Overlord LN

This is setting up to be one of the best volumes so far

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But volume 10 is already out.

Just in case anyone missed this from the last thread.

9, 10, 11 and the epilogue setting up 12 are all great. Feels like the series is only getting better with time.

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Posting best girl!

To be fair most people here know where to find all this stuff because they were around when these links used to be actively posted.

Does anyone know how many players where the Guardians supposed to fight at the same time? If they fought in their environments and alongside their servants... around 30 (standard raid size) I guess?

Weren't you a newfag once?

When are we going to finally get an Ainz and PA adventure? I mean, the one guardians that haven't had any real full adventures with Ainz or by his order are Demi, Albedo, and PA. Let's be honest, Albedo got to go with Ainz to Carne back in Vol 1 and has had plenty of screen time while Demi had an entire volume based around his attack on the capital not to mention the fact that he has been present in a lot of Ainz's meetings/deliberations/plans. PA has had the treasury scene back in Vol 3 and the conversation in Momon's house in Vol 10, but nothing else besides that, unless I'm forgetting something.

I feel sorry for the newer guys, I really do, but mods are a bitch and we don't need Nigel being chased off.

Everyone started as a newfag.

I'll never understand why she's eating that goldfish.

Puru Puru when

It's just the retarded humiefag that thinks lvl 50s can beat a lvl 100. Just ignore the cancer.

So, since PA's undeads freeze if he's not in Ainz form, and from the last volume he said he already created tons of them... I'm just curious how he handles it. Like, PA orders them to stand by somewhere or he just dispell them, or they just disappear after an amount of time (if not created with a body).

It's an open secret now. Or rather, fucking leddit even has a direct link to those translations.

>not solution
>not lakyus

that is her hand covered in blood ya dingus

Solution is best meido with Lupus.
Lakyus is chuuni ass-clown and hasn't had enough screentime for me to like her yet.

Humiefag Logic:

>Pleiades can't beat Go Gin or BS
>Pleiades can beat Demi and Aura

Humiefags aren't even trying. It's pathetic.

could climb beat go-gin?

I haven't been active on this thread for a while, what the fuck are humiefags?

>implying I'd stop updating even if Cred Forums exploded


people who think the NW humans have any hope in defeating nazarick

Humies are trolls who try to bait anons on Overlord threads by making ridiculous claims about how characters/items/magic/skills in the NW are superior to those in Nazarick even when they are obviously wrong.

Basically, people that perpetuate the idea that: NW > Nazarick.

wolf tits

>tfw least popular maid

The entire line of discussion is ridiculous because most of the lvl 100s can summon a squad of creatures in the 40-60 range to fight against an enemy party at that level or lower. There's no way a bunch of lvl 40s can defeat a lvl 100 + another bunch of lvl 40s.

If you just reverse the poll results you have a great list.


Doesn't even count the fact that you need exponentially more people to begin to threaten high level entities and at some point it's pretty much impossible.

>Having Nabe be last

No. NO!

I sort of liked her initially but she hasn't done anything interesting in, what, 8 volumes?

More importantly, it seems some anons have forgotten the guardians were made to fight lvl 100 players.

Be a cute retard.

To be fair to her, that is just because there are so many characters in Nazarick alone that we want to see and haven't been shown all that much. Fo instance: CZ, Yuri, anyone on floor 8 besides Victim, and PA.

The maids in general don't really do much.

Demiurge volume when?

Volume 12 is the Demiurge volume.

Right after 5 consecutive volumes about Climb.

Hr needs one. We need to have Ainz be shown around the Happy Farm by Demi as Demi proudly shows off all the work that has been done in Ainz's name.

That volume will be close to the final volume.

Disappointment Arc

>Sasuga Arc

If only it was Perorocino or Tabula instead of Ainz, he would instantly become their favorite Guardian.

lycan tats

>I have such sights to show you...
I don't know if it was the translators planting an Easter Egg here but I kek'd.

Don't forget how proud Papa Goat would be of his little Arch Devil.

where's the poll from? also im suprised how popular Yuri is

Oh I never had any doubt about that one.

