One Punch Man

So is ONE, like, never updating the webcomic again?

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He updated it 3 months ago

Feels like three years tbqh.

How long can Saitama last against bloodlusted Nappa

That's because it was 4 pages
There's like 3 people here man, this thread is dead

How does that fucking attack even work? A similar destructive blast from fucking Frieza was a big deal.

>Yfw when Memedog rapes Edge Wolf


It feels like he wants to hurry up and get Mob finished. It feels like the end arc this time. A lot of people were calling the previous arc the finale, but I think this is it. And IF that's true then he'll be solely working on OPM with Murata from now on.

How Garou vs WDM is gonna go:

>Garou witnesses WDM kill a monster or two
>the public around them goes gaga over WDM
>meanwhile Garou gets ultra mad
>he pummels WDM so hard he nearly slips and kills him
>something happens to stop him at the tight time, whether his own conscience or a 3rd party

I can feel the pottery coming. I can smell it.


He's still releasing Mob at his own pace, but this arc is definitely the last one. But who's to say that he'll release OPM like he did with Mob. Even before it he started it he released erratically. What ONE is going to do next no one knows
Garou is going in overconfident, his shit is getting pushed in

>yfw Garou rips WDM's furry ass, I mean suit, apart
Only point of the fight really.

Don't take Tori's depiction of power seriously. It really stops making sense like halfway through the original dragon ball, and it just gets sillier from there.

>It really stops making sense like halfway through the original dragon ball, and it just gets sillier from there.
Are you stupid?


Murata taken by Marvel Studios when

>Garou is going in overconfident
? He's calm, collected and observant. He also chose him out of the catalogue for some reason. Just accept the fact that mememan is about to get fodderized. This is your S2 finale.

That's more powerful than serious Saitama. Isn't DBZ earth also huge?

Where can I read this webcomic?


On the web.

>This is your S2 finale
It's not even going to be episode 11 material.
>He also chose him out of the catalogue for some reason
He chooses people randomly, why do you think he detoured toward Metal Bat. OP's image clearly shows that Garou is already underestimating mememan, so he's going to end up as dog food. And what the fuck is Engine Knight doing


Metal bat wankers would say that's not a fatal blow. Nigga literally got pierced through the heart.

Reminder that Sandnigger will be a part of the New Hero Association

Let's not forget his upper body getting shattered

What did he mean by this

No, when he found that gay duo in the catalgoue and hunted them down he actually let it slip that he reads about their abilities and shit. Something also prompted him to go after WDM specifically out of all S classes. Targets like this are special. MB was a mere passerby.

Garou will humiliate WDM in front of his own fans, quite obviously. You're the one underestimating him.

What does a karate chop by Saitama feel like?

Why do watchdogbums doesn't want to read the webcomic anyway? Don't they realize Gary buttfuck Santana so hard while still holding back. How could watchdogbum even compare?

Never ever I hope.
> wasting Murata's talent on capeshit

>Sandnigger will be a part of the New Hero Association
Maybe. But he's got no business on ONE's dream team and that page.

What is this? Google gives nothing.

You again. Enough. Garou did not buttfuck Saitama. Saitama's not his type.

The cover page of the very first version of the first manga chapter

It Murata's first draft of One Punch Man that got rejected by ONE, it's on his website
He's done nothing wrong though
Why does this exist. Just why

>Why does this exist. Just why
Oh you just wait for the anime. Just wait.

>He's done nothing wrong though
>He's done nothing
There you go

The Void Fist could be cool
I hope the vanilla fics outweigh the fujo. Murata had to draw a hand over Garou's chest because someone in the stream complained.


If Saitama doesn't smash I will

Power levels don't mean shit. The arrival of the androids with bigger powerlevels than the fucking dictator of space should have made that apparent. Cell I could be a pass to since he has the make up of the best warriors around.


The scale looks similar to the bouncy ball trap explosion (considering Namek is fucking huge).

I'm not sure what you're saying. Are you implying that if he even got hit that hard that he'd be able to continue on anyway? Do recall that Garou is a constantly evolving existence, in regard to his own strength that is. Garou even assumed that he was transforming, but was groaning right after his fight with Darkshine over his own body weakening from the repeated fights as he thought that he had finally began transcending a human body.

