Storytime: Konjiki no Gash!! AKA Zatch Bell: Volume 27

Faudo has been awakened as the series moves into the peak of it's quality in the heart of the third arc, and where the anime diverged from the manga.

Gash bell is a Shonen action/comedy series by Makoto Raiku. The basic plot premise is that there are 100 kids from the demon world who come into the normal world to fight until only 1 is left standing, who is crowned king;

I'll be making a thread every day (can't give a specific consistent time of day yet due to IRL bullshit) and will post 1 volume every day until the whole run is posted.

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>Why should I be interested?
It has really fantastic art, good humor, great tactical fight's with great choreography and is really excellent at utilizing both positive and negative emotions for FEELS; admittedly the series is a little rough untill arc 2 rolls around, after that all the above starts to really shine and continues to get better; the art in particular.

>Where are your scans from?
NULL's release. their site is here: and they can also be found on and mangasaurus. EBJ has superior digital volumes for sale on their site, but they are japanese only, I'll be buying and ripping them eventually. There's also some really amazing quality Portuguese scans, but only for like 20 chapters halfway into the series, and, you know, aren't in english.

A-Destiny has really amazingly high res scans in english for the last 3 volumes, but they aren't publically available anywhere right now other then the last 3 volumes as jpgs on otakusmash, and the translation is generally nost as good as NUll's I feel in most cases. They also have 18-30, but thye quality isn't much better then Null's and the translation is still iffy.

>Isn't Zatch bell that kiddy pokemon ripoff?
You probably saw the localized anime. The anime is pretty not great due to changes it makes and missing the last arc (nontheless, here's a link to the anime episodes:, and the localization is fucking terrible. The manga is way better, but even it admittedly starts out only above average untill it gets into the second arc.

I encourage you to post and respond to stuff as i'm dumping pages. It's far more fun for me while dumping if I see other people reacting to stuff that's happening and there' conversations I can reply to.

HOWEVER, please do not post images till I finish so the image limit isn't hit before then, and use your judgement for how often you post/how long what you are posting is. Don't overdo it.






Best cover

Starting off strong with Kiyo's massive Oni fast from last volume

Aw shit nigga best fight in series time

Reply if you set aside time just for this thread every day, i wont miss this after yesterdays cliffhanger


I hope zeon brought some lube. Kiyo is going in dry

Why the fuck are the shotas so damn built?



Hope you like asspulls

No mercy!



I'm okay with it if it feels deserved. Kiyo and gash have worked harder than anyone in this tournament, except maybe brago and sherry.


Demons gain spells in response to a need, as demonstrated with Rauzaruk.

Kiyomaro fucking died. Gash needed to become stronger. He did. There's nothing asspull about this.

I guess



Spell levels confuse me. I even went to the wiki to learn more, but it seems like gigano isn't all that high of a level in comparison to diago and shin spells, not mention a few others.
although I like how zeon used zakeruga to beat leo's gigano level spell, and gash used his to beat jedun's gigano. powered up by faudo too.

Ah, interesting to note that Roudeax called Zakeruga a "high class spell" here, wheras Leo called it a "mid class" back in volume 23

That's something else i'd like to see what the original japanese is saying for both those statements and see if the same phrase was used and if it was translaated differently or what, if any of the anons who into jap are still here.

I can post the raws for those pages if so once the dump is over if so.


Damn Zeon is a muscle shota.



I'd guess roudeax was just saying it was lowest high level because baou is highest, and zakeru was his weakest. Wait, no that doesn't make sense. Come to think of it gash only had 3 actual offensive spells, and a bunch of support spells.


This is how Faudo was created? Did Leo's race only made a giant demon to help their representative in the fight beforehand?


Pretty sure that's not a memeber's of leo's clan, that person only has 2 legs, not 4.

And there is the other baou spell you told me about in an earlier thread OP. Nice.





Dumb snake frog




>You can say something besides "Yanko"!!?
>But.. when I received Faudo's power, I said "Gofuda".
Fucking Raiku


I actually feel bad for those two more than I should

I'm laughing hard here. Raiku is great at comedy bits

8th spell? what about the dragon claw?

I really like that throughout this whole arc even though the villians have still been assholes, that they get legitimately saddened by the fact that they have to leave their book master.

