Who's your hentaifu?

Who's your hentaifu?

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this cutie, maybe


Wait a minute, is that Raidy? I rabu rabu her a lot.

Where is the source of that specific image?


I think she's the one who made me fall in love with tomboys and red hair.

im a sucker for any succubus character honestly

I've lost gallons to the cast of Steam Hearts over the years. It was one of the first hentais I ever found as a kid so it's always good for a nostalgiafap even though the image library is tiny, there's zero fanart and I've never actually played the game.

Of all the girls, Yea Taltekisans (red string bikini, second from right) was my favourite.

Fun fact for fact fans: the character designer for Steam Hearts was Kimura Takahiro, who also did Code Geass.

I've always wanted a copy of this Perfect Collection with its illustration book but have never found a copy anywhere


Who is she? Image search gives me zilch.

>your hentaifu will never smack bitches that dare to besmirch your good name



Is this Hentai? What is the name?

koiito kinenbi



>No H scene in sengoku
>Canonically dead so she won't get any more
why live?

That looks like it would rub her nipples raw.


Mine didn't used to be a hentaifu..

I wish I could turn it back.

Anyone? I wouldn't mind having a jeans-clad tomboy as my new hentaifu, since I divorced my old one.

All Succubi are love.



A Waifufag is pathetic

Anyone know good eroge/H-anime with pubic hair?

I doubt anything can touch Urushihara's shit, but I'm still looking. Euphoria was pretty good.



I was not expecting her to be so lewd
really caught me off guard

>people this fucking new and helpless exist

are you retarded?

Yes. Who wouldn't want to heal their traumatized waifu?

Where is this from?



nice taste, user





I can never get over how retarded and impractical her outfit is, especially if you take into account how often she is in combat. I know it's just a lighthearted h-game but it always bugged me.

>big tits no hips
never understood this fetish

I make my waifus.

Maybe trying a non-lewd tulpa



I forgot this existed. As in that girl from the manga.

Would it be odd to say that I don't fap to her but she's still my waifu because she's cool or other reasons?

>Another delicious design wasted on Taimaninshit

Nothing but snapping their brains (and sometimes their bodies) in two, it ain't hteat, I agree.


I don't know what happened there.


I hate Taimanin shit.
Good artists always have shit fetishes. It's like someone cursed all good artists to have shit fetishes.
>The guy who draws Starless
The list goes on and on.

Ma nigga

It's not fair


The the art for Starless suck absolute ass.

I thought it was good.

This semen demon.

If you don't like Taimaninshit just go play the games by BISHOP, kagami does art there too that's not as degenerate as Taimanin


Can't find an image that's SFW of her.

Ruu from that shitty Kuroinu series. She was cute as fuck except during the giant ogre sex shit. Nothing is more disgusting than stretched innards and gushing sperm, other than scat and NTR.. It's a shame she got stuck in such a terrible series, her design was great. I'm a sucker for that crotch tape stuff.


Didn't she fuck like three other dudes and kiss the MC with another man's cum on her lips?

She was far the best girl ever

Best hentai milf.


She's still super cute.



you cant fault a healthy, growing succubus


Couldn't, wouldn't and should never be in a relationship with a succubus sempai. You're asking to get NTR'd.

Literally buckets of cum.



god damn I'm gonna rub one out for old times sake

If I remember right that was sort of rape though, sort of because

>raping a succubus

In the end she ended up saying she liked the MC way more.

Sounds like she wasn't raped at all.

All hail rusty

It's been a long while since I watched it, now that I think about it I remember more though, it started off as rape with the MC tied up but responding to the MC's thoughts she ended up dominating them, insulting their dicks and then hopped onto the MCs dick and says they can't match up.

But now I remember too she did invite the guys to fuck her ass while she fucked the MC.

I'm the most vanillafag to ever exist, I hate this shit.

Raidy 2 manga when?

no, it started off as normal sex(well, lunch for the succubus) then the 2 dudes found them and tied up MC and tried to rape the succubus; rest is as u described

i dont like ntr but i love succubi; idk man theres just something about the concept of a loyal succubus that pulls my heartstrings






>not fapping to Efanatica
you gay son?

TSF Monogatari Append 2.0


It's a promotional art they made for the kazuma murasama archives
Never ever I fear, have another have Raidy instead

Fuck you

That or severely weirded put by the scene of 'Hey, I'm having sex with your clone therefore you are a whore and your clone puts you down and helps shred your mind into itty-bitty pieces.'

Efanatica's crazy attractive, just not the scenario.

Still the only H animated blue girl

Such a shame


>Not a single mention of best girl

Fucking heresy.

she's perfection


This semen demon right here. I want BISHOP to make a Mesu Kyoushi 5 featuring both Saya and her twin sister

Source? File name is giving me nothing sorrei


ma nigga

almost all girls from BISHOP game


What are hentaifus for?

