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first for kaioshin being cute

Why is he so smug?

Why is he so perfect?


Some user asked for this webm in the other thread, so here it is.

black is broly from a timeline where people don't lift

I like how the art quality suddenly spikes a second before the off-paneled kiss

Does that mean Mai is now pregnant?


A halfbreed who wakes his true power after years of mediocrity (like Gohan) training really hard for years like no other halfbreed ever did, being several times stronger (in same form) than a pure saiyan = reasonable, tolerable

A halfbreed weaker than SS3 Goku, being enough stronger to fight Rosé Black, a SS Blue tier warrior = bullshit

Someone posts the face of made just when Goku and co arrived last episode. I swear that was the smuggest face ever.


Is Super worth it now? I've been avoiding it.

how do you feel about the gloriously off-model Vegeta


she has been blacked user.


So has Black

the current arc has been really good, but the fights coming up could make or break it.

>DeviantArt OC-Tier character
>Stronger than anyone in DB Super

Yamcha could probably kick his ass now.

Shh user, let him have this

without their pride they could vaporize black in a second

Can't wait for Vegeta to kill Black and have victory sex with Bulma to give birth to her

Would Vegito defuse after its over via wish or will he enjoy his body for a while?



thanks user

MFW when I realize Piccolo must have taken this

Do threads still get deleted for this?

why is krillin so fucking hateable now?

>Gohan buff

Please Toryiama, he's got Saiyan warrior genes, it needs to remain like this

What did you guys think of the latest episode of DBZA?

Inflated ego because he finally lost his virginity

I think you shouldn't watch something as shitty and disgusting as abridged series, and especially not dbza.

this bitch videl went from "fuck me doggystyle till i bleed" pigtails to wearing a hoodie at the beach

gohan a shit

>get your body stolen
>see the smuggest face ever.
>get killed
what a way to go

>it's now cannon that Goku has never kissed his wife

Who's smarter: Forrest Gump or Goku?

>it's now cannon
Nope, not until stated in the manga.

Poor Goku became an idiot after this.

Poor Chi Chi
Would help explain her usual mood though


That's why she's such an insufferable cunt.

Goku meant exchanging senzu beans like that, you have to remember that he is extremely naive.
Vegeta is just a pervert

My body is ready for the inevitable "goku's first kiss" filler episode

Why is Vegeta such a better father/husband than Goku?

he was always an idiots

because he's not a retard

Goku is too shy about public affection. Clearly he was playing dumb to Vegeta...

>literally let cell go perfect
>not a retard

Yeah if you only watched abridged

The only intelligent Saiyans are Bardock, his team, Gine, and King Vegeta.

Vegeta is a good parent due to his father's influence and Bulma's vagina.

Goku was pretty chill in the Buu saga. I miss that.

Vegeta is getting tired of his shit

>knows what flirting is

>doesn't know the connection between a kiss and marriage

Another reason the manga is superior

>cell could have just destroyed the earth
>made a tournament instead
just because you can't understand a good fight doesn't make anyone a retard

While I doubt Dragonball would get too lewd, he never says he never did cunnilingus on her either

The fuck goku never lost against yamcha or did he?

He's a downsized monkey monster, fucking is all he and Vegeta will do. No foreplay.

and who can blame him?

Yep. Goku got his ass kicked through three pillars.



>always an idiots
>an idiots
Irony the post

He didn't lose though, He was winning handily before Yamcha ran away from Bulma

>implying chichi isnt the dominant one

Was Videl Gohan's Girlfriend at that point?

Anyone have a pic or webm of his little temper tantrum?


>He was winning handily
nah mate goku run out of stamina. Bulma waking up safed his ass cause yamcha was rushing at him to finish his ass.

the animators put focus on what they like

Nah but Gohan went along with it

has it already been confirmed that vegito will appear?

she can't clap that ass like Chi Chi tho

So vegeta being the jobber isn't fun anymore? We hating on goku now?

inb4 Mai's mouth is a jobber

I never found DBZA funny. Even the only one I did find funny, YGOTAS, stopped being funny after a while. Abridged series are dead.

Ninjabridge is the only good one

Well he did put his seed inside her.

Yes, user.


after frieza saga tfs stopped being funny.
they trying way too hard.

