Toradora aired 8 years ago today october 2nd 2008

Toradora aired 8 years ago today october 2nd 2008

And Inko is still best girl

Cheers then.

>8 years since the greatest love story came out

59 days, 8 hours, and 13 minutes until the next annual Torddora Christmas.


who else is going to watch each episode on the day it was aired?! Lets relive the magic!!!

>that imagename

For the 10 years maybe but Toradora is for Christmas.

Not even among the top 10 of best romance anime ever.

>Not even among the top 10 of best romance anime ever.
You missed a couple 0s.

8 years ago one of the most insufferable tripfags came into existence. Thankfully they're just a forgotten relic of the past.

Who cares about harem anime?

an autistic Mexican with questionable gender.

>harem anime
>Entire story is about how two characters fall in love with other

If you believed that any of the other girls actually stood a chance then you're retarded.

If 3 or more girls like the main guy, it's a harem. Worst girl being the obvious winner doesn't change that, it's a staple of the genre of anything.

It doesn't matter if they had a chance or not. If they're romantically interested in MC, then it's a harem. That's how loose, retarded, and creatively bankrupt the industry is.

If they got titties, then who cares.

>a flat child who has "family issues" and violent
>idiot who doesn't wanna hurt friends fweelingz
>entitled bitch that's attracted to dime-a-dozen mc apathy

Don't try to defend shitty characters and writing for this shit harem show.

8 years ago I was in 8th grade madly in love with a classmate of mine
I never really told her because I'm shy and I was just staring at her everyday and sometimes would chat with her a bit here and there

I hate we got very few good hentai doujins out of the show

And now you're filled with regret. Welcome to the rest of your life.

Pretty much. The only good thing from this show were the girl characters.

Ami getting plowed gets me hard.

My waifu for 8 years and counting.

I'm ready.

Eh oh well
I'm used to pain

Almost a decade and delicious tears from Amifags and Minorifags are still being licked.

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>shitty highschool students
>break up after graduation

Those two turds had fans?

Fuckin' wat