Shuumatsu no Izetta

There's nothing wrong with enlightened despotism.

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I don't think you know what despotism means. I think you meant dictatorship.

I think you're the one who's confused.

A despot is a bad dictator.

Fine's father will die.

He can't die if he's been dead from the start.

>not WW2
>not Germany is still bad guys

Can't they win for once?

They need to pick their fights better if they want to win them.

Why not!Poland was splitted between not!Germany and not!Russia if communism doesn't exists in this universe?

Setting is alternate history not full blown fantasy world, so they can't change the most basic plot points.

Because we need loli soviets to become relevant later

>A fucking lesbo will destroyer the Not!Germany

>alternate history
I don't know history. What's so different in this timeline besides names?

I thought of this actually. Seems like there's some misinformation going on about him since the Brittania dude thought he was bedridden but Fine said "no he's fine". Wouldn't surprise me if his death is being concealed to keep order.

The fucking lesbian witch?

Even in alt history the wwii germans are still aesthetic as fuck, good to see

Does she pleases old men for peace?

>the safety is on

I really enjoyed the attention to details they gave to it.

How does that change the world's history?

>no real historical figures (for now atleast)
>no nazism and communism
>magic exists
>tirol is an independent country

Homosexuality wasn't invented until the hippie movements of the 60s.

>be !German
>have SAS motto
but why

What would make /u/ madder:
>typical tragic lesbian end number 199
>happy het end

>Fine meets with the Brits
>Brits can't help her
>Germans barge in right away
>German has a Brit gun
Obvious treachery.

>Use Not!German planes, tanks and weapons
>magic exists but is a myth

A happy het end with both Fine and Izetta marrying a husbando would be great

>brit gun
thats a p08

Still no Not!Jew qt girl in this show

Does this show have one of those anime charts describing relationships? I bet if there was a Jewish girl, she'd show up on there.

How big of a shitstorm will it be when the witch blows up a Tiger or a Panzer with that fucking gun?

I mean
It is an anti-tank rifle. from Pompeii.htm
>Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men’s behinds. Goodbye, wondrous femininity!

Panzer can be penetrated by this rifle, even from a decent range.
Tiger can also be pretty damaged by hitting radiators.

So Anonymous shitposting has been around forever, huh?

Bullets infused with lesbian MAGIC.

>this show

Manga, too.

>a Tiger or a Panzer
A Tiger is a panzer, that's just a German term for tank that commonly refers to German WWII tanks.
But it probably wouldn't be much of a shitstorm. Izetta is a which, after all, so she could probably enhance the capabilities of the rifle to be able to penetrate a Tiger's armor.

>that's just a German term for tank
No, it's the German term for armor, and for some reasons the WW code-word for armor (tank) has mostly replaced the original word.

>A Tiger is a panzer,

No it fucking isn't.

Ending like SnW where Finé marry some emperor to guarantee her country and people safety.

Fun fact: WW2 anti-tank rifle are useless against tanks in most case.

An unhappy het end due to political marriages, and they never meet again.

So is this show shit? I mean at the rate I'm going this'll be another sit out season.

Is Finé fine?

You bet.

Anyone has the hi-res scans for the covers of Youjo Senki? I only have the one for vol 6.

>Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger
>not a panzer

But his soul will go back in time?

She Fine

This is no thread for the new alderamin or stuff related to it.

>that's just a German term for tank that commonly refers to German WWII tanks
Lad, no.
Panzer is a German term and, at least most of the time, just means tank. The Tiger is a specific type of Heavy Tank.

>Fun fact: WW2 anti-tank rifle are useless against tanks in most case.
Fun fact: German schürzen was made to stop anti-tank rifles and not panzerfausts and other man portable HEAT rockets.

Nobody argues that modern by ww2 standards tank armor is too tough for am rifles, but they still posed a danger from rear and sides to the lighter armored panzer 2, 3 and 4.


Tankcombatvehicle 6 Tiger

>German schürzen was made to stop anti-tank rifles

And it's work. That is why I say it useless in most case.

>just means tank
When used in German. When used in English, it usually refers to German tanks. The Tiger is a German (heavy) tank, and thus is a panzer.

Izetta would most likely be shooting from the top.

How is it not?

Is this the /k/ show of the Season?

Are you both trying to be stupid?
A Panzer can either mean a tank in general or a specific tank.

>When used in German.
Yeah no shit, because it usually means tank. That was the point.

Probably not

Its /u/,Cred Forums and /k/ show

maybe, the /ak/ show of the season is most def brave withces

Well, considering it's only 1940 now, and schurzen wasn't introduced until about 1943, I'd say it'd be pretty useful against the Panzer IIIs and IVs we see in episode 1, especially when shot from behind/the top.

>VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1864: Samius to Cornelius: go hang yourself!

Man really didn't change one bit after all this time.
Except they could fug anyone without problems and had slaves.

Cred Forums
Cred Forums
Cred Forums (if they use more classical pieces)

Well done Japan. 6 boards.

Well yes technicaly it's a Panzerkampfwagen but let's stay real

So this show seems promising, how do you think the plot is going to fuck itself over?

Will it introduce a villain who's entire motivation is to rape hime and spend the cours on yuridamsels in hetdistress?

Will it introduce notzi mahoutsukai anbd devolve the formula into LN-esque magic battles between majo ubermensch who singe-handedly laying waste to entire armies of cannonfodder and decide the entire outcome of the war and world history in a series of 1v1 fights between colourful archetypes.

Or will it go the trainwreck route and introduce a new ridiculous twist at the end of each episode, growing progressively more stupid and ridiculous until the main appeal becomes just seeing what kind of shit they'll come up with next?

How the fuck is this show, Cred Forums?

>A Panzer can either mean a tank in general or a specific tank.

And guess what? The Tiger is a Panzer VI

>or a specific tank.
Only in conjunction with a modifier, such as the I in your link.

Am I supposed to find this girl cute?

Because I don't. Not really.

It's not actually Cred Forums, but that wont stop them from shitting up the threads.

Well I mean, she is a tomboy after all.

>long hair

that's not how it works you retard.

You just have shit taste.

It's not actually Cred Forums. But it's got WW2 and not!Germans in it so they gotta shit up the board.

That is exactly the point, why do you think I posted the link.

She's not cute.
She's strong and independent princess.

Don't worry, Japan will provide "character development" soon enough.

Breasts are too big for her bodytype. She looks like the sort to hurt herself running and have back pain by the end of the day.



Being a tomboy is not about hair length.

I'm pretty sure it does.

So triggered tumblrina and redditors can use it as a boogeyman whenever someone disagrees with them.

For the love of god, Japan, please don't fuck this up. Give me a decent WW2 anime for once this decade. No fucking "power of friendship!" bullshit. The flying anti-tank rifle is hard enough already to suspend my disbelief.

Not much point in that once she's already won.

This show is not for you. Better luck next season.

