[Asenshi] selector destructed WIXOSS [BD 1080p AAC] [99C35A9B].mkv

>[Asenshi] selector destructed WIXOSS [BD 1080p AAC] [99C35A9B].mkv
>[Asenshi] selector destructed WIXOSS [BD 720p AAC] [67E53949].mkv

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Now with extra nudity.

Finally, and just in time for Lostorage too.

Does it have yuri?

>missed the stream
>posted today
Thank you based Akatsukin



Fuck just in time.

When is the stream?


> Just finished the entire series this evening.
> Suddenly the movie is subbed.


I really hope that Lostorage is just as good.

I pity the people who missed yesterday's stream.

>Recap movies

It's not.

So, what social norms will Lostoroge break? I mean, the main heroine (other than Ruu) who monopolized most of the screentime in the first season, loved her brother, won the Kazukibowl, and managed to have her happy ending. Probably the happiest ending of the entire cast, honestly.

Shame about Hanayo though, I guess having an impossible to fufill love, while constantly being indirectly NTRed in Yuzuki's body is her karmic punishment for misleading and bodyjacking her in the first place. Still pitiable.

Akira seriously just needs an honest hug and lots of love, but I think she's broken for good since she went full yandere for Ulith and probably can't trust another human being ever again.

I haven't watched the movie yet. Hopefully I'll see plenty of Yuzuki.

It's not, it's pretty much a cherry on top of the Selector sundae. Not necessary, but it completes it. At least that's what I've heard.

Since in lostorage they use memories, I bet one of the characters is in love with someone else and tries to manipulate their memories into loving him/her.

I just want to give Akira a hug and tell her evertyhing will be alright.

Those great threads we had during the first season will never be back

They will if Lostorage lives up to it.

The threads when pic related happened were glorious.

Man, I skipped on this show when it was airing. Do you remember when that episode aired? I want to see the shitstorm.

The very first thread was glorious, does anybody have screencap of it?

I think those threads were lost when the archive died. But I never bothered to check so I might be wrong.

Wait its not? Time to download it then.

Spread couldn't even live up to infected

Have low expectations for lots'o'rage

Also why is this movie all recap so far?

>It is the face of female
This one gets me every time

In essence it is a recap, it just has some new scenes.

If you skip the first 7 minutes I can see why you think that.



Spread only failed to live up to Infected because the mystery was gone, best girl (Yuzuki) had less focus. Also, they tried to explain everything via. long-winded infodumping, when keeping it subtle was probably a far better idea while focusing on character conflict and drama instead of the story.

I'd really be surprised if they didn't learn from that, especially since the theme here is memories, which opens up a substantial amount of viable character conflict/drama. The story will probably be lower-key too, though still quite dark.

Oh yes, you must mean these girls' arc. Those two episodes happened to be written by writer #3, not Okada or Nemoto. Not that it's relevant anyway as they're all gone for this new series.

So is lostorage going to be AOTS or shit?

It'll be one or the other. It all depends on the characters, honestly.


after watching both seasons i still have no idea what the rules of wixoss are.

It's pretty fun actually.

Ruuko's mom is an asshole

So is Sachi's mom, to be fair.



Translation pls

>best girl had less focus
But it was pretty Ulith-heavy, and that couldn't save it

Eh, it had some new stuff and it was nice and worth watching for the new scenes and implied yuri, but they never explained that shit about the pillar and monster tama from S1



> Ruu never became a battoruthirsty monster.


I want to fuck human Eldorito

Low energy thread

Maybe in lostorage

call me when lostage airs

Why is she so perfect?

It's the hairstyle.

I want to fuck Piruruk.

Are the sound effects in Asenshi's sub really loud for anyone else?

Pretty much just reminded me how great Infected was. Also cut out most of the boring Mayu story from Spread.



It's the proportion of her thighs, tits and ass. They combine to give her a perfect hour glass figure.

Based gravelords.

Reminder that Kiyoi is confirmed for Lostorage.

Wait, I'm retarded or she wasn't in the series at all?

Not in that form (Ulith).


Posting best LRIG.

Me too.

Can't fucking way for Lostorage.

I find their ending incredibly depressing.

I want to marry the sound director.

>New Wixoss

That was sick, indeed.


I forgot how retarded this show was.

Anyone still have any pics of Ulith from the series or movie?

Isn't it just a recap?
Should I watch it ? Any new scenes worth wasting 2hours of my life for?

>Isn't it just a recap?
About 70-80% is recap.
>Should I watch it ?
Yes, it's well put together. Pacing might feel a bit fast.
>Any new scenes worth wasting 2hours of my life for?
If you want to understand Ulith and the pillar thing more then yes.

So how good really is this? I tried the first season but the first three episodes didn't really stand out to me. The last few threads are sparking my interest again. It's not one of those mediocre shows where you guys pick one thing that stands out and meme it into infinity to pretend the show is good right?

What am I supposed to tell you? I'm biased as fuck.
You either like it or not, that's not rocket science.

Did the characters get any development? Did the plot ever get interesting? Did they introduce something new to the concept? Anything like that. You guys seem pretty happy for the new one and for the most part you seem to be agreeing with each other so it's certainly not as divisive.

Lostorage is getting male selectors so no more /u/ shit.

>Did the characters get any development?
>Did the plot ever get interesting?
Subjective. Since you only saw the first three episodes you obviously missed all the great moments. Spread pissed off some people because they didn't get their edge route they were "promised". Still makes me chuckle.
>Did they introduce something new to the concept?
What concept? If you mean girls trapped in cards then no, why would they.

I don't see how male selectors cancel out yuri subtext.

Most well known yuri series had male characters.

Best ED ever.

Have you praised your goddess today?


Why is there a transgender man on that bed?


Do not bully tall girls.

That's me.

That sounds good enough for me, thanks.

That's my waifu

What's with Iona and QUALITY?


