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JoJo Thread:

Why do DIO, Joseph, Kakyoin, Narancia, and Rohan have such terrible fans?

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>Narancia, and Rohan
Don't summon them.

Because fujos can't appreciate this lady's fat ass

They like the characters for the wrong reasons, ESPECIALLY Narancia.

>why does this series have such terrible fans

>Why do DIO, Joseph, Kakyoin, Narancia, and Rohan have such terrible fans?
Just wait until you meet part 5 fans


I like to headcanon that Kars isn't actually saying "Santana" in the same way he's not actually speaking Japanese—it's for the audience's benefit

I havent seen DIO fans in forever to be honest, mostly because of the whole "DIO isn't cool anymore" meme

The new OP is fucking terrible.

>Kars calls him Santviento

Because women are whores that like Alpha males with an arrogant and stubborn attitude like DIO and Rohan.
They ruin fucking everything they touch with their shit taste.

Go to bed Joshu

wew lad

I understand that you're bitter about Gappy getting Yasuho, but that doesn't mean you can sperg on the internet about it, Joshuu.

Butthurt Fujoshi spotted.

>not alpha
Found the pleb.

>The Germans call him Santviento
>His real name is Santana

So its hair or hat?

Rohan is a godly alpha male, and I love him for it, too bad you're too much of a loser to appreciate what you should consider your goal as a man you crybaby virgin

There's literally nothing wrong with Rohan fans. Not our fault other people don't share our good taste in favourite characters.

A very comfy hat

A hat, but his hair looks exactly like his hat.

>it means holy wind in spanish
makes you think..

>his real hair looks like his hat

It's both, like Jotaro's cap.

Jotaro Phenomenon.

I want rohan to lick my tits like he licked the spider

It's a buffalo hat, but his real hair looks like a smaller version of the hat.

Reimi please calm yourself

Looks pretty comfy. I can't find a white one, sadly.

look how happy this dude is

I don't blame him, I'd be happy to have a god-tier hat as well

Im really glad remi is dead so that I don't have to worry about getting jealous

who hurt you?
they should've hurt you more, you're still a little shit

>There's a real horns under the hat

I have information that will lead to the arrest of the Passione crime syndicate's boss.

Reminder that Jobin asking Josuke to use the tissue is a call back to Kira Yoshikage giving a tissue to Koichi after he beats him down.

That picture is screaming for a WR edit, but I can't photoshop for shit.

Rohan would hate you for saying that.

Remi would've grown up to be a slut anyway. the only acceptable ship is josuke x rohan and rohan x koichi

Go on...

Don't mind my stand here, by the way. It's just a useless recorder type stand, haha. Completely harmless.

Rohan is for hatefucking

Kill yourself my boy. The only acceptable ship is Rohan and his manga.

Gappy makes me happy

He can't hate me for being honest about my jealousy. Unlike you I won't lie about it.

I dunno. He seemed to be very enthusiastic in licking that spider.

New JJL chapter when??

Why must pucci be a jerk to space bro, he only wanted to be friends

Gappy is happy.

Name 3 good things about Rohan


I wonder what Speed King's main ability is. Maybe he can "Give" people and objects properties. Like how he gave Josuke heat. A fight between someone who gives and someone who takes away would be pretty neat


This guy's great,favourite supporting character so far.Also his stand looks great

>The only acceptable ship is Rohan and his manga.
Why are you so boring?

Annasui makes me wet


>josuke x rohan
I can't imagine Rohan being with somebody he thinks so little of, jotaro is the patrician choice here.

>God was actually an Alien!
SBR Mikitaka is Jesus confirmed


>nip humor

>his personality
>his /fa/
>his stand

Like every nerd he's incessant and overbearing he got what he deserves

Wears a different outfit every arc
Able to keep up with his deadlines in accelerated time
His stand is Pink Dark Boy.

>dedicated to his craft
>doesn't fuck around and will say whatever he feels/do whatever he wants irrespective of the company he's in
>birthing hips

Why didn't Joseph just reveal Kosaku as soon as Kira switched identities?

>amazingly stupid fashion sense
>sassy fuck
>greato artist
Incredibly entertaining as a character.

Rohan will never admit it but being around Josuke is entertaining. It's really hot because of the power struggle and them fucking would just be to blow off steam anyway.

Annasui is underrated also best hat

He has normal boy hips.
That upper body though.

He can't crush cameras anymore at his age

Alright /jojo/ what are Araki's best early manga?

I read Irene, all those short tales from Under Jailbreak or something, Rohan kishibe's spin offs...

