You wake up to find yourself in a pic related situation. Your family is beginning to worry about your tastes in girls

You wake up to find yourself in a pic related situation. Your family is beginning to worry about your tastes in girls.

What do? How do you throw them off your trail? Or do you go off the deep end and accept the branding?

do you stick it to the man, society, and the worlds expectations?

do you bite the bullet and start dating real girls in your age group?

do you try and fight your addiction head on?

Just leave it as is, I guess. They already think I'm weird, what's one more on the pile?
I mean, assuming that I wouldn't be reported for it.

I become a siscon to throw them off.

>getting disgusted stares and comments like this at every family get together forevermore

Fap to loli more.

absolute madman

Well thankfully, they probably know nothing about my sexual interests right now. Just that I'm weird.

Illya seems pretty pleased here, so what's the issue?

i blame society/the world for making me into the monster i am, then do nothing to try to change.

thats the american way.

Date somebody with


Buy Gaen Gravure magazines and then let her read them.
It's not like she doesn't know how hard I'm going to fap to them.


It was already made obvious when I began dating a girl a decade my junior when I was 24.


Fuck off.

keep watching anime with cute lolis like always



fuck off?!?

>being into old hags and children at the same time
>showing mommy your fetishes to try and earn her acceptance


>defending 3DPD on Cred Forums

Fuck off normalfag.

>actual pedo in my loli thread

go die in a fire.
but after you tell me how this makes you feel.

your really on a roll, neet senpai..

>neet senpai...

You need to go back reddit cancer.

not at all, a 'lolita complex' is more diverse than that.

I'm pretty sure that's the woman that's something like 25 but just looks young. Either way, she's ugly.

>hating Gaen
>not knowing that the Bimajo on the magazine is going to throw them off the trail.

I bet you like Senjougahara, faggot.

never said i hated gaen, but you got me - i love the crab

I usually don't older woman to throw them off

There's where your issue is. You like Crab, the objectively least flavoured character in the show. Sodachi has more flavour than Crab.

He made a bad post but that's probably the ugliest image I've seen today, please do not post it again.

Get a big tit gf to throw them off, continue pursuing my "interests" in private.

Aren't I already in this situation already? Fuck, they either think I'm a pedophile or a faggot, possibly both since I don't into 3DPD.

Just don't give a fuck about it.