What makes an anime "entry level"?

What makes an anime "entry level"?

Popularity and reception.

If I don't like it

If it's a gateway drug.

Stuff I don't like

Being easy to get into for non-anime.
1) It doesn't contain themes that people unfamiliar with anime would find alienating.
2) It's interesting to teenagers (the prime demographic for anime outside of Japan).
3) It's popular enough that they would have heard of it.

Well liked by reddit
Actually has a story

Any other buzzwords I should throw in?

Faggot and Naruto are good ones. Anime attracts the worst examples of society's decay. Incel losers who should blow their own heads off with shotguns.

Mass appeal.

the best way to tell is if there is a subreddit for the show
If there is then it's entry level as fuck

>for non-anime.
* non-anime fans.

I keep dropping words. I don't know why. Should I be worried about a brain disease?

Accessibility, in both a content-wise and technical sense.

2 decades ago the former was the bigger bottleneck since unless you were the kind of enthusiast to go out of your way to look for subbed VHS tapes you really only had whatever anime was on TV.

Now the latter is the bigger factor since subbed/dubbed anime is freely available on mainstream platforms. Whatever appeals to the lowest common denominator will likely fit the bill of "entry level".

Actual definition: it's simple and easy to understand, with an immediately pleasing aesthetic artstyle.

How everybody uses it: it's popular so I don't like it.

You are on Cred Forums
Of course you should be worried about a brain disease

The term is a bit silly. "Entry level" implies that there's linear progression to anime viewing, that there are certain shows that are the conclusion to your experiences, when this is not the case. Enjoying FMA or Bebop or Naruto, then continuing to watch anime, in no way guarantees (even implies the possibility) that you'll like Aria, or any form of CGDCT or SOL. You just like the genres you like.

Adding to this:
4) It is targeted towards a male demographic, but has limited ecchi content and interesting/attractive male characters so as to not alienate female readers/watchers
5) It's edgy enough to make readers/watchers feel like it's something only rly hardcore ppl can appreciate, even though any teenager would enjoy it
6) You don't need any knowledge about Japanese culture, otaku culture or anime in general to enjoy it.

nah. when typing/writing it's easy to just drop words when trying to convey information to others because your brain picks up your intentions behind your words even without actually writing them.

everyone does this. it's actually a good example of your brain filling in the gaps with missing information. i didn't even notice anything wrong with your original post until you pointed it out.

I wouldn't call Steins;Gate "easy to understand", and yet it gets thrown around as "entry level trash".

SoL and CGDCT aren't exactly high culture, they simply aren't entry level because to someone who doesn't watch anime the idea of watching 22 minutes of essentially nothing is much harder to sell than say an action anime which has plenty of western parallels.


You would have to have brain problems to not understand the plot of S;G the first time through. Having a multiverse plot device doesn't make it inherently complex or hard to follow.

It's just what people watch when they first watch anime. Some can be good or bad.

But you can't deny that it's a big leap for entry level anime fans to suddenly be shown shows like SZS, Tatami Galaxy, Utena or FLCL and be expected to see what's good about them. The hurdle is too big, you need to get used to anime standards of comedy, characters and storytelling before diving into stuff that already expects you to know that much. "Entry Level" anime don't expect anything from the watcher, and by the time you're done you're already used to how anime works and can delve into more complicated shows.

Dont be shitty Moe, thats all. That will already make any anime 45% better.

>not entrylevel as fuck

>What makes an anime 'entry level'?
Having a marketing campaign large enough so that non-anime viewers know about it.

This is the only correct answer, anything else is objectively wrong.

They can be enjoyed for the good animation, characters and pacing, but if you're an entry level anime fan you're not gonna get half the real shit going on.

>you're not gonna get half the real shit going on.
You're not going to get half of the real shit that's going on in Utena unless you watch it twice or thrice.