I'm not too sure about that. Possibly only Ulbert, but while Perorocino was sort of a sexual deviant when it came to games and Tabula was a fan of the occult and horror I don't think either of them would be okay with what is probably going on there. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I'm imagining some really fucked up shit going on. Like, where the stuff the clown NPC has said is just the tip of the iceberg.

Sasuga, Arc?

Well it boils down to whether Peroro and Tabula would also be disgusted by their own creations if they became "real", but I'm assuming they weren't only kidding around. If Shalltear is any indication then Peroro would approve of the chattel slavery and dehumanization approach of the Happy Farm, not to mention the interspecies breeding, and Tabula made Painkill, 'nuff said.

Does Demi know that Ainz thinks of them as animals, in the sense that he actually believes he's breeding beasts of burden and not humans/elfs?

The poll is from the Overlord wiki.

Tabula didn't make Neuronist; they just happen to be the same race.

No, he thought Ainz was in on the "bipedal sheep" joke.
Then again the bipedal sheep Ainz imagined were basically like baphomets in RO, so he still thought that Demiurge was experimenting on vaguely sentient, roughly humanoid creatures and was perfectly okay with it.

Its probably a misunderstanding from Demi stemming from the misunderstanding of Ainz.

Ainz mentions chimeras thinking Demi is raising chimeras.

Demi in turn thinks Ainz wants chimeras, so he starts breeding humans with demihumans with the intention of producing creatures resembling chimeras.

nice time to vote Entoma

Oh shit, you're right.
Now I'm wondering if another player made it as a sort of parody of Tabula.

Does anyone know how many pages there are in volume 11?


Source: Overlord wiki

Don't jinx it, at this rate Cred Forums will be a plebbit clone in a year.

This is an anime and manga board.

Take your irreverent medium discussions to reddit.


It's been mentioned that a certain elf king appears in this volume, which has no intermission, so is this new character actually exists?

Can we take a moment to just talk about how Neuronist is a lvl 3 God Hand?!

Plus, just like with spice and wolf paying someone to translate isn't very expensive.

For example, I had the prologue of another LN translated by a student at my university for 10 dollars.

It would cost me ~160 to translate Overlord, a third of what I make in a week and having no expenses.

Climb chapter when?

I think "God Hand" just means "Cenobite" in Japan now because of Berserk.

fuck off

I wonder what that class actually is, from a DnD perspective God Hand only refers to one class and that usually the chosen or Demi-Gods of a powerful god.

I highly doubt there is even a God class in Ygg even if it did take from DnD unless it was hidden behind a WCI or something.

So it could be a nod at Berserk? Even from that though it doesn't really click, which God Hand would he be close to?

I doubt she is meant to resemble any of the God Hands specifically, she is archetypically more like the Hellraiser Cenobites that inspired the Berserk characters.

Neuronist is a reality warping god-like entity?

Maybe berserk was almost ending when Yggdrasil was popular and they made a colab event that added 'berserk' classes to the game.


>22nd century
>berserk almost ending


>Berserk was almost ending
Impossible. It's more likely that medically immortal Miura was wasting his time playing Ygg instead of drawing and wanted to do a collaboration thing.

No, it means She has football skills like Maradona

>Satoru probably never got to see Berserk end
I feel that pain

Neuronist is a reality warping god-like entity confirmed.

Neuronist > Rubedo

It's not Rubedo that will lead Nazarick to it's destruction, it's Painkill the God Hand that will solo all of Nazarick.

Every single Homunculus maid vs Enri

who wins?

According to the author :when Ainz and his guild just got transported and if every single race of the new world band together, they can only keep the enemy inside the tomb. But now? Zero chance if it's a fair fight. Nazarick is increasing their defense and attack forces by the day along with storing resources.

Then the final showdown will be between Eclair and Neuronist, and once Nazarick is ruled by a lvl 1 assistant butler the NWers will finally have a chance of winning.

Enri wipes the floor with homunculus maids.

Enri cooks for them, they immediately admit defeat.
>It wasn't much

Enri is too powerful. The entirety of Nazarick would have to team up to be able to beat her.

On a serious note her Goblins, are around lvls 30~50. They have no chance, without even bringing in the Bulk of her army, I'm sure that her personal body guards alone kill all the maids.