No, user

Except for the stuff his friends are saying. LittleKuriboh's wit is there, but the other people seriously sound...less charming. They just sound like generic dubjob people. Like you know, they're doing this to have a resume built up for a dubjob in the future or something, rather than actually having any wit to deliver.

Who knows. she still has to try first

i will pay someone to make me a gif of Chi Chi twerking

How much?


Name a price...

The sex these two will have, hoo boy

Wow now that I look back to it. Goku lost quite a lot for a main character.

>Hand holding
even Bulma wants in on that

Couldn't he just put it in her mouth with his hand? Why did he go full trope cringe?

Anyone else think Mai's life must've been really strange? She hung out with a talking dog and a goblin for most of her life

Yeah he could, but I'm sure he just wanted to kiss her.

Vegeta told him to do it with his tongue so that she can swallow it easier.
We all know vegeta just wants to get his 30yo+ son to finally lose his virginity

it's a fictional creation and buzz can't be made that way. silly user, this is why you don't write anime.

Now we only need Vegeta to hold her hand too and everything will be settled.

They will start reproducing like fucking rabbits as soon as they defeat Black and Goku, Vegeta and Bulma go back to the past.

>Vegeta's whole family went into the time capsule
that's a pretty successful family. hell, goku's family doesn't even know what's happening.

Let us not pretend Trunks wasn't aware of what he was doing. is right. Trunks basically took the opportunity to kiss her. I don't blame him, tho.

>We all know vegeta just wants to get his 30yo+ son to finally lose his virginity

finally an user who truly understands our prince

Which is good makes the fights a lot more unpredictable.

>yamcha fight counting as jobbing
He was out of energy/food.
>jackie chun
Wasn't it an even fight up until that part? Jackie even admits that he won since his leg's longer, so he hit harder.
Yeah that counts
>tien fight counting as jobbing
Maybe if chaozu wasn't such a bitch and stood up against Crane Hermit he wouldn't help Tien cave goku ass in with telepathy
>king piccolo
counts too

give me a quote on 2-3 seconds of animation

i'll tip for sakuga ;)

Vegeta is so based on Super. If only he was allowed to win an important fight for once.

Will present Trunks and Mai fuck too?

inb4 filler arc of Vegeta teaching Trunks NLP

>yamcha fight counting as jobbing
yes it does since it was tamcha first entrance.
jobbing can also mean to be used to hype a character which goku did

>Wasn't it an even fight up until that part? Jackie even admits that he won since his leg's longer, so he hit harder.
That was roshi's plan and goku fell for the bait. In the end he lost.

>Maybe if chaozu wasn't such a bitch and stood up against Crane Hermit he wouldn't help Tien cave goku ass in with telepathy.
true that but both were pretty evenly matched in the end it went down to luck and he jobbed.

>Now we only need Vegeta to hold her hand too and everything will be settled.

>A big hand-holding orgy with the entire Brief Family.
This is getting way too lewd

>Proper title
you had just one job

What kind of mom would present and future Mai be? Would both be fine with training their kids?

bulma/mai/vegeta three-way when

Look at Trunks and Mai holding little Thong and Banana-hammock.

Why Bulma and Trunks are compelled to hold Mai's hand? And kiss her while she is unconscious? Why are they so lewd?

training them to be whores because they're poor and live in the post-apocalypse

better question: what will their kids' underwear-pun names be?

winner gets a gif of chi chi twerking

well, realizing they can't just depend on Trunks, she would be ok having her children trained

If you think about it though, Trunks is the most influential person in the future timeline by far. He'd easily be considered king or president of the world if he accepted the job.

>Will present Trunks and Mai fuck too?
She did promise to take care of him

Given how present Trunks is, his children will be spoiled brats. Mai will spoil them too.

Future Trunks and Mai will have them very polite, well trained, and able to become Super Saiyans.

>He'd easily be considered king or president of the world if he accepted the job.

Made his grandfather proud.

Netorare with Black cuckolding trunks fucking W H E N

bulma's mom is a whore golddigger

bulma has the highest n-count of all time and fucked an alien because he was the only man who was ever a challenge

trunks spits in passed out girls mouths

it's genetic user

>bulma's mom is a whore golddigger
she is just pure, she even decided to stick with Bulma's dad when Majin Buu was about to kill everyone in the planet. If anything, Bulma's mom is pure and loyal, while Bulma is where the family blood gets tainted

Sasuga Future Trunks. Put a good word in

Future one would be fine because she knows how fucked up their world is and they really need more strong fighters. And they would be spending time with their father who will be training most of the time too.