What I'm getting at here is that Garou during the MA invasion is more powerful than past Garou, and that's because he was bettering himself through desperate battles. That does not mean he's invincible; he lost with 3 Demon levels going after him. If they were more thorough and he was less lucky, he'd have actually died then if Bug God and Ripper had actually bothered to check if he was really dead or not.

Nappa and/or Vegeta could have supposedly destroyed earth at that point. The amount of damage that X amount of power can do to the environment is not consistent throughout the manga.

The only theory I can come up with in that inanimate object have little to no resistance to Ki, so as long as you keep the attack going you can shred through just about any terrain. But that is head cannon and still doesn't fit for some scenes.

>Are you implying that if he even got hit that hard that he'd be able to continue on anyway?
That is kind of what's happening whenever Garou takes supposedly lethal damage.

Did the whole saiyajin trope fly over your head or something? Garou made so many comebacks in the series I've lost count, honestly. Every major fight goes like this with very few exceptions where ONE had him meet someone briefly for whatever reason (Rover) or Garou's gimmick just doesn't work (Saitama, though man did Garou strain his anus there).

>if they bothered to check
Is not an excuse. They thought he was dead. They turned him into a bloody pulp and he lived and came back to kill them immediately after as if nothing happened. During the fight he killed Senior (his first kill ever) and battered the other two noticeably. Now consider the fact that this is the one scene that will definitely change in the manga and your whole argument about power levels is just nonsensical.

Garou a shit

You mean a best.

No. a shit

So how many episodes of S2 would this arc take? Starting from Metal Bat vs Centipedes unitl the possible Saitama vs Orochi.

at least 4

Literally a best. Get fucked son.

12 is the standard episode count.


That's not what he's asking

Literally who is that ugly ass nigga? Don't recognize him.

Oh right, he died like a bitch in a couple of pages. Whatever.

> ONE said Boris would not stand a chance against Gary

retards still thinks Boris stands a chance.
How is that even legal?

He said they were roughly equal

Exact quote is "Before (pre-monster Garou), it was quite obvious Boros was ways above him. But now that Garou has basically become the perfect monster, it is hard to tell who would win, it would've been one hell of a battle. I do believe that Garou is stronger in close combat, where he would simply dodge all punches and kicks"

They have the same stats but Gary is the better fighter and Boris would not even hit him at all. Same shit happened to Santana vs Gary. If Santana can't even hit Gary what can Boris even do?

guys what if

what if

sandnigger is actually BLAST

Blow up the planet

A best. Get buttpaste, kid.

ONE worded it a bit differently but the fact is he's not interested in taking Boros' side at all. ONE believes Garou slaps Boros' shit in and the latter is too much of a noob to even touch him.

I feel sorry for borosfags, I really do. Because ONE is the biggest garoufag of them all.

Unlike Saitama, Garou wouldn't let himself be a punching bag. Boros would be killed before he had a chance to fire it. Remember that Saitama basically stood there are let Boros punch the fuck out of him.

We've seen Blast.

Wasn't Garou supposed to be the one that Boros was predicted to fight?

And who'd just let him do that? This is Garou's planet, bitch.

no we haven't

>He doesn't read ONE's webcomic as well as the manga.

>We've seen Blast.
In Tatsumaki's drunken imagination.

No, it was Saitama. But Garou would've stopped him if he arrived later anyway.

He just has to go where Garou can't reach him, space. Meteoric Burst up there, blow up the planet

Garou >>>>>>>>>> [your shitty fave]. And you can do nothing about it.

If that were a viable option, why didn't he use it against Saitama?
Presuming he didn't start the fight in Meteoric Burst, Garou would easily win. MB takes a short time to charge, and, again, unlike Saitama, Garou wouldn't wait for him.

>People still debating on who would win between Garou and Boros.
Who cares? Ones a depressed manchild that had a horrible, but actually smart, plan to reveal the HAs corruption, and the other was a depressed alien that wanted to die in a blaze of glory.
They would have killed each other in the end.

>and the other was a depressed alien that wanted to die in a blaze of glory.

The funny thing about Boros is that even if he loses he wins.

>Dies with a smile on his face, his final words being his opponents name.
Boros got what he wanted in the end.

