market has been fine and growing for past almost twenty years since Eva.

Nowhere, this is my home, always has been and always will be.
If Cred Forums dies, I stop using forums/imageboards.

Why? There are many niche markets.

Probably this.

Back to wizardchan I guess.

>New Game

That's moeshit pretending to be deep like shitobako, any non-braindead viewer would roll eyes immediately

>everyone and their mom bought lord of the rings shit
>only weeaboos import Japanese DVDs and Blu Rays
>Japanese anime DVDs cost more because they know both that people will pay it and they need to charge more for merchandise because they're a niche interest, albeit a large one but still a niche interest

4.5 million USD? That's quite a lot. I thought the jap anime artists were working for a poverty wage

>deep like shitobako

I truly don't know. I'd probably not really go anywhere.

Don't give him (you)s, just report him.

Sorry for wasting precious bandwidth

Sure I have seen plenty and the majority of them have no chance what so ever of gaining global popularity as they are made now because they are made to appeal to a niche audience like I have said. But there have also been anime that were widely popular through out its history. The World Masterpiece Theatre shows for example were widely popular and shown in many countries. Ghibli has been widely popular, Pokemon, Digimon and so on. Late night anime like Eva and Cowboy Bebop have found considerable popularity as well. The anime industry itself would have no problem appealing to a much wider audience if not for the fact it was concentrated on appealing to a tiny segment, sure the shows would be nothing like they are now for the most part I thought that was a given though.

It's time for you to go to bed, gaki.

animating costs will only go up over time
the margins are so small any change like foreign competition/less bd buyers overall for jap industry will make many studios unsustainable

>Dont agree with an opposing opinion? I report u!

lol, faggot

>waste precious bandwidth
>Hiroshima decides that keeping 4chin alive is no longer worth it
>We're free

are you really fucking retarded?

But shows like that are being made, you mentioned a couple of them yourself. They're also completely irrelevant to Bakemonogatari from OP and other late night anime. What's your problem? You're comparing apples to oranges.
Bakemonogatari can't go mainstream so it isn't doing that. Pokemon can and it is doing that.

Do you even understand what are you trying to argue?

Shut up, isac, you literal piece of shite.

What you're saying is basically
>I want anime to stop being anime and become same thing as everything else
Because, yeah, having variety is awful and it's outright wrong for people to enjoy things.

Of course I do. The anime industry could appeal to a wider audience and make more money if they made stuff that appealed to a wider audience and stopped making things to appeal to a niche audience. It really isn't a complicated concept. The reason they don't is it is much harder/riskier to try make a show that is aiming to be a global success when the majority of them fail to become successful hence instead of taking those risks you cater to a small dedicated fanbase.

You will miss Cred Forums when she is gone

I'm not saying anything should be any one way at all. I am just pointing out how things could become a certain way if the industry chose to go far that.

And then you'd have a smaller niche market on the side, and some faggot would sit around on an imageboard asking "Why doesn't that market change literally everything about what it does to compete in the mainstream like everyone else?"

Learn basic economics newfriend, they will earn more money by setting it at a high price tag because of the niche audience than Lord of the Rings with a way way bigger audience.

>The anime industry could appeal to a wider audience and make more money if they made stuff that appealed to a wider audience and stopped making things to appeal to a niche audience.
It is doing that. Did you even read what you and I wrote?

Anime is not mainstream and nips in general don't have room for DVD shelves in their tiny apartments, so the industry has to milk otaku for all their worth

You are. You are saying anime should change and become mainstream. You are saying late night anime should stop existing.

I do hope it will crash, otakus spawned a few of my favourite series, but its time for them to go back into the basement where they belong.

It's buisness, not economics
Checked though

>3 bakemonogatari episodes
>4.5 mil usd
more like 4.5mil yen

Why would a person miss Cred Forums?

Fuck off then.

That would be a step into the right direction to be honest. Moe should go into the hentai genre, so you freaks can still have your waifus.

Why the fuck are you on Cred Forums if you don't like anime?

I'm not sure what your point is supposed to be here. That there will always be a niche market even if they did that just smaller?

I'm not sure what your point is supposed to be either? Mine is that the anime industry could make more shows that appeal to a global audience to make more money but that it is a riskier proposition than trying to make shows for a small dedicated fanbase so that doesn't happen.

No really I didn't. I said that if anime changed it could appeal to a wider audience. Never said I wanted that to happen.

You're saying niche market should go mainstream. That directly means niche market will stop existing and mainstream market will become bigger. I'm afraid you might be retarded.

I haven't said the anime industry should go mainstream at all. You might actually be the retarded one here. All I have said is that it could make more money doing so.

Why would a person be feeling sad when Cred Forums is gone?

guys, whes the time comes and hiro kills Cred Forums, where will you go? i dont want to leave my home, might aswell finally kill myself with this imageboard

Sorry, could you point out where i implied that i dont like anime?

Well, no shit it would perform differently if it became something else. It's fucking obvious, you haven't discovered anything special. Why the hell are you talking about it though if you don't want that change to happen? There's zero point in talking about that.

