No. 6

5 years later and I'm still waiting on that reunion.

It was so fucking difficult finding a torrent for this show. Awful series name.

5 years later I still remember how hard I dropped it by episode No. 6.

5 years later and I still remember how retarded the ending was

I remember watching it when Keyhole was still a thing

I will agree on that in regards to the Anime ending. The novel was much better IMO.

There are novels for it right? I don't want to read all this shit, but I wish someone would tell how the novel ends.

When I learnt that ponytail just straight up ditches after the climax I dropped it immediately. Why waste my time just for the author to give me a huge fuck you for reading their work.

Why does every homo end have to end up bizarre or with one dead? Sometimes both.

How come fujoshit always makes the best girls?

Because they always lose, and that pleases your misogyny.


Safu really was a top tier girl
>was straight forward with shion
>didn't smother him when he showed that he wasn't interested
>would rather have the man she loves happy than stuck in a miserable relationship with her

>turned into a giant fucking bee

I wonder if Atsuko Asano hates Noitamina for ruining her novels with mediocre rushed anime adaptations.

Unfortunately the gay drives away most people. It was a decent relationship despite that.

Probably because fujoshit is often written by girls, who can understand girl characters without overthinking it.

If it wasn't gay people would be hailing it as the greatest love story ever told or some shit, I guarantee it.

It was decent in the anime. In the novel it was great.

His justification for leaving made no sense at all. "I-I'm a wanderer!" Except he had lived in the same exact place his whole life. The author just wanted a retarded tear-jerker ending.

The anime fails to do Nezumi and Shion's relationship justice. The novel is a work of art and really goes in depth about their feelings for one another.

>tear-jerker ending
Felt more like a cop out

Nezumi only really stayed during all those years because he wanted his revenge on No. 6 though. I always felt that he left because he wanted to be free in the end. I do however agree that it was retarded. I would've liked if there was an Epilogue of sorts that heavily implied Nezumi eventually returned to Shion's side. But instead we got

>hurr sure let me give you a promise kiss that we'll meet again.