There is only Lives of the Eccentric, BT. Shock, Baoh, Outlaw Poker, Vento Aureo shit like that


I'd chalk it up to HP being weird as fuck and its limits not being clear.

jojo no kimyou na bouken is a pretty good read tb.h

>He is perfect
>He is married to me
>He is handsome
I could list more

Agreed, Anasui is my 2nd favorite female character in JoJo

That Hokuto no Ken ripoff

Haven't tried that, might give it a try

I hear Star Platinum's design is based on Baoh!

>rohan pandering to my glove fetish

Rank your top 5 villains:
1. Pucci
2. Diavolo
3. Kira
4. Diego
5. Damo

No idea about the fans. Is THIS canon though?

1. Kira
2. Diego
3. Pucci
4. Diavolo
5. Valentine

Least favorite?
Hot pants

Are Rohanposters the worst people these threads ever had?


1. Valentine
2. Kira
3. DIO
4. Pucci
5. Diavolo

>wahhh nobody loves me
Neck yourself Josuke


1. Kira
2. Kosaku Kawajiri
3. Killer Queen
4. Stray Cat
5. Yoshikage Kira


They'll die off quickly, don't worry


1. Kira
2. Funny Valentine
3. Pucci
4. Dio
5. The Pillar Men
6. Diavolo

Not even close

Nah, you must be really new to think that.

Just finished VA.
Holy fuck Araki what did Polnareff do to deserve such suffering.
>Sister is raped and killed
>Sees Avdol die twice
>Sees Iggy die
>Gets fucked up bad by Diavolo
>Trapped in a turtle's body forever, he doesn't even get to reunite with his friends in the afterlife

1. DIO
2. Dio brando
3. Diego
4. Diavolo
5. Kars
ive got a fetish for the big bad trope lmao

What painting was referencing the Hayato part from the opening?

Look at this fucking ninny

Yuuya Fungami

Based on design alone:
1. Pucci
2. Risotto
3. Kars
4. Valentine
5. Ringo

1. Kira
2. Pucci
3. Dio Brando
4. Diavolo
5. Valentine

Wait until you read SO. Jotaro gets it much worse.

Now wait until you see the suffering in part 6.

1. Funny Valentine
2. Funny Valentine
3. Funny Valentine
4. Funny Valentine
5. Funny Vorelentine

>top 5 of 7


Kira > Poochie > Valentine > Diavolo > DIO > Kars > Dio

>Araki hates part 1-5 so much he erased them

At least he now lives a long life as a powerful mafia's second in command. Knowing how much power and money Passione had it's very likely he saw Jotaro again after Part 6.

We are the best because we understand that rohan is the best part of the series objectively. The rest of JoJo is pretty mediocore imo, especially when it comes to the characters and villians like Pucci and Kira but rohan is like a damn 100/10 dude swept me off my feet so yeah they we are the best. Its ok to be jealous little man

I take it he didn't read Jojolion.

Fuck off Valentine

Pucci knew them for all of, like, a couple of days

Link me please

I was talking about any villain in the series in particular. I really thought Damo was an excellent minor villain, for instance, and done better than Valentine or Kars.

I love how mad he is too, he's probably from reddit


>The rest of JoJo is pretty mediocore imo

1. Pucci
2. Gappy
3. Funny Vorelentine
4. Kira
5. DIO


Rohan posters became worse than Narancia posters

>kyo's hat still says gu even after araki changed (read: ruined) her stand's name


I think Great Days is starting to grow on me. This keeps happening with all the intros other than Bloody Stream and Chase, which I liked from the start.


Keep crying Josuke

This was months ago pal, I don't remember what video this was on

Post em, Rate em, Don't hate em

So what is the consensus on this op?
Personally I love it, best of the three.

Rank your top 5 thread villains:

1. RohanChan
2. Naranciafag
3. Pixelfag
4. Arcadefag
5. Spiggy

Objective list

me too, especially the first half

Is pretty good, I just wish they bring back the cgi for part 6 last op


hey, I finished VA today as well
you're right, being Polnareff is suffering

I dunno, he'll die when the turtle does. And really, think about the benefits.
>Cute and compact for convenience, not like his wheelchair was
>His eye and legs are healed, albeit small like the rest of him
>Personally responsible for Diavolo's downfall and Giorno's victory
>Has a private room on-hand for whenever some hot chick falls for his obvious charms
>Gets to keep an eye on DIO's kid and make sure he's turning out okay
>His best friend loves animals

Man, Rohan is such a slut.
I bet he sells his body because just being a mangaka doesn't pay his bills.

By the amount of destruction caused;
Arcadefag > Naranciafag = Rohan Chan > Spiggy > Pixel

Hey happy gappy poster

That shining justice part reminds me of a James Bond theme song for some reason.