Tomboys are for _____

High ranking Germanian officials disagree with you.


/ak/ doesn't even seem to like the strike witches series that much, tho

Is this WW2 plus the Napoleonic Wars with lesbian loli Andreas Hofer?

I hope they keep this up the whole series.
>She managed to evade our patrols and escape the crash site? I guess she really is a tomboy...
>You're telling me that a witch and a tomboy took out a whole company of Panzer IIIs?!
>Ah, here at last, the runaway tomboy princess and a witch, come to assassinate the emperor of Germania


Because Not!nazis
She will cut later because muh Character

I'm thinking this show is going to be focusing on the magical aspect first and foremost.

And somebody will say "now you really look like a tomboy"

I'm pretty impressed that nearly all the war machines they've shown so far are mostly accurate.
The safety on the Luger was a really nice touch.

>Izetta, The Last Witch
>Gee, I sure hope this is going to be a sober exploration of the politics and military strategies of the 1940s

WW2 machinery is usually depicted very well in anime.
It's the medieval stuff that always gets the short end of the stick.

user I think you're lost

The witch uses her magic to become a he, she cannot reverse it.

>forcing the tomboy theme this hard

it would have never occurred to me that she is supposed to be a tomboy.

They've also used the fictional setting to take some interesting liberties with certain designs.

For example, pic related. I'm no expert, but I don't think any german warplanes had propellers attached to their landing gear.

It's to show that shes the bottom in their lesbo romance

So unnecessary. The tomboy is always the bottom.

>She's assassinating me! Ah.. I guess she really is a tomboy...


Embrace it, fag!

Siegreich is one word. Don't put a space in the middle.

>I'm no expert

this is so wrong in so many levels.

But didn't Izetta behave more dependent and devote so far?

Are they going to recreate the understanding of gender roles in a lesbo relationship?

>Teenage princess and her small mountain nation has won a war against greatest military power in the world! I guess that she's really a tomboy!



>The flying anti-tank rifle is hard enough already to suspend my disbelief.
I'm sorry but that's literally the main point here.

it's the driving propeller for the Jericho Trumpet

Never change, Pompeii.

Princess Finé, I'm SAS.

Fuck the lesbo wicth. Germania needs ubber powered amors!

More propeller for extra speed


It could be a looted gun.


>picks up an SS officer's gun
>the gun didn't fire because of the safety
>SS officer's guns didn't even have safetys

Japan is fucking retarded.


What guns did the Japs even used back in WWII?

Maybe in this universe they do, or maybe he had one added since it's obviously a custom job, the safety was pretty obviously displayed in the precious scene.

Other krauts were show using Lugers too, so I don't think it was loot

Do you have a source on SS officer's handguns not having safeties? It sounds like fuddlore to me, butt I'd gladly be proven wrong if you can.

But they're not SS, nazism doesn't exists in that universe.

That's Russian though.

i thought most military guns didn't have safety at all?

if you're in a warzone what's the fucking point?

>if you're in a warzone what's the fucking point?
Soldiers spend most of wartime not shooting at people.

>except he's not!SS

Literally the whole fucking point of a fictional setting is to stop turbonerds like you from getting butt-blasted

Most military guns do have safeties, and they did back then too.

>everyone saying the emperor will be not.hitler
>tfw they base him on this fucker instead

Wrong time period and country, yes, but he'd make a much better antagonist than that angry Austrian guy with a stupid mustache and a scat fetish.

>bunbun designs
Picked up

Nah, I still think the +5% discipline of absolute monarchy makes it more preferable, especially with Brandenburg/Prussia


In his defense, it's not hard.

Regardless, I do hope we get some exposition on the reason for Germania's invasion. I wonder if it will be similar to real world.

>blond head of state with von in their name who is gay for a redhead
What did they mean by this?

It's a P08, and they do have a safety. No idea what the fuck that user is smoking.

The Emperor will be a Not!RedSkull with human normal face


That first episode felt like a fucking eternity for some reason.

I love how people complain about Cred Forums shitting up the threads and then start making political comments about Hitler and the Nazis. One of the sole things Cred Forums prides itself on besides meme magic.

That was because it was well paced.

safety's at the back


Oh, you are right, sorry user, I am a retard.

I didn't meant to say that as a good thing necessarily, but i guess you're right.

Having von in your name when you are a noble from Central Europe is pretty common

Here, let me help you out, man.

This show will lost the chance to be focused on air battles, but will focus on muh yurishit
Potential wasted

I like the way the CGI isn't offensively bad for once.

So you don't shoot your balls off trying to walk.

I'm pretty sure that most of the action scenes will be air battles.

GuP-tier CG

Izetta get BTFO by this when?

Give it time. I'm sure the budget will make itself known eventually.

So, regarding Germanian aggression, do you guys think the reasoning behind their attack is going to be more reminiscent of WW1 or WW2?



Maybe they won't attack NotSU. Then they can win against a single witch.

Why is it impossible to make a show that touches on WWII without retards insisting that it should be a serious realistic war drama?

>anime about WW2
>Germans are evil and souless
kill. me. fucking. now.

Try something with higher rate of fire

This is an anime about lesbian witches, man. I don't think they're really going for gray morality here.

Goatee guy protege was portrayed as a normal guy.
That's why he'll eventually join the good guys

It doesn't mention "lesbian" anywhere

Can we gas them with a nitrogen/CO²/oxygen mix?

It doesn't mention hot nude legs, either, but they're still there.

>normal guy
Did you miss the part where secrets belong to the emperor and killing three of his men? It's pretty clear where his loyalties lie.

Agreed. Too often people forget there were plenty of German soldiers who were forced into this situation without their consent.

Portraying every German as a willing collaborator in the atrocities authorized and ordered by their superiors is poor story telling. There were Germans who actively betrayed orders and put themselves in danger to save others.

The blame should fall very largely upon the upper Echelon of the Nazi regime.

He said protege, not the goatee guy himself.

Those nude legs are explicitly shown
Not the lesbian stuff you're talking about

I saw that right when I clicked submit, too late to prevent my shame.

Obviously they want to put all judeans to death.

With the Emperor, where they should lie.

Don't worry, you can always blame the first for forgetting the possessive.

Dont be fool:

still triggers me really fucking hard. by the late war, Germans were just protecting their country from Soviet thugs who raped thousands of women and Brits/Americans who flattened every German city.
I think it's in real poor taste when movies, fims, cartoons, etc. portray the German army as evil, when many of them were just protecting their people and didn't even support Hitler.
So many good and moral German soldiers lost their lives protecting their country. May they rest in peace.

>it's a fictional setting
>everyone is arguing about the real world equivalent

stop that

>bombs completely visible with no motion blur as they careen downwards at terminal velocity
Their 3DFX guy sucks.

I figure it's for the gap. Sidekick looks harmless and normal to make the evilness stand out. Like gap moe, but with evil.