It's really, really bad, both seasons are some of the worst anime I've ever seen.

Why these threads exist is a mystery to me.

Fucking finally.

Also how many days until new anime again?


I still don't get it. What happened to Yuki, did she permanently fuse with Tama, or got back to Iona's body?

Iona's body went to Iona

I'm more curious about whose body TamaYuki is using or if it's a brand new one.
Where does she live? Who is her family? Etc etc.

We will make this thread last more than fucking Miuna threads.

That is some bullshit. I wanted to see more interactions between her and Ruu.

So, Infected focused significantly on an incest couple who actually got probably the best ending in the entire cast. How are they going to top that for Lostorage?

As Tama's hair is gray and Level 5 Mayu had both Tama and Yuki's voices, it's safe to say they're now one in the same. Plus Yuki was on the verge of dying anyway before the Grow.


Remember what they said about smell.

wtf I hate Ulith now

Ruu smells like batoru.

I really hope that Lostorage is good. We don't get solid dark fantasies often.

I really love girls with short gray hair for some reason. Not white or light blue, only gray.

They said it's going to be a wild ride.


>LRIG is GIRL backwards

>Kazuki's VA told the producer to stop
Oh man, just what are they up to.

>Kazuki's VA is back
Wait what?

Wait, Kazuki is in Lostoroge?

Are we going to get tons of Yuzuki fanservice?

I didn't noticed it

Get ready for YOB

It's a pseudo-sequel apparently taking place after spread. I mean, old characters could easily show up to save the day.

Focused around a new cast though.

That's not what I said.
Direct quote:
>When I was at the recording studio, I ran into Kazuki's VA Kobayashi Yuusuke, and as I was telling him about Lostorage he told me to stop because it was too horrible, so you can look forward to that lol. Yuusuke's such a good guy ( ̄▽ ̄) See you on 10/7!

Now, why do you think Kazuki's VA would be there unless he had lines in Lostorage?

Just think about that for a second.

It says nowhere that Lostorage was being recorded.

So, are they going to go for darker, or fluffier for Lostorage?

So, basically Super Danganronpa 2?

Might as well copy the rest.

>About Lostorage incited Wixoss starting next week, yesterday we just finished final editing for episode 1, and in a way this is way crueler than selector lol... Thank god Tama was saved (distant look). Look forward to it! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

>Homura Suzuko's VA Hashimoto Chinami-san voice and acting makes her seem quite transient, and I want to cheer her on with a "You can do it, Suzuko!" Her partner, Lil's VA Itou Shizuka is really killer her emotions, such that you can really feel Suzuko's despair in not being able to rely on anyone lol

>I mentioned that this was crueler than selector, but Suzu and Ruu are in similar situations. It's just that Lostorage is so raw and graphic that I felt like Grandma was saved too lol

>After Lost was announced, we had a celebration for the Selector movie with Kakura Ai, Sakura-kun, TakaMina, Akasaki-kun, and the rest of them all said...

>"I wonder if I'll be in the next (Lost)... no, I really want to be!" I can look back and laugh now, but you really don't want to be! You'll face an even harsher world! lol

>I was the one who made the PV and TVCM, so did you see it? If you thought it was identical to selector, there's not much I can say otherwise, except...

>There was one character from selector with sharp eyes, and you may have second guessed yourself, but you were correct. Please watch if you liked selector. She's become a really cool girl. She makes me want to make a new deck lol

>Back to the PV, only Suzu and Chii-chan had lines. Just like selector, we recorded it before the actual show, and though I already knew...

>Iguchi-san's Chinatsu was so cool I was surprised. It's because I always associated her with In-something's voice (it's Index) inside my head lol. In fact she sounded so mature and seductive that I had to ask her to tone down the sexiness... Iguchi-kun really has grown lol

>Last one, Lostorage is airing 10/7, and like the last time it'll have a unique and immersive atmosphere so look forward to it! Oh, but before that...

>When I was at the recording studio, I ran into Kazuki's VA Kobayashi Yuusuke, and as I was telling him about Lostorage he told me to stop because it was too horrible, so you can look forward to that lol. Yuusuke's such a good guy ( ̄▽ ̄) See you on 10/7!

>Why these threads exist is a mystery to me.

Cute Girls Suffering is a offshoot of the CGDCT genre with few entrees. This is a full genre for a niche.

>This is a full genre for a niche.
Sorry, full 'franchise' for a niche.

Sounds like it'll be happy clappy.


Darker, fucking with memories should be worse

>Male Selectors are no good
>"Holy shit I am a massive dyke, I can't live without my face in Ruuko's Manko"

It's basically death.

TN: Manko is Japanese for a girl's カードホルダー

TL please.



It seems like they cannot live without shekels.

Fucking Mayoiga.


The first episode made it seem that Mayoiga was going to be that kind of anime where everyone dies one by one in funny ways but then absolutely nothing happened the entire series.


Mayoiga is the worst anime I have ever watched.
At least the oc made me laugh.

>Nanashi is a cripple

W-What are you trying to say!?

>Grandma was saved
Now I understand why she was screaming about her grandfather in the PV.

That makes me even harder

mfw, Ruko get her girlfriend
she will live with her. from now

Fuck off, Mugino.

Some reviewer thought it might have intentionally been made as a bad B-grade horror. Though it almost makes sense, I don't want to admit it was intentionally shit.


>Nanashi is actually just an elaboration based actually on Alfou
I really want it to be like this.

>Hanayo and Hanayo Unjoh confirmed one person

nana+shi? (94)
na+nashi? (anonymous)

But she doesn't have her breast size. But as long as she's still a lesbian stalker, I'm fine with this.

>not loving sweet vanilla cripplomancy

If Ulith and Hanare are still stuck in void, then what are their bodies doing? Did they go tho Tama and Yuki?

Are coinless LRIGs going to be outclassed now?