Was Arcadefag really that bad? I didn't think he was.

>"Ordinarily, you see a picture of something and you believe in it, you are seduced by it; you take its honesty for granted. But Magritte knew that representations of things can lie. These images of men aren't men, just pictures of them, so they don't have to follow any rules."
>mfw it fits

why didn't you like the THUNDA SPLITO

>sexualizing rohan

If he sells his body it's for manga experience.

Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town > Chase (Acoustic Version) > Chase > Bloody Stream > End of the World > Great Days > Sono Chi No Sadame > Stand Proud > Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town (EDM Arrangement Version)

Worst one from Part 4 but not the worst in the entire series.

that's what Araki does

Haven't been here for a while, who is ArcadeFag?


Araki does that himself.

wow I'm number one, you must really love me. Too bad I'll only love rohan lmfao.
Rohan is so powerful and strong he can literally do anything with heavens door, he could just make someone at the bank willingly give him money and they will never know. he is perfect I love him

I too like it the best out of the three.

I rank it second to Bloody Stream, because Bloody Stream feels the most Jojo-esque out of all the OPs so far.

>Dissing on Dire

A complete faggot who pretended to make a game and ended up shitting up half the thread while pretending to be his faggy roommate who browsed reddit

He caused a ton of shitstorms and eventually died after he told everyone he was a 13 year old ukrainian

I haven't been on much either, but I recall he was a guy trying to make his own Jojo MAME?

1. RohanChan
2. Inflation/fatfag
3. Arcade
4. Pixelfag
5. Narancia

I feel like RohanChan is too cute of a name. Rohanfag is good enough.

this idiot who tried to make a jojo fighting game. he did some stupid shit.

Damn. I'm glad I wasn't in these threads when that happened.

Absolutely god tier taste

Why are part 1 bros so based?

Did Doppio deserve his fate?

I'm not a boy, if you're going to give me an insulting name It should be RohanFujo, RohanChan sounds lame anyway


>That filename
Get the fuck out of here and go back to plebddit where you belong.

He didn't die a brutal death. He just got shot

Doppio was freed of Diavolo's bullshit, it wasn't that bad of a death

Diavolo got what he deserved for being one of the worst villains in the series. Fucking dumbass brought it all on himself


Doppio was alright, and he had a better death than most.

What if ghost Doppio spinoff where he meets Deadman Q Kira?

blame arcadefag, not me.

I'm going to keep calling you RohanChan, then.

Doppio is dope yo

Doppio is in heaven though.


NYPD Blue is best Stand

Doppio is in hell like every Passione member.

Didn't he die because Zombuccellati's body wasn't in any condition to support life anymore? Mista explicitly said that he'd aimed to give Buccellati's body non-lethal wounds so Buccellati could go back into it at the end of the SCR bullshit.

Josuke is cutest JoJo
This is a fact

Josuke is cutest JoJo and I will fight whoever denies it irl

>not Grand Bleu


>every Passione member

Even Bruno, Narancia, and Abbachio?

I agree

>Cockgobbling little tramp
They're all being boiled in the same pot for being homosexuals that went against gods morals.

He killed innocent people and was the underboss of a Mafia gang, he is in hell.


>Good taste

Yep, they killed, stole and tortured people.

Giorno is the only member not going to hell

Well...he is the son of a man named God.

/r/ing non-expired pastebin, as I need to grab me some mangoes

Giorno is going to hell too.

Is this Josuke's lowest point as a character?

He really couldn't think of anything better to do than interrupt someone actively looking for Kira just to scam him. Golden heart my ass, Koichi, Jotaro and Rohan are the real heroes of Morioh.

I bet you liked the last one faggot

>Son of God

>Only killed objectively evil people

>Gave them a chance to redeem themselves

>Reformed the mob and uses it for good

>Going to hell


Rohan is a better protagonist than Jewsuke.

>Stole an innocent manlets luggage
>Didn't take care with his extremely-dangerous animals, resulting in the avoidable death of a normal person
>Went out of his way to kill every single enemy he went up against
>Murdered Polpo in cold blood in anger over a death that he'd caused with his own incompetence (and that Polpo had no control over)
>Held a gun in the face of an innocent truck-driver on that island
>Lied to Cioccolata while destroying his brain
>Callously sacrificed Abbacchio, Narancia and Bruno for his dream-career which he based on a fucking pun
>The bastard son of a soulless vampire
No heaven for him.

Rohan is an asshole, he deserves it.

Why am I number 2 fucker?

