Iron Blooded Orphans S2


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I like the new Barbatos.



>Being so incompetent you fail to kill an easy target
wew lad


Hurray, the most useless and impotent character in all of IBO lives. I wonder how Macky is going fuck him up next?

Not sure if there is enough stream for another thread, but yeah we will see




I just hope his first appearance isn't scheduled for the 11th episode, I'd be so frustrated.

Was he gone?
>kimaris is now a slut
Rip worst girl


I know it's McGillis, but now we're going to have deal with a flood of annoying gaeliofags shitting up the threads with their delusions.

Kudelia's ass.

Silent fool, he's pure, unlike your mother's vaginal flora after she birthed you.

I think everyone in IBO is just straight-up immortal.

This be great if naked

Kudelia's body is literally her only redeeming quality. I've said the same thing about Aida, but it applies much better to Kudelia.



>Chuchumy had a larger kill-count than Aida

At least put Gundam on the title next time.


How can this season be better than season 1? I thought season 1 was trash and I didn't even watch most of the episodes and just watched the last few episodes

Aida was a politician, not a pilot. And hey, unlike most peace princesses, she actually tried.

Where's the ass?

Juliana will have AV won't she

I love the mask design. It has an iron maiden/Man in the iron mask feel. It's not retarded or cheesy like Mistah Bushido's, it's closer to the design of Zero's, only bulkier, yet simple enough, not too convoluted. It's perfect.

>thinking a joke tier pilot like Gaelio is going to present any threat

It would actually be pretty funy.

>makes a glorious comback in a flashy new gundam
>gets wrecked right away

I can't wait to laugh my ass off.

This episode was way better than I expected it to be.


Who is this? I can't tell because he/she is wearing a mask.

I'll give you a hint, he's pic related, only without the disguise.

Geez it's a complete mistery



Atra hair really grow, quite the hair tentacles she ended up developing

That's clearly that dude that was killed in the first episode of Season 1.

I haven't seen the episode yet but did Chocolate man showed up?

Yes he did, he has a new fuccboi.

Gaelio vs McGillis better have each other dropping colonies on eachother's home bases.i want some fuckung UC tier of destruction to make up for this pathetic shit show.

you think they are setting up the new guy as an empathic MC to contrast to Mika

>he has a new fuccboi.


hoping Rustal will be a magnificent bastard

Will the best girl ever return?

Yes and he even has a new mask to show off for his reappearence

They reveal Fumitan had a child and Kudelia will take care of her


He certainly looks like he's a sweller Oyaji than his design hinted. I hope he gives Choco a run for his money, I know I'll be rooting for him and his kids.




What is Lockon Stratos doing here?

Yeah, Kudelia is definitely the most fuckable Gundam Heroine ever created.

You cannot prove me wrong.

/m/ cannot prove me wrong.




Don't think I wouldn't notice her ass even when it was zoomed out. Not to mention her thick legs.

This user has enlightened tastes.

>tfw Allenby will never snap your dick off with her powerful Nordic thighs

Ah, a true connoisseur.

also wrong


This is IBO, is almost sure Quality Atra will return, all they need is a distance shot


Have everything the orpans built collapse due and watch everything end up worse because of the stupid shit they pull.

Will she win the Mikabowl? Now that i think about it its funny how everyone was saying Atra would die and it never happened.

Resembles the four vulcan ports on the Kimaris.


I don't recall any childhood friends in Gundam ever dying.

I wish more characters would die. It feels like it's been way too soft for the team.

Fuck this bitch.

Gaelio is my waifu, but I admit, I'd laugh my ass off too.

Why is Mika crushing her legs with his seat cant he scoot up a little?

There is still an entire season for that to happen, but is really interesting they gave Atra the intro dialogue, I thought Merribit would be the one to give it judging by the second preview, wasn’t her the narrator in that one?

Heh, I knew this translation was OOC for Shino. What he actually said was "For a punk like you I'll be enough".
Trying to make my boy sound like he's pissy about Mika taking all the spot light, HS?

That scene was really weird, first is seems they seems kind of normal, but inside the Car, it looks like Mika is really far behind, but he seems to be positioned correctly next to his window, so was he really close to the back seats or is Atra to close to the steering wheel?

That's not implied by that line at all, so no.

Is any fansub group subbing this?

What did I win?

We're all in agreement the main protag is going to die at the end from the crazy abuse he gets for using the suit going into his spinal cord?

Will he protect his sister?
Will he have vengeance upon the Choco-Pedo?

I'm glad that we are finally getting more mobile suits.

It was a good first episode, I just hope that there isn't a huge 10-11 episode gap of boring melodrama like in the middle of the first season.

You can't fuck a robot, moron.


Of course it is. It sounds more like "we don't need Mika" than "we'll do just fine". The sub is more loaded like it's an ego issue, or at least that's vibe I got from it. But the original isn't like that.

Nah they will never kill a main character, though he could end up like Kamille

>Mika wrecking shit
And all is well and truly right with the world.

So glad to have him back.

Also, will Yanagi get noticed by Norba-senpai this season?

No way dude, I can't wait to see this season's new secret hidden long lost brothers for the sake of drama.

Also, is it confirmed 2-cour already? I actually have no clue, but it'd be lame as fuck if it's just one cour.

Actually what you said is the original line sounds more egotistical, but whatever.

chocoman is manipulating her so even when Gali shows up she's going to pick the choco over him.

Then Gali will drop a colony on chocomans house

>Trying to make my boy sound like he's pissy about Mika taking all the spot light, HS?

HS isn't and doesn't do subs.