No, I don't even think that's the case. K-On aired on Disney, marketed towards little girls. A 50 year old woman in a class I took said the only anime she liked was Mushishi. People just like what they like, there is no "entry" to some hidden depths.

> to someone who doesn't watch anime the idea of watching 22 minutes of essentially nothing is much harder to sell than say an action anime which has plenty of western parallels.
The point of what I said is that it may very well be (and likely is) that this someone will never like SOL. Action anime isn't an entry point, it's a genre that you seek out. Like with music, listening to The Beatles has no bearing on whether you do or will eventually enjoy Radiohead.

>late night anime
>marketing campaign

It's not quite the same. Seinfeld was a sitcom with a laughtrack and everything. While many SoL have some comedic elements it's not always the focus of the show. Aria for example is praised more for its atmosphere and world building than comedy.

Seinfeld is closer in line to stuff like Cromartie or Nichijou. Sure, plenty would argue that those shows are SoL but since those anime specifically pan from skit to skit the pedant in me separates them as "comedy anime" instead of SoL.

>But you can't deny that it's a big leap for entry level anime fans to suddenly be shown shows like SZS, Tatami Galaxy, Utena or FLCL and be expected to see what's good about them.
Yes I can, except SZS, you're not going to get it because you won't get half the references to Japanese culture. Same goes with a lot of referential shows. I guess in that way those shows are not entry level, but it's not like that means they're good. I've seen over 300 shows and I still think TTG is pretty bad.

Since when do you have to understand what's going on for an anime to be entrylevel? That doesn't stop the millions who watched Shingeki no kyojin despite the author himself not even knowing what was going on or the people who watch OPM and have all the "parody" aspect completely fly over their heads.

Those series ARE entry level. Non-entry level anime is shit like Genius Party and Robot Carnival.

How does watching, for instance, Bleach, inform and prepare you for Tatami Galaxy? What's the connection? How does watching a bunch of anime help you "get half the real shit going on" in Utena?

>Entry Level

In what fucking world?
Its aesthetic is very 90s shoujo, which to most in the western world, is not at all "entry level".
A lot of its writing and themes as well as character relations have a lot to do with LGBT, which believe it or not, most people aren't very comfortable with.
The visual direction can be weird and freaky in places, so certainly not very casual friendly in that regard.
And it's 19 years old. Nowadays casual viewers wont even watch anything before the year 2006 or even 2010, let alone something from 1997.

Here is another question:

Can an entry level anime be considered good?

I have seen many people's favorite anime being dismissed as entry level garbage, even tho some of the shows in question are actually good.

Calling something entry level is the most empty and stupid criticism there is.

>>Can an entry level anime be considered good?
Of course.
>I have seen many people's favorite anime being dismissed as entry level garbage,
The problem isn't the anime, the problem is YOU.
When you are an obvious newfag to Cred Forums or to anime, then we're going to point out that you suck, your taste in anime sucks and you need to fuck off.

>90s shoujo
>which to most in the western world, is not at all "entry level"

Are you high fampai?

The whole concept is retarded. Feeling elitism over anime of all things might be the most pathetic thing on existence. >I've wasted SO MUCH TIME watching shows which are 99% garbage designed to make as much money with as little effort as possible, you're all plebs don't even talk to me

>Actually has a story

But Seinfeld is better than any sol anime

Detective Conan isn't entrylevel because I said so.

wasn't it 90's when this was popular?

Exactly. The problem with Re:Zero wasn't Re:Zero but the normalfags/newfags cancerous fanbase.

Entry level anime are anime for normalfags who go ''well I don't like anime I think its creepy shit buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...''

They're not simply getting shit on because the anime the like are entry level. It's because they themselves are willing to opine when all they have seen is entry level anime.

Cred Forums is not a hivemind but is quite biased in favour of Moe anime.

It's one of the most widely recognized and popular anime worldwide, even today. It was even named one of the official tokyo 2020 olympics anime.

