How will they beat Black?

How will they beat Black?

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With bleach.


Power Levels.

An asspull.

>tfw the prince finally gets his moment and defeats "Goku" at the same time

Just a question for those who are up to date with the show, why is Zamasu only targeting Earth?

Initially when he said he hated humans, I thought he meant earthlings, but apparently, he meant humans as in mortals.

So why target only Earth? Shouldn't he be targeting the whole universe? Also, future trunks earth is still from universe 7. The guy is from universe 10. Why didn't he start with his own universe first?

Í'm about 10 episodes behind. Is this ever explained or it's just another one of Toriyama's fuckups?

Kiss on the lips

Vegeta going berserk after they injure trunks.

Attain Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan White

Another fuckup.
Along with why didn't he use the dragon balls which have NO LIMITATIONS on their wishes to:
-swap bodies with Whis or the Grand Priest or even Zeno

Super Ultra Maximum Omega Alpha Zeta Saiyan God Blue 3.5: The Reckoning

Call Saitama and one punch the whole DBZverse.

Well I mean, if he did that, there would be literally no way to win. None. Particularly with Zeno. Might as well just end the show.

That's a shame. I knew that introducing more universes wasn't a good idea. They should have kept it as a Journey to the West spinoff.

>why is Zamasu only targeting Earth?
He isn't. It's already been said that they've purged other planets before coming to Earth.

It'll probably just be another Cell incident, he goes berserk with a "huge" power up ala with beerus but jobs anyways since Super is almost as bad as GT with it's "goku time"


I'm really hoping for this. They've been establishing that SSJ2 is basically the perfect transformation without going overboard with cons. Time to throw some God ki on that shit.

But he can't even beat Nappa.

t. DBZfag

The whole point is being able to execute the plan without Zeno noticing

I only ever watched the DBZ dub (and some of Dragon Ball and DB GT) when they aired on Toonami. I don't really remember the plot or what happened in the show besides Frieza and Cell and the androids and Buu.

Is this the evil goku or something?

A Kai in Gokus body

But why universe 7? Did he destroy universe 10 first?

I'm pretty Sure Saitama can fuck up everyone save Zenos and maybe Whis.

He seems pretty ass blasted that Goku is better then him, maybe it's revenge.

Cardiac arrest

Doubt. He can probably put up a way better fight than most but I'm fairly sure any of the high-level characters could take his ass out. E.g. Goku, Vegeta, Beerus, etc.

Possibly, from what we've seen form Saitama, and as stupid as it is to bring him to any sort of power level argument because of how his character is, he's probably faster and stronger than anything that isn't past the buu-saga.

Power level debates are inherently stupid anyway, that's what makes them fun.

>search "fusion"
>0 of 0

Really? Seems like it's being obviously foreshadowed. The only alternative is some kind of actual teamwork between Goku and Vegeta instead of constant 1v1.

According to the manga, Black was searching for an universe and timeline without a god of destruction, and Kaioshin died in Trunks' timeline, killing Beerus. The anime hasn't mentioned it yet, but it seems like we'll get Black's full plans next episode, so it should be there.

We already know it's going to happen based on the toy leak alone.

>tfw SSJ2 Goku could go toe to toe against kid Buu
>Goku ascends to SSJ3
>Still level
>Only now he uses up all his ki in about a minute
SSJ3 doesn't even have eyebrows
Why would anyone care for such a shit transformation?

Implying they can beat the cock

To be fair, that was just the anime being stupid. Goku never faced Kid Buu in SSJ2 in the manga. It was only SSJ3.

Exactly. I think goku is gonna be retarded like "damn it's unfair to fight two of the same person (2 zamasu)... HEY I GOT AN IDEA!"

Because Beerus is dead

>Be ssj3
>if you don't beat your opponent in the first 5 minutes it's worthless because of how draining it is
>Goku incapable of finishing things quick

Ssj3 would work better on Trunks

>Play any DBZ game ever
>SSJ2 Goku has a fucking terrible moveset
>SSJ3 Goku is all pimped out
>SSJ2 Vegeta has a fucking terrible moveset
>Majin Vegeta is all pimped out
>SSJ2 'adult' Gohan has a shit moveset

I've been waiting for SSJ2 to finally have a good showing for so long
Super has been a godsend

Protip: they won't.

