Watch anime

>watch anime
>touching/very cute moment comes up
>you fart

It's not my fault. It's my sister's cooking.


>go outside
>recall a cute anime moment
>smug face
>get called out on why i am smiling
>oh just daydreaming about a funny movie I watched last night

>greentext blogging thread
fuck off

>go outside
>grin like a fucking moron out of nowhere
>everybody acts like they don't care
>they actually think I'm a werido deep down

>reading hentai
>fart while fapping
>smell wafts up past my balls into my nose
>imagine that smell is coming from the hentai
>lose boner

>>go outside
>>go outside

>go outside

>with friend
>remeber the end of K-On!!
>get sad
>friend asks if it's K-On!!

>have two and a half hours in between my classes at school
>will lose parking spot for the rest of the day if I drive anywhere

What the fuck do you want me to do?

Why did you have to remind me?

>posting 3d but complaining about going outside

xD i love normalfags blogging thread lol.

>be me
>hmmm i need le sex
>go clubbing
>fuck like 3 bitches and made 2 suck me

lol was a great weekend but now im back on Cred Forums where i belong fucking normies dont know bout my secret club site lol

It never ever fails to make me sad

>manly stink aroses from dick into nose
>begin fapping even harder

>"I hate fun"

Calm the fuck down autismo

>watch anime
>touching/very cute moment comes up
>notice bloody spot on your panties
>Forgot to put tampon in

reeeeeeeeee fuck off normie

>fapping to cute vanilla hentai
>want to drink
>spilled it all over dick and hands
>lick my hands
>they smells like unwashed dick and urine
>mom is calling
>lose boner completely
>feel like dirty frog from old meme
literally happened to me yesterday



*not knowing the most epic meme of 2016*