What i want to know is who won at their wedding night. Did she rape her husband or did the dude took the lead. Enri probably has more stamina than him

I think the story has implied the past gamers have been beaten with trickery too. Ainzes biggest weakness is that if he dies the whole guild goes berserk most likely. While a lot of the world will die, the guild wont be unified anymore after that which means theyll be picked off one by one.

I consider that doujin where Nfirea can't satisfy a cockthirsty Enri even with ED medicine to be canon now.

Enfi tried to take the lead but was a quick-shot and passed out immediately afterword, Enri, unsatisfied, had to bring herself to climax using Enfi's then-unconscious body.

I want an updated Enri char sheet. I'm pretty sure she's pretty high level (NW standards) by now.

No one said anything about her goblins being included.

Enri alone vs the Homunclus Maids.

That's what i meant by fair fight. They have to use trickery and schemes to win.

Probably all in some class like commander, goblin commander, goblin general, goblin king, and supreme god emperor of goblins.

Well then obviously she dies what kind of comparison is that

>lvl 5 chief
>lvl 3 commander
>lvl 2 warboss

> she dies
We're telling you that she's high level for NW and according to Ainz homunculus maids have 60% chance of winning against lvl 1 human
What are you talking about about user

>according to Ainz homunculus maids have 60% chance of winning against lvl 1 human

Being high level wouldn't really help when all your levels are in class revolving around others doing the fighting for you.

>The heteromorphic species known as Homunculi were not particularly outstanding, and they were very weak, being only level 1. While they were still superior to level 1 human beings in terms of stats, if it came down to a fight, a Homunculus would only have a 60% chance of victory
Are you behind the latest part?

But her stats change according to her levels.She have strength in her hand to kill any level1 human. Do you even play games?

but them raw stats

Homunculus maids have slightly better stats than the average human bean, but not that much better.

Ainz needs to train them.

None of Enri's job classes have anything to do with fighting. Her strength should still be that of an average human girl.

On the other hand, the homunculus maids have slightly above human strength and are decked out in high tier equipment. And there's 41 of them.

Homunclus Maids > Enri

Besides, even a decent fighter could get taken down by a mob of fanatic meidos armed with household items unless he had some [Revolving Slash] type of MA or full plate armor.

>household items

They have high tier equipment, user. Better than what adventurers in the NW have.

What is passive stat growth

>full plate armor
What the peasant fighters used to do during battles in real life was swarm the armoured knight and jam their blade and knifes into the opens. Usually the eye slits in the helmet.

So why does Demiurge need a Doppleganger for the Holy Kingdom?

>implying being lvl 6 means you have super human strength

Greatest king born ever in the history and he had to meet Ainz in this era.Just like Jirniv. All the rulers in the new world must curse their fate and ask heaven why such a monster appear and wreck their perfect life.

Do they actually have weapons though? I thought they only had stuff like ring of sustenance, shoes of silent step and ultra-resilient spotless uniforms.
If they have items that could actually be useful in a fight they definitely have more than a 60% chance of winning against a lvl 1 human

>To impersonate the Pope
That seems to be the most popular head canon

Do the homunculus maids have belly buttons? isnt that the only difference between humunculus and humans, since homunculus are born in flasks?.It would be nice seeing the maids bullying Tsuare because of her "scar".

Stop comparing the maids with Enri. The maids are cute and adorable servant that are being very protected by Papa bones and Enri is just a muscle head brute that attract goblins.

Ainz's statement was about how a lvl 1 homunclus has a slight advantage over a lvl 1 human, ignoring equipment.

The Homunclus maids' uniforms are their equipment which Ainz stated was high tier, which is superior to what most of NW has. I doubt the maids have weapons though.

Heaven and earth are not merciful. To them, men are as straw dogs, destined for sacrifice.

I fucked that up. Look at this

Jircniv will come around to Ainz's moe once he realizes that rule by Nazarick is A-OK.

All races have their progressions, like Demon (Imp, Succ, Arch-Devil) or Shalltear with Vampire, True Vampire.

What is the progression for homunculi? Since they start weak, maybe they get some OP race later to compensate?

Even that jaw-dropping blue ice sword he gave Osk was only middle-class.

Who knows? Maybe they can become androids (favoring dex) golems (favoring strength) Pygmalions (favoring prettiness) and so on.

You'll probably end up with a Gundam or something.