100% agree with you. Josuke is an extremely weak and boring protagonist and he's almost as bad as Johnny, basically josuke is just the brutish healer of the group. at least him and rohan have interesting chemistry

He was only like that to evil people like Rohan

Just die, jew scum.

He sees it as revenge for you know, kidnapping his friend, turning his face into a book and reading all his secrets and who knows what else he's done since he got his stand.

besides the part 5 foreshadowing, what else is in the new opening?

Seems like everyone forgot about terufag.

You literally twisted everything except the first one

>No-one lists vorefags as thread-villains
They must be the heroes

There's like 2 vorefags

Rohan probably killed people with Heaven's Door

Also he insulted Josuke's hair

At least he gets development unlike Jewsuke.

Its pretty pathetic that your this jealous for not being as hot as him.

I'm finally going to marry him.

At 27 seconds when Rohan is at the balcony sipping tea, there's a shadow at the left pointing up, I can't make it out.

1. David Bowie
2. Wamuu
3. Human Dio Brando
4. Diego Brando
5. Doppio

Isnt he still making the game? I saw someone posting some gameplay here.

Cheap Trick.

That's extremely petty. If he had to take revenge on anyone who's wronged him would need to take care of half of his "friends", who were all ok with murdering at some point.


Leaving him in the hospital for a month seems like enough revenge.

He just doesn't like Rohan and he needs some spending money. I don't think he would do that to anyone else. Rohan has lots to spare anyway I bet.

Are you talking about this?thats the nutshack poster.

I'm assuming you have a vagina.

But here's the thing...none of them insulted Josuke's hair.

That went too far.

Have a good wedding. It won't be as perfect as the one Rohan and I had but I hope it comes close

I'm a vorefag, but since I'm straight and JoJo's has barely like 10 named girls in the first 5 Parts there's not really much to shitpost about

Besides, I do come for discussion

Rohan'sBottomBitch, Rohan'sToilet

Jewsuke deserved it for styling it in such an ugly way.

I haven't. Hope he comes back for the Enigma Boy arc.



I'm sorry I wasn't here for yesterday who the fuck are you?

Are you a girl too?

lol, I actually like Rohan'sToilet. It's a good name because I'd let him to anything to me because i love him so much

He was the villain of Beetle Tendency.

>Cousin Frankie isn't here
I win, completely!

No why?

Giorno knew how dangerous his animal constructs were (if someone trod on an ant he'd created they'd probably immediately crush themselves to death) and that didn't stop him from making them for fun, if that kid who Buccellati hid inside of had slapped that fly any harder he could've died. And while Luka was an asshole, he was also totally outmatched against a stand-user, Giorno was never in any danger from him.
Giorno actively made sure his enemies (such as Melone) died. The only fight he had that he didn't kill his opponent with was Buccellati.
Mario died because Giorno was too busy being distraught over his stupid lighter (which was only extinguished because of Giorno's own actions) and didn't bother to try and keep a normal person away from it before it was too late. Afterwards, rather than trying to help Mario's family in any way, he just decided to slaughter Polpo to make himself feel better.
He literally does this, it's after the fight with Mista and Sale.
He also literally does this, but given how fucked-up the guy was he arguably deserved it.
Right from the start, Giorno made it clear that he'd destroy anyone and sacrifice anything in pursuit of his dream, and did so.

People give Johnny shit for being morally ambiguous, but Giorno is infinitely moreso. The difference is that Giorno buys into delusions about justice and the greater good, but Johnny never claims or pretends to be the hero.


'Narancia's Nummies' by Nyxon

And killed a man called Devil... a countless number of times

Im new to Cred Forums but isn't this an anonymous website? you shouldn't know me at all lmao


>Kira touches her neck
>she drops to her knees, rolls into the fetal position, and screams bloody murder
Is this a Japanese woman thing?

>God tier artist like Nyxon
>Gets commissioned fucking Narancia

I'll end you fucker.
Judging by this thread you seem to be a brand ew shitposter posting Rohan.

Fuck off, Frankie. You stopped being relevant months ago after the JoJo Cytube shut down.

Think of how long it's been since her and Kawajiri had any sort of physical contact.
She wets the bed everytime her and Kira sleep together.

Here that valentine wallpaper I did last night



Vorefag > RohanChan > Inflationfag > Arcadefag > Pixel > Naranciafag > Lobotomykun > (Literally who Tier) > Spiggy > Cousin Frankie

What a beautiful fatass.