Not even once.

He actually has some cute stuff.


One's in a coma, the other's probably dead from a revenge kill.

Yeah, 2 or 3 one-shots in a sea of edge and ridiculous stuff.

Just beautiful.
What it takes for Nanashi being the best LRIG even above all mighty Alfou?

All hail Lord Hitoto*, and thank god TT got him on to do all the designs and art.

>her selector is male
>her speciality is traps
I have a bad feeling about this.

All black LRIGs are the best

>4 golden coins
How does a loli make so much money?

¡Salve Victoria Hitoto*!


Mel is the cutest of new bunch.

>A/B cups


>What it takes for Nanashi being the best LRIG even above all mighty Alfou?
>even above all mighty Alfou?
A jump to another dimension might do the trick.

This shouldn't be funny but it is.

I can't stop staring her legs!

What are their names again?

So, Myu/u/ a thing?

We will never know.


Do you lo/v/e your enemies, Cred Forums?

I love the genesis of the next frienship

How much of it is recap?


>movie doesn't show original Iona
That felt weird

60 minutes


The producers mentioned it would do worse than Roku no Yuusha at around Episode 3.

I'd be willing to believe it was intentionally shit.

The last chapters haven't been scanned, right?

Please screencap the most beautiful backgrounds and related for maximum scenery porn from Studio Pablo. I beg you!

They could have at least made it fun shit, like Another.
It was just boring. Only speculation and retarded OC kept me going.

Do you want me to fucking upload the movie frame by frame m8? Just watch it. Or just rewatch the series. It's full of it.


Only the one who you consider the most appropiate. I will do my own when I get time.

Oh god, he wants to be a girl, doesn't he?

>that ending of infected
that's how you end season. it was so great.

Her smile is my scenery porn.

>retarded OC
Same, still dropped episode 9

Infected was 11/10, mostly because plot progression was swift, the drama was good, the mysteries were revealed in a fucking awesome way, and Yuzuki (best girl) had a ton of screentime.

Spread kind of was mediocre because almost all our questions were already answered from Infected and only really !Iona and Akira had any reason to fight Ruu. I feel like they've learned from this by making it a more character-driven premise with the whole memories thing, but I'm sure there'll be twists along the way.

>Later in the series, they introduce the concept of leverage (as financial) and you literally can substract monocoi- I mean wixoss coins from regular people and use then using them as a bet against selector batoru. If you win you can manage to change the memories from the entire people you took the leverage.
>If I cannot be the little girl, I will make the people believe that I was born a girl

Don't forget the preview for Spread gave away plot points for half the season three months in advance.

[C] was great.

was the whole point of the movie to make ulith a yuri incest lesbian? that seems like the only not recap part

I don't know what the fuck is [C].

>the bad guy is a tranny

Honestly, I really wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be the case.

I mean, it's pretty much the only way to one-up a canon incest main heroine.

Wait, is blue going to be an antagonist?

God, seriously, can't this shit just air already?

> We've gone from 'the bad guy is the black guy' to 'the bad guy is the gay guy' to 'the bad guy is the tranny'.

Glory to the advancement of culture. Not.

So if he wants to be a girl and his wish backfires he becomes buff bara?

I don't think the same mechanics apply to Lostorage. I mean, it's a sequel, and the one responsible for that was disposed of.

Mayu was not disposed of, she was saved, redeemed, and passed on.

>New WIXOSS Rules
>1. Once you become a Selector, you can participate in Selector Batoru and you got your 5 memory coins as represents of the most important memories from your life.
>2. You only bet only one memory coin per Selector Batoru and dependending on if you win you can manage to change one memory coin from an opononent or one of your own memory coin.
>3. In a case a Selector losses all its 5 memory coins, Selector can still participate in Selector Batoru through leverage mechanism as they gather the most important memories from other people either close or distant to him and using them as their own memory coins.

Pretty sure they said during the announcements that you can bet however many coins you want at a time.

Did you make that up


So if you are a massive cunt but with lots of friends you can spam matches how much you want because it eats other people?

And how the fuck cab you use people distant to you? Doesn't make sense.

Thinking about it, Spread's ending is substantially more depressing than at first glance.

> Everyone's physical reprecussions for losing are still around (scars, wounds, etc.), deaths of the original host body resulting in girls outright disappearing, revenge murder attempters having to live with the carnage they caused, etc.
> Everyone still lost several years of their lives, possibly making them basically an alien in their own life, and no one would believe your story so all you can do is cry when people tell you that you're 'acting strangely/not like -chan'.
> All the LRIGs inhabiting their bodies have all their relationships and everything they've built toward in their new lives torn from them. (e.g. Hanayo).
> All of them have to live with massive amounts of guilt for everything that they've done.
> They all still have huge amounts of PTSD that they can't ever get the help they need for because talking about it would sound like the rantings of a deranged madman.
> Mayu is still dead and lived the more depressing life possible.
> Yuki is basically dead (her amalgamation is almost 100% Tama).
> Almost none of them are truly any closer to their dreams, and many are much further (suffered from a reversed wish, lost time).

So, Stirred when?

What do you supposedly get if you 'win'? How do you win?

Sounds kinda lame, considering 'important memories' tend to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of other memories, so the incongruity would easily be 'solved'. Unless it's like, a cascading thing where the possible inconsistencies resolve themselves by changing the details as a result of that major change (e.g. changing the person you've loved for your entire life would be a valid modification).

Otherwise, the only time when it would be relevant is if you had a raburabu confession with some guy when you were kids and you never saw him again.

You win because you can alter your own and others' memories. There is no exit.

Hey, all the girls were smiling in the end. As Midori so eloquently put it, there were people they never would've connected with and things they couldn't have learned without the Selector system. Even Akira and Piruluk made up.


> You win because you can alter your own and others' memories.

Why would you want to fight in the first place?