Noooo snek guy

This page has gotcha senpai

Did rashirudo have 3 lightning crests before? I thought it only had 1.



it got suped up

Yep, it's bigger/powered up now, like all of gash's spells

another one of those "damn gash has grown" moments

>Kiyo seems to have changed

Yeah he got more muscular and delicious.





Fuck I love how gash just busts how all these spells. It just feels so..satisfying after all their hard work, their tribulations.

look every deafuax there kiyo


I'm also not sure why "split up" here is said so casually, as if splitting into clones is such a normal skill.

Yet another thing i'd like to know what the word used in japanese is litterally translated to is

>Just spinning gash where he wants to aim.
My sides

Such a great angle.




This dialog was a really nice touch. Jedun became much more memorable with this.





About that hands vs mouth argument...

no no dont get up dufaux
let the battle end at least

Holy fuck that pass is doing work. You're burning through this volume like a fuckin madman.


Best cover so far.

Go back to sleep Suzune


Here we go



I have to give Rodeux credit, he tanked a lot of powerful spells in these last volumes
But he's still an asshole and an idiot

Dat pose

Why the fuck are you so dumb roudeaux



Fucking raped!

Get rekt.

Was it rape?

Poor Roudeaux, the nightmares will never stop.

>Local demon not so though after getting Zakere'd


That's a gorgeous spread.


Thanks Chita

Hahaha even his feet and hands change.

I love roudeaux's face here.


Fucking hell when will it end.

Kiyomaro is so mad that he trascended humanity and has become a demon himself


>That breath


what is this face trying to convey?

goddammit chita! burn his book! HE'S GONNA FUCKING KILLING HIM!!!!


He's the true devil of this manga.

Fucking kek

>Just taking a sippy quickly


>What was I here for again? Oh yeah that giant monster that is about to destroy Japan in 10 seconds or something.

Gash turns into a fucking SMG. I love it.

Who is the bad guy here?

roudeaux learning a long lesson in why no one fucks with oni king kiyo

OH, the humanity!

or demonity,

or whatever...

This will happen to you if you don't stop Faudo fuckboy



bad guys's are dumb. rodeaux is dumb. he's the bad guy

>and suzy is still cute and ditzy, quite the calming sight after witnessing what can be considered 'E-Rated RAPE'

don't try to be cute right after oni king kiyo


The spells just keep on coming!

This page has a 20th Century Boys feelling.


"Approaches" is spelled wrong

>Naomi's dad's mustache.


Suzy's mom is a qt

>And Brago just got himself wet at that thought.




ph'nglui mglw'nafh Kiyomaro R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn


*tips fedora*

was it autism

JSDF pls go


Defaux mixes edge with autism in amazing ways.


You know Dufort is pretty much the anti-Kiyo



at least the aiming disruptor still works...

Faudo go back to the demon world you're drunk

Yeah Im getting that vibe too

More like what Kiyo could've been if he stayed an asshole and never met Gash


Lmao, there's no way Unko Tintin could have cracked the hack, even if it wasn't Kiyo's doing.

Do you think Kiyo would've turned out like Dufaux if he was paired with Zeon?

If they did had that stupid grin on their face, Naomi's parents are kinda hot.

offering curry to faoudo kek

>unko tintin
>the second.

Of course he is...


Kiyomaru trolling unko tintin never gets old

Oh shit I completely forgot about this spell






*not a jojo reference!

>that transition

Looking pretty cool Zeon.



Love this page.


Ya dun got fucked

I just realized these dumps are probably not helping the bandwidth/storage cost issues; oh well

I'm gonna be really pissed if /hr/ gets deleted, like 90% of the board is overrun by celebrity stuff anyways and just banning that would help reduce the space issues and would make the board good again


Sup Z.Honda.

>Oh were you expecting Gash?
>TOO BAD, It's me Zeon!



>How to say stupid shit at the worst possible time

The absolute least shocking twist ever, desu



Dun dun dun



I don't know, Naruto's dad being the 4th I think might top it.

Le Gasp




Who guessed that Zeon and Gash were in fact brothers?

Holy fuck this is the best shit I ever read

I was spoiled a few times, both in and out of tags.

When I was first reading the series, I considered that as a possibility, but I dismissed it as being too obvious

About that...

