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Why can't dengeki just fucking make more index anime?

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Stop whining about it. You're just giving people ammo to mock you

Wasn't there some kind of Dengeki Bunko event of whatever? Did it happen already? No Index III?

NT17 info soon. If you're in America we'll get it the 6th or 7th this month. Maybe earlier if magazine gets out early

Miki wants us to suffer

Because Misaka is shit and they want me to suffer.


More like Touma is shit....

Mikotofags (particularly ones that ship) may be delusional fucktards but at least she has focus and screen time that endears her to her fans. Frenda and Kuroko don't have anything like that. "Fans" of Frenda and Kuroko just wank to designs (that aren't even good) and don't give a shit about them. They don't have much to give a shit about

Nice necrobump, faggot

I thought it was well known Touma is shit and has a habit of turning everyone around him into shit characters

Have a (You) for your efforts

>butthurt Kuroko/Frenda fag mad because his taste got called out

>Not even 10 posts in and people are already posting shitty nonsensical rants out of nowhere
Just wait for the info to be released and browse some other threads if you're so bored.

You don't have to agree with the post but it's not hard to see that it makes sense. Not "objectively correct" sense but "I see the logic you're following" sense

>Waaaaaaah l-leave muh meme girl alone

That misguided logic can be applied to literally any character that hasn't gotten major development, so you're limiting the pool of characters people can like to Touma, Accel, Mikoto, etc. These threads already seem to be no fun allowed, and I can see why if people think like this.

They hate money and would rather hire J.C staff to make trash.

Because Misaka only has 5 minutes of screentime and Itsuwa is in jail so you cant attract people into buying NT with it

Haven't seen Taboo Tattoo but the guy looked like a Touma knockoff on the promotional art.

When a character has very few scenes (Rakko), not important or even alive (Frenda), or has nearly a completely different feel outside an anime director making fanfiction (Kuroko) you're probably liking them for shitty reasons.

They're saving the announcement for the spring fes.

So my point still stands? It's poor logic that boils down to "stop liking what I don't like". Especially since your examples have been getting a lot of attention in threads recently. I'm curious to hear who your favorites are, especially since "not important" covers a significant portion of the characters.

They're a bunch of dicks.

have we not said "saving it" the last 2 years?

It's ok, it'll be real this time.

Finally got to reading HO's update from yesterday.
Holy shit, how did I not see a Zombie Object coming from miles away? With all that infection plot and Kamachi doing survival stuff recently.

Saying a character has little to no substance and because of that most people who claim said character usually do so for superficial reasons is not "stop liking what I don't like".

Not only does it know how to make an entrance, but it can also "infect" other objects. Sasuga Kamachi.
>Faith Organization company stirring shit up
At least we know why the CC is there now.

>“I can’t believe you two. You forgot about me, didn’t you!? You were so moved by what happened with Catherine that you forgot all about me, didn’t you!?”
>“Shut up. What good is wasting valuable memory space on guys?
Priorities are the same as always.

>Elizabeth Schnozzle
Kamachi please stop

Sounds like a nice German name.

That's probably what Kamachi was thinking


>“Wh-wh-wh-what are you talking about!?”
>“Do we really have to explain it? If you can name two female soldiers with the same chest size, you get a point. Get one wrong and the other guy gets a turn, so it’s pretty simple. The only problem is it leads to some fights if you don’t have someone else to act as a judge, so can you take that job, Myonri?”
>“There’s something wrong with this! Why do so many people know our sizes!?”
>“Because we’re bored.”
>“And you can make a pretty good guess by looking.”

Truly great men with priorities always set straight.


Is this what engineers do when they're bored?

What will die first, Cred Forums or raildex?


Cred Forums for sure, NT and the various manga won't all end at the same time.

No, they make lunar probes to spy on girls bathing.

Screentap this: it'll be announced in a fucking magazine out of nowhere.

user please, this is unhealthy. Let's just be glad NT17 info is coming in a few days and we actually have a railgun chapter this month.

In two years, just in time for the anime 10th anniversary.

HO translations updated, I'll make a thread for it.

Just post it here. HO threads die faster than our hopes after every festival.

Figure half of the people keeping up will dismiss this as a bait thread, but I guess that never stopped us.

Index has poor sales. If anything they would make another season of Railgun.

I'm sure everyone will love seeing Frenda die offscreen with no explanation and no relation whatsoever to the arc.

I think it would be fine if they do the SS novels then Daihaisei and end with a short Nagai filler that no one asked

I would actually like that if only to see all the animeonly frendafags lose their shit over it

Railgun S3.

So we can all bask in the salt when the Railgun anime-only crowd loses its shit over not one, but TWO spiky-headed heroes hijacking Misaka's show.

Railgun sells more because it basically has more waifu bait, right?

It's pretty much the same as idolshit after sister's arc ended.

It's been years, even secondaries know that Frenda kicks the bucket. It's brought up every time someone makes a pun.

It doesn't mean they won't lose it
Especially if she just gets offed like she does in the LN without any real showing of it, just Mugino dragging her torso around and then forgotten about in the next five seconds
Plus, there would still be random dudes that are still oblivious to the whole thing

Why do jap authors always pull this shit



>There is a chance Cred Forums might die before Index III

Idolshit is the future.

Why can't there be an idolshit arc with all the level 5s?
>Accel with WORST and LO as backup dancers
>Kakine beetle with his beetles
>Mikoto with the sisters
>Mugino and ITEM
>Misaki with Dolly and maybe some of her groupies
>Number 6 has a slot but is beaten out in the preliminaries offscreen
>Gunha and his GUTS
>Various Kihara's and Aleister judging the whole thing and some random magic groups coming together so as to not be left out

It'd be the best thing ever

Idol accel is close, and it's doing a rather fine job. I want to see what kind of act Misaki and Gunha put on.

I would pay to see this animated.

Maybe not as much as I would for S3, though. They'd animate it instead of S3 wouldn't they

>some anons were actually upset by the bloodsign meme

Just the one guy I think, everybody else took it in reasonable humor.
Are you the guy that made the other edit when I asked? If so thanks again.

It feels like the same small number of people that are really vocal hate whatever is being talked about at any given time. I'm convinced that they're the ones throwing a fit and getting upset that Frenda and Kuroko were getting threads, among other things.

>I unironically laugh when someone asks when's season 3
I'll never forget 2014.

>Not changing the filename to Spring fes

I hope Laura's whatever plan involves Necessarius coming back

>Stiyl ends up being on the cover
We wouldn't hear the end of it for months.