I'm not disputing any of your real world claims, I just find it pointless to get up in arms about fiction, particularly something like this that is clearly not attempting to be realistic or make any sort of serious commentary.

> to get up in arms about fiction
Fuck, I should clarify - to get up in arms about this kind of political shit in fiction. Getting up in arms about fiction is all we ever do here.

>Brits/Americans who flattened every German city.

The wicked shall not go unpunished.

damn fine

I want her to shoot me

The Germanians we've seen so far who have been "evil and soulless"\ are most likely high ranking members of the notSS (goateeman, agent 007), we haven't really seen or given any exposition on rank and file soldiers and found out what they think of the state of affairs. What we have seen "normal" soldiers do is:
>Inspect a train looking for someone, and chase after her when they find her
>Invade a country on order of their superior officers
>Shoot a prisoner who has stolen a weapon and is aiming it at their superior officer

>Nutted by she still sucking.

Not like there was a defensive army and an offensive army. Judgments about good guys or bad guys aren't based just on whether they're on the offensive or defensive.

It's gonna be. Below is the complete resume of the writer, as chief writer (original creator or series composition)

>Accel World
>Black Butler
>Dance in the Vampire Bund
>Denpa teki na Kanojo OAV
>Guilty Crown
>Heavy Object
>Macross Frontier
>Qwaser of Stigmata
>Sound of the Sky
>Strike The Blood
>Trinity Seven
>Vividred Operation
>World Trigger

The question isn't whether it's shit, but whether it's going to be an entertaining shitfest prone to encourage copious shitposting, or just a boring piece of crap everyone will forget in few weeks.

>justifying and reacting to some random media portrayal
Literally WHO cares? Are you German? Ever thought of your ancestors or figured out what kind of people they were, have a connection and know what they were doing? Then you should already know what it was like and how retarded the general media "vision" is. The opinions of other people are irrelevant.

A lot of adaptations there. A few fanservice shows too. Frontier and Vividred were original and weren't terribad, I think.

>Below is the complete resume of the writer, as chief writer (original creator or series composition)
>Sound of the Sky
I trust the writer of Sora no Woto to handle a war story with nuance though.


>Mai Hime
>Sora no Woto
Even if everything else were garbage (most of it's just middling, honestly), those two would redeem it.

>guilty crown

Why do I feel like some of the music had an ar tonelico / akira tsuchiya feel

its just me probably


To be fair to him, he shared writing credits for GC with Okouchi, who usually gets most of the blame.

Every original they've been involved in has been great for one reason or another, most tending towards the former.

Then why didn't the nazis develop nuclear weapons?

It was NotSU that planned to attack first, they had no choice but to preempt it.

Guilty Crown was good though.

Much better than most of the shit we've had all year.

>Sound of the Sky
no, really
he actually fucking said it

What angers me though, is that Germans are always the bad guys no matter what. I wish there was more movies and such that showed a more objective point of view. No Germans are not evil and barbaric. even plenty of high ranking Germans during WW2 were good people. see Oskar Schindler
and it's hypocritical because you'll never see a historical anime where Japan is the bad guy.

Denpa teki na Kanojo
Sora no Woto

Macross F
Strike the Blood

Accel World
Heavy Object

Dance in the Vampire Bund
Guilty Crown
Seikon no Qwaser

This isn't that bad, honestly.

>you'll never see a historical anime where Japan is the bad guy
There's one old anime movie about a Chinese prisoner-of-war slave who escapes and is hunted down, but no one ever subbed it.

>Guilty Crown was good though.

>you'll never see a historical anime where Japan is the bad guy
Watch Chinese films.

And you don't see many movies where America is the bad guy in WWII coming out of hollywood either.
The reason is because that shit wouldn't sell.
The author of this also did Sora no Woto which was a wartime story and showed both sides (at least on the individual level) to be human, I doubt we'll just get superevil nazi babyrapers.

Because Hitler is more powerful than nukes

>Germans are always the bad guys no matter what.
In a WW2 context, that is largely correct though.
In a WW1 context or before you would have a point, but so long as you're discussing WW2, then THE German is a bad guy.

>a more objective point of view
You mean, a point of view that shows more individuals. There are such movies that point out that not every German is an asshole.

>Denpa teki na Kanojo OAV
>Guilty Crown
>Qwaser of Stigmata
>Sound of the Sky
>Strike The Blood
>Vividred Operation

He is fine.

There's tonnes of anime where the Japanese Imperial allegory are the antagonists, It's actually super common within their own literature, they just don't come right out and say "this faction is us from WW2"

You've probably watched at least 1 show in the past year where the characters were manipulated by an evil and corrupt authority figure into fighting an evil, alien, mysterious "other" that was invading their homeland, only to discover that the "other" were actually good and their authority figures were the bad ones. It's pretty blatant.

Also, none of the Yourmans shown so far have been explicitly evil or unreasonable people outside of that one shady guy that killed his comrades to keep a secret. This kind of story always ends up with imperialist 19th century nationalism being the real bad guy, embodied by some comically evil singular leader, while the rest of the faction is reasonable, but passionate believers following the courage of their convictions and utterly blameless. The fact that this history is basically "Germany but without National Socialism and no holocaust" makes it even more clear than we're going with a liberal arts college version of 20th century history rather than a "remember duh 6 gorillion" version.

The thing about a lot of these anime are that the individual episodes are really well written character-wise. Individually. I've rather enjoyed episodes. However, overall plot-wise, the writer takes what could be a good plot, and decides to over-complicate things to the point they don't make any sense and the explanations that are given for how something works in-universe are total shit.

A fucking list with trash shows

>even plenty of high ranking Germans during WW2 were good people. see Oskar Schindler
>unironically falling for this joke
>unironically thinking someone is a good guy because he saw an opportunity for free labour
I love this shit and your random classifications for who's the good guy just because the first guy who did the exact opposite of the majority is now a "good" guy.

>"Germany but without National Socialism and no holocaust"
I mean, we've seen one episode, and we know Germania has an emperor, they could very well have similar political/social norms as Nazi Germany. I doubt the holocaust will play much into it though, since this will most likely be a story about a small nation fighting off an invading neighbor instead of WWII from start to finish.

This. From an organizational standpoint it's difficult to portray a sympathetic view of the Germans. Too many innocent people killed.

There are plenty of opportunities to show Germans who risked their lives to save people but that's more of an individual perspective and there are still plenty of those.

Mate, if Germans were all crazy bad shitters the country wouldn't have done a flipabout after WWII. It's just that the better folks weren't in power (obviously), and therefore are largely unimportant or uninteresting.

>In a WW2 context, that is largely correct though.
no it's not. Germans were protecting their homeland and people from thugs and rightfully so. Soviets rapes and killed tens of thousands of Germans, and the British and Americans were not angels either. Almost all of the Allied soldiers who committed war crimes got off scott free or with a slap on the wrist

>It's gonna be
Put me in the screencap you'll post in december.