I don't know half of these fags

He didn't plan on killing Luka
Melone's stand was too dangerous for him to be alive, be had to kill others so he can fight Buccellati's gang
Giorno didn't know what the lighter did when relit and it was Mario who lit it again before Giorno could even decide
He killed Polpo because Giorno didn't know the arrow gives special abilities, he thought it was just a weapon of his stand, so assumed he killed many others with it, even if indirectly. How can he help Mario's family?
Those stand users were to dangerous and psychotic to be let alive, they would of hurt others or killed Trish, an innocent

He ultimately really did hold up to his morals and reformed the gang for good

That is not sufficient justification for falling to the floor, rolling into a fetal position, and screaming bloody murder.

Why am I so low fucker?
You insult me.

You missed Plato, doc, giorno and bearanon.

>Too busy with uni to keep carnefagging, everyone forgot about Carne

>All naranciafags and vorefags get GER'd
Fitting fate tb.h

Is there anyone who loves Weather Report?

Good, he's mine.

None of those are thread villains.

Why the hell did you lump me in with vorefags fucker?

You makes me sick

fuck off

Rohan's Ho - Roho.

Given the chance I'd feed you to them.

You want to fucking go?

Never ever.

Carne is still in our hearts

Where's doc and terufag?

Why does Narancia's beauty make you sick?
I'll fucking end you fucker.

>being that much of a pushover
Rohan would never respect someone so spineless, let alone fall in love with them. Which is why I'd stand a far better chance of getting together with him than you.

there is literally nothing wrong with that filename

hey doc

>Really tired after work
>Just want to relax and read the JoJo thread
>Open thread
>See this mess.
Jesus Christ, what a mess.
These threads need a temporary purging, we're reaching critical levels of shitposting.

Post your chest, faggot, let's see the big muscly man who'll put narancia in diapers and eat his baby piss cum, come on you little fucking nigger pussy fag bitch

Doc is literally the worst shitposter in this general

Are you having a damn brain aneurysm or something?
Nothing you just posted makes any sense.

Guys, I've just started reading Jojo and have the first part finished. Thought it was funny that all the characters seem to turn on the waterworks every other chapter.
Does this stop during the later parts or is this just another funny Jojo thing?

You forgot about me.

Steady on

I think part 1 had the most crying.


Thread is shit, post Higashikatas

2nd last panel needs to be changed.

Best Higashikata.



Fuck off 3rd arcadefag.

Not until part 4

>post Joshu

Can I shitpost too?


was joshu singing sha?

Please post other Higashikatas!

Fuck off


Post more best boy.


Klassik or Modern?

why tho


JoJo could use a lot more lesbians.

Nice ass, both of them, Joseph really goes for the best genes when mating

Nope. You must have not been here for the Dire, Teru, and Narancia posters.

What the fuck, why Dire?

>Captcha: Orange

Truly the best Higashikata


>he wasn't here for direposting

Anasui is lesbian trapped in male body.

What the fuck even happened to him? was he a neighbor of the naranciafloodfag?
Also, what did he mean by those posts? Catch the rainbow was a cool stand, by why the shitpost tho

>catch a cancer
I forgot all about him desu

Why is rohan literally perfect in ever way

Actually now that I think about it he did stop posting around the time my neighborhood flooded.

I don't care because all that means is more room for narancia.

What the fuck happened to this thread
I think he left because of the shitposting.

>that filename
Good thing I'm not doing any of this ironically

>Risotto is the super badass leader of the assassination squad
>gets fucked up by Diavolo's twink alter ego who can't even use all of King Crimson

>The shitposter left because of shitposting

If Narancia hadn't interfered Risotto could have killed the boss

>clicking it opens up an embeded post
I-is this new?


I need to see a doctor.

I hope DP uses this death effect for Okuyasu.

Is my desire to fuck him really so bad?

No, keep posting Narancia to show how much you love him.

OP just fucked up the link


Thank you.

>Sylvester Stallone will never voice Jotaro

Kakyoin has fans?



Stop post this filth.

>Carl Brutananadilewski will never voice Polnaleff
>Handbanana will never voice Iggy

Anti Naranciafag pictures


Come lad, is cropping in Paint really that hard for you? Nice taste btw

This isn't even Narancia.

Glad I'm not the only one who really liked Dojyaan

It's Araki's true image for Narancia

That can't be right because he isn't Stroheim.

what even happened here?

also what's with the sticker on the staircase being the same as the one on the SBR book? I know Araki has a poor memory but it's not like him to completely forget and not explain major plot happenings.


Stop this.
This artist should have his hands broken.
This doesn't even look like narancia.

>That Mista

i noticed halfway through the canvas got bigger then forgot until i posted.


You know what, I just realized what Tusk Act 4 reminds me of

Daiya used California King Bed on Araki. She needs to stop.