Present one would probably be fine too. They will have Vegeta in their lives too, and he will encourage them to train for sure. But they will be more spoiled since they live in a world of peace.

>since they live in a world of peace

um, you're familiar with dragonball, right?


inb4 gohan is filler copypasta

fucking lol

Yeah, but their world isn't fucked up like the future one.

He ain't even smug by Dragon Ball standards.

>Chichi rapes Goku whenever she can

school days

Gohan is filler.

>DBZ Abridged makes more sense than the original dub

best wingman

Goku knowing what a kiss is aside, why do people always bring up the canon argument to disprove other people's arguments? There's something like 20 different canons between all forms of media, and the true weeaboo among us seem to think that the manga is the one true canon. But that's never been anything but an assumption, and Toriyama himself has participated in places that contradict past works of his.

Point is, if Goku in Dragonball Super has never kissed a woman, than Goku in Dragonball Super has never kissed a woman. But to say it's bullshit because non-Dragonball Super Goku has kissed plenty of women in your head canon is kind of stupid.


Gohan is filler. He won't matter again because he's demonstrably a spineless faggot.

Let's analyze Gohan's spineless faggot tendencies. First of all the only father figure he had growing up Piccolo who has no social life so there's no model for behavior there as far as being a man in society. Secondly his dad is not only borderline asexual (probably just got raped by Chi Chi twice to make the kids) but he's also an absentee "cool dad" type who shows up every few years with laser beams coming out his fucking palms and weird looking alien goons following him around talking about galactic wars and shit. We know Chi Chi domineered him into being a doormat desperate for her approval and helicopter mom'd him into being risk averse unless somebody murders his dad.

He can’t even make a move on a fucking girl. It’s no wonder he freezes up when he sees Videl walking around in yoga pants with handlebar hair dying to get pounded out by a man with more integrity than her father. He has no idea how to deal with the side of women he's never had access to. Videl has to give in and make the move herself, forever diminishing her respect for him as a masculine sexual being and justifying her quick descent into a plain-looking housewife with no edge or spunk anymore. Her and his mother practically molded him into a fucking salaryman.

Now assuming Toei doesn’t want Super to devolve into anything more goofy and convoluted than it already is, there’s no reason to expect Gohan to be anything more than a faggot in a track suit unless something on the level of a baddie murdering Piccolo occurs to sufficiently enrage him. But why even do that? Vegetal, Trunks and (even) Goku are immensely more interesting characters nowadays that Gohan. He’s basically like one of those rpg harem anime MCs now, except he doesn’t conveniently do cool shit when he needs to.

Gohan is filler.

Nah, Present Trunks is gay.

Hi there Cred Forumsnons. I was wondering, do you know any character in DBZ that can defeat Superman? it's just so difficult to find characters that can beat him..

Goku actually not wanting to fight and just doing so to save the world is something I miss.

How come Black is sexier than Goku if it's technically the same exact body?

Superman is Yamcha from a timeline where he finished killing Goku

the dragon god

There are a lot of different Supermen


The Gochi shippers (yeah, they actually exist) are mad as fuck.

cus Black is a tsundere

> goku never kissed chichi
This is the last straw. I'm done. This fucking pissed me off.

zamasu knows how to dress

i know right, Goku/Chiaotzu has been obvious canon since the 80's

It'll be alright, just hold my hand.

mad cus chi chi picked superchad over you

>'saiyans are strong, guys'


is that even a question

I like this version of th ending.


>This video contains content from columbia. It is not available in your country.
that's it, I'm out

videl has such a perfect porn body

So do you.

gohan is such a faggot. he prolly watches AMVs about himself

Isn't pointless to pick Goku's body? He isn't a special snowflake, he's a low class saiyan who happen to be a genius on fighting. His body isn't anything special

>an attack that can clearly be avoided
>muh magic
nice try.