>Almost all of the Allied soldiers who committed war crimes got off scott free or with a slap on the wrist
No they didn't, just like the German soldiers that got either shot or dragged infront of a court.

If you take out the persecution of minorities and attempted genocide, there's not really much else to nazi germany. Without the holocaust they're just a typical over-ambitious european imperialist state with really snazzy uniforms and a military win-streak.

>Almost all of the Allied soldiers who committed war crimes got off scott free or with a slap on the wrist
This is always how it has been, and nobody is denying that the Red Army did horrible things.
Hell, Band of Brothers has one of the characters mow down a group of German PoWs shortly after one of those PoWs had a discussion with a different character about his past living in America.
But Germany is not a sweet innocent summer child nor was it's occupation unwarranted after it started numerous wars of aggression against it's neighbors, regardless of the opinions of it's rank and file soldiers.

>the country wouldn't have done a flipabout after WWII.
That one was largely controlled by the outside though, and amusingly it was a lot more shallow than most people think. The purge of socialism after the fall of the GDR was much more thorough.


He's right if you're referring to the start of WW2 and you've got a point if you're referring to the end of the war.

The Nazi invasion of Poland and the following killings and expulsions of Poles, Slavs, Jews and others were reprehensible. They were bad guys in that context.

The Allies unfortunately failed to understand that 2 wrongs don't make a right and were brutal themselves in their invasion of Germany (Dresden, etc)

The Nazis committed great atrocities but that didn't justify the Allies doing the same.

An army doesn't suddenly become full of good guys once its ass is kicked back across its own borders. The idea that people become protectors and therefore good once they start losing is silly.

Schindler literally burned through his entire fortune and became destitute paying off bribes to Nazi officials to protect his workers. He's credited with saving 1200 Jewish lives. Hell, he was named Righteous Among the Nations by the Israeli government for what he did.

If there was self interest involved I think you might be seeing more than what there was.

Russians when???
I want to see some AK47 in actions

>The Nazis committed great atrocities but that didn't justify the Allies doing the same.
That's where your wrong kiddo.

Bit early there m8. You should really check out the name of that weapon.

External control would only goes so far with unwilling extremists. Just look at the Middle East. The effect is dependent on the culture.

She's already using a PTRS-41.

The Germans tried the same with England, they just couldn't keep it up because they stupid fucks started doing their attacks before destroying England's air-fleet.

yes they did
If only western Europe listened to Wilson's 14 point plan, things would have gone very differently. People turned to Hitler because their country was devastated by the treaty of Versailles. If you listen to his speeches, it's one of his platforms.
if your country was being invaded by foreigners who raped your women, killed the civilians, and pillaged all your towns, you would probably fight to protect your country even if your country instigated the fight.

They were stupid fucks for trying to go 1 vs the entire world.

>External control would only goes so far with unwilling extremists.
And it didn't go very far. Right-wing extremists were still rampant afterwards.
>Just look at the Middle East.
Completely different situation. They didn't rebuild those countries with the same kind of money that they pushed into Germany.

I think that's pretty much what we'll get.

>even if your country instigated the fight
Well, serves them right.

>I want to see some AK47 in actions
It's a few years too early for that.

Myabe if they had a bomber that wasn't a glorified air bus it would have worked out better for em nah krauts are shit at war

And we would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling Soviets.

Every thread is going to be like this all season long. If you want to re-litigate WWII there's a place for that. If you want to talk about the depictions of nations and troops and military hardware in the anime then this is the place for it. The fact of the matter is that the first episode was mainly a chase sequence with a bit of setting establishment.

We have our antagonists enemy forces chasing our small country princess, who is trying to seek military aid to protect her nation from invasion. We have the start of an invasion, and the secrets scene showing that the motivation is most likely going to be "everything belongs to the emperor". We have our magical witch and possible yuri.

We haven't seen a lot of the actual plot start to unfold, we haven't seen a lot of the characters and motivations of either side yet. Obviously there's been some familiar military hardware, but that doesn't mean anything until we get more context.

And America, and the Commonwealth.
shut up DWEEB

But if you seriously believe that the Holocaust makes it okay to flatten entire cities, and rape/kill millions of citizens, then you are morally abhorrent.

They did pretty well for a while. Considering germany at this point was like less than a century old, and had just recently been under the thumb of the rest of europe, most of whom had a few centuries' head start had large economic empires fueling them with a constant stream of natural resources. England at the start of WW2 was still in full "THE SUN NEVER SETS ON THE BRITISH EMPIRE" and by the end they were literally giving imperial territory away.

>you would probably fight
Sure, but that wouldn't make me good. That just makes me not a coward. People defending themselves is normal. It doesn't mean they're good or bad or anything.

They did "ok" for 3 years, tops.

That's /his/

it's not about defending yourself, it's about defending your community

All this does is create a vicious cycle.

Killing many to prevent the killing of many, many more is definitely justifiable.

If the US can justify two nukes, then the allies at large should definitely be able to justify whatever they got up to in europe.

I thought all panzers have weak roof armor that someone in the air with an anti-material rifle can easily penetrate?

Mate, the problem there wasn't the Holocaust. It was not surrendering after starting a huge war. Just look what it got Japan.

>most of whom had a few centuries' head start had large economic empires
Yeah dudester, I mean shit it's not like Prussia was one of the Great Powers in Europe and the industrial revolution was dirven by the Brits and the Germans. Fucking Germans never existed before the actual German unification.

Oh yeah, that's why Germany has started yet another world war in the last 60 years, right?

>had just recently been under the thumb of the rest of europe, most of whom had a few centuries' head start had large economic empires fueling them with a constant stream of natural resources.
Not really, no.
Germany wasn't nearly as broken by WW1 as its biggest continental rival was: France. They had only lost soldiers. Their infrastructure and factories were all left intact. That's why France was so mad.

You are also pretending the German states suddenly appeared out of thin air. Just because they didn't have colonies doesn't mean they didn't exist. They were big and important before Germany was founded.
And England was largely irrelevant as a land army. All they had was ships. Which is precisely where Germany completely failed to do anything against them. The fact that they lost the air battle against them as well just goes to show that Germany wasn't very impressive in WW2.

What else were they going to do? Desert and hope they don't get killed? Try and run and hide until maybe the higher-ups surrender?

No, but I think it's pretty fucking funny how angry people get when discussing this topic. Maybe i am morally abhorrent.

I think the partition of Germany did that, and really the US did a lot to rebuild Germany after the war which eased the pain felt after losing the war.

Germanic states rise and fell with the tides. One moment it was the HRE, another it was Prussia.
They never lasted long nor accomplished much beyond having an oversized military spurred by fresh nationalism. I suppose that was true of the 2nd and 3rd Reichs, as well.

>It was not surrendering after starting a huge war. Just look what it got Japan.
Both Japan and Germany tried to get peace before but their efforts were stomped down because at that point the allies wanted an unconditional surrender.