If it's like the subs from the first season these are ripped from the official subs because IBO is like build fighters and getting an official English stream like an hour after the Japanese broadcast.

All the videos up for download of this show are ripped from youtube.


>There are people in this thread who wouldn't suck Kudelia's thick. sweaty cock while she blushes and squirms in embarrassment
I share a board with failures


Yes you can, you just lack imagination to make it happen.

>chocoman is manipulating her so even when Gali shows up she's going to pick the choco over him
Oh my god, no, anything but this

How so? The original meaning is more or less like this: You're punks -> so our unit will do (implication: we're not a great unit but we'll do).
Sub sounds more like boasting.


>i'll be enough
>we can do it without him
The first version is focused on the speaker's personal ability and is therefore more of a boast. That is how language works.
Neither line is significantly different from the other, so I assume you're only trying to make this a big deal because you're so desperate for (You)s.

Something is definitely wrong with the writing when Garma is the only likable character and everyone wants him to win.

Why does the opening have a focus shot of that one Brewers kid dining with Takaki and his imouto of all things?

MUH ANIKI. Damn thought he would at least settle down on being #1 worshipper after the war.

Guess this is the waifu I'll be rooting for this season

I hope you're not a butterfly.

you mean husbando

Cute and quirky.

Really, really hope she doesn't bite it. Also like their sensei. He probably will die, sadly.

She's crazy, senpai

crazy is always a death flag.




I don't even have a waifu, but I know better.

I couldn't care less for your (You)s, but you're desperate to be right, while being wrong. He wasn't talking about himself, but the whole unit. Anyway, let's just drop this.

She's going to be the biological CPU for a berserker rape machine and you are going to like it.

Orga already won the Mikabowl. Atra will win an early grave.

Someone give these poor women the dick.

Yeah this thing seems to be the kind of MS I could see her piloting

Orga deserves better

Stop it, Almiria and Gaelio will meet again, and no rape psycho gundam machine will be involved

>stupid Merribit still hanging around despite literal children not having any respect for her

What a whore.

they were definitely the best MILFs from last season

Does she have doujins yet

Yes, drop it because you're a moron who doesn't know how language works. But you can keep telling yourself you weren't shown to be a massive fucking faggot who should have been paying attention in the class you so obviously cut to post here.

Orga knew what he wanted long ago.

This episode went by in a flash. I guess I missed this show.

Innocent lolis always get the creepy monster MS.

Implying she's not there because of BBC.

It's her job to be there. She reports back to Teiwaz on their activities.

After wallowing in the stench of Macross Delta, IBO is literally the sweetest breath of air to enter tired lungs.

I too like the cute reverse trap that will totally live long and have a meaningful character arc and is totally not going to get killed in her first battle and then forgotten like she never existed.

Yeah but almost all of them are untranslated.

Now they report to Teiwaz directly, her presence is no longer required and I'm betting Takaki still calls her a weak bitch.

The story and pacing was crap, the fights were nothing special, and the animation was awful, but damn did I miss tekkadan and their spiffy jackets.

Will she get some of the Boss Orga D?

A fair number from the last couple Comikets.
Usual genres. Either Mika, Tekkadan gangbang, or old faceless men gangbang.

I really am hoping that they've learned from season 1, and that the side-characters will get a bit more development. The trio of rivals for McGillis seem interesting.

The new Tekkadan recruits, on the other hand, all seem rather bland...

It's not rape if she cums three times right?

Brown fujobait is probably going to be relevant, the other meat people are going to become minced meat very quickly.

>collapse of Gjallarhorn authority causing the rise of Human Debris acquisitions

This angers the Tanuki.

>IBO delivered a (non romantic) kiss
>Delta, a romance focused anime didn't have a kissu
Makes you think.

They're there to die.
Not be interesting.
Hell the Tekkadan regulars are all rather bland except for like...mika orga pudding(RIP)black mechanic and gatz.


>Accountant-san is still around
Glad they didn't forget all about him

Cookie and Cracker confirmed for 3rd and 4th wife?

She'll live!

Now we're talking.

>Brown fujobait
pls no, he was the least interesting and most annoying.

No, really, why did the opening show him having this peaceful, sunset dinner with Takaki and his imouto? Is he kill or something?

I like all the Tekkadan regulars. Of the new guys, the big one seems uninteresting, pompadour is kind of annoying, but the one that really bugs me is cut-n-paste "I want to fight!" guy.

An user once told me I could jump into IBO without having watched any other gundam. Is this true?
I've downloaded 0079, zeta and zz but three seriess of 40-50 episodes is a daunting adventure to embark.

Yes, IBO is an AU.

>i have no frieeeeeennnds
Why is he being such a drama queen


Yes. Besides the transition of Gundam 00 Season 1 to Season 2, and Iron-Blooded Orphans Season 1 to Season 2, absolutely no Gundam series requires prior watching of any others.

It's not connected to any other gundam in any way

I think they're on Earth as part of that branch of Tekkadan.

He's married now and has a daughter. I doubt he's angry.

Yes you can, the same can be said of SEED, IBO, Wing, G Gundam, and 00.

You don't know that. Those kids could be anyone's, seeing as they take turns taking care of them.

Why even watch season 2 when the only good character is already dead?

We don't tolerate your lies here.

Yeah I kind of think he could end up been this Gundam pilot, after all he favor range heavily and this thing is full of range weapons

bravo okada

Thanks anons.

He is on earth with Takaki and his sister.


>fuck this training shit, me want battoru
This fucking guy.