> Oh boy, I'll risk being mindbroken and mindhacked so that I can blot out my own memories! What could possibly go wrong?

Brilliant/10. The reward just seems too low unless you're innately a cruel and sadistic person and just want to break people.

Reminder that movie OST included a 17 minute audio drama with Mirurun and Kyoi bullying Akira.


It's very good to know this WIXOSS is filled with well adjusted and nice guys.

Asenshi! We need you!


Never. Like Stirred.

Could that be Ulith with a dick?

Akira was seriously the most entertaining character in Selector, barely surpassing Yuzuki's incest antics.

Seriously, she was an infinite font of entertainment and probably more fun than Ulith. Still, all she really needed is a huge hug and some love. I doubt she could ever trust anyone again after she played with her delicate feelings though.

>Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.
Lostorage shits on that.

Or, I don't know, if you have a traumatic past that you just want to erase? You're not thinking about this deeply enough.


Honestly it's pretty easy to understand if you watched the series, they mostly recall things that happened and use simple words.
I never learned Japanese but I was able to understand everything.

Posting this Hitoe LRIG.

Miss me yet?

Not so fast.
Ask again later this week.

Never leave me.

I'm calling it now, if you're challenged to a d-d-duel you can't decline the challenge like you could in Selector.

I mean, the PV has the protagonist saying 'I can't quit being a Selector if I win? I don't even want to battoru. I don't want to fight! Do we really need to battle like this!?'

It feels like she can't even decline being challenged, so she has no choice but to fight with a proverbial gun pointed up against her head.

We should call every possible scenario. The winner gets to post: "Fucking called it" this Friday earning himself a big load of internet points.

I like it since I try to understand the series from Takara Tommy & J.C.STAFF i.e. as both sales engine and anime-driven paid advertising for the TCG. I want to know what is hard to predict the BD sales or the TCG sales.

Can I at least spend my internet points on memes or dubs?

Whatever you want.

It's a conspiracy.

>try not to cry
>cry a lot


Anyone else think that we're going to get a canon yuri couple with the two main heroines in Lostorage?

>LRIGs tulpas are based on each other
It's obvio/u/s.

I need seriously need screenshots. The shitstorm when Yuzuki was turned into a LRIG must have been something. 11/10 execution right there. The archive is dead too, so fuck.

I really hope that Lostorage is just as good.

The premise is that one despises the other, probably similar to Rumi and Sachi.

What the fuck?
Citaton source please, I need it for research and development (R&D).

> The premise is that one despises the other, that one despises the other
> Implying she wasn't memoryfucked and she actually loved her in the past, except her memories of her were warped by the big bad.

Come on now. made an excellent point.

I thought it was clear from the PV. It might've been in the last Wixoss event too, they were saying that Iguchi's girl now hates Suzuko even though they used to be best friends.

> Implying the girl that hates Suzuko isn't 100% justified in her hatred.
> Implying Suzuko hadn't played Wixoss in the past and modified related memories to be in her favor.
> She eventually lost in the end, so she forgot everything having to do with the game, but she still had modified memories.
> Their LRIG tulpas look like each other, either because they were originally the other's LRIG when they first played, or because they loved each other back then and they're modelled off their desires as to who they want to be.

It'd be too obvious if the girl wasn't fully justified in her hatred. I mean, the whole theme seems to be 'running away from the past', given the rules and the central benefit of tweaking your own memories or others' to benefit yourself. The two central heroines probably won't fall into either camp.

How probable is it that a new Selector was part of the old system but is now in for a second time?

Her name is Homura Suzuko. You're thinking of Morikawa Chinatsu, and she does hate Suzu. You'll see this Friday.

Maybe someone meme'd it as hard as possible.

Character profiles on the website.

>Her name is Homura Suzuko. You're thinking of Morikawa Chinatsu,
My bad, still have to get used to the names.
>and she does hate Suzu
Citation needed.

Where? Pic related.

I'm guessing that if you lose all your memory coins, the opponent gets to modify ALL your memores to any extent they want, or something. Expect lots of mindhacked slaves and/or mindbroken sluts slobbering all over the antagonist's dick.

I doubt is 100% true, I can't believe that they'd only gamble a single coin in a battoru for the entire runtime. Gambling like, everything in some cases (esp. the final battle) seems far more likely.

> but is now in for a second time?

Pretty much 100%. If there's a second cour, expect tons of Yuzukiservice because she was the most popular character by far from Selector.

>Akira bullying
This seiyuu's characters literally can never catch a break.

>We want ZTD audience
Fucking Delta!

So can I take from the sudden silence that this "Suzuko and Chinatsu despise each other" was really just a ruse?
I'm confused.

It was somewhere in the last Wixoss event interview, which is now lost to the archives. Or you can find a recording on Nico, but good luck.

I don't recall anything like this. Which event?

The day the PV was released.

I don't think they hate each other. Given the descriptions at least from Chinatsu. It's very obvious she currently has turmoil of emotions since she might think if Suzuko knew about her condition it would damage the internal imagine Suzuko and the figure she is proud of. So she might try to distance herself from Suzuko in order to keep her status quo in Suzuko's head. Meanwhile, from Suzuko perspective, she might think she fucked up pretty badly at some point of her life and now wants atonement.

> Akira will never be Aki-lovely again.

She was adorable when she was lovestruck and she was slowly being rehabilitated into an actual upstanding person with the power of love until Ulith started actively manipulating her. Now she's a permanently broken suicidal monster with no hopes or dreams in life, and I'd be extremely surprised if she didn't show up in Lostorage, fighting so that she can erase all her terrible memories or to destroy everyone else's happiness. If anyone has a good enough reason to come back from the old cast, it'd be her.

I hope they give her the befriending she deserves. Seriously, she went through so much shit in her awful life from the very beginning, and was played with and manipulated until she finally broke forever.

Wrong image, whoops.

Despair of batoru.

