ITT: Mediocre Bandwagon-tier manga

ITT: Mediocre Bandwagon-tier manga


You're a bitch

Because "shit" makes it too obvious.


>look at my contrarian opinions please give me replies






One is not like the others.

Fuck off
Monster is not "mediocre bandwagon-tier"
Monster is "underrated masterpiece-tier" and no matter how many memes you post this will never change

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Translation: Manga I don't like

This is the only right answer in the thread

I liked it, but man, it suffered from Urasawa's how-should-I-tie-up-the-plot-now syndrome, just a bit less than his other works.


You have to be 18+ to post here retard.


Oh I'm very aware of the meme
The fact that it's unfunny doesn't change

>it suffered from Urasawa's how-should-I-tie-up-the-plot-now syndrome
Not this one
The ending couldn't have been any better and more meticulously planned than this

You can say that shit about 20th CB which was a mess but not Monster

>OP doesn't know the power of Berserk reaction images

listen here son, the manga may be shit, but the 2016 anime lives forever

No one here who likes this doesn't recognize that it's mediocre.



>calling monster underrated

>the quality of this series died so much that calling it mediocre seems appropriate
Feels bad man.

Bait shouldn't be obvious, user(s)

Are you fucking retarded?

What is ft here its a freaking masterpiece for the rest though its pretty accurate.



excuse me, but beserk isn't bandwagon tier, it's boat tier.

ITT: Overrated shit.

wan piss

I want to see some human corpses that were killed by monsters when they get back to the mainland in a timeskip. Because I sure as fuck don't want to see the boat ride back.

The quality of the series is nonexistent because we're lucky to get anything in a year.

8/10, smiled.

OP said mediocre, not complete shit