I'd imagine it's either gonna be SSJB2 or fusion

one of those high level tier priests will show up to exterminate the extra timelines

yfw our timeline is an artifical one and FT lives in the original one


Like they always do.

goku presses his best friend button and the faggot king kills both black and zamasu

Goku goes even further beyond?


What else would it be?

Goku moveset in Budokai Tenkaichi as SSJ2 was the worst thing ever

Vegeta____ going even further beyond

The biggest thing we've seen him do can be pulled off by any of the human Z-Fighters

>Super Dragon Balls being able to even touch Zeno

The literal point of Zeno is that he is beyond the DBS multiverse, he could erase everything in a blink. I doubt a more powerful set of dragon balls created by one of the gods Zeno created could do anything to him (or his guards for that matter).

Also Zamasu seems to be emo enough to actually want to over see human extermination himself. Just to be sure. Dragon Balls would remove that satisfaction for him.

wait, toy leak?

Reminder that Goku has never kissed Chi-Chi

Reminder that Goku has never kissed at all

>How will they beat Black?


Didn't they kiss at the marriage in the OG DB?

How did they beat Broly?

>It's okay dad, leave Black to me.

Genki dama as usual or dengeku bakuhatsu, sadly there's no other choices.

>implying the Prince isn't going to defeat black in ep63

If Black is just Zamasus mind inside Goku's body then how the fuck can he achieve super sayain rose?
I thought Ki was a property of the body not a property of the mind so how can he tap into divine Ki when the body is literally Goku.

>Sure Saitama can fuck up everyone
Nah he isn't even planet level so he can't even beat Nappa. Meanwhile with Goku

Because SS transformations are a natural part of Sayain biology.

He achieves rose BECAUSE his Ki is different then that of a normal Sayian, and thus, his transofmred state is slightly different.

Wow! Show me where you found Saitama doing his most powerful unrestrained attack that is planet level :)))

an empty void sounds nice

Gohanfags still clinging to hope


>be strongest mortal in the universe with a strength comparable to gods
>be married with two kids
>still never kissed a girl

This is his best feat so far and we can only judge what he has displayed.

To be fair, Saitama is planet level. However, that's his limit as far as we know.
He don't know how strong he is but so far he's shown Nappa-tier feats.

So yes, he's Nappa tier at this point. Saitama is cool and all but he's nothing in the DBZ verse.

how is Zeno not going to notice everyone in the multiverse is fucking dead? he'll eventually catch Zamasu in the act and either undo everything he did or create new ningen/universes

it's a temporary victory at best even if Goku & crew don't fuck his shit up

I don't get it. If their fists can shatter the universe then how do SSB blasts barely do any damage to Earth?

>he's shown Nappa-tier feats.

>Serious punch

>Causal Gesture

They could just go to the future, summon the Super Shenron and ask to remove the soul of Zamasu from it and put it in a frog.

To think they had to summon twice the Super Dragon Balls and all that shit for something that Captain Ginyu could have done anytime.

Ki control

>he's shown Nappa-tier feats.
Alright so Nappa has shown more impressive stuff. My bad.

Why is OPM so overhyped again?

In the same episode Goku learned how to punch without fucking up everything.

He could have busted the planet forever ago but instead keeps drinking his tea and letting the peasants hide underground.

What do you mean by Ki control?

I don't get how a Saiyan Saga Kaioken x3 Kamehameha is enough to destroy the earth but a Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha barely does damage.


Because OPM fans are cancer.

Gogeta can beat Black.

How do they beat the immortal Zamasu though.

Episode number?

They'll take the earring off of him and seal Zamasu

Also how did Zamsu kill Goku when Goku was dead from a heart attack?

Find out in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super!