To see him saying that was hilarious just like you said.I hope he get new friends and they died later.


So far I dislike the new guys, were they really needed?

Yes to show Tekkadan is getting big


Fatty and Pompadour seemed harmless enough.

But really, fuck that "I want to fight!" guy.

I think it's him just going "I killed all my friends, sooooooo...let's call him an acquaintance?"

We do know that. The picture of his harem and the ones holding babies was accurate.

Are you the user who was adamant Azee wasn't part of his harem for the entire last season?

Lets see more about them first, I like the new bloods getting their own story and development.

Zack's comments on Kudelia remind me of Shino imagining her smelling nice in episode 1.

Someone must die, better them than Guts, Eugene, Shino or Takaki.

Sauce? Love how this artwork looks.

>Shirt, tie, and panties
Me gusta.

Dante and Derma are fucked.

>Cookie and Cracker being super protective and worried about Mikazuki
This was cute.

Dante'll probably be fine.
I don't remember Derma at all from S1 though, is he new?

Fuck you're right, that's hilarious too considering he shot down Pompadour (Haaaa?) for making the same kind of comment he did long ago.

He was one of the brewers kids, like the guy with the scar in his face

>Are you the user who was adamant Azee wasn't part of his harem for the entire last season?

Isn't he a human debris they picked up from the pirate ship back in S1? They just never called him by name before.

>I don't remember Derma at all from S1 though, is he new?
He was "muh pedro"

Well alright then.

>Who's most likely to obsess over their Halloween costume?

That was before it became clear that Atra wants to fuck Kudelia just as much as she wants Mikazuki.

I actually liked the fanfiction that stated that his ship was actually a women's shelter and he only fucked a handful of them. The rest were either emotionally fucked up or outright virgins.

I postulated that his delicious brown co-captain was a pirate of an all female crew who kidnapped him and that he sweet talked her and them into becoming his crew and has been showering them in money protection and dickings ever since.

I actually thought that whole car drive scene was really cool. Sure if you take a step back you see Cookie and Cracker not wanting Mika to die like their brother did, but there were a lot of little things that I thought work really well.

Is Mika a gary stu?

>I actually liked the fanfiction that stated that his ship was actually a women's shelter and he only fucked a handful of them.
That's...not a fanfiction. Lafter out-right stated that was the case towards the end of the first season.

It was kind of funny watching them talk shit about the original members and training and then when they have to actually fight they're slow as shit to the point that even the little kids are talking shit to them.

No, he's shown to be mentally ill. And not in an autistic endearing way.

>functional cripple

Not even close. His flaws are glaring, he just happens to be ruthless and talented in a mobile suit.

>He was "muh pedro"
I thought "Muh Pedro" died against Mika in like the first 5 seconds of the brewers fight?

Except Mika is good at everything and never falls for the moral qualms that other characters face.


>I actually liked the fanfiction that stated that his ship was actually a women's shelter and he only fucked a handful of them.
That is the case. Azee and Lafter however are part of the harem.

He's flawed as fuck. Literally the only thing he excels at is violence.

I want to see Kudelia get killed this season. Have her pilot a mobile suit, get outgunned, and have a beam saber/laser beam plow right through the cockpit.

Go away.

Well duh. He doesn't have morals. He just does whatever Orga tells him to do. It's his job to deal with all the moral dilemma in the story.

He's functionally broken as a human being and monsterously violent as well as being really good at violence.
If he didn't have orga he'd have either become a true monster or probably shot down like a mad dog in some pointless skirmish or another a long time ago.

>Survived three extremely risky surgeries that turn him into the in-universe equivalent of a Newtype
>Only pilot that actually knows how to fight
>Not even a soldier autist like Heero or Setsuna because he's a likable and amicable person to everyone in Tekkadan
>Actual has makings of a legit harem with Atra and princess of Mars

But then again, what Gundam MC isn't a gary stu?

>and have a beam saber/laser beam plow right through the cockpit.

You're going to be disappointed them, no beams in IBO and laser weapons are rare in gundam for some reason. The only one I can think of was a rifle the Taurus briefly used in one battle in Wing.




Kudelia a shit

She was a pawn of fat old men for all of the first season who gave her the idea independence would fix everything, though all they wanted were rights to the half-metals which they now have. Meanwhile life on Mars has gotten worse for the common man.

Mika is truly a glorious GUNDAM. He destroys anything which he is pointed out without questioning the politics or morality; he simply annihilates the foes set before him. But, Mika, should GUNDAM merely be a tool to advance another's cause, or should it itself have a mind and will of its own? Should GUNDAM transcend beyond a machine of war and become the machine of peace? Take it from one GUNDAM to another.

He's just an edgelord like Kerry. He may do some Gary Stu things but it's not as bad as Jesus when Meteor plays. With the similarities between Orga and Mika compared to Snake and Kaz I expect something like a wedge to develop between them.


Are you retarded? She's a career politician now. What point would there be to ever get involved in a physical battle?

His amorality doesn't make him good at everything, he's a drone. Remove Orga from the equation and he'd cease to function. That's not the definition of a Gary Stu, that's the definition of a broom.

>Ein didn't manage to kill anyone

I'm still mad.


I take it this is her negotiating suit?

No wonder she's been making so much progress.

Where is Ein?
Who the fuck is going to remind me about SINFUL CHILDREN every single episode now?

>His amorality doesn't make him good at everything, he's a drone. Remove Orga from the equation and he'd cease to function.

Until that actually happens, it's not a flaw.

My dick is happy that he failed.