>Just because they didn't have colonies doesn't mean they didn't exist.
>didn't have colonies

Shut up. We didn't have colonies, and we definitely didn't commit any genocides in those colonies.

Not for Germany, no. However, take a look at the Middle East. The heavy anti-American sentiments there aren't for nothing. Decades of tearing down Middle Eastern states and propping up despotic regimes in the name of containing communism and securing oil had their toll.

>didn't last long
>oversized military

What is this and why does it exist.

This is some really shitty bait, don't post or reply again unless you get more creative.

And the Germans made contact with extra-terrestrials on the moon

See? I can make shit up, too.

>muh genocide
All you homos can ever talk about.

I don't know about Germany but Japan did offer to surrender. Just not unconditionally.

After that it was pretty clear the nuking of Japan was more of a test than an actually necessary part of the war.

Unconditional surrender as the objective was interesting, but whether it was better or worse than alternatives I couldn't say. Hindsight and not being a leader of an Allied/Axis country being fed intel at the time spoils my judgment.


It was not a test. It was a demonstration.

>want to discuss yuri
>instead Cred Forums tries to defend nazis


>than an actually necessary part of the war
Yes, just a test. I mean who wants to invade Japan, kill billions of Japs while taking insane casualties and see Soviets invade Japan from the North and have them actually all die because Japs are going to starve to death while being ready to throw it all towards the enemy. TOTALLY NOT NECESSARY

Really? Hess? So a guy that tries to secretly fly to Britain, to start peace negotiations without the approval of Hitler or any other major Nazi official, is then captured and jailed by the British, and then disavowed by Germany, is a legitimate attempt to surrender?

Would you Fine-sama?

Japan offered a conditional surrender. It would have been the less bloody option to have taken it.

>Sora no Woto

Being allergic to slice of moeblob, I never watched it. The generic K-On designs didn't help either. If it's enough for you to give him the benefit of the doubt, I hope that I'm wrong and you'll enjoy it.

Come on this is nothing compared to the "gas the niggers and kikes" skit from Cred Forums. I'd even say people are being pretty civil considering the topic.

What were the terms? Japan keep her Southeast Asian gains in the war?

That was in 1941, man. They were talking about surrendering and damage to Germany as they got pushed back past their borders.

Peace in 1941 was no surrender. They were nowhere near pushed back.

Defending those that nobody will defend is the duty of an ally of justice!

>Japan offered a conditional surrender.
Which was not acceptable for Americans.

In hindsight that would have been a pretty good deal. A Japanese china wouldn't have ended up a communist china.

Neonazi/Japanese nationalist Emiya Shirou when?

But you are setting Japan up for WW III with tons of resources and manpower. You never want a former enemy that can grow stronger than you can.

Off you go.

But was it really such a bad offer? If I recall correctly they would surrender their oversea territories.

Was it really better to nuke them rather than accept the peace?

>tfw weebs try to hijack our comfy containment thread

Dumb frogposter.

Pretty sure you can't be neo-nazi and nationalist if you're not German. Glorifying some foreign nationalist's regime is basically the opposite of being a nationalist.

Where can I read about this conditional surrender? All of my resources do not mention this. Only that they were negotiating with the soviets to get a better deal with the allies, while not knowing Stalin was just itching to grab Manchuria.

There's nothing to discuss yet. Now, if you want to talk about how fine Fine is, or how you want to fine Izetta's Izettas, we've got material.

Guilty Crown is still better than sora no woto even if contrarian fedora tippers pretend otherwise.

sora no woto was a major fuck up, you simply dont try to ride on k-on coattails with the real thing airing that year

Tell that to them. Their 1/64 german blood boils when thinking of how Germany got fucked up.

There were no terms. In early 45' Japan tried to send envoys to the Soviets, so that the Soviets would act as intermediaries, but the ministers within the government never actually agreed on any terms or conditions. You can read the telegrams they sent here.


Lets also not forget that when the Emperor wanted to surrender the Army attempted to overthrow him in a coup, and the coup was attempted AFTER NAGASAKI WAS NUKED.

You what?

Some of us want a good ending for once.
Like, you know, an ending where the Gulag overlords and the Banking slavemasters don't win over muh evil autoritarians.

They nuked them, THEN accepted peace.
Best of both worlds, really.
Also the totality of Japan's surrender meant that yet another despotic imperialist state stuck in 19th century ways of thinking could be disassembled and forced-marched through modernity. A cataclysmic taste of the future was necessary to show the military leaders at the time that they could no longer cling to the past. I wouldn't want to be one of the people in a hospital bed as fallout exposure rots their body from within, but history showed the ends justified the means.

Sorry, never mind. I was mistaken. There never was a hard peace deal offered by the Japanese. They were working towards getting it out there. My mistake.

To be fair, the army was ran by the big six, all of whom would be tried as war criminals after the war. So it is in their interest not to surrender.

Yamato damashii. Japan strongk. Nukes cannot stop a properly oxygenated body.

I have to laugh at the Japanese negotiation attempt - we will give you fishing rights if you stop everyone from attacking us!

>no anime about life and death in the gulag
I'd dig the suffering.

> Degeneate, dyke protagonists
> Woman doing anything other than making babies
> A Cred Forums show


This looks like Yuri garbage.

Same problem with Germany really.

I mean, to be fair, Yamato realized they would never win a war against America anyway, and hoped that pearl harbor and a string of early sea victories would prompt America to negotiate their trade embargoes.
Because it's true. Germans are evil monsters and murderers who need be tamed like wild beast in the cage. Fuck Germany from four directions and their fellows japanese and italians too.

I am curious why there were no mass desertation like the Germans did.

And that's why you don't commit atrocities during a war. Sun Tzu wrote this shit down like 2500 years ago people.

If you'd like a look at life inside a gulag, check out some of Alexander Solzhenitsyn's works, he was in one for quite a while of his life so he has a first hand perspective.

>Nazis were the bad guys

When will this meme end?

>you don't commit atrocities during a war.
Every war comes with atrocities.
But victors don't usually get called out on it. America in particular is too powerful to get called out on anything that happens.


Godwin's law aside, what would've happened if the Nazis weren't actively persecuting minorities?
Would they still be "the bad guys", since history is written by the victors?
Yeah, I understand most of the nazi deeds are blown way out of proportion, whereas the atrocities done by the allies are usually forgotten (viz. Dresden, Holodomor)

Because there was a much different cultural background. Also, America hadn't landed on the shores of Japan proper yet.

pls no bully

It's Soviet concept art. It never actually existed.

The causus beli for the war itself is flimsy at best, so probably.

Killing nazis japs is not a murder, all germans and japs deserved what is coming for them.

It'd have been like WW1.

Hopefully never.

>what would've happened if the Nazis weren't actively persecuting minorities?
It was German tradition to operate with an iron fist. If there was one partisan, they'd wipe out an entire village as punishment. The same strategy had already got them into trouble during WW1, where it painted them as the comically evil guys even without any genocide.
And of course, as you say, losers are bad guys.