>What do you mean by Ki control?
They control their Ki to lessen collateral damage.

>I don't get how a Saiyan Saga Kaioken x3 Kamehameha is enough to destroy the earth but a Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha barely does damage.
Because it wasn't aimed at the planet and Goku doesn't want to destroy the planet.

Episodes 12 and 13 show the shockwaves and give an excuse for why they stop.

The usual Goku asspulls

Just better control over the attack and where it goes. Super Saiyan Blue is stated to have perfect innate Ki control

>They control their Ki to lessen collateral damage.
Can you please show source? Manga references stating this?
>Because it wasn't aimed at the planet and Goku doesn't want to destroy the planet.
It was still enough to vaporize Frieza (who is beyond Perfect Cell at that point)

not as much cancer as people who spew buzzwords to make a point

Also Beerus stopped the Universe level Ki from rekting shit.

How about their punches that misses the opponents and hits the ground? Why are those punches not destroying the planet or even the environment?


>uses buzzword without knowing it's a buzzword

revived him with the super dragonballs and then killed him again.

There's a universe in which Trunks came and never came back (because he was killed by Cell). That's the unseen timeline. In this timeline Goku didn't die and there was nobody to stop Zamasu.

They process shit at levels too fast to comprehend, my guess is they realize their punch is about to deck the planet and pull it to avoid cracking Earth in half.

>trunks came (to this timeline), went back to his own timeline and never came back
Fixed, sort of.

And Black managed to switch timelines without a timeline switching machine how?

The rings don't keep you in the dimension you go to

>Can you please show source?
Read the thread >It was still enough to vaporize Frieza
Yeah and he stopped it before it dug to far into the planet.

Ki control

I asked for a manga pic. Not some Toei bullshit.

He stole the timerings from Gowasu and went to Trunks' timeline. The rings do keep you in the dimension you go, that's how there're two zamasus in Trunks' timeline to begin with.

ahah you are one of those persons that is cancer impersonated and your friends avoid talking with you, arent you?

Isn't this guy just turles?

Mangafag detected

Tough shit and both the anime and manga canon.

Why are people replying seriously to OPM cancer.

You do know I meant the DBZ manga, right? Why the fuck does everyone assume DBS when somebody says manga now?


Turles/Xicor/"Evil Goku"/

Toriyama sucks at writing. Everything has to be about his self-insert mancrush Goku.

Thats literally the stated objective of the rings. They serve to visit the changed timelines and being kept there.

What would happen if Black and Zamasu used the earrings to fuse?

I don't remember any source but I always explained it to myself that like concentrated ki (like piccolos hellbeam shit) is possible and therefore preferable to AOE attacks that can blow up "fragile" planets.

yeah we should be talking how our OPM is better than their

SSB Kaoiken x20 seems like the obvious answer.

Because this is a thread about DBS you fucking moron.

Then why was Black pulled back?



>I always explained it to myself
Alright, so headcanon. I kind of want an actual source though.

you mad, Gokufag?


>I don't get how a Saiyan Saga Kaioken x3 Kamehameha is enough to destroy the earth but a Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha barely does damage.
Since when was SSB apart of the original manga?

Nah. Black has a warped version of Goku's love for fighting with his masochism stuff. Turles was just a generic conqueror guy with Goku's face.

>Discuss only DBS
When I ask for a manga picture, I mean the entire franchise. Stop being retarded and use your brain for once.

He wasnt in the timeline the ring belonged to. HE STATES THIS

>Wants a source for something that occurs in DBS from the original DB manga

Are you actually this fucking stupid?

Because he went to the past, and the ring doesn't allow that.

So you're telling me that Ki Control is only in DBS?

No, I think you're the retarded one.

Wow you are fucking retarded.

this is you people right now

I mean I drew a conclusion based on something I saw that was confirmed. If you literally need everything happening spelled out to you I recommend Naruto.

>wahh i can't defend myself so i'll just call him a retard!!!
I'm convinced you're trolling at this point. Nobody is this much of a crybaby.