It's okay user he can make it up this season, as Gaelio's mobile suit

>Kudelia Onee-san became Kudelia Obaa-san
Personally, I am thrilled


Do they fuck each other now that there's no Naze?

Don't worry, I have a feeling either brown Gallar or this new, mysterious masked character will fill this role.

Fallacious logic. That's like saying hemophilia isn't a flaw until you actually bleed out.

I'am glad. Since the beginning i thought his character was forced. He was an edgy teenager with delusions of grandeur and a jobber. He did made Mikazuki disabled of one eye and arm so i guess he did more than other bad guys

So, why wasn't there anyone representing the Carta family on the Seven Stars thing?
Foxgirl was the last person of her whole family?

they have Guts, and he's energetic enough for both of them

Yes, you'd know that if you had been paying attention last season.

Wow you're fucking dense that's the whole point of Chocolate man's plan

Will the mandatory crossdressing episode finally happen?

It's tradition.

Yes, that's why Chocochar's dad was taking care of her.

yes, her father was seriously ill so she was raised by Choco's


Now that mention it, you're right.
Who's a likely candidate? Yamagi, Takaki, and Ride are the only ones I can think of.

Why is Mika still a manlet after the timeskip?

Oh, I see. Sorry, my memory is kind of bad, so I don't remember the details. But I remember them saying that the Carta family was the strongest one in the Seven Stars, so I thought she maybe had a cousin or something like that.

>Who's a likely candidate

Yamagi is far too manly for such nonsense.

If a character has hemophilia listed as a flaw, but he never gets injured or takes medication, does it still count as a flaw?

On that same note, just saying Mika being dependent on Orga is not a flaw if Orga is always there to give him orders. The only negatives to come out of it are Orga's self-esteem issues, and that's Orga's flaws and not Mika's.

And he shares because he's selfless.

>tfw Ride loses his virginity to the MILFs

>Be Gundam Ein
>Chilling in your hangar
>Itch on your back
>Destroy half the hangar trying to scratch it
>Maintenance guys tell you to quit it
>"Damn it Tekkadan, you'll pay for this"

Families have more then just ONE family in there.
Families would signify plural meaning that she has to have distant relatives or cousins or something.

Shut up.
Ein should have been the Mika's enemy from the moment he killed old man sensei in dishonorable combat. Him becoming a killer cyborg that chases them half way across the earth and butchers people left and right should have been a HOLY SHIT moment three eps before the end.

For a moment they all looked like a family.....with two midget parents

How is she even gonna hide those huge breasts of hers?


Yes, because it's still a flaw that he can't suffer the damage and continue to function, an Achilles heel. It's an inflict-able weakness that's exploitable by an outside power, ergo it's a flaw. It's not a passive flaw like acne that might mean he gets turned down if he asks someone to prom.

I kinda want it to be Eugene.
He hasn't gotten any shit lately.
That's unnatural.


>Atra blows steam out of his nose as she volunteers to crossdress as Mika to protect Kudelia while he's away

They're all way too buff to pull it off. The shoulders would be a dead give away


So brown dude and the guy who is going to job on the Gjallarhorn reunion are like Gaelio and Ein, right?

I wonder if Mika is going to just brutally murder the butterfly girl, or he will empathize with her autism and she joins Tekkadan.

If it's mentioned in the story a character has hemophilia, then you can be certain that flaw will be exploited at some point. It won't stay dormant. So of course it counts.

>They're all way too buff to pull it off. The shoulders would be a dead give away
Tekkadan travels disguised a group of female body builders.

Make it happen Okada.

>no Ein to hate orphans with
Fuck this.

>so, just put this jacket on, put your arm in a sling, and put this contact lens on your right eye.
>now act as autistically as possible

Fuck, you're right. Eugene would be so cute in a dress, with long, curly hair.

He killed a nameless mobile worker pilot

I blame the sinful children for this.
If only Crank-nii was here.

I maintain he would have made a fun female character. They shouldn't even have switched his personality or story.

What about the gay little twink mechanic that everyone was half expecting to be a reversetrap.

You mean Yamagi?

Wait a fucking second

What if Ein comes back in a girl body?

>"Crank-sama would have scratched my back for me!"

Literally made for breeding

Isn't she just gorgeous

Don't forget to have her carry around that baggy of snacks.

But a girl losing her cherry to male whores isn't fun, it's sad.

How? Is his body still gonna dangle around the cockpit? Is Gaelio gonna have to swat him away every time he obscures his view?

Needs more sweat on the tits, to be honest

Whatabout taking a strap-on from a female whore?

Forget it, too manly.

That's hot.

He wears the mangled corpse over the pilot suit

How old is Kudelia now?

Oh come on user, we've seen gundams with two pilots before.
Moreover Ein doesn't need to be piloting, he could just be the piloting interface itself. This gundamverse doesn't have Haros anyways.
Hell maybe Ein became a Haro.

Nah, he's the new seat cushion.

>So, yeah, we couldn't find a suitable male body for him, but luckily, we found this 13 year old girl's body which is perfectly compatible with Ein.

Perfect. It'd also enrage all the fujos, which is something Okada enjoys doing.

6 months to a year max passed since Biscuit's imoutos started school recently it seems

Nah, Ein's down there beneath the piloting interface, he's the dick warmer

How long until Mika switches back to nippon steel folded over 1000 times?

its atra

No fucking way, I already had my fill of rage when Dilandeau turned out to be a weak, useless imouto, never again

So is Shino over girls now?

Well, I will at least concede the point that it is a flaw then. But until actual negative consequences come of it, it's as pointless a flaw as him not being able to read well.