I never heard of homunculi leveling up, I don't think that's a thing.

DnD have a class called "unmade" thats normally a starting class but generally a prestige one.

Basically unmade are beings that are different in someway, either not being made by gods, or by not having a soul.

Unmade are generally strong, that have the most powerful single target attack in the game, Endgame which just creates a black sphere around a target and collapses. Everything inside is destroyed, not even ashes or dust is left over, even the soul is wiped from existence.

Anyone have links to the countdowns?

No. 12 hours though, if that's what you want to know.

Here's the plan according to my head canon:

>Solution/CZ quietly assassinate the Pope of the Holy Kingdom
>Doppleganger takes the Pope's place and no one notices
>Demi attacks the Holy Kingdom's capital with an army of demons
>Valkyrie Knight gets rekt
>"The Holy Kingdom formally requests the aid of the SKAOG in dealing with the demons that are laying siege to our holy capital" - Dopple Pope
>Momon gets sent to the Holy Kingdom to repel the demon army and defeat "Jaldabaoth"
>Momon becomes best bros with Valkyrie Knight and proves SKAOG isn't so bad
>Demon army and Jaldabaoth are defeated
>Jalda/Demi: And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you Momon-sa...san
>Holy Kingdom people become grateful to SKAOG for saving them
>something something politics
>"We, the Roble Holy Kingdom pledge our vassalage to the Sorcerer's Kingdom of Ainz Ooal Gown" - Dopple Pope
>Sasuga intensifies

Screen cap this. It will happen. Probably.

Where does Ainz's fake death come into this

Cool. Thanks!

Can't wait to get my daily fix of overlord like we did in June.

You know the drill. 11pm at GMT +8.

What happened in the epilogue? did ainz or momon die? maybe demiurge was BTFO and that's why vol 12 will be ainz vs demiurge again.

Ainz's English voice actor posted this on his twitter.


Gave me a good laugh.

I think I'm going to start calling it the Robble Dopple Kingdom.

He's a man of fine taste. Though I cannot get Dr Geros' face out of my head when I hear him.

Ainz couldn't die even if he wanted to. At least not without being killed numerous times, over and over. He has that ring that will automatically resurrect him a couple times before expiring, iirc. Also I really doubt Lupu would calmy tell Enri that Ainz is dead without an ulterior motive, so far as she's concerned, Enri only holds importance because of Enfi. Why bother telling her at all? And, given how emotional all the NPCs can get in regards to Ainz, she wouldn't have been so calm. And probably would've run off back to Nazarick.

So, no, it's a fluke. As to how they can possibly use "Ainz is dead" to their advantage, well that remains to be seen.

Maybe it's just Maruyama fucking with us all and being punny. Y'know. "Ainz is dead... because he's undead. Get it? Haha."

Use spoilers, you nerd.


That's actually a positive. Think of it this way.
If two equally leveled humans fought, it would be a 50% chance. Since homunculi are stronger, they have a better chance at 60%.

I definitely agree that it's getting better, though I've been loving pretty much all of it (except the Climb wank, but Renner kind of makes up for that) ever since Maruyama dropped the adventuring shit. He even managed to turn that into a surprisingly good plot point with the E-Rantel takeover.

B-but the adventuring shit was fun.

You forgot about Demiurge x Valkyrie Knight; my OTP.


If Ainz really died, Lupus would probably have better things to do.[/spoiler/

Oh, really? You sure about that?

I can't agree, it's the exact stuff we see in every generic isekai story, down to individual cliches like the weird ranking system. That kind of shit is why I don't give isekai stories the time of day anymore unless they're clearly different from the rest very early on. If every volume had Ainz doing some MMO quest and moving up in the ranks, I probably wouldn't have stuck around.

I was mostly talking about Vol. 2

Vol. 5 was piss

I found Demi's future waifu. Isn't she a qt?

I actually thought lizards were better than Vol 2. Couldn't care less about that generic low lvl party. At least the lizards had a GREAT ending, seriously I like that last chapter almost as much as Operation Gehenna.

Vulnerable Chair needing to be pep-talked-to by Aura is too cute.

Aura is best oneechan.

She must be into some hardcore play.

Aura/Chair screentime is best screentime

DESU it sounds like a nickname for an awesome doctor which might be why it's presented after doctor instead of as a racial level.