Someone call the mods, this thread should have the spiderman treatment.

But then Araki can't finish Jojolion

Atom Heart Father.

Gappy makes you unhappy

Araki wouldn't draw such filth.

Report and ignore
Oh shit

But he already drew this?

Fuck this thread I'm going back to posting more Joshuu pics.

Fuck you fucker.





How popular is Jojo outside of Cred Forums?

Top 10?

>Stroheim did nothing wrong
Prove me wrong
Protip: You can't

He killed a group of innocent people.

Only a Japanese man like Araki can get away with a character like Stroheim at any age passed the 40s

Can someone make a extremely hihg speed edit of this?

I think he's funnier than he is sexy but damn that's some good light dirty talk.

tfw stands don't exist

All I want is a stand so I would have a friend.

Speak for yourself, mine released when I finished part 5 and, consequentially, got King Crimson
My 5 proves it

Jolyne is cute

this 6 will release my Stand,



I Hermit Purple a 4

Good try but my 4 says I have D4C

Would you?

Impressive, very nice, Bite za Dusto with my 0

Can someone post sheer hato attack pls

Joshuu would not have tits that big. But yeah I would desu

Is depression a stand?

When will he steal Yasuho away from gappy?

Why does Jopesh has a lame ass stand while the other jojos have humanoid ones?

Y'all are fucking gay

mate you're supposed to tell them to write tane on their dick

Welcome to the True Man's World.

Thank you user

He got his Stand as a mentor instead of as a protagonist

I second the notion, although what a shit way to start a thread is more like it. Hurr durr my fanbase is so smart.

I want to have a nice comfy date with narancia.
No sex at the end of it.

What does D4C 『Stand』 for?

Kill all rock humans

Was it just me or did the last episode have really shit animation and art?

Well, girls CAN love girls dummy

deeds 4 cheap

Jewsuke took all the animation money and burned down David Productions

1st half did. 2nd half was better.

Also what's next episode called? Highway Star or Highway GoGo?

Acciones Actuadas Asquerosamente Baratas

Take my word for it, they were all dicks.

If not for the pole that impaled Ghiaccio, would Ghiaccio have won with White Album?

Highway Star, but CR mistranslated it as Highway GoGo


Mista would of died, but Giorno knew how to defeat him

Dicks for chicks

So I saw the Toonami teaser for JoJo. Is it a new dub? It sounds like the WB Voice Actors.

It is.

Dirty Dead Done Dirt Cheap

Can we all agree that the best stand related song is Echoes?
Best Vento Aureo fight.

I just want to cuddle him.

Will Araki ever explain the bite marks?

I've heard a somewhat compelling theory recently which states that DIO was interested romantically in Hol Horse.

This would explain how Hol Horse managed to gain DIO's favour despite his numerous failures, and avoided getting a flesh bud despite being a treacherous idiot.



Why didn't Dio mind control Hol Horse again? Why did he trust him?

he knew he was too big of an idiot to actually hurt DIO in any way

We are still here (after all DIO/Dio ranked very high in the polls), we just don't appear often because the animeonlies, redditors and children did terrible damage to DIO's image with spamming "KONO DIO DA XDD MUDA MUDA WRYYY" that we don't want to be associated with the cancer of the fanbase.
And DIO has been the most popular JoJo villain for years, so people will resent the character partially for that reason like they resent Jotaro or Joseph.
But DIO fans will never cease to exist, most of us found out about JoJo in the first place because of him.

They were in love

My nigga

Araki wanted Hol Horse to join the Stardust Crusaders in Avdol's place but brought Avdol back and just forgot to that there should be no reason that DIO would let Hol Horse go with his free will.

Or he sensed Hol Horse was to feared by him that he would do it anyway.

Or my idea that DIO could effectively stop Hol Horse's stand, anyway, so didn't even if Hol Horse were to betray him, he would be useless.

How wrong you are

Eh, while I wouldn't be at all surprised if he'd been interested in fucking him given he was a canon bisexual, I really doubt that he was romantically into the guy. Or anyone, really.

Hell, he might not have even wanted to fuck him. DIO is a beautiful vampire who can have anyone he wants and Hol Horse is a smelly cowboy, why would he go for low-hanging fruit?

DIO-sama would never love such traitorous filth

Painfully underrated stand

Dio fucked all his minions.

What about Mannish Boy?

Yes, he also fucked Forever, Pet Shop and Anubis.

Yes except alessi Deaged him

How does one fuck a sword?


You must use your penis

>he fucked a baby
>he fucked an orangutan
>he fucked a sword
>he fucked Enya
>he fucked J.Geil
>he fucked Boingo
>he fucked Gray Fly

Is there he won't fuck ?