These guys are supposed to be like a million times stronger than frieza, who could already blow up planets. Why does anyone even bother debating power levels other than whoevers stronger during a given saga

oh shit it's anonxanon, my favorite ship

the only saiyan zamasu is exposed to is goku, and zamasu caught on that saiyans have bullshit mechanics because they're the main fighting race of the series

thx user asl?

me: 5'10", lean, broad shoulders, blue bowl cut, 8.5 inch cock, sword

what u look like

I want Oozarus to return, please.

Me: 7'5, very tall, long spikey black hair, 10 inch cock, gold jewelry on head, arms and shoes

Depends on the point he picked him up. If it was a Goku that had trained with Whis already he's pretty damn special.

you guys looking for a third?

me: midget, stupid hat, clown makeup

>zamasu knows how to dress
and he has both that smugness , posture and elegance

I don't think user would survive the pounding.



right outfit is dope

So, wait the body that Zamzam hi-jacked, which Goku is it? Is it the Goku from an alternative timeline never seen before? It can't be Future Trunks' Goku, he probably never fought Zamzam. Or is it mainline Goku from the future?

lens flare arc when

Whatever happened to animal people?

They weren't brought back with Earth after Buu. Besides Shu.



They live in the ghettos where they belong.

It has to be either unseen timeline Goku or some new alternate future that branched out of the present Super timeline.

what happened to videl's mom

She died, according to the manga and Kai. Hercule has pizza now

Zamusa should of picked brolys body in a different timeline, broly lost against goku sure but he had no training. Broly had unlimited potential and ki so it makes sense to pick him

His power is maximum!
Broly is the strongest!
He is the legendary super saiyan!


that background girl's reaction to Trunks doing that

There's no Africa in DBverse.

The Omni-King

They nuked their Detroit

I'm pretty sure I saw Africa in one of those scenes where they show earth from space in DB.

Where the hell are the Gohanfags and the BlackGotenfags? Did they just killed themselves after being buttfucked and btfo so hard or are they still lurking and on suicide watch?

Vegeta was pretty intelligent all the way up until the end of the Namek saka; after that he became an overly-conceited complete buffoon whose one and only characteristic was "muh pride.

>Where the hell are the Gohanfags

I'm right here.

the only real life place that exists in DBverse is China

har har har
is only Goku for yu now


is the omni-king faster than a speeding bullet?

Son Goku
The only man powerful enough to tell first base to fuck off and head straight to second and third base

Future one is going to be popping them out in droves, she knows the only person in the world who could smash a mountain wants to wreck dat ass and she's getting in before anyone can imply he could make a harem of the future's hottest like that. She's gonna raise them right.

Present Mai will be confusing as hell but of course she'd be okay with him training their kids.

>forgetting chocolate Satan

whatever happened to masenko


the sun and equator still exist. africa doesn't

So dumb question: is it ever addressed whether Mystic Gohan had a God's chi? The whole thing about Battle of the Gods was that no one could sense Beerus because of that, but it was never made clear whether that was simply due to the type of energy or the power gap.

this guy knows whats up


... huh?

mystic gohan was an attempt to make gohan matter in a story where he doesn't

>whether Mystic Gohan had a God's chi
He clearly doesn't.

>due to the type of energy
Obviously because he's a god. In Super only Dende could sense it.

Even though the retelling of BoG in Super is usually ignored, Gohan knew there was more to the SSJG form besides the initial transformation.

Gohan's ki was just his dormant power brought out all the way without having to rely on anger.

take off the high heels trunks

Then next dumb question: what are the chances that Toriyama forgets that, and retroactively confirms that this is the case?

nice try


What happened to this guy?

Same as Yemma
became irrelevant

I miss the slice of life with the main cast excluding Goku and Vegeta

So where the fuck did Gohan go before piccolo trained hm

Ill join your delusion!

>journey to the west
>story progression moves towards the east



DBH looks expensive.

>Gohan nerd outfit.
Ill fucking take it.

>Those prices

best dads

women and gays should be killed off to make way for a utopian civilization. trust me, I've seen a lot of civilization to know women and gays are not capable of being civilized.


But how will they reproduce without women?

hard work towards artificial wombs and 2d waifu technology. maybe even sex-bots for the normals that need 3d.

Vegeta was likely a virgin before he met bulma, not like he cared about sex to begin with.