>but is quite biased in favour of Moe anime.
That's because moe is basically the core of anime. If you don't like moe you'll probably grow out of anime relatively quickly. All you have fringe shows and shounen fightan and at some point that's just not enough anymore.
Then you make a thread on Cred Forums about how back in the 90s anime was still good, and then we will laugh you out of Cred Forums.

>All these pretentious old men acting like entry level is pure simplicity whilst anything not too accessible or obscure to non-anime viewers is complexity and high culture

Are you people retarded? Entry level is just what most people will watch when getting into anime the first time. What likely determines it as something people will watch is popularity. If I was a new anime viewer I would look up what I've already heard of first or whats so big its already been introduced to me.

There are entry level anime more complex and interesting than some non-entry level anime. They exist.

You fucks only throw that word around so you can feel special because you've watched 300 shows.

FLCL I can see, since it's all robots-girls-fighting-explosions-and-rock'n'roll, but Utena? Avant-garde surrealism with 90s TV production values isn't the easiest sell.

but will a person who's never watched anime before find it jarring? something can be extremely popular but not at all accessible right?

>pretentious old men

I thought Cred Forums was filled with sadistic little girls?

Well i dont like Moe never did, at least not the empty kind of moe, where its just cute girls doing cute. I enjoyed princess tutu or madoka for example.

Have you discussed the matter with the senator?

The only people who care about Sailor Moon now grew up with it, none of the people who are getting into anime now would have seen Sailor Moon on TV.

Yes, your appointment to FEMA should be finalized within the week.

Entry level anime is usually the best. There's a reason that shit gets aired world-wide and not generic harem #2437293.

True they most of the time become popular due to them being good. Apart from SAO and ReZero they became popular cause of a gimmick.

Old men, running the world.

A NEW age.

So I'm guessing that entry level anime is anything that's extremely popular. Does that mean the most obscure of anime doesn't count as entry level?

Well if that is the definition you want to go by then yea. It all depends on your definition. Anything that is good to anime fans can be an entry level one.

How will we contain it?

why contain it?

Oh yes

Deus Ex should be an anime.

Nichijou is 100% entry level, how does that make you feel?

I don't know but if the Cred Forums elitist culture where everyone doesn't like things based on how it makes them appear decided that FMAB was a bad show then they can fuck right off

Don't start with FMAB user. You'll attract THAT autist. And you don't want HIM posting here.

I don't come to Cred Forums anymore (and never came frequently enough to actually get an idea of the usual posters).

Is it just someone who shits on FMAB because they have nothing better to do and forcing their views on others here makes them feel better about their situation?

>Have a high rating on MAL
>There is a subreddit for the show
>It's recommended alot on facebook and Twitter

Pretty much that.

He prefers 03. But thats not the problem. The problem is the fucking 5 paragraph essays he writes shitting on others opinion while putting his on a pedestal like its the greatest thing he's ever witnessed.

he's just a guy who thinks 2003 is better than Brotherhood in every way and thinks anyone who prefers Brotherhood is a pleb.

his arguments are pretty one-dimensional and based mostly on his personal opinion, which he always refuses to acknowledge.

So just like everyone on Cred Forums i had the pleasure of meeting then?

Don't care, still love it.

The fact that it's too mainstream for Cred Forums

Actually popular stuff is inherently entry level. But there are many relatively (between different anime) popular shows that are not entry level, like Bakemonogatari.

Entry level anime are the type of shows that you could recommend to pretty much anyone as a starting point.

I know a bunch of girls who like Sailor Moon. It's pretty popular.

Fuck off normalfag.

If it is popular, particularly with crowds Cred Forums doesn't like (which is to say, ALL crowds, including Cred Forums).

>Well liked by reddit
what does Cred Forums have that /r/anime doesn't?

K-On aired on Disney? When and in what country?

We had fucking Madoka on the kids channel in Australia. It was later at night, but Madoka nonetheless.