Anything can be a dildo if you're brave enough

That isn't Speedwagon.

He probably fucked puccis entire Family

Including Pearla.
He could actually have brought Pearla back to life as a zombie

>ywn be a baby held tenderly against DIO's broad and sweaty torso as he diddles you


Don't forgot about Nukesaku, Okuyasu's father, Arabia Fats or ZZ

He probably would have fucked Giorno if given the chance.

*oras in Spanish*

Wonder if Dario fucked him

Death Death Death


>valentine was shigechi all along

Ole ole ole ole

>has an amazing stand
>has greato taste
also the big kicker

Why isn't he affected?

I wonder how many times we have got into discussions over DIO's sexual habits already on these threads.

Because he is an idiot


I wonder what happened to all the work he got done during the time acceleration after it was erased from the timeline

DIO's sexual exploits are the gift that keeps on giving, as long as people aren't talking about whether he'd fuck someone covered in fecal matter.

Didn't Araki wanted to compare Dio to Alexander? if that were true, it'd make sense for Dio to fuck everything and anything

A lot of people seem to criticize Part 3 for being mostly monster of the week with enemy stand users that aren't very interesting or memorable.

I disagree, I think Part 3 has some very interesting Stands (Hanged Man, Lovers, Death 13, Judgment, Tohth, Sethan to name a few) which had memorable fights.

However, I do think it was a mistake to introduce so many Stands that either don't have a physical form (Khnum, Bast), or have a user that we rarely / never get to see (Arabia Fats, Midler) or doesn't actually get named in the text of the manga itself (ZZ, Arabia Fats, Mannish Boy, Forever etc.). Araki seems to think the same as he never really did this in future parts, with most of the enemy stand users at least being actual characters instead of generic menaces.

>people seem to criticize Part 3 for being X or Y

These threads are getting worse and worse. Pucci please reset the universe


You need to say the magic words, user


But user, Seinfeld IS unfunny

It's just a link that explains why Part 3 seems like it does ffs, just look it up

I know what it is, I'm just sick of getting linked to it every time I say I don't like Seinfeld

Should be Guile instead of Nash, but ok

They were mexicans
Literally, who cares?

Next JoJo should be a Mexican boxer called Joe Joestrella desu.

Where's his nose?
Or is this an edit from that user that takes away noses?

>Not luchador

The name of the Trope doesn't actually refer to Seinfeld itself, it just uses it as a reference point. People who use it in the context of Seinfeld specifically are missing the point entirely

It wouldn't be an issue if the Trope had a more general name instead of being a direct reference

Bucciarati is undoubtedly the protag not the brojo
mista is the brojo of part 5

No, but Araki did mention he wanted to make DIO more mythical and sexual in nature in Part 3, hence why there is such a heavy focus on his charisma, sexuality and the influence he holds over people, especially compared to the way Dio was in Part 1

>Why did you make DIO naked after part 1?
>To increase his mythical quality, like Ancient Greece and Rome. That's also why I often drew the Pillar Men naked.

DIO is the only main JoJo villain to be overtly sensual in a way that was completely intentional on Araki's part

He needs to fight José Mendoza and Carlos Rivera, no a El Santo and Blue Demon
Or you know what
Better both, yeah, Boxeador during the day, luchador during the night

>Jose Mendoza
>Carlos Rivera
Don't say those names man I just finished reading Ashita no Joe and I still haven't gotten over it.

Next part to be made in ancient Greece/Rome
pls Araki make it happen

>tfw Mexico plays a role in Parts 2 and 7

It's not much but it's nice to know Araki thought about those of us south of the border

Nero would definitely be the villain

>tfw I remember that Don Ramón post and what it provoked
Cheers mate

>luchador JoJo using stands during matches
>dirty dealings and fights behind the scenes
>the owner is corrupt and the main villain
>his right hand man is the champ
>a famous Italian wrestler named Zeppeli becomes tag team partners with JoJo
>The championship belt has ties to the corpse

fucking fund it

You need to re-read part 5. Girono has a very subtle rise to leading the gang, even Abbachio noticed that he started to follow Giorno and regard him as a leader even more than Bruno.
Bruno and Giorno are the closest they have a very close friendship and understanding of eachother, Giorno was the only one that knew Bruno was dead, and Bruno saw Giorno as his savior.
Mista is a Brojo too, but he didn't even come close to having as much scenes with Giorno.

>Not Caligula
>The plotwist of the part is that Zeppeli doesn't die this time

don't forget each wrestler's mask is what their stand looks like

>The Right Hand Man is a Hulk Hogan parody


What were you doing in the summer of 1999?