He did, he just didn't jump high enough. Meteoric Burst also involves Boros is a sphere of energy, so that could hurt Garou if he gets close
In all honestly, I don't really care. I just wanted to keep the thread alive

>He just has to go where Garou can't reach him
Again, who'd let him? Engaging Garou in a fight is a death sentence for Borya. Garou would fucking run, jump and finally fly right after him until Borya is out of pink juice.

One thing I love about Garou is how weaker he got as his forms became more and more monstrous.

>WDM is just strong and not Batman with Dogs
This sucks

So are you saying that Boris > Santana?
Because Boris could also have done that against Santana before Santana knew what was coming.

But Boros wouldn't have time to get into MB. Garou proved to be very nearly as fast as Saitama. Fast enough to dodge and counter him.
In a fight out of MG, Boros would stand no chance, and it would probably end before he had a chance to change.

But his second form was the strongest, and that was monster like
What made you think that

Not sure if a troll or just an ass reader.

He got stronger. His punches blew Saitama away and he himself took Saitama's punches head on without digging tunnels in the process.

Well yeah, I mean when he became a legit Kaiju.
Saitama did point out how dumb it was because he made himself a bigger target.

A best. Commit sudoku son.

Saitama never pointed out anything of the sort. He said Garou seemed weaker when he started losing confidence and shrinking again. Jesus fucking christ, learn to read.

>Forgetting that this fucked him over because Garou couldn't continue evolving into the "ultimate evil" while Saitama pummeled him, forcing Garou to lose his power as he reverted into his human form again.

Garou couldn't even kill Licenseless Rider
He's a total scrub

Considering Marvel right now is on a downward spiral, no.

Pic somewhat related.

user, stop actually reading the webcomic and start fantasizing about how Garou gets weaker the larger he becomes you party pooper

Saitama still would have punched it, he has ridiculous eyesight and the beam wasn't very fast
He could do while Garou was monologuing, or play with his ego like Saitama did before the Serious Table Flip, Garou will wait just for a bit, but he'll wait

I'm sorry user, I haven't read this story is months, I'm just saying what comes to memory.
Kindly take the stick out of your ass and do something useful with it.

Blow up the area, like the other guy said. Remember that just a single punch of Boros' can blow up a large area.

For sure, Garou would have the advantage in CLOSE quarters combat, but Boro can destroy large swathes of space without even needing to resort to his eye blast attack.

Not likely. Boros is a monster, not a human. So Garou would show no mercy or hesitation.

>forgetting that this bogeyman shit would've never worked against Saitama anyway
Garou could've pulled a gun out of his asshole and shot Saitama up close and that would have barely tickled him.

Borya is a mere mortal and fodder for Garou to practice new god tier fists on.

We've even seen him ripping apart monsters in the webcomic, user. Chapter 67. Not sure what you were expecting.

Probably an "ass reader", if I'm reading you right. Saitama said Garou got weaker AFTER his giant monster form collapsed and he became a wimpier-looking version of his first monster form.

>they have the same stats
Where the fuck did you get that from?
ONE said they are roughly equal in general and since Garou is the better close combat fighter you can bet your ass that Boros' beams are stronger than anything Garou has to offer
Also what's with you and their names? Do you have autism.

>I'm just saying what comes to memory
Your memory is fucking garbage. Do everyone a favor, kill yourself and stop shitting up the thread like a goddamn retard.

Like the pleasure of being cummed inside

>Getting this riled up about some user on a Chinese picture board not remembering something correctly.
Do everyone a favor and go outside for once. The sun and grass miss you.

He's being flippant to try and portray a sense of ease, user, as if he has total confidence in what he's saying. And I'm sure he does. His type of person always has absolute confidence in whatever bullcrap they're saying.

As for them being roughly equal, well, just look at it this way. For however much strength Boros has, Garou makes up for that gap with his technique. Why does no one ever listen to Tank Top Master's wisdom?

Garou a best. Saitama knows it too.

I always compare Garou and Boros like this.
Boros has the fire power to match Garou's fighting ability. They're slightly equal, but one is better than the other at something.

>weh it's okay to be retarded
I go out every day, face cretins just like you and call them out on it.

Really, kill yourself.

He knows he is a manchild yes

Lets stop talking about Vegeta and Devilman.
The fuck is Sweetmask? A monster masquerading as a human? A human who is in the process of becoming a monster? Something else entirely?

