Would i enjoy this with the unbiased view of an adult man instead of an impressionable teenager like most of us were...

Would i enjoy this with the unbiased view of an adult man instead of an impressionable teenager like most of us were when it aired?

Watch it and find out.

I did.
t. adult manchild with unbiased view

I can list reasons why you should or should not watch it.

I was 9 when it aired. The threads on Cred Forums were and remain half the reason I liked it.

Probably not.
t. little girl

You need to watch it with the eyes of a philosoher to truely appreciate it.

If you've never watched it nor heard about it before, I feel like it would only get interesting once you hit the Endless Eight or something like that.
The high school slice-of-life antics would be less entertaining than all of the cool stuff pulled in the Movie/E8 for the unbiased view of an adult man.

All the highschool-SOL stuff happens for a reason, though and either leads to character developement or impacts the plot in some other way.

I know, but I feel like it wouldn't be a very good hook for the demographic he's talking about.

Maybe, but his choice of words made me suppose that he's rather talking about it being pseudophilosophical.

Watch it. And don't skip Endless Eight.

Watch it. And do skip Endless Eight.

Watch Endless Eight. And skip the other episodes.

Skip it. And do watch Endless Eight.

Watch it. And don't skip Endless Eight.

Watch it. And do skip Endless Eight.

Watch Endless Eight. And skip the other episodes.

Can you be retroactively underageb&? Someone report him and find out.

Skip it and skip Endless 8.

I watched it recently as an adult male without having much of any impression on it besides knowing that Endless Eight was a thing. I was lucky that the whole reality-bending aspect of it is something that I enjoy in media in general, so even though SoL isn't my thing I still enjoyed it for what it was and the cast was interesting enough.

And then I watched Disappearance, and it basically elevated the whole series for me. It took those things I like in that kind of media and doubled down on it all, and just the utter feeling of wrongness that I had through the entire middle section of the film pulled something out of me more than most films or shows ever tend to do. I got sucked in and fucking loved the ride, and I don't think that feeling would've been achievable without having watched the series first.

So, no idea about you, but I can definitely say it worked as a whole for me.

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moot was underage after all

Haruhi is a miracle of the universe, and the universe is also a miracle of Haruhi.

It's almost like Twin Peaks
It lures you in with what seems like some murder mystery show and then switches you up and turns out the whole town is suffering from a demon and smalltown magic
Same with Haruhi, lures you in with SoL high school and then switches that shit to aliens and what not.
If you can't take a heavy switch-up in the show or simply don't care for SoL then it won't be for you. And chances are as an adult (unlike the adults on Cred Forums who are pretty much children) you will find the highschool SoL stuff boring and probably drop the show because it takes up more of the show than anything.

am i the only person who didn't like disappearance that much? it was just fucking boring, as the only character with any energy was removed. i also had a hard time sympathizing /caring about the romance with yuki, she totally boring and has no character

Disappearance is the apex of the anime, everything leads to it and all the characters get important parts of their development in it. I'd say you have shit taste and should take example from my connoisseur knowledge, pleb-kun

i agree that it does a really good job developing characters and fitting into the series, but as a stand alone movie it was just fucking boring

Maybe as a stand alone film it does looses some of it's merit, but like user said, you have to be at least a little bit invested in these characters, so that the movie resonates with you.

I loved Disappearance, but my love for S1 still overshadows it. I acknowledge that Disappearance is objectively better, but S1 has that charm about it my heart misses. These days I feel like I'm the only one left on here who actually liked Haruhi pre-Disappearance. That said, I've sort of avoided watching the series again out of fear that it aged badly. So I guess I'm basically just a huge nostalgia fag.

I agree that not having Haruhi around kind removed some energy from the movie, but the feelings of disorientation that came with that made the movie suspenseful and exciting. Also, it made it all the better when she shows up again.

why would you judge a movie that is explicitly intended as a continuation of a series as if it was a stand alone film

Haruhi's birthday is coming up on October 8th, anons. I hope we have a good Haruhi thread for that day.

I can barely register the fact it's been 6 years since Disappearance. I can't believe I've been on Cred Forums for that long.

Friendly reminder that all these are their VA's birthdays.

>Haruhi was born the day after me
>Kyon was born the same day as my older sister

Fuck, all of the girls are god-damned tiny!