Where were you when Reina hit her growth spurt?

Where were you when Reina hit her growth spurt?

When Koito became feminine?

Koito always been feminine

She was always feminine, she just wears a tie.

Kurumi always wanted to talk to Albrecht

>kyoani will never make hentai

Mai wanted to be a strong woman

nee summer

But became a bride


OVA is out already?

Is her leg broken?

Picture drama. OVA next week.

This bear suit is too sexy for a kyoani loli.

Attempted Mai Stitch

What's with the Kingdom Heart feet?

>dem feet

That blush and slight pout as if she were asking "why did you come here?" Cute!


Koito stitch please

Busy wondering how many beers do I need to finally finish watching it. I suppose three bottles for four episodes should be enough.
Show looks great, girls are good, especially Reina, first episode was very promising but it became hard to watch pretty fast.


This trope pisses me off. Bitch, your cunt isn't fucking sacred. You're in the wrong for flipping out and attacking someone, accident or not.

For fuck's sake.

>proud blonde knight
Literally made for hentai.


Get a grip man, calm down. Deep breaths. Count to 10. Happy meadows and peaceful streams.


This is some Looney Toon shit.



Wet Koito.

This is why i dropped the show


post ruru butt

Her face is a little misaligned but other than that, it's fine.

Reina is a miracle of the universe.







Thanks stitchers.


season 2 when?

Hopefully never, author went full retard with the story of the next volume.

explain please

What is this context of this even?

Amulet that makes your (real) wish come true while you wear it. Or something like that.
Reina wanted a bigger rack, Koitus to be more girly, Kurumi to be a bear, and Mai to be a bride.

>and Mai to be a bride.
Mai a cute. A CUTE

>Mai to be a bride

That's a really girly wish. Can Mai get even more perfect?

Is Mai an orphan?

Was Mai always this pure?

Yes, her parents died when she was young.

Mai's parents were killed in a phantom attack I think but shes not edgy, she has a little sister who lives in England

She gets embarrassed over the smallest things.

What's her name again?

That makes the shota Haru episode even more heartbreaking. She wants a family, too. ;_;

And what is with anime and letting school-age orphans fend for themselves? What the fuck. Give Mai some more money, at least.

What happens? Too abrupt of a tone shift?

I think her situation became more stable after Reina and Koito joined.

>and Mai to be a bride.
Such a best

When pjotr ring

Could one of you kind fellows please tell me why Reina is so cute?

I can tell you it isn't her voice.

Agreed. Hayami a shit.

I think it's the face

Her voice is amazingly pretty

She likes Mayonaisse.

Are these from a new episode?

Picture Dramas

She's always the purest out of these bitches

Nigger, them some fighting words