I'd watch an anime about a (failed) insurgence in a gulag.

But what purpose was it supposed to serve? Megafortress in the air?

yes. exactly.

Nazis were always too fashionable to be the good guys
Now that would be the shit.

Sadly, never.

So when will we get NotRussia ending up fucking their smile place up for the next 50 years when NotGermany gets defeated?

Translation when?

People haven't stopped calling america out for the past 70 years, user. There's entire fields of western academic study dedicated to reinterpreting the entirety of western history, including that of america as "white people did everything wrong, remove white people"

This whole history is written by the victors thing is hogwash in modern times. Academic freedom being what it is, there's countless accounts of every facet of history from every angle, pandering to every agenda. America got to write a favourable history about as well as they got to create a democratic Vietnam.

Just look at WW1. Virtually nobody is taught about Germany;s involvement in WW1 unless they study it at a university level, at which point its just treated as yet another of the countless imperialistic wars of the preceding centuries. The interesting factors to both world wars weren't political, but technological, strategic and tactical. WW2 has the special angle that there's this hilariously over-the-top horror committed by one side, but without that it would've lacked any kind of narrative worth pushing, one way or the other.

You should fix your bad taste before posting next time, preferrably in a couple of years.

How can you talk about WWI without mentioning the biggest player in the war?

>Virtually nobody is taught about Germany;s involvement in WW1


>t. memet

>WW2 has the special angle that there's this hilariously over-the-top horror committed by one side
Except we're not really taught about said over-the-top horror, instead we're told to hate nazis.

At least pretend you don't crossboard.

looks like sao harem shit.

Don't be dramatic, the people that hate the germans over nazism the most are the germans. Then americans and jews.

>white people did everything wrong, remove white people

This is exaggerated. I don't deny that there are people like this in academic circles but they're far less prolific than you think.

Let's be honest, there was a lot of white supremacy whether covert or overt in America and the various European colonies against anyone who wasn't white (many who are considered white today). The vast majority of academics correctly identify it as a facet of the power structure present at that time and not that white people are inherently bad. It's only the real crackpots that view white people as evil and the root cause of everything bad.

Because let's be honest, if it was Africa or Asia or anyone else who achieved Europe's success they would have done the same thing as everyone else.

Really? My education about WW2 began with the holocaust, and stopped to bring up the holocaust every few minutes. Most of the non-holocaust factors were glazed over and the pacific theater wasn't even given so much as a mention or acknowledgement. It's just "Great Depression ->HITLER->Night of Long Knives->NAZISM->persecution of the jews ->Persecution of everyone else->final solution... oh by the way there was a war going on while some of this was happening and the good guys won"

I didn't get a more complete picture of World War 2 as a war until I took a class in 20th century history back in 2nd year of university. The public education system just doesn't really same to care about educating that aspect of history beyond "the moral of the story is that genocide is bad"

See, I want to like your post but the way you use
>white supremacy
as if people advocating for their own ethnic interest is bad somehow is really stopping me

Where the fuck are you from? I went to school in California and there was just 1 chapter devoted to the holocaust, and about 3 devoted to the war itself when we did US history in my sophomore year, and world history as a freshman had literally a single blurb about it.

Ethnic interest is retarded, why should I care about some stupid frenchy or kraut just cause they have the same skin color as me?

White supremacism is particularly bad because it murdered 6 millions in the 20th century and 100 millions in the 16th and 17th.

No other ethnocentrism has been more disastrous to humanity.

I've never met a self-proclaimed "Post-colonialist" who wasn't at the edge of their seat ready to spout "kill whitey" at every turn, and I've met a lot of them in my field. They are to history what tumblr is to gender, and every bit as obnoxious and delusional.

It's just a case where radicals insist on their legitimacy because the literature they revere doesn't seem radical if you cherrypick excerpts and read them out of context.

Nationalism is at the end of the day more important than ethnic interest.

While you are right I'm hesitant to phrase it that way. Most likely I'm just being too sensitive.

Ethnocentrism is all ultimately a bad idea.

See, the very view that you can segregate the "kill count" of ethnicities is hypocritical. Every civilization and race has committed acts you could consider "disastrous to humanity" in the scope of the loss of life incurred. The fact that you arbitrarily collect some of it under an umbrella and call it evil because thousands of different european ethnicities were involved in activities that caused a loss of life, and therefore the scope of their collective crimes is greater than any other is absurd. Throwing euro races under the banner of "white people" is about as arbitrary as the borders of africa, and the fact that you dive into that freely to support your worldview shows that yours is no different than the 19th century anthropology that justified those atrocities. You just picked a different villain and drew your own set of arbitrary lines to justify it, because bigotry against european ancestry is academic vogue

>Where the fuck are you from?
He's probably from Germany. He's wrong insofar as German schools actually teach about WW2 in great detail, but it's just one semester in school, while the nazi atrocities come up as a topic every single year until graduation (excluding elementary school).

Black supremacy has completely destroyed anything resembling civilization in most of Africa

I don't know, Mongol supremacism was probably worse on a per capita basis.

>Don't be dramatic, the people that hate the germans over nazism the most are the germans.
That's nonsense, the german people greatest shame is having lost that war, not nazism.

>about as arbitrary as the borders of africa,
I'm not disagreeing with you in general, but this is laughable.
Europe was always tied together, ever since the Romans. There was interaction going on from Ireland all the way to Russia. They were in some fashion one community.

The same cannot be said of Africa.

arab and turkic ethno nationalism death counts are far higher by your faulty logic tbqh

>They were in some fashion one community.
This is hilariously ignorant for someone that was only moments ago championing some pity-party for victims of colonialism.

>that war,
Nah, that war needed to be lost.
It's a shame about the first one though. Why did the Germans need to go with the Schlieffen plan? It was such a stupid plan too.
>no man, we're not hostile, we're just moving 1 million soldiers into your country

I got taught WWI in primary. Possibly Secondary, but I think Primary. Trench wars were ass, football between sides at Christmas, attrition with no real movement of the lines, crazy network of alliances pulling everyone in, etc.

No, I'm a third party.

That's incorrect. While there have been certain individuals who tried to unify Europe it was ultimately a futile attempt.

Europeans were at each other's throat for centuries with almost constant conflicts over this and that. Realistically, they were little different than the constant inter tribal warfare of Africa and the Native Americans.

You are missing the point.
They had cultural exchange. Eastern Europeans studied at English universities.
The countries may have been at war, but they largely shared one religion, looked towards Rome (and Constantinople) as the legendary powers and spoke Latin to each other.

they don´t even change the date, holy shit this is offensive.

We disagree then. I'd rather have victorious nazis than victorious comissars, even today communism plagues the planet.


Nobody asked your opinion communism rocks... Somewhere in North Korea.