>Stiyl gets punched and Kanzaki ends up saving him
It wouldn't even matter if he shouted anything or not, I'd be fully convinced Kamachi is watching us if that happened.

316 KB JPG
This is literally the only thing that matters and what everybody including the characters in the series want and work for. This little thing called friendship and happiness are the foundation of human emotion and love is the true meaning of life. Power is simply a tool to help achieve this. This is why the Railguns are the best characters in the series and there's nothing you can do about it. Congratulations.**

These are girls. You're welcome.

>Aleister plan to get rid of Mikoto is to bait Necessarius into taking care of her through Idol theory fuckery

>Heivia grimaced, removed the radio’s wired microphone from the hook, and tossed it to Quenser.
>The student scratched at his head as he spoke into it.
>“Sorry, sorry. I know it’s wrong to cheat, but this bastard in my pants just won’t take no for an answer. All I did was take a quick trip over to my mistress’s place and it’s getting late, so could you maybe open up the front door for me?”
>One of the rapid-fire beam Gatling cannons opened fire and water vapor exploded near the cruiser.
>“Do you want to diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!?”
>Without thinking, Quenser removed the microphone from his mouth and voiced his surprise.
>“She forgot to say ‘oh ho ho’.”
>“Do you not understand at all how a girl’s heart works!?”

Quenser is the one true absolute madman.

>“So in this scenario, who’s the wife?” Heivia sounded fed up with it all. “The Princess? Or maybe cute Catherine?”
>“Catherine’s my little sister, you creep!!”
I guess he isn't a siscon after all.

Siri when asked about how the magic side can even compete.

>I don't believe in magic.

You know it's pathetic when Siri doesn't even have faith in the magic side.

I guess it's to no surprise though. They seem to have trouble believing in themselves.

>I'm just a pathetic kid who can't even save a single girl

That would earn him a punch from Tsuchimikado and a mecha blitz from Hishigata. May they rest in siscon heaven.

At least he gets to stay alive

How can this grump manage to be happy with his attitude? That's what it's truly all about. The Railguns are living their lives correctly because of you can't be happy and actually enjoy yourself there is no point.

When it comes to love and friendship I believe Nagai knew what was best for the series.

Hishigata failed to protect his little sister, that is the greatest crime.

>“She forgot to say ‘oh ho ho’.”

>Myonri took a fully-auto shotgun with a box magazine
She really has great taste in her tools, I wonder if I could talk a drawfag into drawing this.

Being a Railgun is no simple task. Unlike magic users they must believe in themselves and their personal reality to succeed. Once they have accomplished this and accepted themselves they are free to love others. This is why railguns have a natural advantage over any magic user despite the odds because love comes hand in hand with friendship.

Drawthreads tend to be circlejerks but it wouldn't hurt to try.

>railgunonlyfag shitting index thread

Here's an example. Kuroko seems to be in danger here. This magical being and her monster seem to have her on the ropes but Kuroko seems to has a little something this Magical hoe-bag and her black monster wouldn't expect. Can anybody guess what that is?

All you need for a good thread is right in this image.

It's a little something called a friend and the sad thing is this isn't even her only one. This magic whore once again underestimated the power of friendship and now she will pay by running away with her tail between her legs. What a pity.

>Casually suggesting to destroy the Rush so the Zombie Object wouldn't get it
Myonri is fucking brutal.

>one of the Strongest magic users in the world
>hates magic
>builds science city

Welcome to the real world.

> “This might not be the same as listing ‘education history, bloodline, and salary’ as her first three factors for deciding who to marry, but the reality in a girl’s mind can be enough to send a shiver down my spine.” “Isn’t that a lot like saying we should behead the survivors now to prevent more zombies later?” “Stop it. React to that kind of phrase and you’ll get some female company president in London yelling at you.”
Women are mean.

This is Kuroko and her friend Mikoto. Mikoto is better than your favorite girl in the series (unless it's Mikoto). Get over it nerds. This is coming from a Haruue/Kuroko fan so I'm not saying it just to say it.

Does anybody sad that the best Kamachi series ended? I still can't get over it

>It's a magic slut thinks he stands a chance with Mikoto episode

This is truly sad and pathetic. Who does this guy think he is? Mikoto the golden girl of Prestigious Tokiwadai beautiful with brains to Mach and master violinist third ranked Esper in Acadamy City. That Mikoto? Give me a break. He's not even a main character. Hit the bench loser.

Was Kakine really in the wrong, after all?

>this one guy is pumping out dozens of HO art on pixiv
Bless him. His dedication reminds me of the Worst/Umidori artist.

I figure there'll be a 0-X office story set or spinoff soon, that last side story released online was leading up to one.

It reminds me of when that fat Otaku loser tried hitting on Kagami in Lucky Star. It was literally embarrassing to watch. Mikoto deserves only the best of the best. You can't blame her for not settling for a third string magic loser.

And now he has some cute brown girls and a grimoire
IDTI punches grant better happiness than WR ever could

They're not all bloodthirsty, girl in dress convinced Kakine to spare Takitsubo after all.

yeah. The uncle-nephew combo is the best moment in the series

And his taste too. I'm glad the one dedicated HO fanartist is a huge Heiviafag.

It had to end eventually. I'm glad Kamachi is doing all those SS on his website.

I will continue to post this in every Raildex thread I'm a part of. This is the future. Believe that when this happens Mikoto will actually have competition for the number one spot in the hearts of fans everywhere. I wouldn't want his extreme shift in popularity to symultaneously cause all you magic side fans to shit your pants so I'd figured I'd give you all fair warning.

Every-now-and-again reminder that Umidori bullying is the best shit ever

Saten is going to be the main event and she's going to shine bright. I hope you're all ready.

>MIkoto deserves only the best of the best
So literally no one in Raildex.

We're due for another round of it. Kamachi needs to compensate us for not showing her and Worst in swimsuits.

Fun fact: Unless your favorite magic girls name is Index she is being outsold in merchindise by Tessou.

If it gets me Index s3 I don't even care
Well, I will when it comes out and it's fucking horrible but still

>Umidori and WORST in swimsuits
>WORSt forces a set of cat ears on Umidori, causing her to freak the fuck out and inadvertently wreck the shit of some random Elements


Kuroko sells the second most. Now bow to your princess.

>17 posts hidden already
I wish he would go back to his Madoka threads.

Kamachi won't let them after his hopes and dreams flopped with HO

This is a hero. Her face screams it. Enjoy her.

I, for one, welcome our new cracky-voiced overlord
Kinda surprised someone hasn't made some 10 hour long spiel of this

And in other news from user fucking around on jewtube

Reality rejector. Typical magic side garbage. This would never work on Kuroko. That's a simple fact. Her heart is pure and her conviction strong.