Either that or Kudelia is so ugly he lost all will to bone her. Or maybe both.

You're absolutely right. That's also why I expect a rift will open between Mika and Orga at some point this season.

No sign of it on any o the model kits or weapon sets being released in the next 3 months. Closest thing to a katana is the giant buster sword in option set 5.

Gali is dead, that is a figment of choco man imagination.

I want him to go back to the spear. The sword is just not as fun.

That would actually be fun, I'd enjoy watching Choco going crazy with guilt.
Seems like things won't go smoothly for him this season either, if the shot of him standing in the pourring rain is any indication.

I mean, I was expecting the same thing the first season. But it didn't happen, and Orga only doubled down on always being there for Mika. I do hope they explore it more during S2, but I don't have high expectations.

I should also note that they probably won't have Mika using one now.

Apparently the original plan during early production when the model its were also being planned out was to have Mika permanently swap over to the katana in form IV after Teiwaz fixed it up (This is why the 1/100 models didn't bother including the mace, the idea was that by the time they came out Mika would be using the sword full time). But during later production after the models had been finalized the staff liked the mace so much they kept it on.

And seeing how popular the mace was I don't see them swapping to a katana again anytime soon.

It's not really a sword if you look at it. It's more like a giant cricket bat and it's probably supposed to be inspired by a tetsubo.

I thought it looked more like a broadsword, though yeah, it isn't the one he used before. I wonder what happened to his katana.

Nah, we need the MS to do more CLAAANNG sounds

So, a Dragonslayer.

Good. Not that the katana was bad but the heft and unwieldiness of the mace makes for more interesting fights than mecha yamato damashii.

I hope Meat Team causes McGillis some grief

He got married.

I wish to join team meat. Their leader seems to have his act together and their meat based reward system sounds like an excellent idea.


I hope you're right.

Not sure how they will behave in the end, but so far I like them, they seems like a fun group, hope they aren’t simply a team of jobbers

What's the plan? Kill all vegans?

His show is shit though.

Attach the image to my post correctly you shameful ass website.

I said Team Meat, not Team Son I am Disappoint.

Hot damn.

>hope they aren’t simply a team of jobbers

Butterfly-chan will job to Mika because his autism is stronger.
Bearded dude will have his plans foiled by ChocoChar because his keikaku is superior.
not!Akio will curse those damned SINFUL CHILDREN and will die without killing anyone.

It also have the bonus of highlight the brute Mika is and how all of Tekkadan tactics rely on sheer brute force.

Which is fucking nice.

too bad they'll get killed by Masked Man

Jp twitter likened the AV device scene to modern jp wives putting acupressure plasters on their husbands' backs.

Actually it's less sad more, pathetic.
Could be hot if done correctly.

Somehow more pathetic and slightly cringy, but at the same time fucking hilarious.

He's the suits organic cpu/AI.

He allows the pilot to pull of far more advanced techniques and use unbelievably advanced technology that a normal human simply wouldn't be able too.

Not even one with a AV interface. Maybe the secret wasn't that the gundams were just cyborgs. But the gundams were people. People who were stripped of personhood and made into weapons.

The way they treat orphans and human debris in IBO will be horrifying if this is the case.

It's still just a Graze.

How many Grazes are we going to get this season?

What the fuck , im gay now

You're late.

Is this show still boring?

Boredom for a subject does not reflect a defect in the subject, but in our understanding of it. In the ears of the ignorant, a foreign language is a monotonous barrage of meaningless intonations, but knowledge of its grammar transforms sound into speech, capable of conveying Shakespeare's or Plato's meaning. The surface of Mars seems to me a tiresome landscape of red dirt, but to an astrophysicist who speaks the obscure language of rocks, it is a crossword puzzle written by the Big Bang. We protest to the passionate not to bore us with details, not realizing that lack of details is precisely what bores us, for details reveal the richness and inner coherence that are invisible from a distance, as a microscope reveals teeming life in a drop of muddy pond water.

I forgot how much I wanted to eat out this Jewhime butthole.

It’s quite obvious some time has passed, but it seems it wasn’t that much, Atra is still the same cute little space rat


A little taller and her hair is longer and a little more fluffy, but mostly the same, one year timeskip at most


I want to loosen her ass with my tongue before I go balls deep and cum inside

She is waiting for Mika's child, she will tell him when he have to leave mars to go to earth for job.

It's a graze that's far larger and has far more power and weaponry then a normal graze and he moved in it as if it was an extension of his body.
If choco char was able to place him in a real deal gundam from the calamity war or one created with the latest in technology and what they know of the old technology then he'd become the brain of a Gundam that can singlehandedly conquer a nation.
Or worse yet, a devil gundam tier monster.

You're right, but IBO is still shit.

the worst was the whole introduction of Eins gundam, he trashed all the team and even manage to injure the pilots, but nothing was fatal or at least bad enough to force them to leave the frontlines. I mean, why make so many characters seems to ahve die, if all of them are going to survive, kill a couple if you are going to make something like.

Fuck Mika, Orga has Aniki.

Soon? Finally?

Kudelia should let all of the little Mars rat shoutas use her ass as a public cum dump. Her Jewhime anus should be leaking cum at all times.

A jewish girl likes to get fucked in the ass?
Holy crap!
Stop the presses!

I was wodering where was he, when that scene happen.

>the worst was the whole introduction of Eins gundam

It was a Graze.

Is anal sex really a stereotype about Jewish girls?


