What's so special about Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu? The actual great plot, the superb direction...

What's so special about Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu? The actual great plot, the superb direction? The characters?

What makes it so popular?


So every anime ever? Fucking retard.

Like everything Cred Forums likes, it's popular because of waifubait.



You mean muh harem virtual reality with edgy story to make neckbeards like you brag about it?

Pretty much

The mc in this show is so fucking awful.

Infact, every character in this show is exceptionally awful.

It's the equivalent of a McDonalds meal. Easy to make, market, and digest, appeals to masses, but utterly lacking any in meaningful substance and easily forgettable.

The MC is the only good part.


fag psycho isn't any better, tumblrtard

>inb4 redditor

both series are shit.

He's a really boring character.

I bet you like Shinji aswell

Been wondering this too. Don't know if I should watch.

Blue loli gets btfo.

Nothing, it is generic isekai crap with edge added. But is edge without consequences because lolresets.

i honestly like a protag that doesn't have magical super abilities like knocking bullets out of the air with a sword.

his power is complete bullshit, sure, but he's also constantly reminded he is just some normal shithead instead of some saviour hero who never loses.


Where do you fucking retard come from?

This is actually the most accurate McDonalds comparision I've read in a while, good job.

Tumblr is better than this shitty sinking boat called 4chen.


That's quite old actually. It amuses me how new you are.

Shinji was interestingat least

Only newfags would say that, shut the fuck up.

Fuck off, loli or not she got blown the fuck out.

Unashamed newfag here.
I recently got into anime for the first time (besides Dragon Ball comics and show as a kid).
Re Zero was about the third show I gave a try. So far its been the absolute best. Absolutely loved it.
I watched KonoSuba prior to Re Zero, which I thought was good for what it was (light and funny, nothing great though).
After Re Zero I tried Sword Art Online.... needless to say it was boring, shallow, and cringy. An actual pain to sit and watch.
Anyway I was hoping I could get some good recommendations for a new show to watch, (keep in mind that I loved Re Zero).

I dont think people will like you posting on here.

>So far its been the absolute best. Absolutely loved it.

Please don't shitpost.

>requesting rec
>shit taste

I feel compelled to suggest you to lurk some more. :^)

Thanks for the help guys. I've settled on Steins;Gate for my next anime to watch. Its made by White Fox and its their only show ranked higher than Re Zero, I can only assume it will be good.
I found the myanimelist website to be quite helpful, with the user rating system and so forth.
Now I'll never fall for a Sword Art Online-tier meme again without checking to see how low the rating is!

Anyways here's a complementary Pepe for your help.

that's probably a good choice. Same sort of theme, and an entry level show. Just be warned it's slow at the start, if you were expecting an action show it's not that.

That image pretty much sums it up. It's another totally average boy meets a bunch of cute girls in video game fantasy setting anime.

The protagonist is the Dark Lord

I liked it too and I have watched more than 1000 anime. You are fine.

Great pick, Steins Gate is actually great and the ending is quite nice.

it's a mix of other few acclaimed anime

It's a show that ends up falling flat when you realize that that MC is not a good enough character to excuse the shit that happens around him.

>characters are shallow
>any character with depth is either tossed aside or used to serve the MC
>no strong overall plot, just a bunch of random "arcs"
>MC isn't even that good of a character, people think that being a selfish person="depth"

Sorry I exposed you, newfag.

>getting baited this hard

The amount of retards that keep posting about it. Go watch more anime instead of fucking up the bandwidth with your pleb taste.



>Conveniently gaining alliance with competing factions to slay floating moby dick by using cell phone as a means of obtaining its whereabouts.
>Great plot
>Superb direction


I don't get this meme.

he is literal lord subaron

watch episode 19

don't tell me what to do

Watch it, find out and form your own fucking opinion faggot cunt.

Him being awful is the whole fucking point, if he wasn't it would just be another cancer SAO clone pandering to self-inserting nips.

- it looks pretty
- it has great waifus
- MC suffers for being a faggot and only gets rewarded when he stops being one
- Petelgeuse

Absolutely fucking nothing. The show's boring as shit and the girls are shit. But it can't even be especially shit to the point that it's entertaining or fun to hate. It's just mediocrity at its peak.

Nothing special in the slightest.

People like it because people are fucking retarded.

The checkpoint thing is a bit refreshing, but yeah, as middle of the road as it comes.

Still I didn't drop it.

you know show is better than average when lots of contrarians popping out of nowhere and your youtuber "critics" going at it really hard.

and yea re zero was pretty okay. better than most anime thats out these days, but thats setting the bar too low.

>Steins;Gate (Involves trying to change the future with limited time travel, I would say it is even darker than Re:Zero with a beautiful story line, also has epic tier music)
>Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Don't be put off by the cover, wait until episode 3 and then decide if you want to drop it, there is a seriously awesome sound track which compliments the show)