How can you not love these guys? Why are you not rooting for team buracku?

Normally gohan has to get pissed and transform into ss2 to use his max power.
Mystic wasn't a powerup, it was him gaining control over a power that had always been rage-based, plus he didn't have to waste energy on transforming.
Out of shape gohan basically can't use it because his body isn't used to that power any more, since he got lazy.
The entire reason he and goku were ss for a week was because high power has to be adapted by the body for efficient use.

They killed Future Bulma


wait, whos that blonde holding the kid ? (and whos the kid for that matter?)

havent watched in forever, but still like to come to these threads to see what crazy shit is going on


Ki is added force directed onto an attack.
A ki powered punch is surrounded by ki, but also ki pushing out from the fist, as well as pushing from within to push the ki forward.
A ss lift is simply using ss to bulk the muscles. If vegeta was oriented differently and punching directly at him, he'd be able to put way more force into it.
Shoving something heavy over is way easier than lifting it.
Also, vegeta amd goku were using their bare min power to not give away their true power.

is Black seriously flipping you off?

Forrest Gump knew he was a retard and when he found out he had a son, immediantly wanted to know if he'd brought another retard into the world or if his son had been spared
Goku had a son with a tail that meant he could transform into a great ape if he ever glimpsed a full moon, which would likely kill Chichi, and he did nothing about it

Pay attention

So it was fucking Zamasu at the end, I didn't see that shit coming at all.

Definitively best villain.




no but I have this

But it says you can only use the Potara once in your lifetime. Can Goku and Vegeta even use it anymore? Maybe they will have to use the Fusion Dance instead.

you'd think that kaio would be quite proficient with magic already

even though zamasu was the most obvious answer, the Black mystery was more of a mystery than many other stories revolving around mystery. sasuga, toriyama.

The Lord of Destruction did not come to be served, but to serve.

When was this ending shown?

Probably not specialized magic, like bringing forth the potential in others.

just people the resistance saved

In an alternate timeline Earth

Why do Goku's sons look like Yamcha so much goddammit.

Because Toryiama used their hairstyles on him

Nice. i asked for that webm, thanks user

Because he became alpha as fuck after SSJB Vegeta beat the shit out of him

I got you all beat.

>5'2", old, lanky, sometimes bulky, white hair and beard, can grope a mean titty and fondle a nice ass, turtle shell

Because actually humans can become super saiyans too, they just never tried hard enough.

that means you can only use it once after, meaning you can't potara fusion twice (i.e. have 4 people fuse with each other with (1+1) + (1+1)

read that in his voice

Yeah. He knew what he wanted and took the opportunity.

Remember when big green used to be part of a demonic family

time flies so fast


but what episode

help me understand this meme

why would wishing for immortality be bad for goku/vegeta

they will die while young anyway to get afterlife bodies (which is basically like immortality except you can't stay on normal world)

now he's part of a satanic family

Episode 55

Can Vegeta achieve SSJ3 form?

proudly looking after his seed


Video games only

No. However according to Toriyama, strengthening your base form and improving your control of SSJ1 results in better power gains than unlocking new forms. That's why Trunks can keep up with Zamasu and Black even slightly

I havn't see the dub version, just the raw one. . .but Black Is Zam in Goku's body? Anyone able to give a TL;DR of it? As I'm seeing he made a wish to get Goku's dead. . .body?

Well Goku only got it due to training with the Kais, though he mentions Trunks could learn it. I imagine Vegeta could if he bothered.

If he cries and bitches enough maybe.

vegeta can't because of his genes

But SSJ2 is objectively better in every way to SSJ1 according to the manga.

You damn right it is.

Wait if Zamasu switched bodies with Goku to become Black then who is that second Zamasu. Did I miss an explanation?

Which contradicts the manga. Toriyama doesn't remember half the things he does or says. He thought SSJ3 was SSJ2 when they asked him to draw it.

And Trunks is Full Power SSJ2 anyways, not SSJ1.

Yes, every single person who knows even the slightest bit about DBZ and followed it fucking knows this.

It does not excuse SSJ2 Trunks being able to keep up with fucking Black or Zamasu in the fucking slightest.

black is from another timeline, zamasu is native to trunks' timeline

that's because SSJ2 is the P E R F E C T, most efficient form until you unlock god ki apparently according to what we are shown in super

if he's gonna get SSJ3, he's gonna cheat his way again like in geetee

maybe. but why even bother with that now?

