Urusei Yatsura 35th Anniversary Live Stream

FINAL BATCH. OVAs 03-12 + Movie 5 (Kanketsuhen).

35 years since this anime aired, and I don't think Cred Forums has ever really celebrated it. For those who haven't seen it, it was a hugely influential anime, and that influence is still being felt by the anime industry today.

Live Stream Link:

Alternative links:

New episodes will play at 4:40pm PST / 7:40pm EST.

I make no profit, nor gain any benefits from doing this; my sole motivation is to celebrate this classic anime.

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This is the end?


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Thank for doing this, Cred Forumsnon. It's been a fun ride.

The people who watch? Clearly.



Lum is bae.

I'm still at episode 175 but i will get there soon enough. Also you user look like you need more Asuka in your life.

>I don't think Cred Forums has ever really celebrated it.

every sakuga thread is 80% UY

You need more Bunny Girl Lum


wish there was ddl option for the series instead of just torrents

it is now

Thanks user.

It's just one guy spamming the UY stuff on here for several weeks now.


>hatefags believe this

Did any of you actually like Movie 5?

I enjoyed it.

>tfw the links for the episodes 107 on wards aren't on Youtube and my PS3 can't open them on the browser

Damn, I was watching the series comfily in bed on my old CRT to add that extra retro feel, but I guess I'll be watching the rest on my PC, not as comfy though.

OP, keep up the good work my man. Lum deserves it.

it's the same webms posted with the same lecture about its influence copy and pasted every time.

you're not going to convince a board full of 14 year olds that hand drawn chinese cartoons are superior.

It might be able to run them again for the Vimeo hosted episodes around 140 or something.

Inaba the Dream Maker on now.

ventura ventura spaceu people

Inaba the Dream Maker is probably one of the best arcs in UY.

Can someone explain to me what happened in movie 4

Who was the skeleton? Why did Lum stop being an alien? How was the problem resolved?


I've been making UY threads all month buddy

The director fucked up by cutting an important story scene. I think it was about how the town itself didn't want to move on or something.

Here's an essay:






Are there seriously people on Cred Forums who think Lum the Forever was just as good as Beautiful Dreamer?

Hopefully not.

Fuck off.


>Who was the skeleton?
The actual "princess" that Lum was playing in the movie they were recording in the beginning of the movie. She was dragged down and then seemingly died down there, like when the new city consciousness attempted to drag Lum and keep her there with it.

>Why did Lum stop being an alien?
When the tree dies, the city was essentially being reborn. So, all the "alien" stuff disappeared, including the Yokai. Since Lum was an alien, she just lost her powers rather than vanishing like the Yokai.

Ran seemingly wasn't affected because (in the movie) she was pretty much already living as a normal earthling already, while Lum was still a "foreign particle". There's a scene early in the movie about how she used to be able to hear animals like Lum, but she can't anymore and such. Note that as soon as Ten appears and attempts to use his powers later in the movie, he falls unconscious.

>How was the problem resolved?
People wishing for the old Tomobiki (by missing it, thus Mendo forcing a war and Ataru going back to running, like the first time he faced Lum) made the new city consciousness bring back the old city - with the Yokai and Lum, when it awakened fully.

Like mentioned above, there was supposed to be a scene in the script with Ataru and Mendo meeting Mendo's grandfather, but the director cut that scene since he dislike a big plot dump and preferred to focus on a "message".

Did you like Inaba the Dream Maker?

>Like mentioned above, there was supposed to be a scene in the script with Ataru and Mendo meeting Mendo's grandfather, but the director cut that scene since he dislike a big plot dump and preferred to focus on a "message".
Even Oshii knew exposition was necessary at times, which is why he had it in Beautiful Dreamer.

Yamazaki is pretentious.

The manga had a better ending.


How did the anime version end?

please share subs for ovas and bluray movies

The art here looks more like Ranma

Pretty weird seeing such detailed nipples so arbitrarily.

Basically the same way, but removing the humor.


>its a trap episode


Well, that was a wild ride. Thx OP!



The Obstacle Course Swim Meet was shit




Would you become a Wolfman if you had the opportunity?


What's that fish in a space suit that appears so often?


Good version for the OVAs is out? Thanks for the heads up. Been postponing watching it since it was a huge video quality decline from tv batch.

It's a Dappya - there was a Rumiko one shot manga. Kattena Yatsura that was kind of a proto Urusei Yatsura. A newspaper boy somehow ends up stumbling on a government conspiracy, an alien invasion and invasion from an underwater race (the Dappya).