Hopefully never, the mace wielding mecha is great, and since this serie have a more focus on melee and viceral (for mechas) combat, a mace is great for that, it causes huge damage on the enemy and is hard to block withouth using something as big or stronger.

Is like in RL, swords were more of a emergency weapon in the past, mace, axes warhammers were better on a medieval fight since the heavy armor make really hard for a sword (that rellies more on its edge) to cause damage, it was better to use something that could ignore it in the best way possible.

Did aniki not call him for a few weeks? I didn't understand that reaction.

>negotiating with Jews

Orga has a boner each time he talks with Aniki.

He's gonna win the Takakibowl

Come on Akihiro, it's your time to shine!

Yamagi telling him off was glorious.

How can she be a Jew if she has blonde hair?


Considering Gaelio/Ein destroyed everyone at the pairings poll, that would be trolling of the year

what's studio 1 up to?

Ah, nostalgia...

From maniac pyro to cute pretty princess.
Talk about a reversal.


Seeing Yamagi being so confident is weird.

High chances all the veteran members of Tekkdan have developed really high confidence

Ride is gonna get to that pussy before Akihiro does.

All flags raised
Guess who will die first

He's not the team fuccboi anymore.

Hell, he even got his own now.

Best MC

is orga's front hair extension?
if not how much time does he spend to shape it

>Merrybit's chances status: Destroyed

He's still a psychopath killer under Orga order with no hesitation.

He built his confidence by taming Shino's dick all night erry night.

Shirtless Gundam
Best Gundam

mika gun
orga trigger
kudelia hand
orphans bullets

What is this weird, nippleless creature?

Atra is going to ntr CAW CAW by being a reverse trap that steals his loli wife

>another season of Atra getting cucked by Jewdelia

where did my pic go


sorry but I think they did the dirty deed a few times even when the brother was alive

Whose twitter is that from?

wasn't there this whole uproar about IBO being especially dark by nip moms so the production team made last minute changes in season 1 to make Ein's massacre just an epic ass kicking

It's purely the title that triggered moms.

dunno, it was an asspull but still many other characters kept dying till the end

Mika will enforce parity between waifus. He doesn't cuck the Atra.

Does Mika enjoy MURDER?

He only murders because he's told to. Unfortunately, he's not even close to Caim.

Mikazuki needs to watch out before he gets NTR'd by Naze

Yeah is sad, but is also her own fault, her chances were low and she isn't helping

interestingly neither of them were tsundere
a big plus

Quirky girl is quirky.

Yes he does. Unfortunately they dropped that subplot in S1 when he started realizing it.

Meatsquad is pretty cute.

There was a suspicion that he did for a time. He never showed any even remote compulsion for a time.

However, when he fought against Cudel, the brute accused him of genuinely enjoying slaughtering people as Mika bore down on him. At the time, Mika's reaction was...
>"I'm enjoying it...?, whatever. You should die anyway."

Reflecting on the man's words later though, Mika seemed rather disturbed at the thought, so it would seem that no, he does not in fact enjoy murder.


That's fine. Shino is a good boy, he deserves the boypussy.

I am so fucking tired of this fucking gundam cliche. It fucking ruined 00 S2 as well.

Mika did enjoy it. It's why he started reflecting on his feelings.

10/10. Would take over the world for.

The sluts and Shino living was a bigger asspull.

what did kudelia offer to the old guy?
their photo was rather intimate

her hymen

Bullshit. Ein was chaotic and uncoordinated, it made sense for him to fuck up. McGillis was methodical and had an agenda specifically targeted at Gaelio. It makes no sense fom either techical or narrative standpoint.

>Shino is the mentor character
>The hard on them but it's because he cares mentor character
>In a gundam series

Shino stop! You don't know the mistake you're making!

her asshole

I rewatched the Kimaris vs Grimgerde fight. At the end the final stab was to the side of the cockpit, not the cockpit itself. Basically he stabbed one of the reactors.

Retarded animation doesn't matter. McGillis is an S rank pilot, he knows how to kill when he wants to.

There is even a scene of the Kimaris's torso as its laying on the ground. The cockpt has a big scar on it from an earlier blow in the fight but the big gaping stab wound is clearly to the side of it. Whether it was on purpose or not, he missed.

Azee was dead, it's literally impossible to survive x-tons of steel crashing down from the blow of an x-ton steel axe. The slightest tap would cave in her skull not cause her to bleed a bit.

so he didn't want?

>Retarded animation doesn't matter.
>I know better than the producers who might have intentionally did it that way for his return in S2

Take Choco's cock out of your ass for a minute.

>yfw McGillis intentionally spared Gali-Gali
>Let him know that he could kill him at any time, but let him live on under a new identity
>This makes it all the harder for him to attempt to plot his revenge against the Choco

>undermining the entire plot for retarded characterfags
Take Gaelio's out of yours.

Good to see this show is still shit like Delta.

>yfw GaliGali should have gone to the press and bust McGllis' ass as well as save his sister from being raped
>he doesn't because ?????

>Muh perfect edgy husbando can't possibly make a mistake. It would be bad writing and undermine the plot if he did

Chocofags are this delusional

Lmao, I don't even care about McGillis. But no man is retarded enough to let a man live after they tell them their entire sinister plan, and top it off by telling them they're going to rape their sister. It's you gaeliofags who're trying to justify this crap that're delusional.

He was shown fucking off almost immediately after Kimaris fell and was never shown confirming the kill.

The Choco has his ways.

Also something something vengeance.

Not saying he let him live. I said it was possible for him to make a mistake

The mistake being he didn't double tap or rip open the cockpit to be sure that he killed him.