This is what their foreplay will look like. The Demi x Valkyrie ship practically sails itself.

I'm level 35

am I oldfag yet

I have shitposting lv 10

I'm fairly sure she has intimidation abilities she can bust out by accident. She might not be gaining melee buffs but her commander/leadership abilities should temporarily stop them if she pulls out a WAAAAAAGHHHH.

that tongue detail is making my dick hard as diamonds

Could Tsuare handle Sebas' dragon cock?

Aren't he and his people already slaves/bitches to the White Dragon Lord?

Does anyone unironically think Albedo is best girl?

She'll have to take it in the bunghole otherwise it won't fit.

If you think about it...

>lvl 1 Homonculi has a 60% higher base stat than a lvl 1 Human
>possesses the most powerful single target attack in the game once it reaches a high enough level
>ex. [Racial classes] Homonculi lvl15 > Unmade lvl10 > ??? lvl10 and others etc. etc.

>[Endgame] which just creates a black sphere around a target and collapses. Everything inside is destroyed, not even ashes or dust is left over, even the soul is wiped from existence.
>A high lvl Homonculi with a racial? non-WCI type ult skill that can do what the almighty stick can do minus the WCI effect (e.g. perma deletion if not possessing any WCI)

>yfw Ainz MIGHT HAVE an undisclosed number of 'High Level' Homonculi NPCs lurking around somewhere in Nazarick (high level can either mean lvl50+ or 80+ or even a lvl100, don't ask)

So if; Homunculus > Human

Then where does Lastborn's "Immortal Human" Race fit in? Is her race basically the exact same as Human + immortality?

Only humans can be miko's I think and thats really OP.

Just thinking about all the treasures these dragons are hoarding in the mountains make me drools already. My feeling must be similar to Ainz who is terrible low on pocket money and would soon hit the jackpot.

Holy shit. №1 Nabe. Why?

The design is kinda generic. She is not very bright, to put it lightly. Static character.

I don't understand.

PPP at least raw ep where

>wiki poll

yeah, totally filled with people with tastes, right

>Holy shit. №1 Nabe. Why?
cause its the OL wiki filled with anime only faggots

LB is still probably more powerful cause she has been min maxed

I assume it's:

Homunculus > Human = Immortal Human

Lastborn probably gets very little out of her racial levels, which is fine because her build is going to focus more on her job levels like Miko and "telespammer".

What's so special about mikos?

Nabe's gotten the most screen time compared to the other maids.

>Ygg human
>racial levels

Because we dig the ice princess attitude

It's a question that's actually hard to answer desu
It might have been a very hard-to-get job class in YGG that APPEARS to have no particular specialty in it as far as anyone can tell
If it's something that can be easily solved people would have posted it by now but i disgress

At least we now have something close to a trivia explaining the Homonculi maids along with their Heteromorph Race, the Homonculi, in this Volume.
But only Maruyama really knows what the 'Immortal Human' thing actually means in terms of racial/job class and its racial? / job? skills in YGG
It's a big question mark hiding in plain sight

it's simply a term to describe the Floor 8 Guardian, for now.

dafuq i'm pretty sure i didn't type that

Lukeluther, you're dead, who let you browse the Internet?

She's specifically an "Immortal Human". That makes her different than a Ygg human, somehow.

I would even come back from the dead to hear her insults and to see those eyes that give me chills.

>being this new

>implying her immortality can't come from her classes
Sure thing, Yggdrasil has its own universe rules that aren't necessarily faithful to myths, but an aging Valkyrie sounds like bullshit, for example.

It's an Advanced Class for Surgeons, most likely a reference to GodHand Teru

>that absolute madman of a doujin artist already gave Lukeluther and Climb sex scenes in his second Overlord doujin

not an argument, but no matter, it has already been done, and that's that

It wasn't supposed to be an argument, you doofus. There are a few world filters on this site.

Last i checked in here there wasn't any of this word filter thing, the heck happened man?

It depends on what kind of Valkyrie you mean.

>Valkyrie as in a race of winged angel-like creatures (race)


>Valkyrie as in warriors that use lances and holy magic (job)

The former would be immortal by nature, as all heteromorphs are immortal. But a human that has Valkyrie as a job class like Shalltear does, probably wouldn't be immortal. It's already confirmed that there's a Valkyrie Knight in the Holy Kingdom and he/she sounds like a normal aging humie.