Your original gripe was with SSB attacks not wrecking the Earth. You cataclymically retarded fucking mongoloid.

>Cred Forums is the elite of internet, most patrician board, etc
>can't understand a literal saturday morning japanese cartoon

Okay and when I asked for source I was referring to Ki Control in general.

Do I have to spoonfeed you? Read.

How about the villains like Golden Frieza I doubt they care what happens to Earth.

"Ki Control" as you and everyone else has been referring to it has only been solidly explored in Super. You've been given a source from Super. Stop. Being. Fucking. Stupid.

>They process shit at levels too fast to comprehend, my guess is they realize their punch is about to deck the planet and pull it to avoid cracking Earth in half.
Pretty much this.

Stupid plot.
Zamasu should have already taken over Trunks timeline and enslaved every mortal there.
Making them worship him and black like gods. Then spreading to other universes.

They'll go to those universes and try to take them over covertly/spread his "righteous teachings" or just destroy the worlds and enslave the people to his bullshit by force.

The reason why they don't let Zeno know and want to stop them on his own is because Zeno would just wipe out both galaxies.

Reason to fight.
Reason for beerus and whis to not get involved
Zeno is not envolved either.

Their fists colliding was breaking reality apart because of the collision of God Ki unrestrained.

The same thing started happening when Champa and Beerus started slapping each other silly, it means they are out of control and not focused, making reality slowly negate itself.

Whis training is all about keeping energy from leaking from inside them and acting as they want it to act.

While any high end energy attack of sufficient level can bust through a planet core and blow it up, focused attacks meant for combat would never do that.

Frieza wanted to murder Goku himself, he didn't want to bomb the planet to get him. The only reason he chose to nuke Earth after Vegeta wrecked him was because he was desperate, he knew he couldn't win. Same with pretty much every other villain really.

Teen Gohans hair > preteen > mullet > bowl cut > shit > his gt hair = revival of f

does it take practice to be this dumb

in a scale of 1 to 10 how much are people in your daily life willing to put up with your bullshit?

So explain SSB vs Golden Freezer?

>ki control is a DBS thing
Makes sense now. Toriyama is a retard.

The writing is shit, I don't think anyone but hardcore fanboys will deny that. I mean, I fucking love DB and I think the majority of the writing is trash. Especially Super. I only watch for the nostalgia.

Only retard here is you user.

post your favorite DB, Z, GT or S music piece

user, if you watched the show and still cant understand what happened in ssb vs freeza, in a literal show for seven year olds, you are beyond any help, you just stupid my nigga.
Live with it and be thankful for everyone you deal with that puts in the effort to actually respond instead of throwing you on the train tracks, someday you might not be that lucky.

Yeah, I assumed that. I don't know why everyone here wants to suck Toriyama's cock.

The writing is just bad. Sometimes I forget that and try to find a deeper meaning.

I don't recall ki control ever being explained or mentioned during the SSB vs Golden Frieza fight.

Fuck does G Frieza know about Ki control?

what the fuck is there to explain, the whole plot is paper thin and everything is presented directly as is on the cartoon, I dont know anyone that felt the need for "explanations" outside of people with "development issues"

Are you "special" user?

I've done that before too. It's like trying to find a deeper meaning in the Expendables. I have to remember to just sit back and watch the BANG BOOM POW WHOOSH HOLY FUCK AN EXPLOSION FUCK YEAH

>Fuck does G Frieza know about Ki control?
He could sense ki, at least, unlike back in the Namek saga.


Are you retarded? Namek to forever to blow up because he held back.

fuck you

its so explained and shown that Goku gets shot because of it. Holy shit are you this retarded that you couldnt tell?

Go watch the whole show again, you obviously had issues understanding it.


>trying this hard
You like to suck Toriyama's cock. Just deal with it.

He was getting railed so hard he had ot make a pretend friend to tell him he was cool

lol you failed hard son

Fine, you got me.


Fucking knew it.

Ginga giri giri butchi giri no Sugoi Yatsu
more accurately this part

>the Y's in (You) are different size
Nice try.