Trunks going back in time to warn the crew about Black means there is also a timeline where he didn't. In that timeline, Zamasu steals Goku's body to become Black.
he then uses the time rings to find a timeline where the supreme kai of Goku's universe is dead, meaning that timeline's Beerus is also dead,
this turned out to be Future Trunk's timeline, and that's where the Zamasu working with Black is from.

No he didn't. He got it from training himself as a dead body.
Meaning he could do more punishing workouts in places where he could fuck shit up without having to worry about anything.

there are 3 zamasus from 3 timelines
one killed by beerus
one switched bodies with goku
and the other one

Something likely happened in the Unseen Timeline that resulted in Goku meeting Zamasu during the Multi-Verse Tournament, which led to that Zamasu wishing for Goku's body and then killing him with it. Then took the time ring, and traveled to Future Trunks' timeline where he met that Zamasu, and they teamed up.

>Gotenks was able to achieve the transformation by training for 2 months

well, four, but we'll probably never see the fourth


I don't remember seeing that. Are you sure?

5 actually, there are 5 time rings.


>Ooshi: Goku endlessly keeps getting stronger, with Super Saiyan 3 in the manga and Super Saiyan 4 in the anime; does Super Saiyan keep getting limitlessly stronger too? Might we eventually see things such as a Super Saiyan 5…?!
>Toriyama: Super Saiyan 2 and 3 are nothing more than powered-up variations of Super Saiyan. After the fight with Beerus, Goku realized that mastering his normal state and Super Saiyan would raise his level more and sap less strength, so I think he probably won’t become Super Saiyan 2 or 3 any more.

>Goku confirmed to have canonically never kissed Chi-Chi
>had two kids with her

Goku's the OG savage, he knows what marriage's all about

They were taught by Piccolo.

What do you expect.

user it's fanmade.

That line doesn't mean jack shit anymore. They're still superior as Goku and others still rely on that state first

by the time he achieved ssj2, Trunks was already way better with ssj1 than Goku had been when he fought Beerus

4 timeline rings, 1 general time ring. I don't think the silver one counts towards the multiple timelines.

I think the silver one is supposed to be the main timeline, and the 4 green ones are the splits. At least this is how I take it. Because Black is using the silver one right now and is in Future Trunks' timeline.

A timeline ring is created when a new timeline is born.

So, if there are 4 timeline rings, then there are 5 timelines including the original.

wow, I dont know what happened and you just made me realize, somehow I quoted the wrong image, meant
I should go to sleep

uh huh
Goku fought perfect cell to a standstill with his SSJ1.
Trunks barely held his own against dabra and he was nowhere near as good a fighter or had the tool box of broken abilities that cell had.
And that was after training on kai world with the Z sword.

Trunks is a scrub who got an offscreen bullshit powerup.

>They're still superior as Goku
I now it can get confusing but Goku is not actually a transformation

He isn't. A smoke grenade ruined his day

>main timeline

Most likely the silver one is just for the current timeline; each universe's silver ring is for that universe.

Bulma's sister Tights and she's holding Bra.

I need to go to bed. I meant to say superior to SSJ1

Maybe Beerus ends up sorta right in the end.

Future zamasu lives thanks to immortality
Black Zamasu lives because he became Goku
perhaps any remaining Zamasu got erased with the present one

sounds like blasphemy


sounds kinda lewd

So why is he training with Piccolo? He'll make a comeback. Calm your tits.

>He'll make a comeback
top kek

did the brains of the pilaf gang also turn younger? They do act a lot more childish than before.



Well that would work too. But you get what I meant that. Technically yeah, every timeline is the main one from their perspective, but yeah you get it.

The King of the world did show up at the end of DBZ in the manga.

Toriyama just got super lazy at drawing background characters.

i guess they do. even more than their DB selves
So. I assume their minds were made younger too.

Why did they un-redesign Goku? His outfit in the Resurrection F saga was fucking dope. But they had to go and give him back the same outfit he's been wearing for the last 26 years.

they also gave up on taking revenge on Goku and conquering the world.