Anal elf is best elf

Good taste, but she's only second best.



She is OVA yukikaze tier of faithful. She took the initiative and let the guys fuck her and enjoyed it when she could have stopped it all together, consensually blowing them and all. It doesn't matter what argument you make or what you point out about her saying she preferring the MC or whatever, she is a succubus and jumped at the chance to get off with more dicks. It wouldn't be surprising if there was another doujoin where she goes out to fuck some guy on the side because the MC got too busy. It doesn't matter how much she loves the MC and or long she stays 'loyal' to him... she isn't. I don't blame the MC for being afraid that she was cheating on him in later chapters and that bonus ep.

Just take a moment to think about it. Repeat this in year head and think on it...

She had consensual sex with two guys who had originally intended to rape her right in front of the mc while he was tied up.

This it NTR trope shit

>having any hentaifu who fucks multiple guys, often at the same time

Fucking trash.




If you fuck a succubus but don't ever cum for her, inside or out, does it count as rape?



Raping a succubus is like force feeding a fat man chocolate, and raping a succubus without coming inside or outside is like getting that fat man to spit out the chocolate without swallowing.

He still got to chew on some chocolate.

Not really, since your fat man could taste the chocolate, while the succubus couldn't taste the semen. I say it would be similar if you just put some food in the mouth of the fat man but don't allow him to chew on it. Then remove.

>Mafuyu Only Ova never
>No Mafuyu pajama,swimsuit,maid,etc...


Rape is just non-consensual sex. In a normal situation, succubi consent to any and all forms of sex so the issue never comes up.

The sensation of the penis going inside her is the equivalent of tasting chocolate, what I wanted to make an example of is the pleasure aspect.

mi hermano

I always cum on the blowjob part, my god she's perfect

she has plenty of other good scenes though

best plotless hentai of the year

Imagine a taimanin dating sim. Pick your own waifu. Go on dates with her. Fucking her, she using her ninja powers. It could be awesom.

Chloe is better.




Shame about Raidy 3 being really mediocre after 2 was great.


For the Kichikuou Remake

This cutie, we would play lots of piano duets together


Easily my favorite dark skin waifu

As always.

absolute patrician tier taste

You. I like you.

I'm sure many of you missed Haruki's works. He's not really popular for some reason (maybe because he's not making schoolgirls and lolis) but I absolutely adore his heroines.

Suzune is easily one of the very best.



Are schoolgirls really that popular in hentai? does japan hate milfs?



>Are schoolgirls really that popular in hentai? does japan hate milfs?

Japan is all about "schoolgirls are cute hooray for teenagers or younger girls".

If you like office girls and more mature stuff then I'll absolutely recommend you to check Hishoka Drop by Haruki.

For easily a decade now...

>Yui Toshiki's new manga is nowhere to be found scanned and uploaded

Sad life desu





>sil wont get posted unless I do it
faggots the lot of you, nothing is hotter than loyalty




One of the best hentaifus lately

And 3.5 even worse

Sorry but the fact that she doesn't like the slime bed is a turn down for me

I raise you this

I will still love Raidy forever, no matter how terrible her games are.

I like you my dude, good to know I'm not the only one.

bishop looks 10 times worse in the art department than black lilith stuff.



3.5? I stopped following after 3.

I refuse to believe thar is her mother, she looks too fucking young.

It was the guy fetish, seriously, her succubus senses notice that and gave him what he wanted.

It's a small spin-off with the brown elf, terribly short, buggy and bland, but the cliffhanger ending suggests another Raidy in the making.

As long as they don't expect you to play the same dungeon 4 times for the same boss's CG I'm fine with it. Raidy 3's biggest problem was ironically it's most interesting mechanic. The fusion system makes gameplay more interesting but makes getting all the porn a huge pain.


Sort of, instead of a hub, you have a huge ass dungeon. They should stop with this dungeon crawling bullshit and go for a more classical RPG or something

I actually like the dungeon crawling. Classical RPGs are overdone in hentai, dungeon crawlers are unique and I think the Raidy games are okay, even if the first game had far too much grinding and the third made the CGs horrible to 100%.

Me too senpai, I like dungeon crawler but it looks like to me they forgot how to design interesting labyrinths since Raidy 2.

Maybe I'm just forgetting since I didn't play past the first major dungeon in Raidy 3. Couldn't stand having to reload to do each floor with a different character 4 times every boss. 2 was actually a fun game on its own though.


Look forward to Rance VI then

Although it's a very good series, it doesn't contain my hentaifu


Nice try mister