You guys know that song Accidently in love by Counting Crows? That's not what I'm talking about when I say I'm accidentally in love with the Railgun girls.

Fun fact #3: I watched Railgun first.

Not enough material.


yeah, that's probably it. Look at Railgun, not enough material and they got stupid original arc
>deep darkness

>implying she wouldn't be conflicted over the possibility of living in a world solely populated by billions of Mikotos

She'd get WR'd in a heartbeat if she was told what it did beforehand

Why can't mobile poster just die? All of his ramblings and opinions got confirmed trash and he was made to look like such a fool a few threads back even he admitted it. There's no reason for him to be here

If only this was a 40+ volumes series

>tfw not sure if I'd be happier if js06 did the HO ex volume or get back to Blood Sign after HO12 is done
Dammit Kamachi why do you make your works so consistently interesting.

I must have hit a sweet spot because you actually cared to respond. The sad fact is Kuroko would never settle for a clone of Mikoto and would know the difference immediately. You obviously don't understand what's in her heart so stop trying.

He'll have NT17 too soon enough but at his pace he might be able to finish off HO and Bloodsign before its time to translate any of NT17

I'd prefer HO ex, but then again I'm only on volume 2 of BS so I don't know how good the current volume is.

Why won't Kamachi write faster?

A railguns heart is a treasure chest of secrets. Nobody can understand unless they open up and let you in. You must earn the trust of a Railgun.

2 novels per month?

As per usual Kamachi fashion, it keeps getting better as it goes. I'm just really antsy for Blood Sign to catch up because 4 and 5 will be getting much more into the relationship of Kyousuke and the White Queen.

Well it wouldn't really be clones in that scenario but I'm just saying that she's a Mikotosexual and there's no fucking way she wouldn't have at least a split moment where she would be drooling over the idea of having a harem of Mikotos to molest 24/7

one novel per week.

NT17 isn't until November 10, there's still 5 weekends until then. Considering it's js06 we're talking about about, that's enough to time to finish HO12 and if not finish another full volume of anything else, at least get really close to doing it.

Volume 3 was pretty good too imo.
The ending almost gave me BR flashbacks.

Shut up, Kuroko.

He does, at an insane rate at that, but they just won't let him release more than that

He could probably pull it off if Dengeki let him.

>you will never see Uiharu get what she deserves

That's not her dream. A fake Mikoto would never come close to replacing her best friend. It just wouldn't happen unlike Touma who confuses her with her clones.

I am kind of jealous because Kamachi's other works have all better illustrators than Haimura.

Well we will get a chunk of NT17 before November 10th, too. I wonder if it'll be nice and long like NT16's was? Maybe even with an illustration again.


It's funny how quickly the White Queen steals the show even without an actual appearance.

why can't there be more of this semen demon?

Bullying? She's been getting that in HO though.
They each have their perks, I probably like Haimura's faces the best, especially for comedy. He just needs to learn from Mahaya about how to not draw a stick.

I already said to shut UP, Kuroko.

You're ten times worse than Stilyl and 10 times more obvious even without a trip. Besides, no-one wants to hear your stupid soapboxing, even if it is heartwarming.

Remember that Haimura has been Index's illustrator since 2004. Back then probably illustrators is not as easy to find as today

Yeah, I see there's no getting through to you
Your love for your waifu is too pure for me
You have a good night Kurokofag

Because how hard a certain character makes your boring dick is in no way related to how much screen time/relevance they deserve

I hope so. Heavy Object and Boo Boo both had a longer than usual preview too.
Do we actually know how Dengeki decides how long is a preview? Because most of the time it's just around 20 pages and then ocasionally we get completely absurd things like Zashiki Warashi 4's preview having 119 pages for no reason.

That person is not a Kurokofag; that person pretty much believes themselves to be Kuroko. Just, anyone who has watched the dub should read them in her voice and see what I mean. Even the syntax is the same.

>They each have their perks, I probably like Haimura's faces the best, especially for comedy. He just needs to learn from Mahaya about how to not draw a stick.

This becomes redundant when most of Index character is as thin as stick. ZW has lots of thicc girls.

or maybe Kamachi creates character design based on the illustrators?

>this is a roman catholic nun
How has she not been impregnated yet?

I don't think we do know. But a nice long preview with at least one illustration would be nice especially if the novel itself is 450+ pages


I honestly feel bad for you. You don't understand the message I'm trying to give. I really hate to say this but almost nobody is going to be able to use magic anymore by the end of the series. All these characters will have left is friendship and friendship is magic. Think about that for a second.

Enbi and the Byouki user are small, but they still have some good meat to them.

Never got around to read Kawakami's novel but how long is his novel's preview?

Well, Haimura designs railgun characters too and the most recent one certainly wasn't a stick. Fuyukawa certainly gave her a boost, though.

Zashiki Warashi was originally meant for a short magazine project, it just naturally ended up significantly longer when they had Kamachi do it. The entire first half of vol 5 was released online as well.

80-110 pages usualy, at least for Horizon. But the volumes themselves have almost a thousand pages each, so that should probably be counted as an expection in itself.

I am not disagreeing with you that friendship is bad; what I AM saying is that you should really stop fooling yourself. If you honestly think that all these posts will change the opinions of stubborn idiots who go on Cred Forums regularly, then you don't know Cred Forums.

And also, PLEASE stop posting sentences in the same way Kuroko would say them.

>but almost nobody is going to be able to use magic anymore by the end of the series.
Yeah, that's probably what Al is planning if not for the fact that he's currently shitting his pants over how off the rails his plan has gotten
>All these characters will have left is friendship and friendship is magic. Think about that for a second.
Ah, you're a faggot. I see.

>people are still responding to the mobileposter

Not like there's anything better to do for the moment
I'm just waiting for NT 17 for the chance that Kamachi will give Yuuitsu the Umidori treatment

You know I actually feel sorry for you. Soothing broke your heart a long time ago and you clearly haven't recovered. People won't understand friendship unless you show it to them. These flavor of the day magic side lovers are pathetic and sad and it's not right to leave them like this. It's happened time and time again. A character gets powerful or is interduced powerful and are loved and respected but as soon as they lose their power or become irrelevant for a while their fans disappear and move to the next hot character and the cycle continues. This is truly sad and the magic canvass clearly doesn't understand what loyalty and tust means. Take Othinus for a quick example

I should go to sleep.


How does it feel that Kuroko is basically going to be ded and irrelevant as fuck for the next ten or so volumes?