I know. I fail to understand the context.
Germany wasn't communist.

He's saying he would've rather that nazis won the war than that the USSR won and was allowed to spread communism far and wide for some odd 50 years.

But WW2 wouldn't even have come to pass if Germany had won WW1.

You seem to fail to understand the whole conversation too.
>Germany wasn't communist
You don't say.

This is true

Armor is the term used for tanks. In English, an armored division is as a division of tanks.

Yes it is, panzer is not the German word for big black cat. The word you are looking for is panther.

The great Empire of Germania dont need rely power on a szhit lesbian.

If the theme of the show turns out to be magic vs science I'd be pretty happy.



Is "SS officer guns don't have safety" just one guy trying to force a meme?


Again, Siegreich is a single word. (it means victorious).
Sieg Reich as two words makes no sense.

The categorisation I made was a direct response to the person who started it. It's segregated according to his ethnocentric goggles. It doesn't reflect my view of humanity, obviousy. Also, while I agree with you that all humans committed atrocities, you seem to be eluding the point being discussed and the argument made. Just because all humans did bad things, that doesn't mean they were made in the name of the supremacy of their race. And the genocide the Native Americans stems from the idea that Europeans were a superior race that deserved to establish on that land even at the cost of the annihilation of other groups of humans, who wouldn't have had such a fate if they weren't considered as inferior. The umbrella was reclaimed by the apologists of colonialism, not moved around by me.
I'll leave you with some Voltaire quote :

>Their round eyes, their flattened nose, their lips which are always large, their differently shaped ears, the wool of their head, that very measure of their intelligence, place prodigious differences between them and the other species of men

>And one could say that if their intelligence is not of another species than ours, then it is greatly inferior. They are not capable of paying much attention; they mingle very little, and they do not appear to be made either for the advantages or the abuses of our philosophy.

>And it is a big question whether among them they are descendants of monkeys, or if monkeys come from them. Our wise men have said that man is the image of God: behold a pleasant image of the eternal Being with a flat black nose, with little or no intelligence! A time will come, without a doubt, when these animals will know how to cultivate the earth well, to embellish it with houses and gardens, and to know the routes of the stars. Time is a must, for everything.


>was a direct response to the person who started it
You literally just defended your position by saying "b-but they started it!"
C'mon, guy.

The rothschild are still in to finance both sides, start the war, fuel it and then claim israel as their homeland with their crest on the flag to get the rich mineral resources?
Because all the other faggots where only proxy in a rothschild bet made as a joke.

>you'll never see a historical anime where Japan is the bad guy.

>reading comprehension
I was just too subtle for you.

He has a powerful weapon
He charges a million a shot,
An assassin that's second to none,
The man with the golden gun.


Our guy.

Died in the sky.


Tanks have thin roof armor.

oh god why

don't you cry


>Cred Forums - Nazi Rappers

>He has a powerful weapon
He has a girl's weapon.

that scene with the opera music over the blitzkrieg was so film school jesus christ
solid first ep though will add to RSS feed

I tried rapping in German once.
I was so bad my audience didn't even laugh at me. They just moved on to the next topic and pretended it had never happened.

This is a show for children.

>alt history world war 2 with quite a bit of fanservice and not even subtle yuri bait and possibly fairly heavy political dialogue is for kids

Do not be upset, child.

what kind of Cred Forums tier post is this
fuck yourself

Calm down child.

I mean, mudslimes are overrunning both those places, so nobody won

Maybe he can pull of another SnW. I sure hope so

All's fair in love and war man. Allies and Axis were both being morally wrong, but I don't think one was greatly worse than the other.

Gold plated and with a brit motto.
user probably meant that they're cooperating with the brits.

Gundam has all of your Jewhime needs.

I seriously doubt it. The first episode of SnW was magical, without even relying on cheap actual magic. Go rewatch the first episode of SnW right now.

Nobody will ever be able to pull off another SnW.
I'll be pleased if Izetta is even a quarter as good, however.

How many threads has this been now? 5? 6? At least it's obvious that Cred Forums (or Cred Forums, /k/, /u/ or whoever the fuck is crossboarding here) is in love with this show.

As long as it's CONSTITUTIONAL.

It was a very good 1st episode, but this sort of thing always happens. The first decent new shows to air get a disproportional number of threads int he first two weeks because it's all anybody has to talk about until the rest of shit airs and propagates.

We have no reason to believe Communism doesn't exist.

Nazism might exist but in a modified, monarchist form




Also nice Yuki Kajiura knockoff music at the end there.

They deserved to die for their own stupidity. So much for being the supreme race.

Armored battle wagon

>Yuki Kajiura knockoff
Fuck off.

Good she's my archduchess and you can't have her

>In a WW1 context or before you would have a point,
No, it's largely their own fault too (Fischer). That, or it's the fault of imperialism (Lenin), since Germany basically did the same thing every Great Powers did, just a little bit later and more autistic.

>when you're a pole and your intelligence tells you the german are making armored battle wagons and you think they mean these

>lets pretend the >>> never happened

I'll take Holodomor for 500

>Guilty Crown was good though.


I notice the people that say GC was good are the faggots that say you're not supposed to take anime seriously and the only value of anime is watching it while drunk, high, or for the lulz

>There's tonnes of anime where the Japanese Imperial allegory are the antagonists, It's actually super common within their own literature, they just don't come right out and say "this faction is us from WW2"
Such as? I only know Princess Mononoke and some random manga where Kyoto is ruled by insane Shinto priests or something.

Also, that yuri manga where the Emperah tried to cuck the two main girls but turns out he's a yurifag.

Your allegory was too broad. It can even be applied to America with that Avatar's film. It's the typical patronizing, sublimating the Other liberal bullshit. Distinctively Japanese ones would be like on the radar of nettouyo or something.

>However, take a look at the Middle East. The heavy anti-American sentiments there aren't for nothing. Decades of tearing down Middle Eastern states and propping up despotic regimes in the name of containing communism and securing oil had their toll.
It's not just anti-American, it's anti-West. The middle east got royally fucked by the British when they divided the whole thing up, and in the 50s British Petrol was abusing workers all over the place. ME countries told them to fuck off, fix their shit, or they start nationalizing the oil. BP said "do it you pussies", and when they actually did it, BP whined to Britain about how the FILTHY COMMIES ARE TAKING THE OIL FROM HONEST COMPANIES. Britain then complained to the US, and all sorts of political shit went down that culminated in all the regimes getting overthrown in the 60s and 70s by a generation of people who've lived their entire lives watching their country get fucked by the West.

>muh Westphalia was too soft
They were in massive denbts, and their resource-rich regions was annexed by France. They were in a leeching finance economy surrounded by international bankers (who were broke, too) where IMF and World Bank would look like a congregation of saints.

I bet you're French.

I can't be the only one a bit concerned that a major player in the largest war of all time is not allowed to mention it directly 70 years after the conclusion.