There's no reasoning with you retarded lot.

I hope Masked Rider GaliGali isn't gonna be a hateful ass nigga looking for muh revenge.

Is the masked man going to side with Tekkadan to get his revenge or will he just shit on everything in his way? Assuming he actually became a decent pilot of course.

I'll take that as you realizing you're a retard after getting BTFO. Now go take your
and fuck off back to redit cancer.

this show is the definition of "so terrible it is good"

>it turns out the mysterious masked man is actually Carta

>It turns out the mysterious masked man is actually ChocoChar with a new mask

>That ED

I need this.

I hope that best girl gets more screentime this season.

Nipples do not assist him in piloting the Barbatos.

Naturally, they were removed.

Fuck akihiro better score her

>cucking aniki
fuck off

How about you fuck off with your pathetic gaeliofaggotry? I could refute your every scenario, but there's no fucking point. Your shitty argument repertoire is endless because you fully embrace the retardation. As for Mcgillis making a "mistake", do you realise that's not a mere "mistake" but a blunder worthy of a complete and utter retard? Now ask yourself this: Is it such a crime to ask for a SINGLE competent antagonist in this series? Coral was a joke, Brewers were a joke, Gaelio & Ein were a joke and now McGillis is a joke? If you're fine with that then good grief, nobody in this thread has any right shit on IBO's writing agin if they're willing to accept this shit for a useless faggot like Gaelio.

It's not going to happen. She's all over Space Felini and I'm pretty sure it was heavily implied that she has a kid.

What? This show gets good or something?

>Character isn't actually shown dead on screen at the end of last season.
>Obviously will be brought back.
>People arguing that he really is dead
>New season starts
>Suddenly masked man using a gundam frame like supposedly dead character's with lances as its main weapon like supposedly dead character's.

>no man with a mission

It's not Gaelio, it's Choco's new right hand man. The ex-tekkadan guy that looks like hitler.

Man with a mission is garbage who are only talked about because they have one decent meme song.

I wish. That would be hilarious.

But we got Spyair!

This scene made me want a ibo version of this gif

>>Obviously will be brought back.
This wasn't so obvious when ep 25 aired. Everyone and their mother was sure they're both dead. There wasn't even discussion like with Shino and the girls before the ep.

Unintentional bullying of Cookie and Cracker is still unacceptable.

You do realize that the climax of his master plan hinged on a small mercenary band of children being able to not only take on a bigger and better equipped military, but a monster ms that had already wiped the floor with 3 of their 5 ms without even breaking a sweat. And that the one guy would be able to secure enough votes to win the election despite being in exile during the campaign ing process.

Were you not in the threads at all? A bunch of people were saying it was obvious as fuck he wasn't dead and he would obviously be back for revenge in S2. There was a ton of arguing and discussion back and forth over it.

>We can't go back to Naze.

They can't go back until they've completed the Tekkadan rookies training and they all suck.

Core of his plan involved exposing his father's illegal actions inside the parliment and exposing Gjallarhorn as unsable and unreliable via Graze Ein going rampant. Wether Makanai won or not, and wehter Tekkadan was wiped out or not wasn't of his concern. He just wanted to make sure Mika and Ein have a fight in the city, that's why he held Gaelio off. Originally he planned to kill Gaelio with Tekkadan's hands, which failed and that's why he intervened.

>small mercenary band of children being able to not only take on a bigger and better equipped military
Which is why he was supporting them up until they got in the city and had Hitler transport Eugene's troops down to Earth.

>he doesn't because ?????
Probably amnesia. Either that or he's still so honour bound and attached to his ideals he spent the last few years training to duel McGillis into submission and reclaim his sister.

Yeah, and I don't remember anyone taking that bunch seriously. Gaelio dying in that duel makes poetic sense, Gaelio showing up alive is a stupid Gundam gimmick. Alas, Gundam's gonna Gundam.

I think it is Choco's father and if they bring Gali back it will be in a completely different manner.

She's the Quess/Four of the season. She's gonna pancake and you know it. Crazy never lives.

>gets wrecked in seconds
>such is life of GaliGali

Does this involve a literal retcon though, like how they removed the floating helmet at the end of Seed?

Great. Now all I envision is Tsumugi standing there holding GaliGali-san saying the name in her voice.

>expecting surprising developments and somewhat inventive writing instead of obvious guy under the mask being the obvious guy under the mask
It's not happening.

Come on, it's cheesy, and Chars like Mistah Bushido have done this before. I know I'd love this. Whether he gets wrecked in seconds or not.

a daughter's love

Nope. If you watch the fight the final stab wasn't to the cockpit (Like with Ein) and it never shows him actually dying (like with Carta) or his gundam exploding or anything. Kimaris kind of just gets stabbed to the right side of the cockpit and falls over and stops moving. Pozsibly because it just got stabbed in the reactor and lost power.

They're wasting a cool mask design on Gali. He's a joke pilot, no way will I take him seriously as the Masked Man, nor will I take Masked Man seriously if it's Gali.

Wait, it is supposed to be that cucked fuckboi, not McGillis?

Not confirmed yet, but it seems very likely based on the gundam.
>Has a non-demon name for some reason (Possibly as an alias for the machine since the kimaris is a famous ms).
>Uses lances like kimaris.
>Has a bunch of thrusters like kimaris.
>Has similar markings on the torso to kimaris.

I'm glad they're doing something with Dante. His design was wasted in the background.

He has a mask now, that makes him a serious threat and the main antagonist. You'll eat up your words soon enough.
Cower before the might of the new Galigali, foolish mortal

Heh, this could become a theme.