Cred Forums is basically the reddit of imageboards.
there are countless alternatives.

>anime should disappear
>where did I imply I don't like anime?
Last reply you get from me.

Because this thread is about the difference between pricing of products and making profit in niche and mainstream markets.


Thats not a quote, could you please quote where i said anime as a whole should disappear or that i dont like anime as a whole. I guess you cant, fucking idiots on here.

they are all ghost towns or dead

The movie already made a revenue at the cinema the anime didn't so they have to sell the BD at a high price to generate profit.

That's because 80% of the budget goes on hiring musicians and over priced voice actors. Animators have always worked for peanuts, but only a few of them are any good

Take an economics course OP. Learn what supply and demand is, learn what equilibrium price is, and stop being retarded.

With companies like Netflix writing out fat checks for distribution rights for entertainment that includes anime, the effects of this will eventually ripple into otakuland. Then it will be they who complain of normie gaijin ruining their moeshit.

Why do you need Cred Forums, what is chan 4 you?

The thread is made by a retarded newfag and shouldn't have been made in the first place. They have different prices and profits because they are different products.
Comparing anime to shoes would make exactly the same amount of sense as comparing Bake to LotR. Zero.

>people weren't on Cred Forums when they lowered the BD price and raised it back up
That was probably the most jew thing I've ever seen. It doesn't even feel like it's been 2 years yet and I don't remember how long ago it was.

I'd try to follow where the rest of the board would go. Might be cripplechan, or some other.

i cant make threads on reddit about how much i want to cum on the forehead of a certain character

>but only a few of them are any good
Really? Do they have to mop up after the others or something? The animation looks mostly (99%) consistent

I saw the entire first half of the ML TE BD box-set at FYE for like $39 bucks

It isn't really quite the same as shoes and anime. Shoes aren't a form of entertainment media, anime is. They are much closer substitutes for each other. The real difference between and the disparity in content and popular between them is caused by the fact that one is consumed widely by casuals and thus tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator and the other is consumed by a small dedicated fanbase and thus tries to appeal to a highly specific set of preferences tending to be common amongst those fans.

Watch anime closer. There are big differences between episodes depending on who animates them. Space Dandy is an extreme example with many different animators.

That's mostly key frame work, aka the talent

That should have read "The real difference between them and the disparity in content and popularity between them..."

You can actually do that, there should be porn on there, so its no big deal. Cred Forums is on reddit too. So Cred Forums could do it if they wanted to.

Are you really trying to ponder why Lord of the Rings out sold Bakemonogotari?!

wait for funimation to release your chinese cartoons.
they're cheaper.

Why does Funimation and everyone else except Aniplex stick to right's philosophy rather than left's?

My girlfriend uses the plebshit Cred Forums equivalent, that place is fucking cancer of the worst kind, demotist enforced mediocrity. There will always be a place for anons, culling only makes us stronger.

>Why does an American box set from over a decade ago cost less than a Japanese DVD that came out relatively recently.

I dunno man, maybe we should think about this REALLY hard.

>My girlfriend
Fuck off, normalfag

Stronger against what? Or in what sense?

What if his girlfriend is an user too? What rule states that one cant have a girlfriend?

Then just make an Cred Forums subreddit and link it here. Or do what the Mayoiga autists did.

Jesus christ, kill yourself, you are the reason why this Cred Forums is dying

>tfw too mature for Cred Forums these days

You'll all get over hiro shutting this place down once you grow out of your edgy teen years.



You wanted to merge moe with 14 y/o girls where panty shots arent even allowed, with hentai. Does that not explain it all? Do you comprehend what you wrote?

Hahahahehehehe jajajaja


4ch is a dying imageboard, why do you care so much just let it go. Its done its over. You will have to go outside now to socialize with people. Oh the horror.

>You will have to go outside now to socialize with people.
How does that follow? I'll just spend more time watching anime instead of browsing.

Link me to the rule that states normalfags arent allowed to post on Cred Forums. I dont feel comfortable on Cred Forums as a normalfag and it shouldnt be that way. I dont like you guys discriminating against me.

You cant do that. You are on here for a reason, you want to chat with other people about your favourite hobby.

>Then they have the audacity to complain
The only people complaining are retards like you though. It's always interesting to see how Cred Forumsnons complain about BD prices and instead choose to support CR and Funimation. Then there's a kikestarter and everyone brags about how much they spent on it.

Normalfags lacking self-awareness are the reason this place got worse more than the reason it's dying.

I know this is bait but the sad part is that there people that really think like this

> You cant do that.
Yes, I can.
> You are on here for a reason, you want to chat with other people about your favourite hobby.
That doesn't mean I'll do it no matter what, nigger. If I had to physically go somewhere and discuss anime in person, I would just not discuss it.

Its not easy being a normalfag, dont talk about things you know nothing about.

>Yes, i can.

because Japan makes for Japan
i like it that way
the importance of the global market for entertainment is a meme

niche audiences are the ones who buy

Dude didnt you recently hear the news of China gaining more importance in media, be it hollywood or japanese animation.