I want Garou to take my virginity

He's fucking creepy that's what he is. And a psychopath

And now he wants to fuck Saitama.
Or have Saitama fuck him.

Reminder that because most of the OPM fans in Japan are women Garou's clothing will be even more scandalous, and Genos will say sensei more seductively

>better than the other at something
Garou has asspulls coupled with unmatched skill. Nothing stops him from turning into a legit horned Godzilla who can spam cero.

He's even showed he can regen.

Garou is a jack of all trades and master of many, that's the whole point.

Thank fucking God.
You could tell that Murata started appealing to the fangirls when he made Metal Bat handsome as fuck.

He knows Garou a best. Everyone knows. Even your one autistic brain cell comprehends this fact. No amount of desperate shitposting can mask it.

Metal Bat was always handsome

He looked a little bit goofy during his first couple of appearances. His nose was rounder for one thing.

Everyone wants him dead, except Saitama who wants him to play his bill because he's kindred dine and dashing scum
Murata's art improved

I can't find that panel of him looking awfully constipated at the moment but he's an average looking delinquent and a manlet. Nothing special.

Fujos just need a fuccboi to use for their almost rape fantasies and such is the fate of MB.

Nah, only retards want him dead.

And retards will never get what they want. If they ever try, Garou is all set and ready to shit on them again.

>Garou's clothing will be even more scandalous
His shirt already can't hold his pectorals in the manga. How does one go lewder?

His nipples poking through

>average looking
Find me a sexier delinquent user
Yeah, that's because he's going to be the Vegeta/Full Wolf man for Inuyasha of this series

They sure did in that kiss scene.

>fujos ruining my OPM just like they did Mob

There you go, finally admitting that Garou a best. Congratulations.

>Find me a sexier delinquent
Easy mode. Read more manga.

He's my favorite character barring Saitama in this series. I was just keeping the thread alive and trying to start discussion
all I see is a man with a shitty pompadour

You call shitposting a discussion? I swear to god, user.

What shitposting all I said was Garou a shit which started a Boros vs Garou conversation. I'm not the DBZ autist whose main purpose is to derail things. This thread was going to die anyway

>all I see is a man with a shitty pompadour
Guess what, he's tall too and you need to get your eyes checked.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

This is Slam Dunk right. Even he got rid of that pompadour. Metal Bat being a manlet is irrelevant
Well it didn't cause any harm did it, the thread is is alive and we're actually talking about OPM without any buzzwords and power level shit

ONE enables the fujos himself.

I can't imagine how pic related must look in his version though.

Do you lack reading comprehension?
ONE said now that Gary has became perfect monster it's hard to tell who will win. That means they pretty much have the same stats.
And then he added he believes Gary would have dodge all attacks Boris throw at him.

>being a manlet is irrelevant
Something only manlets believe.

Metal Bat is superhuman, he can probably jump higher than most 6 foot people. Him being a manlet is irrelevant

There are just people who can't into scribbles and need Murata to chew it over for them by drawing a thousand flip book pages of Garou flash stepping and wrecking shit.


Who gives a shit how high he might be able to jump when his own little sister is going to be taller than him soon.

>not knowing Gary

What's so bad about Metal Bat being a manlet

Oh that's an epic name for Garou
It could be straight out of reddit

>And retards will never get what they want. If they ever try, Garou is all set and ready to shit on them again.
Garou has already gotten too close to the line with him interrupting Metal Bat's job. It sounds like you just want Garou to be truly evil than actualy want him to be an antihero. He was a lunatic who sees heroes as evil because bullies in his nightmares dress up as heroes. So he beats up REAL heroes as he was delusional and can't tell the difference. As a result many people were put in danger, when many heroes were hospitalised.

If anything, ONE has to retroactively try to lessen Garou's crimes by adding the bit with Snek saying the monsters can be defeated without heroes. Because that sounds like a defensive argument to not make Garou look bad. Saying "it's fine if there are no heroes" is just another way to say "Garou sent heroes to hospital but that didn't do any REAL harm".

I don't buy it. Anyone who dares to hit License-less Rider is a villain.

Ramen rider is a fraud who takes credit from Saitama's work.

This guy literally gets off on people admiring him. He even ask Garou if he wants his autograph. He's so full of himself.