Another one? I wonder which kind of IP is this time.

Should be this thread then.

I still don't see it.

>canon yuri couple
>TV anime
Nah. Enjoy your marriage ending of UmrTawil novel.

I wish Ruu and Tama succumbed to BATTORU bloodlust in the second season.

Seriously, I was getting pretty hyped for Yuki acting like a goddamn demon and trying to convince Ruu to give in to her desires and battoru.

Honestly, I couldn't see the whole battoru thing as anything but some sort of weird metaphor for drug usage.

It says Rebellion in the logo.

So all this danganronpa-posting now starts to make sense.

Bullshit. How often do you get a canon 100% blood-related wincest couple with tons of screentime in a TV anime?


>Iguchi's girl now hates Suzuko even though they used to be best friends.
Are you sure you are not thinking of Vivid Strike?

All we need is some それは違うよ! and mindhacking, and we're basically DR.

That would explain plenty.

Pirate slut from Queen's Blade.

I couldn't get past episode 2 of the original Vivid. But hey, maybe I'm misremembering, maybe I'm assuming, or maybe I was right but there's no way to double check. I'm only saying that Chinatsu doesn't like Suzuko anymore. We'll see soon enough. I'm not trying to back out, but without any hard evidence I can't prove anything. Maybe I was the one who lost a battle and got my memories changed.

>Maybe I was the one who lost a battle and got my memories changed.
It seems.

I heard this show was edgy. I like edgy. Should I pick it up?

I'm betting all my wixoss memory coins Nanashi is made after Alfou in-universe.

> Implying Suzuko didn't do something terrible, then modified her own memories so that she didn't feel guilt about it any more.
> Implying Chinatsu isn't 100% justified.
> Suzuko eventually lost and thus doesn't remember anything about it, but the modified memories remained.

But I wasn't implying any of that.

>Mandela Effect: The Anime
Why Japan lacks of originality!? Damn jesus!

>do something terrible, then modified her own memories so that she didn't feel guilt about it any more
That's a plot I once came up with, except the character just pretended to not have memories.

More like Mandela Effect: The Thread.


>muh sakaguchi

She's in yuris with Amika now, with Akira on the side when she isn't being played with by Urazoe Iona.

Pretty much last thread hinted she will have a role in this series now.

Reverse girls had role in spreas too, you know.

Destructed OST is up on AB

Appearance =/= role.

I don't think a still frame counts as a role, but it was nice that Destructed didn't cover them with the credits.

sure was a lot of WUB

>I mean, old characters could easily show up to save the day.
Let's see:

>Ruuko: You guys are currently being trapped in a wide-scheme of memory modifications around this city.
>Yuzuki: Both LRIGs, and your condition as Selectors are not more than tricks in your mind created by the mastermind.
>Hitoe: The Selector system shouldn't exist anymore.
>Ruuko: Someone is forcing on all of you being part of this madness causing both suffering and despair

>implying everyone can get into AB

So, what's going to be the tragic twist this time? I mean, it's really fucking hard to beat 'if you lose, everything you ever wanted is reversed in the cruellest fashion, and if you win, everything you ever wanted is fufilled in a manner you could accomplish on your own, but you aren't the one who gets to experience it and you're forced to live out the rest of your days in a card until you manage to trick someone into winning three times and wishing for something'.

Honestly, the coup de grace is that even if the LRIGs get someone's body, they're forced to pursue dreams that they aren't even suited to, despite their will. It's literally unending hell for everyone involved. Heck, some of the veterans probably start wishing to be a LRIG forever, because, while being lonely and trapped in a dark room surrounded with untouchable warm smiles for an eternity is pretty bad, the alternative is full of solitude anyway, and your choices still don't matter - for all essential purposes, you have even less freedom and agency than when in a card. Worse, you become a stranger in someone else's life that you destroyed to get there in the first place, and no one truly knows or cares about *you*.

i haven't been following the spin-offs
is this some bonus bit from one of them?

I honestly like the idea of messing with people's memories better.

>So, what's going to be the tragic twist this time?
They weren't actually changing memories. They were changing the whole fucking reality by itself and during all the episodes during the series they foreshadowed it with thiny details about it just being memories (perception) from characters but in reality it was the whole memories from certain events including the city's people memories.

Something entirely different.

Glad to see I'm not the only one here with DR2 vibes. The fact that you can wager memories with people you have tangent connections to is a scary as fuck thing.

> They were changing the whole fucking reality by itself

Fund it. That's an excellent twist and would open up some really really scary shit.

As a side-benefit, it'd give incentive for the protagonists to actively participate and try to 'rehabillitate' villains by fixing the root cause of their assholery. Otherwise, I feel like the reward is too minor for them to pursue over an entire season or two or to act as a valid incentive for them to participate past the first few episodes.

>Ulith went to limbo before she could mess up with memories

Can't wait for her to save the day.

Or perhaps what happens is that when you lose your coins/memories, they become a real person, an avatar of yourself. This copy thinks it's real, and actively tries to take over your life while you're left confused as to who you even are.

There's a song on the Owari no Hoshi no Love Song album that's almost about this.

> This copy thinks it's real, and actively tries to take over your life while you're left confused as to who you even are.
> You gradually become a LRIG as your confusion escalates and you start to question your own existence, identity and place in life.
> The two main protagonists are pod people.
> The two main LRIGs look like the heroines because they're actually them, but they've forgotten who they are.

>Or perhaps what happens is that when you lose your coins/memories, they become a real person, an avatar of yourself. This copy thinks it's real, and actively tries to take over your life while you're left confused as to who you even are.

And thus this happens:
>LRIG becomes the embodiment of all your memories and this outputs a copy of yourself
>Takes over your body and retains it's own personality and think its very being is the real person owner of the memories
>The former selector gets trapped to the LRIG realm
>Since the former LRIG is now in a human body no longer remembers its former Selector
>The former selector gets banished from existence

> The former selector gets banished from existence


Former villains being brought back as allies, Hannibal Lecter-style, is one of my favourite things.

