Natsume Yuujinchou

Season 5 airing in less than 24 hours.

Who's excited?

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>Season 5 airing in less than 24 hours.
Will this be a happier season than 4?

This is why San was the best.

4 was really good, but I still think the first season is the best because there were so many great and memorable youkai, and a lot of the episodes really hit me with a lot of emoition.


>excited for fujoshit


>not excited for Natsume

Go back to your Re:zero threads.

Only plebs like fujo garbage.

Hope there are more cute girls to Natsume to (not) romance.



Im hyped

So is this like Mishishi but for faggots and fujoshits?

Yes it's fujoshit

>So is this like Mishishi but for faggots and fujoshits?



Is there a song more perfect than this?

Pretty much.

>another moron that doesn't know he likes fujoshit

Yes, it's fujo.
I say this as a fan.

Being liked by fujoshi doesn't make an anime bad.

Nah, it's rather different in its set-up and atmosphere.

>Natsume is friends with a male so that means it's fujoshit
Don't you have a Hibikek thread to spam with le kumikos?

>dat denial

Want more cute yokai hugging mc

Fujoshit doesn't mean explicit gay stuff. Get it through your head.
Free! is targeted towards fujoshi as well, and there is not even a single canon homo relationship.

Cred Forums likes to use the word to discredit anime, but it's really pointless.

Some people are dumb or just embarrassed that they like fujoshit.

I can't wait. Judging from this one, however, the threads are going to be shit once again.

There's nothing even remotely gay about Natsume though.

You people are the same types of retards who call Rakugo fujoshit even though the MC has a girlfriend.

>going to Jordan in less than 24 hours
>won't be able to torrent or use IRC there
>have to wait six months before being able to watch Natsume Yuujinchou

Are you saying that someone with a gf can't be gay? It happens more than you think.

>poor retard doesn't know

Go watch some manime instead of this fujoshit.

opinion discarded

back to your one punch man season 2 hype thread

Please do not respond to shitposters.
Please ignore the landwhales.

Let's have a comfy thread, and do not sexualize Natsume.

jesus christ what happened to this website, i can remember these threads in 2008 and it didnt start off with "xd fujoshit" shitposting, maybe it really is time for Cred Forums to die.

>There's nothing even remotely gay about Natsume though.
What did I just say?
It does not need to be canon.
Subtext is enough. Look at the official art. There's plenty of subtext there.

You have no idea what fujoshit means. Just fuck off, retard.

You're the manimefag. Stop watching fujoshit like this.

>do not sexualize Natsume.

Sexual thoughts about pure, innocent Natsume are horrible.

I would never suggest removing his clothes and licking his tiny body all over, nibbling his neck and kissing his adorable little nipples. Only a heartless monster would think about his cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with his saliva, pumping in and out of his mouth until it erupts, the cum more than his little throat can swallow.

The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down his chin over his flat chest, his tiny hands scooping it all up and watching him absorb it off his fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading his smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to his pure, tight, virginal asshole, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes his lips which are slippery with cum, while his small body shudders from having his anal virginity taken in one quick stroke.

I am even more disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over him, listening to his quickening breath, his girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, his sweet pants warm and moist on your face and his flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling to meet yours.

>hating Natsume

Good thing it will die tomorrow.

I am. I watched all 4 seasons in the last few weeks in preparation. it was nice.

I like fujoshit anime so I love Natsume.


>these same shitposters shitting up this thread with "fujoshit" are probably the same guys shitting up the Yuri on Ice hype threads

this is even more laughable than bakuman getting 3 seasons

Fujoshit is really a dumb complaint. Just because some people ship the boys in this show doesn't make the show bad.
But insisting that it doesn't happen is just as silly.

Both shows are fujoshit afterall.

Well Natsume and Yuri on ice are fujoshit. Don't see any point in denying that.

I'm extremely excited. Its not everyday that one of your favorite anime gets another season. I just hope it stays away from all the human stuff and stick to youkai of the week like the first two seasons.

>you will never be Natsume's friend

Mononokean was a shitty joke.
I've been waiting for this.

Fujos like it sure but I wouldn't call Natsume a fujo anime.

It just isn't targeted to men as much.

I just want to be his fuck buddy.

It's shoujoshit so it's mostly for women or fudanshi.

yeah, because most men don't like faggoty shit.

you don't need to be ashamed of liking it. i don't believe in guilty pleasures.