But that was because of Kamachi's carrer 10th anniversary thing. Most ZW volumes had previews around 40 pages long or so.

Why are you not focusing on the second part of the post? Is it possible I've hit a nerve?

Also, friendship is great, yes. I am not disagreeing with that at all. It's just the way you're trying to argue that it's great is, well... not the best way.

Kuroko was irrelevant in NT16. Nothing she did in that volume mattered really. She was there as a shitty attempt at comedy

Didn't really pick up ZW until it was about to finish so I didn't know about that. Explains why it's still linked on Mahaya's blog though.

That's what everybody always says even when I told them Kuroko will make a appearance in the new LN and everybody called me crazy but in the end they ended up looking like total reject losers. The Railguns are going to only become more and more relevant as the series continues as it's losing more and more money every year and the merchidise sales say the rail fun are the correct way to move forward.

See regarding Kuroko's "appearance" in NT16

That my friend is called an opinion. I can't argue with that so why try.

She was only really written into NT 16 because it'd be logical for her to show up at her own school as well as She isn't going to be referenced again for awhile
But stay delusional though, it makes for a funny read

Speaking of Mahaya's blog, he posted some stuff for Zombie vs Vampire a couple days ago.

Touma is probably the biggest moralfag wanker I've ever seen, so I'm fine without a S3. Bring on more Railgun for cute girls doing cute anime-original things.

Just a quick question: Why call them the Railguns? Only one of them is THE Railgun, and only because that's literally her ability name (I think it's translated from Electromagnetic Shock Cannon in Japanese). But calling the rest of them Railguns would be incorrect. Wouldn't it be better, and more correct, to call them the Railgun CREW rather than the Railguns?

that's 100% wrong

>implying the best part of the LN isn't when around carried Kuroko

In the top five subjects discussed about it that's got to be top five.

No it isn't. Deal with it you self centered brain faggot

>He doesn't know about Hamazura

>Dislike moralfags
>Want more of a spinoff with even more moralfags instead of the part of the series where they're largely absent.

speaking about this, what is the status on Kamachi's website? I know js hasn''t picked it up

it's mahayoung.blog106.fc2.com/ right? I can't find those illustrations. can you link to the post please?

still wrong though

>implying Touma is even the focus of the material a s3 would cover

One funny thing about that, the preview link for ZW5 on Dengeki's website redirects to Kamachi's 10th anniversary event website, except that Dengeki themselves took that website down and makes it redirect to Kamachi's own website. But the preview wasn't put there.
I want to fuck that zombie.

You do make a very valid point. But still, if you go back and read over the previous posts that you've made, and do it using Dub Kuroko's voice (which is the voice I associate with her; I know, I'm a plebeian to a degree), you'd probably see what I mean.

>being an animeonlyfag


No it isn't. Fuck off low IQ animal

Kuroko saved the new LN. Touma clearly was avoiding looking at her and trying to control himself. He's a perverse idiot.

Hit the "all archives" button in the upper right, there'll be a column of links.

What do you mean? He translated the entire first volume.

this is why they are cancer

Careful, your autism is showing, Pedant.

Accelerator would be a protagonist in the S3

>What do you mean? He translated the entire first volume.
shit, I haven't check BT since ages ago. last time I check was when Blood Sign 1 completed. What about Boo Boo?

I want to fuck a Saint

Boo Boo's entire first volume is translated too.

I just find Touma to be the worst thing about the universe save Index who is an insufferable bitch. And seeing as he's the focal character to the magic-side story, you can see my dilemma.

Stop fucking with the system
They been referred to as Railguns for a long time now and I'll be damned if I have to refer to them as anything else you fucking communist

>Few days until potential Mie on cover
>One month until Mie saves the series

Damn, I need to catch up fast

>Underwear Prez illustration

He sure posted a lot of character designs.


During the "fuck" her powers she uses to sustain her looks would probably wear off and you'd likely throw up. A witch without her spells isn't a sight you can't easily erase from your mind.

I don't like Touma much either. But Index has plenty of arcs where he's not the primary focus or even the focus at all. We're way overdue for any other one


>not knowing s3 will focus on science side

First, I think you may underestimate the average user's perversions
Second, I don't that's how saints, or at least most of them, work
You'd be more liable to die from every bone in your body breaking than anything

Mahaya supposedly draws really fast. I still wonder if he even got paid for this webnovel or it was all just for fun.

I think Kamachi and Mahaya like working together. Mayaha posts designs for a lot of really minor characters.

No I didn't. Because Touma in S1 and S2 was such a faggot, it permanently turned me off to looking any further into the main story.


We already knew you were a faggot when you wanted more Railgun, there wasn't any need to say it again.

I'm almost 100% positive that's how they work. I like to refer to them as magically enhanced sluts. This goes for most magic characters.

>this animeonlyfag will never experience Touma realizing how retarded a good portion of his speeches were when faced with a being that can just save fucking everyone, no strings attatched
>this animeonlyfag will never experience Saint Shitposter
>this animeonlyfag will never experience Kamisoto making Touma shit his pants fighting Dark Matter dinosaurs with various household items
>all because he can't get past the OT volumes

Pity him

Reminder that Touma hug her, not punch her

This. I used to hate Touma with passion, even after OT. But each NT volume has made me hate him less and find him a source of dark amusement more

The girl whose survival rate relied almost entirely on her older brother coming to save her seems to be important in vol 2.


This is what happens when you learn respect and display affection. Mikoto is to thank for this success when you peel the layers of the onion.

I cant wait for the bimonthly doses of Scavenger bullying

But it's not how that works at all,they are just people born with a specific set of physical characteristics that allow them to draw out far more power than the average magician can
That isn't to say they aren't sluts, just that it isn't inherent to their being
Other than Kanzaki, she loves the cock
Just ask Stiyl

Her older brother was working for Bright Cross, so I can see how that happened. Also, his survival rate relied even more heavily on him going out of his way to save her than hers from being saved by him.

Saten on Mikoto
>Really that level five from Tokiwadai middle school? I bet she's just another arrogant jerk who flaunts her power while looking down her nose at the rest of us. People like her are all the same, they treat everyone on the lower levels with contempt and she'll be worse since she's the darling of Tokiwadai.

We shouldn't underestimate Mikoto. She has a beautiful personality. Saten who was used to being talk down to by higher ups learned she could trust her. What's your excuse?

but that's not a friendship hug, that's a romantic hug

>Mikoto is to thank for this success when you peel the layers of the onion
What. She literally nothing to do with that.

I can't wait for more feet pandering.

