Post some patrician mosaics.

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2/2 I think, Colorful Ninja and is top right that anti-war one from early in the year? Any of the others any good?

You guys are ok.

But that's mine.

You got it.
Others are:
"Parade" de Satie (Yamamura)
Notre chambre (Orikasa)
Kaze no Matasaburou
Age of Obscure (Mizue)
Natsu no gero wa fuyu no sakana (Kabuki)
Moving Colors (Taku Team)
Seasons (Twoth/Trips & Bibliomania)
haven't actually seen parade or age of obscure though

Wait you're actually still around

Oh I forgot Yamamura had a new thing, I recognize it now. Thanks for the names.


I am now



I guess you didn't read the OP, but this thread is for posting patrician mosaics only.

What the fuck is all this hipster shit? I don't recognise a single thing. Is it some kind of new meme?

Because you're a pleb who doesn't watch shorts, objectively the most artistic format of animation. Lurk more.

Where to go now that Cred Forums is officially dead?

Perhaps you should watch more anime.

Golden age Disney has more artistry in 24 frames than any of these art school project looking shitpiles have in their entire length.

How do you guys even find shorts to watch?

Can you just start putting some more independent animation collections up on nyaa already?

True. I almost lost my mind when I saw 40's anime shorts posted in this thread. I think if you watched any of the Silly Symphony series your brain would probably melt.

Knowing the prominent independent animators names, following their twitter accounts or whatever they have vimeo/youtube whatever, following blogs on the subject, looking at animation awards and seeing what is showing at animation festivals. You aren't going to find this stuff on anichart.

>following blogs on the subject
Any recommendations?

I've always liked:

More scholarly, more free of twitter cancer.

Well, it's pretty much the only one in English.

Post some anime, not a bunch of scribbles that your mom hung on the fridge door back when you where 4 years old. It's the first time I've ever said this, but 0/0.
4/4. See this, OP? This is real Japanese animation, not just stupid doodles.
This is Japanese animation, too, but it's not quite anime. 2/2.
Randomly select some of this stuff and go look it up on Youtube. If it doesn't seem obscure enough for you, then click on "next 50".

Sorry for forgeting my 3x3 chart.

Consider dropping the aggression and just watch more anime. Who knows, it may even cure you of your blatant insecurities.

Is this post unironic?

Correction, Seasons is animated by someone called ORVAL. Can't seem to find any information on him at all besides the project from which it came, though. Apparently more stuff by him will be released on the CD and DVD of Trips & Bibliomania, but since you can't pay with foreign credit card on the crowd-funding campaign I just hope they'll release it to the public, unlike a few other campaigns before.


Is that the horsefuckers 3x3?



go to bed digibro