Why can't Japan just make an anime about WW2 with proper names and shit? Everyone else can, why can't they? Is something stopping them?

Unconditional surrender in 1945 is still fucking them in the ass with that Tokyo Constitution they signed, drafted by the U.S.A.

>Why can't Japan just make an anime about WW2 with proper names and shit? Everyone else can, why can't they? Is something stopping them?

Also, they wanted to have made up countries while also following similar to WW2? They weren't all that imaginative so far but it's only the first episode.

It's funny homosexuality was pretty commonplace until the Christians started killing people who were anything along the lines of being abnormal even though Jesus specifically was trying to get people to understand he didn't give a shit about that, even going out of his way to physically defend prostitutes and other unwanted people and accepting them into his home.

But that's none of my business. There's definitely no signs of Jesus' original message of love, hope, and peace being corrupted by people who then went on to spread their warped view of the world using his own name. Not at all.

No, it was invented in the 19th century and later on in the early 20th century by psychologists.

They probably wanted to take some artistic liberties.

No, it was well documented as far back as the oldest known civilization.

Why don't we just stop being dickheads and let them be. Also, now that diplomatic immunity was done away with so a few greedy 9/11 victim families could get some cash, the U.S. is in for the anal raping of all time. Just imagine all the fucking people and countries that we've pissed off this last century. Just to fucking start with, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That damage claims are going to take our already abysmal debt and send us straight to hell.

Oh god, are we in for getting fucked right in the ass for everything we've done throughout this countries history. Just this simple bill alone could easily destroy our country for good.

>That damage claims are going to take our already abysmal debt and send us straight to hell.
US is still fine in terms of debt. IIRC US net worth is still 3 times whatever debt they have, not great but still far better than most other countries.

I honestly don't know how so many people requesting "muh serious war drama with real countries" don't know or ignore Zipang.
Is it not right-wing enough for them or something?

Post pictures of Hime-sama

I know about it, but it's just one anime. I want more.

What country is Fine supposed to be from, exactly? It's not Switzerland. Some fictional independent portion of Austria that borders not!Switzerland?

I wanna say Pumpkin Scissors would be worth checking out. The manga, not the anime. Too bad scans died like a year-
>v.11 c.41 by Orca Ninjas Killer Whale Squad (28d ago)

It's the Austian province Tyrol made independent.


It's the truth though.

I enjoyed the first episode, but there's still 11 more episodes to fuck it up.

All this proves is that your taste is shit. You're probably watching this hoping it'll be an actual war drama.

Not like I'm complaining, but what's with all the music in the episode?
It's like they decided that almost each and every scene had to have different track.

Never watched or heard of any one of these besides Mai-Hime. I do here rumblings that its like SNW in certain areas so I will continue to watch.

It's pretty typical for pilot episodes to be overedited, especially for more ambitious shows like this that are clearly moderately high-budget originals.

Why did you make hime-sama a tomboy? How will see find a husband looking like this?

I think he liked her just fine before.

These are some fine puns.

>realistic anime
Why. There's absolutely no reason why a WWII piece done in video shouldn't be a big budget film production in English. Why would you want it in Japanese and animated?

Very well done user.

>using anime about vampires to prove a point

I have some bad news for you mate.

Germans are as evil as the British and Russian's were. Following orders doesn't make you more of a monster than your foe.

> Germans are as evil as the British and Russian's were. Following orders doesn't make you more of a monster than your foe.

All white devils are equally evil.

>The Not-zis start off by invading Not-Poland, so the princess of Not-Austria flees to Not-Switzerland to negotiate with Not-Britain for support, but it's (not) too late, because even though she's been kidnapped with her country under siege, the princess has the White Witch on her side! Bedroom eyes and railgun-riding ensue.
Hope Chapman never fails to disappoint.

Not sure if trolling or an actual close-minded fool replied but I will humor you.

If white devils are equally evil what are the Africans of South Africa categorized as when they committed the genocide of the white farmers in their lands?

Keep in mind that they killed from infants (babies) to elderly, in the most gruesome ways you can imagine.

GATE's not!Romans were in many ways a reflection of WW2's Imperial Japan.

Sora no Woto still had Evil McBadguy appear in the end. It was more "nuanced" because it barely spent any time on the actual political conflict.

Who said they're not allowed to? This is a fantasy story, there's no reason for them to stick to real-world WW2 if they don't want to.



The evil white devils deserved it.

They were regurgitating the hate that they'd learn from colonialism.

Are you implying that the tiers are Asians, (((then juden))) then whites, then blacks?

Yes, on infants that were just born and didn't even know that they had 5 fingers on their feet and hands.

Well, enjoy your vitriol, both you and the liberal above you

Nigga what europe did you grow up in?

You did it wrong it's supposed to be three >'s without anything like the following

>whitey playing victim again
>whitey roleplaying as innocent baby because thats the only type of white that shouldnt be genocided
You do realize white devils, is a translation of a Chinese/Japanese term for white people and has nothing to do with your victim complex about Cred Forums fantasy cucked SJW muh libruhls sucking black cock right?

>erect nipples

white devil fights for your freedoms

It gets cold up there, plus she was in a freeze capsule.

Will there be not!Willy?

Speaking of the capsule, why didn't the not!nazis lock up their military secret?

>implying it wasn't also because she saw her beloved Hime-sama

So what country is Elystadt supposed to be? Austria? I thought Austria was already part of Germany before WWII.

They did, but their clever lock was cracked.

It's not a 1:1 equivalence to real world history, you moron.


Look at the map, it's the western part of modern Austria, roughly the states of Vorarlberg and Tyrol.

>the British and Russians
Won't screwing up Europe two times (also third time with immigrants, coming soon)
So my point what germans is a hellish spawn along with Japan (picking a fight with a world powers like USA, British Empire and Russia is a stupid idea).

P.S Saxons are sucks and a big cunts of the human history.
Celts rules!

you guys really like this trash huh

it was a decent opening episode what's the problem
obviously the yuri shit is the main attraction

decent? it was literally the worst thing i've ever seen. the girls are ugly too.

see more things

Are you Australian? As I am and it's a lot bigger in Aussie schools than in many other countries.

After all, we need to provide context for Galipoli. You can't really do that without WWI.

Lesbians, apparently.

i'll have you know i've seen plenty of things.

mc is just " muhh country, heres some cringey dialog xP "
the story moves way too fast, nothing feels important. you could skip the entire episode up to the last 5 minutes and not be out anything
the only interesting character had 10 seconds of dialog
even magical girls is better than this

>wow nice show you got here the main character isn't completely fleshed out in 1 episode
don't bother replying

stop being the " it gets good 12 episodes in " guy

I hope the shitposting stops.

It's always rough for the first month of airing for isekai shit and stuff that invites crossboarding.

Though some shows have managed to invite shitposting for the whole duration of airing but those are rare.

Not until the second or third episode airs.

made out

I thought it was garbage.