>"Cocytus is dumber than Chair!"
>"Cocytus has failed every mission he's been a part of!"
>"Cocytus is a bigger failure than Lupusregina!"
>"Cocytus is more retarded than Nabe! Why even bother keeping him around?"
>"Cocytus was outsmarted by Lizards! How embarrassing!"
>"Cockroaches have contributed more to Ainz Oowl Goon than Cocytus!"
>"Cocytus gets the worst volume. As expected of worst guardian"
>"Cocytus is a pervert! Always naked!"
>"Cocytus is the measuring stick for power, like Worf or Vegeta! So useless!"
>"Cocytus is the only guardian to inflict significant friendly fire. And not because of mind control, but because he's an idiot!"
>"Cocytus is weak, he dies to bug spray!"
>"Cocytus has no gear, PDL oneshots him"
>"Cocytus can't hurt Albedo, Razors Edge Gazef can, NW>Cocytus"
>"Lizards are boring and so is Cocytus!"
>"Cocytus lost to Lizards with a 3-1 advantage!
>"Cocytus won't be trusted to guard Ainz's heir!"
>"Cocytus is too dumb to train Ainz's heir!"
>"Cocytus is too frigid for Ainz's heir to visit!"
>"Cocytus can't learn MA while Hamsuke can learn MA, Hamsuke > Cocytus"
>"Cocytus is trusted less than literal children who don't know what sex is!"
>"Cocytus will never get the man-on-man training session with Ainz since his pay is always docked from being an idiot!"
>"Cocytus's plans waver from underestimating to overestimating, just like a child!"
>"Cocytus is an isopod, right? We should pour hot water on him!"
>"Cocytus's waifu Nabe wants Ainz's bone-r! More like Cuckytus!"
>"Chair was trusted for an important task for redemption before Cocyctus! He's just that useless!"
>"Cocytus has less screentime than Zenburu. Overtaken by a subordinate!"
>"Cocytus only has one male friend, and Demi is too busy working! Unlike a certain bug...!"



A lot can change in a year, you should come by more often.

>Valkyrie Knight

VK getting impaled by Rod of the Incubus when?

>"Cocytus has failed every mission he's been a part of!"
>Cocytus can't hurt Albedo
B-b-but he didn't fuck up solo battle against lizardmen.
And he managed to break Albedo's arm when she blocked his serious attack if I remember correctly.

Volume 12. Get hyped, user.

>>Valkyrie as in warriors that use lances and holy magic (job)
What kind of a job is that and from what game? Valkyries are warrior maidens and servants of Odin whose job is to pick up strong fallen warriors and take them to Valhalla, among other duties. In Capcom's Valkyrie Densetsu the MC is a holy warrior maiden sent by Gods to beat the baddies.

And I don't remember any myths that say you need to be born a Valkyrie to qualify as one.

I think theres 3
s.m.h, f.a.m and t.b.h

>he managed to break Albedo's arm

Albedo's arm got crushed into a gooey mess.

baka desu fan


i dropped this when word came out that it was getting official subs

is it still a 1 sided curbstomp or is there an actual threat to nazerick now


Kill yourself, deserter.

It's a theocracy. Gratitude alone won't do it

I think Demiurge is going manipulate events as if this is happening to a ancient prophecy and Ainzs is the chosen one

Wizardry? I remember that wizardry 8 had valkyrie as a woman only class and it was a lancer-caster hybrid.

Why you make me do this user

*deleted fanfic, to avoid triggering TriggerAnons*

Last time i was here lurking when Sky/Nigel finished TLing Vol.9 and 10, then did many other shit other than going to Cred Forums except when looking for juicy stuff and info of significance in the catalog.
Now I've come back here from far distant places to lurkmoar and look for Volume 11 TLs
Once it finishes TLing, Ill go back to wherever until when Vol. 12 comes out and get TLed piece by piece everyday. then go someplace else, rinse and repeat.

Don't remember this fight, was it in a drama CD?

Yes, it's from drama CD 1. It's available on Youtube.

