Is flat still justice?

Is flat still justice?

Is it ever not justice?

Flat never stopped being justice.

and never will

Was it ever justice?

This board is more about philosophy than anime...

Yes. And justice will always triumph in the end.

Flats are for fags


Is it!?

Tail Red is almost as flat as Aika.

Flat is literally better in every way.


Only with a good ass. Pear is the perfect form, so pear is the real justice.

Flat is better every time. Any girl can be improved if you make her flat.

How do you improve an already flat girl though?

Freckles and dark skin

Dark hair, blue eyes, tall, skinny


That's a cute. She makes me want to tickle her tummy and listen to her giggle.

inverted boobs

I blame Hestia for ruining Firis. Fucking "oppai loli" trend can go to hell.

literally a flaming cardboard cutout

Are these two flat? Or at least small?

Yes, but only because by being flat, can girls better emulate men, who are justice incarnate. Only men can truly be justice, flat women are just the closest fake we have to men, so by default flat is justice.


Solar was pretty unjust, but I still loved her