>To zero!!
Knight Leader please

not an argument

>If her big brother Tamago shows up to save her, her risk drops to 2.1%.
>If he immediately leaves to rescue his little sister, his risk drops to 3.0%.
Her survival chance was a bit higher, though her brother was more or less guaranteed to die (91.9%) compared to her (70.4%).
Also, from Mahaya's blog for this pic.
>Mahaya: "Something like this."
>Kamachi: "Would it be alright to have the underwear be more visible through the clothes?"
>Mahaya: "Eh? Is that alright?" (submitted again
>Kamachi: "More."
>Mahaya: "With pleasure!"
Guys please, my dick can't handle this.

The guy gets pissed whenever you mention how much you like a particular girl so it's best to leave him be

I love you Kamachi
Never change

It is an argument fuck off

I ended up going through all the posts on his site. Saved all the character designs and a few illustration drafts.

Kuroko is a serious girl with serious style. This is how she chose to fight robots. She didn't have to worry about human lives so she had fun. You know because Kuroko actually cares about human life. Can somebody give me an exact number of how many people she has killed? I'll wait.

>it's all one guy

Here's a fun game. Let's post characters who have managed to save Acadamy City and the lives of everyone inside of it? I'll start.

Best combo


>"Me and muh dick are so important I demand more of this "literally who" character because they tickle my pickle and I'm so autistic I believe I should be catered to"

Fuck right the hell off

When you've lurked the threads for a single series for an extended period of time you tend to notice the same couple of posters. It helps that they never try to hide it or change it up.

Stop being mad at nothing

thank you based user

Kuroko fans.

Like clockwork. Stay assblasted forever.

Stop being a self centered peice of shit

Don't open this image, it may anger you.

Stop being mad at the opinions of people that you will never meet over topics that don't even matter
It's not very good for your health

What does that have to do with that post?

Just a hunch, I already used the other image in this thread.

I don't remember this.

Not him but posting white queen sets off that sperg every time without fail.

As far as I'm concerned there are two kinds of people in this world

1: people who like Railgun better
2: liars

It's a simple as that. Railgun was a very enjoyable experience and we learned a lot of thing along the way. The lever upper arc was extremely entertaining and left many questions and Mii has the best boyfriend.

>that sperg

So is everyone who posts something that can be classified as spergy the same person now?

>Not remembering based Hiro saving his loli.
For shame.

Meet the best fighter in the series. The sad thing is some of you probably think I'm joking.gif

Is Beetle 05 supposed to represent the hero that Kakine gave up on trying to be?

>implying all of Cred Forums isn't just two shitposters in a war to see who will leave first
Get the fuck out of here already Dave

>and left many questions
but a good story arc should resolve everything. If you want to spam at least don't be a retard

I think he meant he didn't remember the scene where the shota had that badass arm


You first Ted

>shitflinging over inane shit
>mobileposter shitposting at full throttle

Well at least the shpperfags and antifags are absent now.

I've been here the whole time.

Fuck that, bring them in here
I need to finish this bingo card already

How many times has your super awesome detective skills been right? Can you even prove it? Shitposting is a meme almost. Like St Germaine. One guy does something that gets reactions (Stiyl spammer, anti shipping, Bloodsign posting) and other people will do it, too. This site generally lives off making reactions

So times you have to learn to put up with others and enjoy yourself. The magic characters will disappear eventually. It's all a matter of time.

Same scene, the first time was Shinobu mostly.
>“Ohh, my master!! It’s dangerous! Why are you here!?”
>“No, Umbrella. You need to prepare yourself too. It looks like it’s time for Hiro-sama to prove that he’s a man!!”
Again I say that the young girls in ZW have excellent taste.

I love how nobody takes me seriously when I say the magic characters will disappear. That's one of the biggest points of the story. If they worked together they might stand a chance but who are we kidding. The magic side is doomed and that's why Aleister went 404.

The simultaneous entitlement and paranoia of this fanbase is astonishing

Why is the idea of Misaka being dominated by Misaki so hot?

Nobody takes you seriously ever because you're a spammer and shitposter

>shitposters in full force
NT 17 can't come soon enough

Don't worry, we can fix everything by metaposting for eternity.

We will get info in the next 2-4 days. Probably sooner rather than later. It's probably why shitposters are awake

Thanks for continuing to prove that no matter what you post someone will get mad/offended/imply you shouldn't be allowed to post it

I didn't prove anything, that was sarcasm.

Kongou is what some people would call a "babe" for sure. Enjoy it.

>Kongou is what some people would call a shit for sure.


Nagai butchered Kongou, she's great in the manga.

Nagai butchered nearly everything except Sisters arc

Nagai was correct about most things and you know it. Stop pretending to be something you aren't and enjoy what you love.

Because the LNs are already well-promoted enough? After all, anime these days tend to be glorified commercials.

>completely fucking up the adaptation with anime original shit for overabused filler purposes and to push his waifu down everyone's throats

Fuck off shitposter

I'd like to push something down Saten's throat if you know what I mean.

You're sad and lonely and I can't be mad at you for rejecting Nagai and the story he has shared with us. He's presented us as a fanbase with the message of trust and friendship and how friends must pull together when times are rough and it hits deep with me and many others. One day you might understand.

I want to violently hatefuck a baby into Saten so I can give that bitch a falcon punch abortion in the third trimester

Everybody wants to fuck Saten but nobody wants to understand her and heal her heart.

yfw Railgun ends after this arc and Kuroko, Saten and Uiharu all die in the war against in the novels

Magic side still gets BTFO though just to rub salt in you Railgun girl fags' wounds

>girls who sell the some of the most merchandise in the series and are part of the reason this series still exists will die

Nice try.

>thinking your spamming means anything and anything you post is true


Got a fresh board? I forgot to save it before apparently.

You don't know what I think. I actually love everybody in this thread so how about that? I'm easily the best looking person in this thread as well to top it all but that's beside the point. All I know it the Railgun girls are the only reason Index is still alive. They easily buy the most merchandise and half the Index fan base are Railgun fans as well and still the number of volumes sold goes gradually down year by year. It's only a matter of time before the Railguns are the main event in the story.

Feel free to change anything.

Stay delusional shitposter. Fuck your opinions. You're laughingstock.

Thanks mate, I was there when you perfected it (if it was you) and I thought I saved it, but I guess not.

>stealth nagai or etzali posting
>implying there has been anything even remotely close to stealth in those posts

>worthwhile discussion

It was me, I fucked up the youtube link the first time. I also drop stray edits like this whenever I'm bored for free replies.
Mobile railgun shitposter and the sneaky shilling are two different things.