I want to see him gattai with Valkyrie-chan and make her denounce her own kingdom while proclaiming that she's Jaldabaoth's sow.

Cheers, had the lot on my backlog for a while so might as well go through the whole thing.

Oh boy I still haven't read vol10 yet because it seemed like a setup/intermission volume, guess I'm in for a ride.

It's the one they have to fight a giant living tree

>because it seemed like a setup/intermission volume
It is, but it's also one of the best volumes at that.

Prepare to be introduced to the best character in the entire series; Walking Corpse-sama.

You'll eat your words. Philip will rule the world.

Could they age in it? I mean with some kind of downsides.And then again, we don't really know how Valkyries work in Yggdrasil, what with the only Valkyrie shown so far being an immortal vampire already.

The former.


Unwillingly, gagged, from behind, Demi's minions killing parents and children in view, crushing grip around her neck finally need to say that to save whoever is left.

>chained and hung in front of Demi's largest minion which will be used as a Vanguard against Ainz.

>Momon to the rescue
>+1 follower
>EE hates to have another competition

>Rapist Elf King HNK style

So any hint of how strong this guy is? So I assume he pretty much started the war against the ST

I can pretty much imagine how all she reluctantly swear to be Jaldabaoth's whore, cum toilet breeding sow, etc. all to save the lolipope who is already being secretly bred by Demi.


Stupid edgyfags don't know that Pestonya would never approve that.


He needs to be atleast lv 60 to compete against KC or the elves would have gotten steamrolled already.

So it will be The good, the bad and the ugly on a national level?
I like it.

I didn't actually played wizardry 8, i only know that it has a valkyrie class as a part of my recent interest in dungeon crawlers.
You should look more into the whole old wizardry series, a lot of japanese classic fantasy tropes comes directly from the first games.
Also i should finally try W8

>it's easier for Nabe to just get fucked by humans than to stop calling them lower lifeforms
All the doujins agree, incredible.

Is that Duke?

It sounds just like him.

>Dragons getting steamrolled and becoming Nazarick air delivery service

Fuck me, this is actually funny

If he is really a HNK like villian..

>Elf king laid hands on wrong maid

O boy, we gonna see a Kenshiro like beatdown right?

>You can't do that to me! I am the King!
> You are already DEAD. King.

That's just the prelude, we've already seen that frost dragon steak is a staple of Nazarick's gourmet menu and that dragonskin is the best parchment, making even Tier 10 scrolls

I see! Marvelous! As expected on Ainz-sama, I would have never have thought of that!

Is there a place to dl translated Overlord LNs in fb2/epub or pdf format?

I know that Wizardry was very influential in forming Japanese fantasy, but the aformentioned Valkyrie Densetsu, Valkyrie Profile series (seems so, at least) and various hentai works acknowledge valkyries as servants of gods and not normal people.

There's a mega that's frequently tossed around. Check the archives.

Lupus no

He's too young for this


>Elf king tries something on Mare
>Mare smashes his head in and/or Ainz get pissed and destroys Elf Kingdom

could be more likely, either way he could be fucked


Too late user, he is nothing more then a living sperm bank for warboss Enri.

Seems like the Slane Theocracy wouldn't use Black Scripture in the war. But if normal knights from Theocracy are really better than those from the Empire than we can we assume Elves have a pretty strong army. Or have some really strong individuals among them.

Well, yeah. But we don't know the Yggdrasil meta, nor we know all the systems. Personally, my headcanon out of my headcannon says that valkyrie is a woman only high-level job class that could give immortality as a one of the class boons.

>last bit
If I had to wait in undisclosed amount of time for the next volume and when it's finally out we get that nonsense, I'd toss my monitor through the window.

What sense does it make for there to be gender exclusive job classes in an MMO?

For fun? I don't see what's the problem with it.

>Personally, my headcanon out of my headcannon says that valkyrie is a woman only high-level job class that could give immortality as a one of the class boons
I think the same, basically.

Fun. RO has Dancer and Bard as counterparts. Don't remember if they are any different in skills.

I think it's more like the ST's army is backed up with clerics for buffing and shit, and they also have elite special forces troops and very high level spells through ritual casting.

Because male Valkyries strains disbelief.

You say that like Ygg isn't filled to the brim with absurd design choices and easter eggs from the shitty devs