I'd love to see all those spells being discovered normally, like it was before.

Damn i would be pissed too

I guessed it back when they were still in England, four years ago when I originally read it. It was painfully obvious but I still loved every second of it.

well, they look identical, being related was obvious.

not necessarily as brothers, but still...




I guessed that shit way back when I watched the english dub.


what a clever twist



Was there anyone who guessed otherwise?

Remember how they had Zeon do an evil version of Zatch's signature laugh?

>Haha haha HA haha...

I honestly never thought about it because it was so obvious when I watched the Dub as a kid.

The SECOND least shocking twist of all time


how is this not shocking


How does Raiku make me feel for a henchmen with almost no lines with just a 1.25 pages?

Coolest spell ever.

Oh fuck, I forgot Gash had that fucking laugh in the dub. Was that a dub only thing?

I really don't get how baou was inherited desu. It doesn't make sense.


Sunbeam would be proud


Does the handsome electrical progenitor himself ever appear?

In any other story he would be the final villain.

And then Zeon goes from the mysterious villain who looks like Zatch to the royal child throwing a temper tantrum

I didn't think he used zaguruzemu anymore. I guess the high speed of all of the remaining opponents invalidates it.

Int the back of my mind I knew it was going to be twins but I thought it was too obvious and was pulling for an alternate personality somehow given a separate body.

This I honestly found a little shocking

Ah, more tossing

You'll see him in a flashback soon

>a couple minutes younger
>this fucking shorter than his elder twin



It's not a genetic thing. He just gives it to one of them using some demon magic bullshit.

Yeah, they had the same laugh in the original.

It's just the fucking greatest. God damn Raiku.

Gash is six, fucking six years old.

He's probably going to be a tall hunk once he's fully grown.


Kitta zo, kita zo, Faudo chan~


Rodeux calls it 初級の上ランク程度の術.
I'm pretty sure "Strongest low-level spell" would be more accurate.

You niggers did that on purpose


Awesome, what about what leo says in ?




Christ zeon, your spells are awesome. .


He has fucking Baou, he should be taller than Zeon.



He might be throwing a temper tantrum, and he might deserve whatever punishment thats coming to him...

but i do understand why he is so fucking pissed.

imagine going your entire life being trained and tortured for whatever reason and being practically unacknoledged meanwhile your weaker younger brother lives peacefully.

motherfucker has no childhood whatsovever.

the king shouldnt have given baou to either of them, he must have keep it and then, whey they are old enough, give it to whoever was truly worthy.

now the question here is, WHY?




To make it even, I guess

>One gets super ultra training
>The other one gets a cool dragon spell

Actually that's sort of surprising.

I think for a while a lot of people probably thought that the demon who turned all those others to stone was the King.

His body was getting too weak to contain Baou anymore.



>zzzzzt... nothin personnel, kiyomaro

I see what you guys did there.

and couldn't he, i dunno, create a container in a similar manner to how Zeon encased his lightning?

dle, and Sunbeam) 2 of

Aw dang I'm probably not gonna be around tomorrow when we get to "Live strong".

One of my favorite moments in the whole manga.

Whoops, not sure what happened there

So I was saying that I think it's dumb that beyond Dufaux and Kiyo, we've seen 3 other characters with abilities like this (Ropes, Riddles, and Sunbeam), yet somehow Answer-Talker is a completey unrelated thing?

Even though Riddles and Sunbeam have Answer-Talker eyes?

Fuck that

Is that... spiral energy?

The twin thing was obvious but I thought Stone Golem was the one who became king until this page

>and couldn't he, i dunno, create a container
He did, in the must fun way possible.

There it is! Finally I can say answer-talker freely.

Neowhat now

I'm still wondering how he fucked his wife.



thats gonna be interesting...

Also Motherfucker looks so MENACING...

What happened with the afro nigress and papisomething, again? They still hanging around, aren't they?

Penis in vagina.

>not that I believe you
He doesn't think answer talker is real?


With the force of a thousand Zakeru's.

Yeah i'm not sure what's up with that either

Yet another thing moonanons can help with


They had that pose prepared didn't they?

Maybe it's not so unrelated. Those 3 probably have some type of lesser answer talker due to various reasons but without the dying part they can't awaken the full thing.



maybe 'flashy poses and imposing style... OF DEATH!' was part of zeon's training too?