>In the drama CD Akira asks why does Mirurun put her cards inside a tupperware
The memes have gone to far

Meta as fuck.

never mind, found it

>being so new you aren't even on AB

I hope my waifu shows up in Lostorage.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for crazies.

Remember to play her bingo when watching her series. TBA for Bingo update.

>finding satisfaction in belittling people over private tracker access
Grow up.


Honestly, Infected didn't really have any melodrama, only Spread did.

I bet we're getting yuri, abandonment, unrequited hatsukoi, misunderstanding, suffering, NTR, dysfunctional families, tears, degeneracy, destructive relationships, childhood trauma (GALORE), redemption, independent women, and striving for change.

My little hack can't be this cute!

> Tfw no screenshots of back then.


You really did miss out. infected threads were some of the most fun I had on Cred Forums.


Plus the archive is gone, so fuck.

Literally a tragedy right there. At least if Lostoroge is good we might have something similar again.

Did we ever really find out why Ruu's mom was afraid of her and booked it?



Destructed OST in placebo format

Wait is Okada seriously back again for this?
I was looking forward to a Weaksauce without the devil herself.

Goddamnit, I feel like Lostorage is going to be shit.

Selector was written by Okada and directed by the guy who directed the Steins;Gate anime.

Lostoroge meanwhile has the guy who did series comp for Nijuu Mensou and script for Cross Game doing the writing, which might be decent. However fucking Katsshi Sakurabi is the director. You know, the guy responsible for the anime that doesn't exist.

That said, he did also direct Flying Witch. I really hope I'm wrong about this.

Every nigga is a star so is you!
Fucking thank you!

The thing that didn't exist was over 10 years ago. He's recovered.

That which shall not be named aired a long time ago now. He's had years to hone his craft and learn from his mistakes.

Besides, the directing wasn't necessarily the most damning thing about that adaptation. The choice to adapt it in the manner that it was adapted was up to the production committee, in which the director only has so much sway. It's unreasonable to pin the blame for its many flaws on any one person. Hell, even Nasu must have approved what was done to that series in its adaptation.

Reminder that Yuki/Iona is best girl.

I just want some suffering

>Yuki Onna

100% agree. Honestly, I was kind of hoping for Yuki to turn into a white card, and Tama to succumb to the DARKNESS and turn into a black one, to mirror the final fight of the last cour.

Flying Witch was excellent though, so maybe he's improved.



Thank you very much.

Peeping Analyze chapter 9

All credits go to typeset-user. Thank you.

God damn, this is some heavy shit at the start of destructed.

How'd Akira magically get over being utterly heartbroken, PTSDed, zetsubou'd, having her career permanently ruined, and more?

After Ulith played with her heart, she shouldn't be able to trust anyone else ever again.

RIP sad snowman ;_;

Kinda glad this is mostly recap, because I honestly can only remember like 50% of what happened in this show.

She was a raging, roiling torrent of hatred and emotions long before her life blew up in her face. She seems pretty accustomed to coping with those negative emotions in unhealthy ways, so she probably just rationalized everything in yet another vicious and malevolent will to power to motivate her efforts of social recovery.

I wouldn't say she's insensitive to emotional turmoil so much as perhaps turmoil is her natural state of being, her comfort zone if you will. She's not the sort of person that you could break by hurting.

Do you think they had threesomes?

She seems perfect for Lostorage, seriously.

Certainly mentally scarred enough to want to wipe out her own memories or to make everyone else suffer, that's for sure.

Can't wait for Re/verse!

Did Hanayo like Kazuki? I don't remember

You get used to the care and affection of someone.

Jesus Christ, was this a scene in the TV series?


The real Urazoe Iona.

Hell yes.

She came to love both Yuzuki and Kazuki, though what kind of "love" that was is up to interpretation.

>I only like to inflict emotional and pyschological damage
My ass!

> Aki-lucky participates in the third or so episode.
> She wins, and the realitybending theory is proven true. She causes Ruu to be defeated by Aki-lucky a couple times and thus is knocked out of the game from Infected, changing everything else in a cascading fashion.
> Everything is fucked up. Iona is defeated by Hitoe, and Hitoe sacrifices herself to allow Yuzuki to take her place. Ruu re-joins the game and became a battoru berserker with Iona, because Iona still believes in Ruu's potential.

It'll be like those couple seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise where the crew became jerkass, alter-dimensional pirates.

It won't happen, but it's fun to think about.

>All this delight from Destructed OST
I can't wait for Lostorage OST now!

She fell in love with Kazuki and was utterly guilt-ridden, because acting on those feelings would be an even bigger betrayal of Yuzuki than bodyjacking her by circumstance. It's like episode 10 or something. It's why she was acting strangely, she didn't WANT to be enjoying her position since she backstabbed Yuzuki, her friend, to get there, but she was. She tried to distance herself while staying in the relationship, but Kazuki noticed it on top of the guilt that only escalated with time.

She had a more impossible romance than Kazuki and Yuzuki's that had naught a chance of coming true, no matter what she did. I just see it as her comeuppance for betraying Yuzuki in the first place (even if she was a victim of circumstance herself).

Man, I was rewatched Infected recently. There's actually a good amount of foreshadowing LRIGs were carded girls.

Honestly, Yuzuki goes on this whole long rant that she'd rather disappear than not be with Kazuki and begs Hanayo to lend her her power. That's pretty much what she got.


God damn I fucking missed the wubs, they're great.

I fear about it. Tayuka Satou in my opinion was a key piece for bring the crushing atmosphere in WIXOSS. I hope the next director can at least imitate Infected's spirit.

By the way, you should follow it's twitter account. He often post cool stuff.

what a cute autist

Oh yeah, now I remember why she's best girl.