They do remember their previous ages and ambitions though, which is weird

training with piccolo certainly won't help him that much. I love piccolo, but he's no namekian god yet.

Shu, Puar and Oolong are still there, you know. Also:

Is the president of the world still a dog?

They're probably disassociated from those memories.

This is fucking retarded. Vegeta had trained at 400X gravity for years now. He should be able to pick that thing up in fucking base form.

that outfit really matched regular SSJ well, blue, not so much

But they remembered Goku fucking up their castle as an Oozaru in BoG. I think they just like being young.

I'm not saying they don't remember, I'm saying they don't have ties to those memories.

It's like remembering you made a promise to a childhood friend, like yeah, you made that promise, but the present you doesn't feel a need to hold that promise because you're dissociated with the memories of your younger self.

>This is fucking retarded.

That's the DBS manga for you.

So this is a thing

how long do you think before they abridge Super? I'd imagine as soon as there's a version with higher quality animation anyways


It's going to be gogeta if anything

or they'll literally hit the zen chan button

Yeah, since their bodies are so young and they've been that new age so long they're hyperactive young minds might have started to unlearn somethings that were completely set in their heads as older adults.
The things they knew for sure from their previous life are probably being overwritten or simply forgotten about with the torrent of new life experiences and thoughts and feelings flooding their heads.
Who they were is just an empty factoid and has no actual bearing on who they are right now.
If they stay on the capsule corpse base they'll more then likely grow up to be good people. Hell Pilaf might actually run and become the president of the world later on, the old dog might have settled down and be a middle aged dogman with three litters of pups by the time he's 18 in dog years and Mai might marry Trunks if he can keep his dick in his pants.

Would be a fun thing to see later on.

just because their minds got younger doesn't mean their memories disappeared.

It's more of a fan retelling at this point

close to like Absolon I guess

Pretty sure you misspelled dragon ball super. The manga is way better in terms of lore. Why the fuck does stuff like this happen?


Why is there so much fucking yaoi of Gohan and Piccolo on Pixiv. Disgusting

This proves that Superman is stronger than Goku. Discuss.

yfw it finally got good

You know, besides those 1k tons, there's also the robots fighting power to consider.

It's like when Vegito got turned into a jawbreaker. He probably didn't even weight a pound, but Buu couldn't "carry" him, every time he tried, Vegito would fight back and push Buu's shit in.

This. I think they're slowly forgetting about their past lives and it's like they are turning into completely different people now.

What, if Zamasu switched bodys with Goku, and is now inside Gokus body, Shouldnt Gokus mind have gone into Zamasus body?

Why is Zamasus body evil? OR did they kill that Zamasu with Gokus mind, and grab another Zamasu from another timeline?

Im still betting the final battle will be Black and Zamasu fusion'ing into one being for the final battle.

cracked up laughing when i saw that

Where my Raditzfags at?

>OR did they kill that Zamasu with Gokus mind, and grab another Zamasu from another timeline?
yes, that one

>Shouldnt Gokus mind have gone into Zamasus body?
Yes, it did.

>OR did they kill that Zamasu with Gokus mind, and grab another Zamasu from another timeline?
Yes, that happened.

>they'll never bring Napa back

Unless it is written entirely and specifically by Toriyama (not just approved) the manga isn't and never will be more canon than the anime. Cry harder, faggot

>being this retarded
We can only prove it's apart of Toriyama's outline if it appears in both the anime and manga, otherwise it's just an addition from Toei.

>The manga is way better in terms of lore

Not really. The manga had that one Future Trunks flashback but that's about it.

Meanwhile the anime expands on characters in ways the manga never even bothers to touch on, like with Frost for instance.


This can't be real, wouldn't even make sense when he makes him look at the ball

>he anime expands on characters in ways the manga never even bothers to touch on, like with Frost for instance.
>he's a good guy
>nope just lying
Great expanding there.

>otherwise it's just an addition from Toei OR Toyotaro


The manga has plenty of additions and sometimes even changes that aren't present in Toriyama's original script, just like the anime.

Frost was given specific background lore on how he saved planets as well as his motives for doing so.

The manga made him a dick too by the way, it just didn't elaborate nearly as much.

>otherwise it's just an addition from Toei OR Toyotaro
No shit, but we were talking about this
>it's now cannon that Goku has never kissed his wife
get into context

>b-but it's not canon!