If he really wanted to save people then he should train like Saitama did.

>It sounds like you just want Garou to be truly evil
What the fuck are you rambling about? I just want Garou to turn Amai Mask into Beavis again for hitting Busaiku.

He's as close to an anti-hero as we can get in OPM. You can shove that MUH REAL, LICENSED HEROES meme up your ass. Garou shook them on the outside and the inside, as the aftermath of the arc shows.

And if they ever try to execute him again of course he's kicking their shit in. Note that in the meantime he'll be actually getting rid of monsters, as he's always fucking done since meeting them for the first time.

I always thought of garou and boros like this, in raw strenght they seemed around equal with garou having the slight edge, while boros has the lazers and the regen. But in an actual fight garous techniques and reliance on skill rather than brute forcing his fights would give him the advantage and he would win.

In other words, Boros is a machine of mass destruction while Garou is the absolute master of 1v1. In a duel the latter prevails thanks to that combat adaptability.

Some gooks dubbed the Boros vs Saitama fight and added an extra scene to boot.

>He's as close to an anti-hero as we can get in OPM. You can shove that MUH REAL, LICENSED HEROES meme up your ass. Garou shook them on the outside and the inside, as the aftermath of the arc shows.
And that sent so many heroes to hospital that the remaining heroes were overwhelmed by the Monster Association. Thanks Garou! All the dead civilians are YOU fault!.

And all because of what? Because he thinks monsters are not actually evil.

>Complaining about a 3 month hiatus on the webcomic

It's like you weren't here for the 6 month hiatus during the climax of the Garou arc.

Now that was true hell.

What's great about this page is everyone is looking left and right searching for Garou. Saitama on the other hand is the only one looking up which combined with the rocks fling up implies both that Garou jumped up to escape and that he has evolved to the point where only Saitama can follow him.

Retard, there was no 6 months hiatus while MA arc is going. The 6 months no updates was after the MA arc when Saitama moved to city A.

> They thought he was dead

Actually no. Psykos forced them to come back right away, and they didn't have time to verify his death, they even said "probably" dead.

>Because he thinks monsters are not actually evil.
No, he thinks monsters can and should have motivations that do not boil down to mindless desire to murder and deserve to win in a society where heroes are infallibale and always painted as the good guys and only bringers of "peace".

Notice how Garou did not see monsters as monsters either. To him they were "weak humans".

He still killed monsters without remorse. He disliked it when he was told by the MA to kill a 100 humans too, thinking that it wouldn't make him into a monster, but into a serial killer instead. It's obvious that, when Garou thinks of monsters, he's not actually thinking about the real monsters in the world but of something else.

Garou was simply projecting onto monsters his sympathy for the "uncool, unpopular oppressed" and he chose them to project onto simply because they fit his sense of aesthetics. Garou confused himself on what his heart really wanted. He was a chuuni.

It's not so much that he thinks monsters "should have motivations that do not boil down to mindless desire to murder and deserve to win in a society where heroes are infallible" as he was simply painting over reality and using monsters as a substitute to refer to the people Garou actually wants to protect (people like the ugly kid), but couldn't outwardly admit. Zombie Man even pointed this out to him; that evil is evil for a reason and that they need to be subdued.

>Garou deliberately spares every single hero he could've easily killed
>kills monsters
>gives heroes chardev
>Thanks Garou!
Damn straight you should be thanking him.

*> Garou sends weak ass heroes to the hospital so they don't get killed by the monster invasion.

Wait legit did one give a new interview/twitter answers? Last I recall he confirmed that Boros and Garou were about Equal.
IIRC that was the same interview that Tats could have GS, and MB could kill a dragon.

He also protects little girls and boys aka the damsels from monster rape at every opportunity.

I wonder if he's gonna save the rich kid as well. Kek.

Asking here because the other thread died, but does anyone have that picture where Tatsumaki is drunk with Geros and Saitama, and she says "alright so who's gonna stick it in?"

Think it was a parody strip of ova 6

No, Boros would outclass Garou in power, and Garou would make up for it with superior technique leaving them even.

yeah Garou was delusional. He basically saw monsters as if they were the Washington Generals and the heroes were the Globetrotters.

They were "just another team" that didn't deserve to get shit on and lose all the time.

Of course, that's not what monsters are at all.