Every time Iona and Ruu were on-screen in the first cour it was lewd as fuck. That or it felt like Iona was a drug-dealer trying to get Ruu to come back for more after she sampled her goods and loved it.

>Ever Afer
Damn, I feel healed already.

Yeah this is part of what made it so frustrating that Card-Iona spent like all of Spread doing fuck all until she got named.

I miss Ruuko

Hanayo never actually lied straight-up. Heck, she even said explicitly that 'having your dreams and wishes fufilled is nothing but fantasy'.

She's technically telling the truth in pic related - you become a LRIG, an entity that happens to be forced to make the most outrageous wishes or dreams come true, or disappear in the process of failing to. She never even implied that you'd become a person who could make YOUR wishes come true either.

I'll never get over how good the foreshadowing is in this scene.

> Tfw you'll never hear Aki-lucky~ ever again.

We already had a threads regarding the cinematography.

Jesus christ that was terrifying.

>framed in the exact dimensions of a card
God fucking damn I never noticed that.
Man, S1 was some good shit. I'll never get over how disappointing Spread was by comparison.

Spread was only disappointing because they had already revealed all the mysteries and they decided to infodump to 'explain' everything. The cast (wisely) stayed as far away from battorus as possible, so we didn't even get much direct conflict.

Totally the wrong direction to go. They learned from this with Lostorage, it seems, since the setting/rules seem far better oriented for character drama.

Seriously, whoever did the cinematography is godlike.

Also because it just dragged its feet and meandered with no clear narrative direction for so long before rushing through a BRS-tier conclusion.

It felt like so many episodes were simply unrelated short-stories that just put in time until they could reach the concluding arc. Iona/Ruu becoming a pair was a big deal through Infected, but then in Spread it was a completely Ruu-dominated power dynamic where Iona was shut out and ignored entirely as a character for like 8 straight episodes. We hardly even got any Faustian temptation or rhetoric from her as a card, because Okada literally does not know how to write that.

Spread was a goddamn holding pattern that lasted two months before rushing through a contrived ending. It wasn't just a mishandling of character dynamics, it was a mishandling of everything, a failure to structure narrative and to write characters bundled together into an entire cours of wasted time and potential.

This describes my sentiments about Spread.

Please be good Lostorage. Please be good.

Well-paced dark fantasy rarely sees anime. There was a brief craze after Madoka, but most of them flopped because their narratives relied solely on being edgy, or went too far with their edginess where it just felt gratuitious.

Are you trying to say that BRS wasn't pure amazing? More importantly, do you really think the ending to Wixoss wasn't perfectly resolved, showing the entirety of the two seasons in a new light and making sense of why Spread was so different, plus bringing to the forefront all of the card and reversal symbolism? And besides that all of the characters stood for themselves, changing naturally, not for plot convenience.

When characters and plot become separate, a critical failure in narrative coherence has been made.

> More importantly, do you really think the ending to Wixoss wasn't perfectly resolved, showing the entirety of the two seasons in a new light and making sense of why Spread was so different, plus bringing to the forefront all of the card and reversal symbolism?
Yes, that is exactly what I think. That you for articulating it so succinctly. If Spread had managed to do that, I would have had no recourse but to praise it as much as Infected.

It did do it.

It was just disappointing because the foreboding and crushing vibe of S1 mostly disappeared with the exception of a few episodes. Also, best girl (Yuzuki) didn't get to hold a proactive role, and there was almost zero drama between her, Hanayo, and Kazuki.

The biggest issues were the infodumping and the lack of remaining mystery. Most of the drama not revolving around Iona/Akira disappeared, and Ruu had a far too one-sided relationship with Iona when it was a huge deal at the end of S1. The plot dragged a bit because of the copious infodumping (e.g. the author infodumped for two episodes straight when a 5 minute summary would have sufficed).

It was worse, by far.

So, Selector has an obvious meaning. What the fuck is Lostorage supposed to mean?

The moral of the story was to follow your feelings, no matter the taboo or harshness of their path.

Also, incest is wincest.

I bet it's something about the past not mattering anymore, and while memories can be hard to bear sometimes you have to let them go and move on because better ones await.

Lostorage = LO Storage

It refers to the collection of Comic LO magazines that the two main girls have gathered over time.

Man, the ending of destructed made me feels good as fuck. Hope Lostorage doesn't shit all over it. Also where the fuck is Yuki? Tama got to become her own real girl so Yuki should have too right? I'm also not entire sure how I feel about Ulith/Rumi getting to live in the yuri void forever.

So if you lose enough times you forget your family or who you are? Might be cool.

Why does it look like a kids' fashion magazine?

We don't know. The rules that other user posted aren't necessarily correct since I don't have a source.

That said, it's not like they necessarily remove the memories themselves. They can modify and tweak them however they'd like. How far-reaching this is in terms of consistency with other memories would probably determine how powerful it is.

I'm fairly sure what that other user said about it actually changing the past is going to turn out to be true - it modifies a core event in your (or your opponent's/leveraged opponent's) mind(s), and everything else in reality changes to follow suit as a result.

For instance, accidentally get slashed in the face like Aki-lucky? Modify that 'memory', and suddenly none of your suffering as a subsequent result of that ever happened, the scar would be gone, and events would readjust themselves appropriately so that you'd still be where you're standing on the battlefield.

I feel it'd be extremely interesting. Could also lead to some really fucked up shit, like one of the boys making one of the heroines into his own personal cockslave.

>erotic scent of lewd ex-sis
I will never get over this.

>yfw someone un-remembers her entire existence and vanishes forever

> Implying that isn't how LRIGs are born in Lostorage.

So what's going to be the anagram for lostorage incited wixoss?

A Genocide Wilt Six Torsos?

So who got fucked first, and how and became the initial lrig?

She fills me with valor.


She has an hypnotic charm.