Mononokean was like 5/10 it wasn't so bad but didn't hold a candle to Natsume.

>ship the boys
You have more faith in shitposter intelligence than me. Most of the time they think "for fujoshi" means there is more than one male present in the show that someone might find them attractive.


Fuck off retard, it's bad when obnoxious morons like you fuck up the the threads.

>Hurr durr you like fujoshit
>Hurr durr Natsume isn't iyashikei is just shoujoshit because muh Lala Magazine

End your pathetic existense and fuck off from our threads, you dumb fucking attention whore, you cunts don't even talk about the show, you just want to ruin the threads. Fucking kill yourselves or go make a YOI thread and shitpost there.

It doesn't matter as Natsume is fujoshit.


Don't watch fujoshit if it embarasses you.

Can't we have one thread without shitposting?

>less than 24 hours
Don't trick me user.

ETA: 1d 18h 20m

>our threads

TIL Cred Forums has safespaces

Just report.

>our threads

Stay in your safe place if Cred Forums is too much for you.

>muh hugbox

Pick your poison.


Did you even read the post you responded to?

Bottom row is the best.

Top right

I'll never not laugh when she hugs nyanko sensei

Zoku was comfiest.

The human stuff was good though because we got to go in depth with natsume's character and saw some development which was greatly needed.

It was not that long ago that everyone was hoping for a new season soon. Fuck, time goes too fast.

i'll take class prez just for sawashiro's voice and megane


I think I liked the season one finale the best with season 3 as the second because it was all the characters just being comfy at a festival.

What'd you guys think of Hotarubi no Mori e?

Since Mushishi is over, Natsume is all I have now.

It was okay. I felt like it was too predictable for its own good.
I liked the manga more than the movie too.

I did the same, it was great.

should be comfy, one of the few things I'm looking forward to this season, unfortunately.

God fucking damn these subs were unbearable in season 3 or so. Every other sentence had some error.

What was his damn problem?

Best answer . Touko is comfy as fuck.

That was such a depressing and good episode. I want to protect his smile. ;_;

I want to see him be a dad.

I want more of her and Natsume. What is she doing now? Is she alone?
Has she appeared again in the manga?

Nice taste. This is also nice.

Hinoe-san is perfect.

>Has she appeared again in the manga?

No, all yokai are one off. The only ones that are recurring are those that live near Natsume and the exorcist's shikis.

What's the appeal of this show? Could someone explain?

Is it the same as Mushishi? Because I loved that show.

Fujobait and yokai

>Is it the same as Mushishi?
No, it's more about the characters, and less about the mysteries.

>Is it the same as Mushishi?

It's Mushishi's fujoshi little sister

Could you explain the appeal though? Like what is it that people like about it?

Not that i'm doubting it's good or can be enjoyable to some people, I just want it put to words. I tried watching it a few years ago but I found it really boring, may give it another shot.

Poor men's Mushishi or fujoshi's Mushishi rather

>I tried watching it a few years ago but I found it really boring, may give it another shot.

Gee, just watch it again if you still find it boring then drop it forever.

Its comfy crybait

>Could you explain the appeal though? Like what is it that people like about it?
The banter between the MC and his sidekick is genuinely funny. Also a lot of the side characters are pretty funny too.
The self contained stories with unique youkai are almost all interesting and emotionally gripping, which is a pretty tough feat across 40 episodes or so.
The presentation is just amazing. The show has some really nice art and beautiful music. There's a YouTube link earlier in the thread with the best piece. It's really great.
Also the MC's growth is a fun experience to watch, as he actually grows from a lonely kid who comes to terms with his sense of place and belonging.

The threads will be cancerous so I will not even go to them.

It's a heartwarming show, iyashikei at it's best with a comfy setting. I always enjoy watching at least one episode of the second season during Winter.

Fujos like fujoshit. You should like it if you're a fujo.

>tfw my comfy iyashikei anime are ending one by one until there is no more

This thread has already given me the idea of what shit I'll have to put up with so I'm only going in the episode threads.

My body is ready.

Because I want to ruin your mood.



last time i read the manga he was being dragged away in net by some sorta tiki mask Youkai, that was years back.

has the anime gone past that chapter?

Will any girl get the Natsume?

It's fujoshit so no girl will win.