>long day



Leo calls it 中級レベルの呪文.
That translation is fine.

Pretty cool pose

Of course. What kind of THUNDER EMPEROR would he be without flair?

how nice suzy's room window can see the ocean from these
also vulnerable from tsunami, bad investment japan

Ah. One of my favorite spreads from the series.

>Zeon set!






Not sure why this spell of Zeon's doesn't have Yo Yo in the name since all the other yo yo based spells do

Suzume truly is wonderful.


is Dufaux angry, annoyed or simply stating a fact in this page


i imagine he is going 'it's a yoyo you retards' on his mind...

The latter, t would appear.





well zeon happened to inherited his father's bloodlust, something akin that of a killer's aura. Zeon wouldn't be able to control himself and destroy everything with baou if that were to happen





Here it comes.


is that a cosplay?

Hey Baou, did you get a haircut or something?

This isn't technically a part of NULL's release for this volume, but I happen to have a color version of this art saved and NULL did include the color versions when they had them in past volumes, so...




>mc's parent is famous cliche

Were you expecting old baou? too bad it's me, apocalypse baou




>hmm, that doesnt sound assholish at all...

that reason doesnt sound like the thing a bad father would say...

>3 years old



why can a 3 year talk so well?

ok, i take back what i said...

>milk mother
So, is Zeon just being disrespectful here, or is the king rocking a harem?


Obviously demons mature faster.

Royal training

Nice parenting.

Rajin seems like a nice guy.

Nope. He has never actually seen his folks faces.

Isn't Zatch Bell a puppet?

Shouldn't the commander of the Royal Guard warned the king that one of his kids was planning fratricide?

You know, if the demon children are chosen to enter this game, why did they choose Kolulu?

I mean surely there must have been better choices for candidates.

Honestly the more you think about how this game is set up the less sense it makes really.


I think he just meant wet nurse.

I wish the king had gotten some kind of comeuppance. He's kind of a dick.

I'd imagine zeon would just kill him at that point

They put her in there as a joke.

Poor Unko TinTin, even reincarnated Kiyomaro causes him to suffer

Absolutely awesome art in this spread

I assume that her parents or maybe some other demon with influence saw that she had potential, and wanted to make her fight, even though she didn't want to, either so the family could get prestige or some other reason like that


But now, honest answer, i think she had potential. They just probably assumed her new personality or whatever would do the work for her.

I assumed that was why they chose Kyanchome

I think the 100 chosen are all descendants of demons who fought in the past; are of noble family/clan origin; or have incredible potential.

Whether or not the chosen children want to participate or not doesn't seem to matter.

Love how he's so big he's cracking the ceiling above him

god damn

All according to keikaku to defeat clear


>Kolulu, it was all a prank, you are being recorded

FUCKING HUGE, also is this the true power of baou, or would the demon kings version of baou be stronger


Yeah, Good luck with that bigshot....

What was Patty's ultimate spell again? Suou something? I wonder if it's passed down the same way.


Maybe her clan wanted political influence, so they sent their only child?

You'd think zeon would have seen the lesson that roudeaux was just taught.

Jesus christ thats fucking nightmare fuel

Well she probably had some amazing support spells judging from her ultimate spell, she just didn't have it in her to hurt another person so they had to give her a spellset that changed her personality so she would actually fight

Worth noting True Baou has the same eyes as Gash did when kiyo died

Rather, Gash got Baou's eyes

Suou Giakuru, yeah



Maybe, she does come from a wealthy family with connections.

My guess is that he selected Zeon and Zatch first off, then the obvious strongest contenders (Dragon Siblings, Brago, etc.) then christmas-tree'd the rest.

wouldn't that be faudo's skull?

actually. why didn't they just kill faudo from the inside?

Dufaux must've known what would happened, so why isn't he saying anything

I assume that when Zeon was shown beating ropes and Dufaux was about to cast a huge spell that started with "Giga" before zeon stopped him, that it was this spell, and that they just translated it as Giga rather then Jiga

I should really learn to into japanese so I can look into this stuff myself

Probably just wanted to see a dragon.

like the fang swirls here.

Pretty sure it's supposed to be "It's hard to believe, but this guy has the same power as you".