All three implant bombs in his body, but only realize it afterwards. If the bombs are detonated (which happens automatically if he dies), the whole universe would be destroyed. So, they make a peace treaty and decide to protect him for the rest of his life while they find a way to stop the bombs.

The Dappya appear constantly in the UY anime, and the mc himself appears in an early chapter of the manga, complete with the army escorting him to protect him. That scene is technically in the anime too, but I think the anime staff didn't realize the reference, since his design is pretty different, with much lighter hair, and they only show human tanks marching around him, removing the OVNI and Dappya soldiers.

His manga design is very similar to Ataru's but with a meeker face.

That's really weird, but kind of awesome


What's with these OVAs? They're extremely Rumiko Takahashi.

They're pretty much a selection of specific fan favorite chapters from after the manga had already finished. They don't even have much filler, which is why, for example, the four members of the Lum club barely appear - there's only one episode where they appear a lot and there they're mostly replacing Kosuke and Hokuto from the manga..


The ending made me cry.


You're weak.

Would you like a Sakura?


Something about not being able to say "I love you" but feeling like other people should know it when it's obvious.
Ataru was always my favorite character, and this hit hard.

It was kind of frustrating to me coming from the tv finale where they freaking kissed.

There was also this.



What a low budget OVA

Did you like Rumic World?





2008 OVA on right now.

2 more years and we'll get another.


thank you OP

Finally, the ending.

Do you plan on uploading the sixth movie.

Thanks again OP

Unfortunately I can't afford to stay up till 1 in the morning on a work day, but you guys enjoy the movie

So, what order should we watch all those Ep/movie/ova again?


Why are you even posting these if you're gonna do it the faggot way?

If that ever going to happen, they will probably have Rinne there as well.


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Thanks for streaming these past couple months, it's been a blast.

Thanks for the stream! Lum will always be Number 1!

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Just fucking end my shit now!

I didn't get to do all of them, but it was a lot of fun. ty

Finally, it finishes.

Mobile Police Patblabor next?


when are you guys gonna stream real anime like Himouto! Umaru-chan?

5 minutes

Thanks for everything OP. Watching anime with Cred Forums is always comfy.

So I know best release for the main series to download is [Kagura] with the rupped subs, but where should I get the OVAs and movies? Which one did you stream?

I got them from the 888gb BD Box Pack:


The filesizes are inflated, but they're the best quality available.

Stay away from the movies though; all of them are cropped in that pack.


Thanks. Any good source for the movies?

Was movie 6 streamed?

It was not the greatest, but it's impressive to see the old cast play their roles again after so many years, and do it well.

no, it ended at movie 5

Are they subbed?

A shame, movie 6 is more on the weak side, but more is always better. And it's best viewed before 5.

Unfortunately this is where it gets a bit freaky. No subs on Nyaa so I had to download them directly from the Internet. I got this batch:


Unfortunately, there is no consistency with the synchronization. Sometimes the subs appear to early, sometimes they're too late, sometimes they're just right but in the worst case (Inaba the Dream Maker, Date with a Spirit and Movie 5) they start out slightly out of sync, but as the OVA/Movie goes on, they gradually get more and more out of sync for some reason, and have to be readjusted constantly.

I'll probably upload a folder of all the sub files I've fixed but not everything will be perfect. You can certainly see how fucked up the subs are on movie 4 (which also had gradual desync problem, but I didn't notice) but I can only do my best with limited skill/knowledge. Hopefully a propper subber does the complete job one day.

Movie 1: nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=758043

Movie 2: nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=648699 (1080p version in the 888gb batch)

As for 3, 4 and 5, you might not like this, but there's this channel on Youtube called TheGrandSpider. He uploaded great quality DVD rips of all 6 movies, complete with 4:3 ratios (aside from Beautiful Dreamer). I downloaded 3, 4 and 5 as AVIs using Clipconverter and hardcoded subs onto them. Are they matroska quality? Maybe not, but they get the job done for a stream. Also, call me when there's a torrent for all the movies in HD and 4:3 ratio.


I know that you should watch the first movie after 54 episode and then the second movie after 106, as Oshii quited afterwards. Dunno about the rest.

Release order:


Some say Movie 4 should be watched after the TV Series finishes, and Film 5 should be watched at the very end.


But the characters from movie 5 make a cameo there...



Are you sure?

Alright, here are the fixed subs for OVAs 3-12 and Movie 5 if anyone wants them:



Thanks and here is my gift to you.

Wtf is this? Ova 1


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Making of Lum the Forever. Not sure why it's on there since it's mostly cast interviews but it's kind of neat anyway.