You ARE going to buy my anime, right Cred Forums?

You ARE going to buy my anime, right Cred Forums?

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fuck off already


This looks like Funi screenshot. So, no.

She looks like a loli.

Yes but DHL are being faggots and it hasn't left China for the past 3 days.

I bought your nendo. Don't be greedy, Aocchi.

No, I'm not a faggot who pays for anime.

I barely finished your anime. I sure as hell ain't paying for it.

Get out of my face Aoba! You're old and busted from last season. There's a new boss in town!

I already gave 5 bucks a month to our jew overlords so my conscience is free.

It's like $70 a pop and I already bought Flying Witch please maybe I'll have enough NEET bux for Volume 3 but for now no

This seems really inefficient. He's going to have to pick all those up later. He's making extra work for himself.

>new boss
Wagnaria's been the boss since 2011

Please don't tell me it's CR subscription.


Anyone know how the anime sales are doing so far?

I got this instead.

Yes, the first volume arrived already.


My wife Chino is so cute.

Nope. I'm seriously thinking about buying your tie tho.

>no kou or shizuku nendoroids