NT17 predictions:

>Yuiitsu and/or Fran on the cover
>Fran interactions that will make a portion of this fanbase sperg and start shipping
>Salome joins Touma after he has a not-too-serious fight with a delusional harem member, prompting a portion of the fanbase to scream "NTR" and froth at the mouth
>The main meat of the novel will not be about rescuing Kamisato, but either dealing with Yuiitsu dragging in someone else OR Mikoto's AAA stuff, maybe even both

You're all helpless. Enjoy.


The mobileposter is Aleister, Nagai is the other Satenfag. You can tell by the rants about how magic is going to be removed, probably has something to do with his keikaku.

I want to heal her by fucking her heart.

Aleister would go on anti magic rants but he wouldn't endlessly praise any of espers. Not even Accelerator or Mikoto, the two everyone usually associates with his plans. Hell I doubt he'd even wank Mr Center of the Universe, Touma.

You know, this just makes me want to have Laura directly bullying Aleister be a thing
No, I don't mean her just laughing at him from afar, I mean her rolling up into the windowless building to dump cockroaches into his tank or give him a titty twister in the middle of his rant or something

It's not that simple. She's not some trashbag clone. She's an original Railgun girl and deserves to be treated with respect.

Chuuni bullying is always the greatest thing, I'd be all for it.

Yeah Aleister gives no fucks about anyone. He doesn't even refer to Touma and Accelerator as people, just "Imagine Breaker" and "vector controlling device". He's also said Mikoto's clones are more important than her, but whether or not he was being totally honest is up in the air on that one

It's less effective when the one being bullied is incredibly competent like Mariydi. Umidori will always be the best bully bait.

please tell me these characters get to be important instead of being shoved aside like in the other series

Come to think of it, you know how Kakine was Accel's back up and Mugino was for Mikoto as well?
Does this mean that Touma has some kind of back up somewhere?
Hell to go even further with that, Rensa was made to fight all the level 5s and Noukan was for the Magic Gods so did Al ever have anything in plan to take on Touma?
I dunno. All that might be dumb but I want to try to get something other than shitposting rolling.

It's nice when your favorite series has amazing music.


I genuinely believe that Aleister is the type that would nuke everyone in AC and hide out and start all over again in another 50 or 100 years if things went too far south for him


Erika is the MC's "older sister" and was a main character in the first novel. She's most likely going to remain a primary character.

Maybe if he was smart, that's what he'd do but he seems so fixated on the one plan he has going at the moment that he's willing to cease being a hikkineet and come out to handle shit personally
He's on full damage control mode

He's got literal plot armor
Aleister has to have something to combat that other than a sniper

Of mine?

Yuiitsu is defeated and the power of the World Rejector to grant the ideal world to those who wished for it is lost forever. Touma fails to save Kamisato, and perhaps barring Salome or Fran, is angry at him for failing to do his duty as the hero of the story, and all of the women that had loved Kamisato go back to living their lives forever feeling the sorrow of losing him.

Touma falls into despair once more, and there are neither Index nor Othinus to console his once again wounded heart. And Misaka, ever feeling helpless at the sight of being unable to help him begins craving more power, and in the shadow of her desperation Aleister appears before her. This all happens at the last chapter while the rest of the chapters are just Touma bantering with Fran

I don't know, some meme weapon like Archetype Controller made just for Touma? I'd also like to note that both Rensa and Noukan being out of the picture at the same time is bad news, if a new magic god pops up or the level 5s say fuck it Aleister will piss his pants.

It's nice when your favorite characters have zero chance of dying because their fans make up 3/4ths of the entire fanbase in the real world. I like to enjoy the small things.

It would not surprise me to learn that IB is not the only way Aleister can accomplish his goal. Just the easiest. Literally anyone can kill Touma if they have as much info on him as us readers do so something special for Touma is not needed, just someone with information

Look at the cheeks on that girl. You all will never pinch them. I can't get enough of them.

>Implying Aleister can beat out Suffering-chan
Her power is even greater than that of the Ver. 39 Zashiki Warashi.

So what ever happened to the magic gods? You guys know. The supposed almighty unstoppable forces of nature that could destroy everybody in AC in the blink of an eye. You guys used to talk about them all the time and now
I don't hear much at all. I'm curious as to why that is?

>Touma and Fran come across Enshuu Kihara somehow
>decide that after they somehow cut off the hand again with hairspray, weaponized dark matter, and a brick of cheese, they'll have her emulate Kamisoto to gain control over the hand
>her being a Kihara, everything goes to shit when she has it
>pros: they manage to save Kamisoto like they wanted
>cons: all the magic gods are freed with a muffled uhohoi
>Mikoto gets BTFO by Big Al and his pimp cane
>Laura dies of laughter when she see's Aleister's face after he realizes what happened with WR

Enshuu definitely has to come into play somehow. I bet her emulating Noukan's thought patterns would let her take down Yuiitsu for good.

She's my favorite Kihara girl
She better get in there if only to have her in a swimsuit

A sniper willing to die would be the best for killing Touma.

Find a terminally ill sniper. Terminally ill because that's the type most likely to not give a fuck if they die. Feed him every bit of information on Touma you have. Including "yeah you're probably gonna have high level espers and magicians trying to kill you as soon as his body drops"

Sniper kills Touma. Touma loving esper/magician kills sniper. Touma is dead and the info sniper had is dead too.

Alternatively, just send sniper-chan after him. She doesn't give a fuck about the target and she has a 100% survival rate when faced with certain death.

See Something would still go wrong. Perhaps he would meet his loli that he finds a reason to live for, or perhaps the wind would suddenly shift. I wouldn't put it past Kamachi for there to be a meta reason he hasn't been killed yet.

>implying she won't want to become friends with him

Well now that depends entirely on the situation
For example, if the sniper hits up Touma on any day where shit hits the fan for him, which is everyday, then the sniper will also have to deal with whatever crazy ass variables that interfere
Also if sniper happens to kill hm but Accel or Misaki comes across him, they'll figure the information out one way or another
But I don't think he would be killed so easily anyway, dude has literal plot armor

No worries. This guy could do it no problem. It's not like anybody from the underworld of AC would attack him. His the most feared and respected boss of the underworld and as long as he's in AC he's mostly safe from magic.

The terminaly ill part cancels out "muh reason to live" give a dying man 100000000 lolis and he'll still die

But her delusional standard for friendship requires him to match her fighting ability, which I doubt he could pull off.

Hell be fine.

The mobileposter is obviously Kuroko, though. Just think about it. The syntax is the same.

Besides it's not like Touma is a good fighter when facing worthy opponents anyways.

