Why does Cred Forums never talk about Hyakko?

Why does Cred Forums never talk about Hyakko?

Because it's a show from 2007, author dropped the manga and so season 2 never.

why don't you talk about it in your OP?

nice post. saged

Did she get with the teacher in the end?

because we never talk about good shows

0-budget shit

Because it aired ages ago.

Cred Forums doesn't talk about good anime.

Cred Forums only knows anime after K-ON and this aired before the K-ON era

What the fuck happened to the manga? It was an over the top slice of life for most of its run, then suddenly a bunch of shounen-esque stuff starts happening. Like, when the existence of the four strongest fighters in the school was established, then they do the airsoft battle it was really jarring. It's like it half changed genres, but couldn't decide if it wanted to go all the way or not.

It was kinda crazy.


worst girl


It was pretty uninspiring

post the brown girl butt


Best Suzu

now I'm depressed

Its a must watch classic all I have to say about it

well you explained why Cred Forums doesn't talk about it which answered OP's question. Not much more to say, really.

Remember when Hyakko went full Cred Forums and featured Untrue by Burial for some reason?