Who fucking cares? Never kissing his wife is perfectly and entirely within Goku's character regardless.

have you read any of dragon ball? Goku exists to go fight stronger people

>Frost was given specific background lore on how he saved planets as well as his motives for doing so.
Like I said
>he's a good guy
>nope just lying
>Great expanding there.
Meanwhile the manga is giving out useful infomation.

well present Mai is an old lady in a little girl's body so I don't know why she would be attracted to a kid

>Never kissing his wife is perfectly and entirely within Goku's character regardless.
Maybe if you're stupid.

>after that, there was lasting peace
>that is, until he appeared
it's funny because trunks inadvertently created black by saving goku

How did Goku's Kaioken beat Hit's timeskip in the anime again?

So you don't actually have an argument against the fact that the anime expanded on Frost more than the manga did.

Wow, it's actually real. youtube.com/watch?v=9K1PjNS_5U0

Still prefer dub over sub because of Funi's superior music.

He thought marriage was a type of food, retard. You're delusional if you think he has even an ounce of romantic comprehension.

It didn't add anything interesting or important user.

>characterization isn't interesting or important

You mangafags are impossible.

>Kid Goku thought marriage was a type of food
>So of course a much more mature version of Goku, who has been married for several years and has two kids shouldn't have kissed his wife
You are retarded.

>shitty characterization is interesting and important
That explains why you like the anime version of DBS.

Goku was already an adult when he was shown to be clueless about marriage. There isn't a single indication in the manga that he was a romantic husband or that he even cared about it you fucking Tumblrina.

Jesus you Toei's apologists are whipped.

I was thinking this earlier. Maybe a few episodes about Pan growing a tail and doing the Saiyan Strut through the city, and only Hercule and Saiyaman can stop her.


Why do people in this thread get so triggered over the idea that Goku never kissed Chi-Chi?

Because they are gonna fuse. It's pretty obvious after reading the lyrics of yoka yoka dance.

Coming back to their old outfits saves having to come up with a new one for a fused state. Whichever they end up pulling their asses to use.

>makes an argument based on what we know about the original DB manga
>"T-Toei apologist!"

What's it like to be illiterate?

Don't even bother with the Toyblefag, he's impossible to reason with.

>Why do people in this thread get so triggered over the idea that Goku never kissed Chi-Chi?
It's not just here on Cred Forums, it's happening everywhere. It actually surprises me that people care so much about if Goku kissed his wife or not.

>being this retarded
You're defending Toei's shitty portray of Goku's character. Hence Toei apologist

Vegeta was the one who called out Goku about not knowing what a kiss is, so does that mean Vegeta is more romantic with Bulma than Goku is with Chi-Chi?

Yes, user. Bulma gets her way.

Holy fuck this made me kek


That scene was completely in-character for him and you still haven't demonstrated otherwise. Hence you're a retard.

>It actually surprises me that people care so much about if Goku kissed his wife or not.
No one cares about that, they care about Goku's character being butchered at every corner.

>That scene was completely in-character for him
No it wasn't you retard.
>you still haven't demonstrated otherwise.
Are you fucking blind?
>So of course a much more mature version of Goku, who has been married for several years and has two kids shouldn't have kissed his wife

>it's happening everywhere

The people who whined about it on Kanzenshuu were shut down pretty quickly. Of course, that's because the posters there actually understand the characters.

The anime is completely canon, user. Deal with it.

like this

Someone hold me

I already responded to that.

Goku isn't a romantic husband, every time that topic came up in the manga he's illustrated zero understanding of the concept. Either get over it or blog about it on Tumblr.


I swear this pic is based on something else.

>I already responded to that.
and it was stupid, he has two kids and it's not like Chi Chi can't kiss him. Stop being retarded.

I miss this Goku. DBS Goku sucks.

I got the same feeling when I saw it

Unless Toryiama writes him, that Goku is gone.


I imagine saiyans would prefer chewing tobacco over smoking it


Been waiting for you

so many random sfx

>got new sunglasses

>destroying Earth
>eliminating source of fun without using it first
I'm assuming you assume immediately demolishing a new car you buy is the proper thing to do.


Man, I miss that weaker colored ki.




Probably from Dr.Slump.