She seems really familiar.
I feel like I've seen her design in some battle harem or shitty seasonal mecha show recently.

>I just can't do anything right!
>written by Mari Okada

this maybe?

It isn't easy trying to make a planet independent.

>Tama/Yuki and Ruu are actually gay lovers


Twin Memories when?


Asenshi fucking when?

I want to fill her womb with my hot semen, if you know what I mean

I think Yuki got a body because the promo card Iona doesn't feel like the original Iona and they didn't even show the original in the movie

Is it Friday yet?

>missed the stream
>won't have time to watch the movie until weekend
I know it's not going anywhere but fuck me this is the true wixoss suffering.

Are all recap movies this bad?


some are much worse this one was like 30% new stuff which is still kinda bad

What if Lostorage has yaoi?

Well it's only fair since Destructed confirmed Ruu as gay.

Just salty.

Then everyone who isn't a fujoshi or outright faggot will drop it and move on to some other cute girls do cute things without yaoi show.

And since this wasn't a fujo show in the first place, pandering to some demographic that wasn't actually part of their fanbase would be a great way to bury the series dead.

You're making an assumption that fans of this show somehow are by default against yaoi, rather than being here for the atmosphere, story, characters, etc.

Why do you fags always think that people watch shows only for characters being gay/straight/whatever. Fuck off.

what if 2 guys that want to be the little girl succeed in becoming girls and fall in love with each other?

I'm here for batoru.

Is yaoi really that repulsive? I don't like it, so I wouldn't watch an anime where the focus is yaoi. If it's included as a side story, it doesn't bother me.

>be boy in love with girl
>now wixoss made me a girl so I'm lesbian now
>girl turns into a guy
>I get turned into a guy and now I'm gay

Explicit gay scares a lot of people away, even if there's merit beyond gaypandering to the work
See: Shit'sgay Yaoi

I just realized she has two scrunchies at the end because one is for Tama and one is for Yuki.

>gee bill



When is the first episode?

This is pretty interesting.
youtube.com/watch?v=dfRqgX3SqDc [Remove]

I didn't realize most of those older ones were JC. Pretty based.

You say?

Super tropical.

>Tsukihime didn't show up
I guess they want to forget as well

I thought KareKano was Gainax?


Wow rub it in faggots.

>Heavy Object


Just what the fuck Okada had in mind?

Still not enough incest. Especially not enough mothercon.

Alfou needs a fucking cameo.

>Alfou is sleeping...
>Wake her...?
>Yes -> 300 yen



Which are the best colors? And Which are the meme ones?

I guess there are crossovers with a lot of other mahou shoujos.


You got those backwards.

Blue is best, Blue is meme.

Where's the sample image that shows the new central cast? I can't for the life of me remember who plays White.

>a coup de grace

>that midriff

So are Rumi(Ulith) and Sachi like siblings, cousins or something?


Seems like cousins or something probably. Definitely not siblings, but I'd assume a relative of some sort or Sachi's mom probably wouldn't have taken her in.

That ending made it so good. I never wanted anything more than to see everyone happy.


The identity "Iona Urazoe" always was a unpredictable wildcard depending on what the episode wants to do with her.

Step sister with different mother maybe. Could be her father illegitimate child.

Erotic Scent of Lewd Ex-Selector

I don't know why Ulith for some reason to me was a very unique antagonist/villain in this series. Wonder how the one in Lostorage will be like.

Honestly is pretty much it

Why must there be a villain? Can't the girls just have tanoshii batoru together?

Ok so if Lostorage fucks with MEMORIES does that mean the proper way to call it is:

Lost Storage?

its lots o rage when ruu ends up dating the trap


Tama is now Yuki+Tama. I'd like to refer to her as Yukitama

Wasn't it the girl in the hospital?

I highly doubt it

It's actually Ta(Mayu)ki.

That was Sachi.

So, did they eat ice cream together?

Not onscreen but you can bet your ass they did.

>Not onscreen

They ate each other

T-that sounds good, user.

Just her body. And Yuki is somewhere in the Rumi's body.

>And Yuki is somewhere in the Rumi's body.
What? How does that make any sense?

Wheres that monk from?

I think he was from that ultra violent feminist anime that made fun of fat pathetic gaymer nergins. Unless you like girls taking big smelly toilet clogging dumps, fat acceptance, promoting lesbian rapists, and alternative lifestyles, I wouldn't recommend it. Cred Forums hated it.

Bullying Yuura.

That's the first time I see a /r9k/ description of Sabagebu.
>Cred Forums hated it
Lying on the internet is bad, user.

>Yumekui Merry showed up
It's like they wanted to remind me that I'm still mad




I heard this is just a recap movie of the first two seasons with 2 or 3 short extra scenes, is it still worth watching if I just now marathoned the first two seasons of the anime?

>I heard this is just a recap movie of the first two seasons with 2 or 3 short extra scenes, is it still worth watching if I just now marathoned the first two seasons of the anime?
I'd recomend you watch Infected then go straight to Destructed.

A problem?

If you've got nothing better to do. Or just leave it for a while.

Lost orange probably won't have anything to do with it.

I want Aki-lucky to tinkle on me

>destructed and lostorage
>spinoff releases are still dedder than ever


>PA ch 09 released not long ago
>new Reverse chapter is WIP

Please explain.

I just noticed the new chapter, immediately after posting.
>PA ch09
The fuck is this? This can't work.

Ruuko's tears were delicious.

Can't wait for the series to go full wild!

Nyaa's down, could I have a magnet?

Try tokyotosho.

Of course, thanks
Too early in the morning
Too long since I used it
Brain farts

That's retarded.

Spread was just an stepping stone towards Destructed.

Such alpha.



>20 LASTSCENE~everything in it's right place.flac

I watched the anime that doesn't exist before I knew about what it was based on that made it forfeit it's existence.

And I liked it.