Berserk Thread: Donovan Edition

What would've happened to guts if Donovan was a brown ara ara milf? Would he end up with a milf fetish or would he turn gay?

Also discuss anything berserk.

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Doesn't matter. Donovan would fuck him anyways


Yeah but would guts enjoy it?

It would have been a short doujin instead of a long as fuck manga

You know, I never realized Guts is half Donovan, half Gambino. Misses a limb like Gambino, misses an eye like Donovan.

He's got more than half of Donovan in him

Fucking hell that's a good one user

I'll never get over how silly this guy's belt looks.

Once Guts went black, he never came back.

Poor Farnese will never be able to have the BLACKED swordsman now.

Post the edit with Shota Guts.


Daily reminder that Griffith did literally nothing wrong

I'm sure guts may have forgiven him if griffith had fucked him too.

Donovan did nothing wrong.
He paid his money fair and square for the service

He brutally anal raped a boy. If Guts consented it'd be different.

Why is Miura so obsessed with rape? Do you think he was touched as a kid, or is he (was) just an edgelord?

>"Why is miura so obsessed with rape?"
>There have only been 4 or so rapes in the history of a decades old manga with hundreds of chapters

Please fuck off until you've read berserk.


It's the perfect plot device

Guts would be gay lover of griffith ending in casca converting in femto and rape griffith in front of guts

>mfw I know a big gay black guy named Donovan
He friendly towards me at least

>Mfw my name is Donovan and my friends just decided to bandwagon Berserk
>I'm Black

Nice butchering of the English language there.

There really aren't that many rapes in Berserk, all things considered.

>Those women when Wyald went through that village
>Random implications via Kushans
>I guess the Elves as well?

It's mostly mass-carnage, with rape being another element of it. The constant mutilation, torturous murder, and graphic massacre of defenseless people should be condemned more than the occasional rape.

You know what to do.

I know.

I must bulk up and cosplay Donovan. After that, I need to rape a Guts cosplayer. It's my destiny in life.

And be later killed by that cosplayer.

He's gotta murder me right before a gathering begins. Or it won't be right.