I want Turles & Gohan doujin

Beerus and Whis are too innocent

So which Zamasu is the Zamasu from the opening supposed to be?

>ITT Toriyama is a hack because I'm too retarded to understand a children's cartoon





>it's a children's cartoon so it's not bad writing

Dragonball franchise was so much better when Goku was just never around..

To be fair, Toriyama is pretty weird how he organizes things.
It's literally inconsistent: the anime, so expect shit to change.

Why are they fighting them again with no plans or new strategies. They will just get their asses kicked again.

>to understand a children's cartoon=it's a children's cartoon so it's not bad writing
Are you dumb?

This can you just fuck your wife and never kiss her?

How do I go SSJR in real life?

shut up spic

U wot?

He never once fucked her.

She just waits until he is asleep and harvests whatever she needs.

So you basically remember almost the entire plot then?

>I'm too retarded to understand a children's cartoon so I pretend its shit writing

Goku fucked with a kaioshin and he went and snatched his body on trunks timeline

Vegeta doesn't think it will turn out the same way so someone has a trick up their sleeve.

Well I mean I remember they went and fought Frieza and Buu and Cell but I don't really remember why. Cell and Buu were on Earth, but Frieza was going to blow up Namek or something so I don't know why Goku went there. I don't remember why the professor made cell, but he made the android girls too, and then Vegeta fucked one and had a baby. The black haired android might have been a boy.

Then Buu was just kind of fucking shit up but I don't remember why either.

Vegeta never fucked an android.


There are three Zamasus. Does it matter?

Frieza was a space emperor and Goku found out he had killed most of his race and planned to kill namek next, the androids were twins but one was a male, vegeta never fucked 18, she fucked krilin tho.
Cell was created from dna of several species in an attempt to murder Goku and create a perfect being.
Buu was a monster created( or built from existing pieces) by a sorceror to kill Kaioshins, the Godly overseers of the galaxy that had been sealed and trapped on earth.

why is big green's life so hard

seven veganias

How would you feel if you were asexual? You ain't got shit to do when you're alone.


>Buu was a monster created
Toriyama said Bibidi was just spouting shit. Buu was never created. He always existed since the beginning of time.

>Toriyama said
Not canon

>implying this ridiculous show is hard to understand
>implying the writing is anything other than asspulling shit

Fucking Superfags.

Majin Vegeta in BT 3 was shit

By grabbing his tail :^)

>not cheering for black
ningen confirmed

so this is why he's constantly meditating

>This post
Not canon

>trying to make sense of power levels and shit

literally freiza can destroy earth with his fingertip but yet he still chose to go and make a whole show about it and fight vegeta and shit

no one cares

GFrieza won he should be alive in a universe Whis didn't pull timehax

If Whis isn't lying, his timehax doesn't create another timeline.

wasnt his special move blowing himself up?

My dad told me that Vegeta will beat Black, is he right? I'm like 10 episodes behind the show.

I don't get why you faggots even question this

Saitama is a joke character, and the joke of him is he can one-punch everything, there is no limits to him since he is a JOKE CHARACTER

yes and it sucks, RB2 Majin Vegeta was awesome though

Saitama would look like a joke compare to DBZ characters.

Saitama = street level character like Spiderman.

Making him cum until he dies.

A kiss to finish him off.

don't be a gay user


>Buu absorb

>toe to toe with Kid Buu

He is right
vegeta also gets a new form when bulma dies

who is your daddy and what does he do?

With Mai and Bulma, you faggets.

The weirdest thing is: He isn't even attacking the actual future of Universe 7, he's attacking the weird spin-off future Trunks created.

DBZ universe is bullshit.

Shounen anime & manga hardly needs power level fights such as the ones on it.

they made sure to attack a timeline where beerus didnt exist. in FTrunk's timeline, U7 Kaioshin was killed during the dabura/babbadi event, so when that happened, beerus of that timeline died too.

A new sprit bomb mark my words


Smoke grenade

With spinach