If Accelerator loses his shit and terminally ill sniper has a blooborne illness, Accelerator is fucked too. Reverse blood flow is messy

Haven't read much have you? People dying of terminal illness finding a reason to keep living just a little while longer is, while not exactly common, a subject seen on occasion in writing. At the very least it could cause enough hesitation to not want to risk harm also falling to their loli.

Post underrated characters. Pic fucking related.

The sniper has AIDS, Accel can't vector AIDS.

I love how it's all fun and games when Kamijou punches a girl but when a Character like Kuroko defeats multiple muscle men in a row the magic side seems to turn a blind eye. Coincidence? Yet Touma can't handle more than three thugs in a street fight and people still have the nerve to say he'd actually stand a chance against her. Pathetic.

Not that user but I guess if Aleister really was going down the route of using Touma's only weakness, bullets, against him, then he'd fuck the sniper's mind up to the point that all he can register is murdering Touma, his skills, and breathing
Just kills off anything else in his brain other than those three things
Then you might have an assassin perfect for this
Well that or somehow trick Touma into the mass driver so he can say hi to High Priest's space ashes
If it's as ridiculous as a saint in terms of power but based in pure SCIENCE, it would kill Touma's shit a thousand times over

Could be quite a few nasty bloodborne illnesses. But then again auto reflect might prevent any blood from getting on him or his clothes

You guys are overthinking it. Just inflate the price of groceries and Touma will find the rope himself.

Well, the point I was more getting at is that fate would be conspiring to make sure Touma stays alive. We've already had similar in other Kamachi works with the Ver. 39, the Ever Victorious Challenger, and the MC from Killer Queen.

The sad fact is most characters in this series are power/ability babies. Not many characters know how to get down and dirty in a fight like Kuroko.

So Accel can be killed through homosex?

>tfw this was probably one of the main methods used by Othinus when she was trying to break Touma

Imagine what would happen if characters like Accel or Kakine challenged Kuroko without their esper powers. It wouldn't be pretty.

No, he could probably be killed by someone with a deadly bloodborn infectious illness pissing him off enough to splatter them

It only goes to show that nobody will be able to stop this girl when she achieves level five. I honestly feel bad you magic side freaks when this happens because your fun will be officially over.

I'll tell you all right now the day I see these girls pull a team combo as level five espers to defeat a enemy is the day I stop watching/reading anime and manga because nothing will top it.

>S3 is not getting animated because dengeki fears backlash itsuwa proving she's best girl of uiharu bullying and fre nda.
Fukou da

And you'd better believe I'll be listening to only my railgun while reading it.

Yeah but imagine this
I give myself AIDs and then use a testament to implant Amata's thought patterns in my head
After that, I sneak into the bathroom while he's bathing
I just have to wait for the perfect moment, that one slip of the soap, and then I thrust my dick at his ass, using Amata's calculations to reverse my thrust at the right enough time to penetrate him
Sure he's used to pain at this point but I have no doubt having his virginity taken will leave him a broken mess enough for me to shut off his collar
By the time I've shot my load in his ass, the black wings will have appeared, and I'd be dead but at the very least he should have AIDs at this point

>itsuwa proving she's best girl
Not so fast.


This sounds like you just want to fuck Accelerator

Did anybody enjoy the dub? Don't bother lying because I can easily tell.

I won't say the ulterior motive isn't there but my point still stands


Misaki's English VA is literally a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. She's perfect.

>>Salome joins Touma after he has a not-too-serious fight with a delusional harem member, prompting a portion of the fanbase to scream "NTR" and froth at the mouth
I want this to happen even though Salome a shit.

What do you all think of her English voice?


>Salome a shit
She's the only Kamisato girl who isn't a shit.

This has to be gayest thing this series ever produced and I'm sure that there is someone somewhere that sketched this already

>Kamisoto's reaction
I love it
Also I have a feeling that Fran is going to be added to that short list when the new book comes out since she's willing to at least work with Touma a little to save Kamisoto

>wanting to fuck Yuriko

No user, you are the gay

Sometimes I wish you all cared as much about this series as I did. It's sad that nobody even cares anymore. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only true Railgun fan. I will carry this burden/gift alone.


>not wanting either Estelle or older Last Order to fuck the edge out Accelerator and tame his wild heart

Plebeians all of you

I enjoyed the dub

I know

Kuroko is literally the best

Estelle gets plenty of love around here.

What if he's not mobile shitposting and just renaming all of his images to image.jpg before posting?

Is Kuroko is naturally lewd?

As she should. She's interesting

Then he's making our lives a lot easier. Honestly I just prefer to imagine that he's a bot and not an actual person.

Can you guys post 10/10 girls. I doubt it considering your selection as magic side freaks severely limits your choices.

>A hot, innocent necromancer that actually cares about the well-being of their pawn
Literally the only good thing to come out of the Accelerator manga.

>muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans muh magic side fans MUH MAGIC SIDE FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS

>no one in this thread is talking about the magic side but him

Mobile shit is pathetic

Shinobu is simple over 10/10.

Picture this. You're stuck in a jam. You're walking in the back allyways of Acadamy city. You're a no name no face character with no meaning (basically who you are now). These guys are serious and are going to harm you and steal whatever you have on you. Who is most likely out of all the characters in the series to save you from certain doom?

Only real qt in magic side I know is othinus and angelene.

It's the first correct thing he's said across the 100 or so posts he's made, I can't be bothered to count.

I wanna join. Judgment and do missions with Kuroko

Everybody secretly wants that to be honest.

I like her school uniform. Hope we see more girls from her school.


This is Febri. She ranks higher than almost all the magic girls in the series and she's still a kid. Congrats.

>Nagai did a good job with Febri and her story. Her character design is fantastic. With her blonde hair and purple eyes it's going to be hard for the other girls to compete. I respect him and will look forward to working with him in the future.

Save your rancid diarrhea spewing for when somebody is actually fawning over a magic girl.

The sad thing is I won't hold this against you. I realize how miserable your life must be and that's why you take your anger out on me when all I'm doing is supporting the characters I love. I feel sorry for you.

The magazine usually comes out earlier than its release date, right? Think we might see NT17 about this time tomorrow?

Let's bring a little hope into this thread.

You're a shitposter and spammer you disgusting liar. You don't support or love shit. Fuck off you miserable sack of shit

I loved that battle royale with judgment vs 20000 bots, especially when the mecha came in and saten with a baseball bat.

So why did accel react to deadtits but was unfazed by Estelle or anything else that ever happened?