In the bottom right, Zeon is talking about himself being put through hardships, not putting Gash through them.

they already said it, Faudo's brain is designed to withstand any spell attack, it cannot be destroyed

also, in sleeping tower mode, that barrier extends to the entirey of his body, specifically to avoid hijacking or internal destruction before time.

Gash was probably malnourished and didn't grow properly, because Yuno was a shitty caretaker

for you

Oh, didn't even notice, theyt ranslate Zeon's spell as Zigadirasu, not Jigadirasu

Alright, noted

oh gay



Holy crap that makes sense. Never thought of that.

In the anime, he clearly said Jiga, so yes he wanted to flat out kill Apollo with a giant lightning God.

Thats certainly a unique design to say the least.
Those trying to defeat your brothers mighty dragon with a gaping hole...

One could certainly make certain analogies

the japanese of the spell is called ジガディラス・ウル・ザケルガ and giga is ギガ, so probably not

ギガ being how giga is typically said, or is that actually what raiku used way back on that page when he was finishing off apollo?

If zeon won this fight, and had powered up and somehow beaten clear, would this spell have been passed on like baou is?





>Zeon just started to realize he might have fucked up there...



The king doesn't have full say on who participates in the contest


Do you understand now, Zeon
You always had the superior genes

it's basically like the alphabet, so there would no other words to use except for ギガ

>Local fuckboi realises just how big of a bullet he dodged at birth




I just went back and checked, and that's not what was used, it was pic related

IDK what that translates to though



it translates to jiga, which is identical to the spell zeon used here, even though the translator chose to use z instead of j

This top panel is brought to you by Obari

In your opinion Jiga would be more accurate a translation though?

You'll see it at full power at the end of the arc



Because autism

it is how it is pronounced, so probably



Most demons have a Missile-Class spell before the Gigano and Dioga ones. It doesn't get confusing until shit like Zaugurusemi, which upgrades spells, and the other Baou spells.

Holy shit,what did Apollo said to him again?Because that reaction is a bit overkill

Wonder why they choose ziga then. I might actually have to ask


so, Zeon won...



it's probably to not make it confusing and keep with their spell theme since their spells mostly start with Z,


The moral of this is that the King is a huge asshole



Baou Jobberuga strikes again

Well, it was winning untill Gash got distracted

I belive this is the hypest moment in the series


How is that even possible?

That thing was Armaggeddon incarnate!


That wasn't really a job though, contain yourself. It was an uncontrollable monster that honestly needed to be defeated.


It's happening!

As you can see it failed to devour Gash completely since Kiyo called out to Gash so it's darkness powers weren't strong enough.


Zigadirasu's cry is literally "ZIGAAA" with Jiga written as furigana, so Ziga is the correct translation.

Folgore proving that he truly is the best character in the series.

Isn't Baou's cry BAOOO rather then BAOUUUUUU though, so they may not nesscarily be the same as the name?

Or is that not a good comparsion? Or is Baou actually more accurately translated as Bao too?

But it failed

Oh shit it's


Those two.



Jeed you madman



Well "job" literally means "lose" so it did job. It's just that "job" has no place outside a wrestling context but blame /asp/ for bringing it to Cred Forums.

>when the hell did i seduce you!?
I laughed way harder at that then I should have.


Sunbeam's still using the cap as a cup in this desperate time. Guy sticks to his principals.



Oh it does not. It means to lose with the specific purpose of showing off how much stronger the opponent is. In this case, that wasn't the intention. Take your overused memes elsewhere.

>there was a secret passage in the barrier room

RIP Barry, you left us for no reason



Makes me think who choosed white?
also who choosed ted and cherish?

That's a big gun

>blame /asp/ for bringing it to Cred Forums

Job has been used here in that context for years. Don't bring the worst board on the site into this.

They had not the time nor peace to look for hidden passages

Also a shame the Q/A from the event raiku mentions is probly not online anwhjere

Would love to hear what the questions and answers were

This and its Shin version are some of my favorite spells

Mind giving me some source? Cause I can't find anything that supports that definition.

>Nicole put her disguise back on

Jikerudo 2.0?!