Maybe it's just the perspective here but his head looks really fucking small.

It's just too obvious and doesn't make sense. Why would Gali even wear a Gjallarhorn uniform unless he scavenged it off some dead guy or it's a bootleg one or something.

If he's alive, he'll probably man up. If he doesn't at least this will be hilarious.

They did shit with him in S1!

Like when he tried to pilot the Barbatos and almost blew his brain up.

he was literally the best character in S1

It's Ein's head sewn on top of Gaelio's body. Together forever.

Hell no.

Is this the first Gundam that you've ever watched?

Inb4 they all die in just a few episodes.

Damn, they drew a huge mace.

>what is perspective


I just want to know if the new OP is as good as RAISE YOUR FRAAAAAG

I honestly do love that thing. A perfect compromise between the fuck you maces, and the folded two trillion times Japanese steel.

it's lupus.

The mech's arm is almost straight, the weapon would have to be angled much more towards our point of view to offset that crazy length, it would also appear much wider at the tip in that case.

It's poorly drawn, or done so on purpose for a dramatic effect. Still kinda cool though.

Theyre s2's version of ein and his boss from s1, of courss theyll get rekt.

They're looking healthier now that their fattycakes brother is worm food on Earth. Bet their caloric intake has tripled.

what are you saying?
horriblesubs is the best fansubber.

>bullied by small, gay boy

New Kid is off to a promising start.

I enjoy the continued vibe that the good guys are slipping into moral gray areas and being willing to do shitty things.

Their actions were painted in a questionable light.
Orga seems obsessed with seeing Tekkadan become #1 now, no matter the sacrifices.
And even Kudelia has become somewhat of a coolheaded power player.

Please no! Shino is an angel and a gift to mankind.

>Start thinking about this name
>Lupus, latin for Wolf
>The defining trait of the Gundam Frames is their sheer customizability
>The Barbatos started as a run-down hunk of junk
>Was eventually repaired to the state it was originally in during the Calamity War
>Was then further customized to increasingly cater to Mikazuki's preferences
>The end result being the Lupus
>Mikazuki means "Crescent Moon"
>The final result of the perfect weapon for the moon, is the wolf
Some decent pottery.


So GaliGali's new MS is just an upgraded Kimaris and not a new frame?

There's been like only 4 Gundams shown when 23 of the 72 are still operational.

I want another Phenex. Unicorn 03 is shit.

And one of them just in a side-story manga.

I wouldn't say shit per-se, but...

Yeah new Phenex pls.

Female Yazan.

>It fucked ruined 00 S2 as well.
You are a fucking idiot.

Tetsubos are love, tetsubos are life.

Neat, we need more lesbians.

He got himself such a nice office.

Why are Gundumb fags always so butthurt about IBO? It's a very good show for Gundam standards.

I never felt so betrayed by a show before. That's probably the same feeling people have when they lust after a female character who ends up being a trap, only worse, because it wasn't just the penis that didn't exist, it was his whole fucking personality.
At least the movie retconned that shit, but I'm still mad as fuck, even 5 years after I first watched it.


I know, it's a-mace-ing.

Meat Man vs. Chocolate Man
Dawn of Gjallarhorn

But this thread has been nothing but praise except maybe for the people butthurt about Gaelio being alive and nobody tried to bait with Reconguista.
I'd say people are cool with it

They just like to whine about it because it's breaking the mold. IBO is not only a good show by Gundam standards but it's also the best one to come out in this century.

>breaking the mold
How? It's been pretty by the books. Even people who weren't from /m/ were making comparisons to Wing left and right.

Less that, and more that the movie was just a whole different thing altogether. And in that movie'verse, Dilandau was just...Dilandau.

Still my favorite anime of all time though.

What, in a dribbling retard for a few weeks? Then suddenly all better like at the end of ZZ?

She's going to be sacrificed when she does or says something to offend mask, that or when she's in a position that can further his agenda. Being in that guys company and holding an sort of authority position means you're fucked.

But she's not on McGillis's team.

Shes an underling tho, the rest of team meat is part of the 7 stars, she is a successor at best.

Why do have the feeling that everyone will die at the end of this?


By having less robots on screen at a time making it more accessible to people who think robots are unrealistic. I.e. Transformers movie audience.

Good job contradicting yourself all in one sentence.

Anyone got a webm of mika taking the gun out of his coat?

Just saying they've quite similar feel to them.

I love the range of styles this guy is able to copy in his comics.

I'm looking forward to the "itai... itai ITAI ITAI ITAI ITAIITAIITAIITAIATITAIITAI" freakout scene.

This sort of thing never ceases to amaze me

Mr. Chocolate man!

Is it cucking if she wants a harem end for both her and Mika?

I had always assume Ein was ultimately a nice guy. And that all that talk about him killing everyone was just that, talk. When it comes down to it, he knows he can't really kill those children and always had been subconsciously holding back til the very end.

Normal Gundam pilots usually mope and angst for half a season about the morality of killing in war. Mika just goes 'ok' and keeps on killing. No matter how IBO goes, Mika will definitely have a spot on most based Gundam pilot just for that alone.

Can't wait to see more of these girls kicking and showing some ass!

That's not untrue but says more about the quality of everyone else rather than anything positive about Gali.

Mika is not GUNDAM, he is not fighting for peace.

I like them.

They'll die used and without accomplishing any of their goals.

You could trhow a rock blindfolded and you'd hit a better IBO character than Gaelio.

Mika's autism is stronger than her's.
She will get BARBATOSSED