Don't buy into mobile cunt's shitty lies about loving and supporting this series. He's a filthy shitposter who wants to drag this fanbase down.

Can Enshuu emulate anyone, or just Kiharas?


My dear friends. This is called true dedication. It might seem new to this magic fanbase but unconditional love actually exists.


She emulated Touma. So either anyone or Touma is related to Kiharas

I think it was only Kiharas and Touma

This makes it likely Touma has something to do with Kiharas.

I don't think he IS a Kihara but maybe he meets all the criteria for becoming one

I dream of a raildex thread where everybody can just...get along.

>Saint power level
>Science side

So Accel, Kakine Original and Gunha

And of those three, Kakine Original is the only one who'd do it for free, whether it be so that Aleister-senpai finally notices him or he sees Touma hanging with Othinus and flips his shit.

Maybe he's into that kind of thing, don't judge.

Stop spamming and we will be one step closer to that

If anybody hurt killed Touma Mikoto wouldn't be happy. Any of those people you mentioned would pay if that happened. Mikoto aka the golden girl of Tokiwadai would be on the case and would take down any of those characters in a life or death battle. The writers would never let her die. She'd become a level six if she had to.

It's been a while but was there ever an explanation as to why Enshuu could emulate Touma? Or is that yet another mystery?

Lets do this
19 matches
36 matches
well shit, everything else is under 10 matches, what happened?
57 matches
oh fuck
can we just ban mobileposting already?

How about no. Your image isn't even from Railgun or Index. How can you expect anybody to trust you?

Not like she was ugly corpse

Just die already

It's a mystery but she can try emulating besides him. She attempted Maria in a last-ditch effort while fighting her.

So this confirms Touma has something in common with the Kiharas. I wonder if that'll come out this arc

>Oh, Kamijou, we forgot to tell you that you had a middle name
>Your full name is Kamijou Kihara Touma, and your specialty is misfortune!

I guess you could say Raildexfags aren't living their lives correctly

I think opening that can of worms would start the path for the Ichigo treatment

"He's a Kihara, he's got a special right hand that has multiple powers, oh what the hell let's give him a suppressed Level 5 power that only unlocks if IB is inactive!"

No thank you.

I hope it's something more subtle like "Touma is the perfect Kihara but they never got him because they're mostly bitter failures"

I try to put up with you magical fans but sometimes my disappointment in you all is unbearable. I realize it might be fun for you all to circle jerk about Touma's arm or who will win his heart even though it's obviously Index but there's so much more to this series. You all need to take a step back and enjoy it in its entirety.

What I meant was that of the three Saint-level Espers, Kakine Original is the only one dickish enough to do it at all.

And when that happens Accel is the only one who can stop him, assuming this is a single human Kakine. Otherwise DM Kakine will use a thousand clones to preoccupy Accel and BTFO the others.

I thought Touma was some kind of anti-Kihara or something.

Maybe. I never said his relation to the Kiharas was a good thing for them

There's literally nothing wrong about liking kuroko

>433 Posts
>58 IPs
Sasuga raildexfags

>There's literally nothing wrong about liking a hot wet shitpile

You're retarded

typically used for shit-posting and inciting shit-flinging, nothing against the character myself

because kazuma is asshole

>440 posts
>61 IPs


Kazuma did nothing wrong. Aqua is just a shit dumb goddess

Don't pics of the magazine come out earlier than the release date? Website should update the 6th or 7th but isn't there a chance we could get magazine pics of NT17 before then?

Seems like that's the way it happened with NT12 and NT13. We had a magazine pic a few days before the site updated


I'd say start looking for it about this time tomorrow, with each day closer to the 6th/7th increasing the chances

Reminder that touma will end up with Othinus.

*no one

This thread got railgunned.

74 shitposts by the mobileposter, not counting other anons use of the word image. I still don't know why people respond to him seriously.

Ever since some chucklefuck on Cred Forums did it I've been unable to call her anything other than "dick destroyer"

>Mfw js06 will troll everybody by spending the time translating more ero LNs instead of any Kamachi stuff

Let him translate what he wants. He works quite hard for us despite our collective behavior being terrible

Awaki is the best teleporter though.

That's a well known fact

She's infected with kami-yan disease too

Well, yeah.

Outside of an arc of Takitsubou boosting everyone/a select group of people to Level 5 with AIM Stalker, the only two people that might possibly reach Level 5 on their own is Takitsubou herself and Awaki.

Touma is actually a Kihara but some chucklefuck hit him on the back of his head on his childhood and he got some Kamachi braindamage that makes him not as crazy.


>yfw Touma has brain damage, preventing from truly loving a person

>You will never get molested by Awaki because you're too old for her
This is not fucking fair

I could see Touma having some previous Kihara training. He's been in AC since he was like 5 or 6 right? There's no telling who all he's studied under or who all has experimented on him. Hell there's no way to tell how many times he's been brain damaged. Kiharas have got to be scared of him for a reason

He was a potential Kihara but IB prevented it

>Touma is a Kihara
You all need to stop before this goes too far

>tfw you live in a weeb country

>No one even bothers to import english version here
End me

I've always seen Touma as someone that cannot love. Sure, he'd help you if you were hurt. Feed you if you were hungry. Give you a hug if you were sad. Be proud of you if you did something good. But actual love? No. He's like an empty Jesus

Index is a clone of Aleister's daughter.

Awaki's supposed to be lvl 5 now if she wasn't scared of teleporting herself...

That was like first crazy thing that anons came up with in 2008

Magic clone (homunculus) maybe but not made with technology like the Misakas

is there even an english version

>15 vol.
Pretty nice, vol.16 manga just got released 4 month ago in my country.

Where are you from?
I'm getting vol 16 next month

She's a pedophile though


People here have an obsession with Touma making every girl wet even if it doesn't make sense. I bet some of them even want him to break up Hamazura and Takitsubou

Touma's a bit younger than her.

Didnt Styil compared him to Jesus?






You better start praying Kamijou...Kanzaki will be here soon and you'll be sorry

Mikoto a best, she's too good for Touma

She's gonna lick you and tan your backside

>Mikoto gets a creepy stalket
>Mikoto becomes a creepy stalker later on
Like pottery

Because Kanzaki doesn't need runes...I just got unlucky but now YOU will be out of luck...heh he he




Let go of me right now or I'll call Kanzaki





Daily reminder that Level 3 magician >> Level 6 esper







I want to fuck all clones

I want to fuck mikoto and make all clones watch then fuck all clones and make mikoto watch

>Sticking your dick on the same pussy 10000+
Things would get boring fast

>sex would get boring fast
what's wrong with you user