Its her fetish

>arguing over the definition of a shitty overused buzzword
Fuck off please

>I saw a Won Lei and Lee Yen pair

We need to get rid of the porn threads


It only gets used a single time after this; continuing the tradition

I took it from my lord

I'm fine with the occasional high res porn thread there since it's only 1-2 threads at a time, it's the fucking LITTERAL 100+ celeb threads that are the issue IMO


Probably better for fighting


End of volume 27

poor gashbot...


You know, I really fucking love this spell. Just a big fucking sniper rifle.

Just look at how much he's slouching.

>Faudo gets the back cover


Thanks for the dump.

It's more then that, actually, as you'll see next volume

It's pretty cool

>a Won Lei and Lee Yen pair and a kid

totally confirmed

Zeon's spell is a gaping hole
Gash's spell is a long raging dragon

Zeon still shot first.

>Faudo was never controlled by a good person and allowed to run around the planet doing cute things

I always knew Gash would be the top.

>there will never be a spin-off with cute Faudo doing cute things

>also who chose ted and cherish?
I can't say who chose them rather as why; Ted has ridiculous potential in his strength and power; and Cherish has the personality of a strong leader, a king.

Speaking of, why are all the females so comfortable with using King as their title rather than Queen?

>Cause you're a bottom bitch that's why.

Faudo is kinda moe

A Zatch Bell storytime!? I must be dreaming! The Anime/manga that created my love for Japanese cartoons!

Suzy is pretty cute. Reminds me of an autistic girl from high school.

hey that's Zeon's spell

Thank you very much OP.
It was a really great time.

How does one cosplay as fucking Megumi though?
Just be a girl and wear some above average clothes? She doesn't even have a regular outfit so I imagine it would be rather difficult to even be recognised.

Thanks for the dump.

I basically love the fact that this volume is basically just purely Gash vs Zeon. No story progression or plot focus, no side character moment, just these two trying to beat the crap out of each other. We need more manga that give their big fights this much focus. I hate it when a manga hype up a huge conflict that only last for 2-3 chapter.

I've been doing it for almost a month now, how have you only first noticed it now?

Also I hope you read the whole manga

Maybe they wore her idol outfit?

have you been in a coma this last month

Well, given that is was an event to meet the author of the manga, one would assume any girl with a wig and makeup could be a Megumi cosplayer. Bonus point if they also got a little girl put on a wig herself and act as Tio.

Idon't browse Cred Forums frequently. Actually, I haven't dropped by since mid-July I believe.

I dunno. That is cool now that we're reading it all in one go, but having it weekly means you go through months of a single battle.

that's what he used on Roppes

so, was it ever made clear why the log was such a huge dick to Xeon here? He seemed less dickish other times.

I'd kill to have a girl cosplay as Tio for me.


it just hit me that what the king actually meant with this is that he had to send Gash away because of how dangerous Bao was for the Kingdom, while Zeon trained his ass off in order to stop a rampaging Bao in case Gash went nuts.

Riddles does have it because he "died" after the death of his grandchild. Maybe he tried to commit suicide or something.

Exactly. Its just a tragedy that the king wasn't honest from the start. We could've had the adventures of Gash and Zeon wrecking 98 other demons before solving their own fight with a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors.

Folgore is too good for this world

He does get annoyed at stupid people.

this reminds of eva for some reason. Perhaps it's because faudo was pinned to the wall and the fact faudo is a giant living weapon.

I always felt Barry's death was a bit too forced, but I get it wouldn't work with the arc.

my favorite side character. Jedun san is cute


What kind of best girl leaves gashbot behind
Not a best girl at all

>we're already at bump limit
Wow, cool.

Will we ever get a moment like volume 23 again? That was spectacular.

> Hello darkness my old friend...

Probably the last volume, since I also gotta dump the gaiden chapter after it and we'll wanna disscuss stuff more then normal

>a Won Lee and a Lee Yen pair and a kid, too
I told you faggots it was real

I have no doubt that he could have beaten Ashuron and Brago, but Clear Note seems pretty impossible

He isn't slouching.

I've read from start to finish and studied the wiki to see if I had missed anything. I'm fully prepared!

>Kiyomaro fucking dies
>Zeon appears and kicks Leo's shit in
>Unko Tintin's true form
>Won Lei has to go back

It'll be hard to top but I'd guess the final volume will be two threads