Go wild, anons

For that user who had those requests from the previous evening, check the imgur link. I've updated it.

>luchador JoJo
It already happened.
Nacho Libre is literally Battle Tendency

being 2 years old



Eating lunchables and going on walks with my mom

I'm disappointed at the revelation that I can't yell MOOOODDS for this

Fucking bitches in kindergarden
I really really really like this, user, can I masturbate to it right now?

Whoops, wrong one

Her tits look weir though

TURTLES NEVER DIE THO. Eternal punishment for a possible really long life, won't end by the time stone ocean does, so he'll never see Jotaro by the time the universe resets.

which link?

>Hey yo, Jotaro!
>Polnareff why are you calling me that?
>My name is Shotaro

>Subtle rise
>When everybody dies anyway so there's no other options than Mista who's aware of the fact he probably wouldn't make a good leader

It started ever since Man in the Mirror, long before anyone actually died.
When Bruno was actually gone, the entire gang was already dependent on Giorno for direction and guidance.

>Jonathan is 20
>Joseph is 18 (in part 2)
>Jotaro is 17 (in part 3)
>Josuke is 16
>Giorno is 15
>Jolyne is 19
>Johnny is 19
>Jo2uke is ~19

Middle-aged protag JoJo when?


I know there are a lot of people on this but any chance you could do an edit?

Nips don't like having old men and women as protagonists

In fact most stories in general have young adults for the purposes of the audience simultaneously feeling the freshness and adventure alongside the protagonist as they learn. An older character would be aware of their surroundings and have to be written around that instead

It's also escapism, that's why there's so much damn high school in Japanese media

let's all take a m0ment to remember the best girl, Lips chan.

6 parts later, and Lisa Lisa is still the best girl for my dick
What this guy said, oldest WSJ protagonist is Gintoki and he's like 24
>Inb4 Goku
He was 5 when Dragon Ball started.


Old nip fags

What about the Kochi-kame guy?

Isn't he like 34 or something? He's consistently called 'old guy' or 'old man' throughout the series

Maybe, but I can't keep any promises I'm pooped out after having to prepare a lot of soup so, if I do start this, it won't be finished for a really long time.

Well, thank you if you do

Forgot about him, but those were other times for Shounen
He was a toddler 20 years before the main series, so everyone just assumes he's just 22-28 y.o., and he's just called like that by younger people

Dirty dicks digging deep crevices

Hol horse is incapable in general

Despite being an idiot 24/7 when he gets serious he has an incredible resolve

>tfw araki still hasn't acknowledged canada exists

fucking how?


he did tho


New Thread and Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chief When?

>DIO cucks his alternate universe self
Seems like something he'd do

I think you posted the wrong pic m8

Check the top right panel

Does Araki recognize how homoerotic JoJo is? Or is he obliviously just drawing cool poses that happen to be really gay?

>he obliviously just drawing cool poses that happen to be really gay
Of course, he's Araki

Guys, heres the new thumbnail of RubberSoul's [G-MOD] video.

If you'll excuse me I'm gonna go die happy


He absolutely has to know. You can't draw something like this on accident.

>he obliviously just drawing cool poses that happen to be really gay ?
Araki's so versed in Greek myth and their poses of their sculptures and so used to the homoerotic elements in them that he is just oblivious as to why people would think of them as gay (look at how surprised he seems in that awful fujo interviews that someone would get such impression from his work)
It's like how he has seen so many cheesy horror and action movies that the elements of said movies practically flow in the blood of JoJo.

What are the themes of each part?


Anything and everything Araki does is purely for the purpose of aesthetic. In the same way that his characters have no canon colours but are rather given whatever colour composition best fits the aesthetic of the individual picture, the sensual, exciting and kinematic poses Araki gives his characters should be considered for the sense of power, passion and beauty they invoke rather than the implications they have for the characters' sexuality.

It is art.

I like the new intro. It's my favorite of this season.

what was she playing?


I want a JoJo part based in old Sumeria with the history of The Epic, it's perfect for a JoJo part, just change the name of Gilgamesh to suit that of a JoJo and you're done

>Milf villains

>T-there's nothing gay about JoJo at all, you're just pathetic fujos reading too far into it if you think there's anything homoerotic about these beautiful men locked in passionate embraces with other beautiful men
You are of course aware that the Greek/Roman statues he bases his work on were homoerotic as fuck too, right? Made by and for literal homosexuals?

new threddo



>(look at how surprised he seems in that awful fujo interviews that someone would get such impression from his work)

What interview are you talking about? Link?