What do Japanese cartoons have that American ones don't?

What do Japanese cartoons have that American ones don't?

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Interesting concepts.

Cute girls



Broad range of subject matters that come in both patronising and somewhat intelligent flavours.

They don't treat their audience like little babbies


Giant robots.

Romanticisation of said giant robots.
Respect for giant robots.
Passion for giant robots.


mix of audiences and history vs western ideas of animation and death of 2d animation in the west


French animation >>> Japanese animation > American "animation"


You never turned on the french TV

Interestingly enough with the western cartoons there's a lot of really stupid concepts with great execution (who ever could have guessed a show about a cowardly purple dog and his two elderly owners or three kids in a small neighborhood trying to scam kids out of their money would be so entertaining?) where the opposite is most often true with anime, very interesting concepts that play out more or less the same as all the shit before it. I mean, how many times have you complained about an anime's completely wasted potential, rushed endings, or how it completely went to shit in the second half? It's all too common these days.

Interesting. Or perhaps put another way:

There is a mismatch between concept and execution in anime (really cool, sometimes realistic, intellectually stimulating concepts get a formulaic or uninspired execution) while in western cartoons the concept and execution are in harmony (silly concept and a silly, irreverent execution with a silly artstyle).

Was going to say "proper traps," but then I remembered I was dead wrong.

A wider demographic.

Does he count as a trap? Blew my mind when I discovered he was supposed to be a guy

I'll start by saying I fucking love avatar/korra, wakfu, justice league, and young justice. But western cartoons are plagued by completely unaesthetic childish designs, shitty toilet comedy, and episodic bullshit. They're pretty much toy advertisements. When it's good, it's amazing, easily better than anime. But 95% of western cartoons are goddamned SHIT.

Anime you get a wider range of demographic and genre, and it tends toward young adult orientation rather than ten year olds. Anime also isn't ass ugly noodle arm blue-square-as-a-face garbage like most westernshit. Anime also has better music and art direction.

But something like atla/korra is better than 99% of anime. I'd give it a 9.5/10, wakfu maybe a 9, JL a 7 and YJ a 7.5. Voltron maybe 4.5, and I'll give ladybug a 6.

Entire series based on pandering

An overall positive cultural stigma and reception that allows it to thrive as good in a market with other contemporaries forms of media of the same type?

Nermal is a dude? What the fuck, you just blew mine.

An industry that supports variety, at least to a bigger degree than american cartoons. Also a lot more freedom to what can be shown on kiddy shows.

Ongoing plots as the standard, not just a rare occurrence. Spongebob is fine to turn on as a diversion while doing something but it has no value to it. This is why the only one I was ever emotionally invested in was Avatar. Even shit like Lucky Star, Azumanga Daioh, or K-On still has the characters moving on through the changing seasons and graduating at the end.

The Last Airbender was awesome but Korra was kinda shit m8

Are you autistic? I always thought he was a dude

I hate that anime has made me think this way, but a humanized trap Nermal would be so fuckable.

sexualization of young girls.


>episodic bullshit
The incredibly inconsistent nature of American TV airings makes serialized stories really hard to do unless you're relying on people binge watching in Netflix. Children's cartoons aren't at that level yet. Even Avatar came out over 3.5 years with 60 episodes.

Also this is one of Japan's biggest children's shows.

The debauchery Is really what sets it apart

>imminent 404

This is the biggest difference for me too. In the US/west, cartoons are more designed around the idea that you should be able to tune in any time without missing a beat. Being episodic in nature isn't necessarily bad, it's just not nearly as interesting as having arcs and entire storylines that progress and play out over time. Characters actually have the potential to develop into something more than just a shallow 2D parody of its source material.

Western cartoons are aimed at much younger audiences and don't cover nearly as many themes. Pretty much the only animation aimed at adults in the west is comedy/sitcom type stuff with occasional touching moments but still completely episodic. Then you've got the "we're so kooky" type stuff adult swim has been doing since space ghost coast 2 coast, which can be funny in its own right, just not as interesting.

quality fanservice

Delicious 12 year old Mikan.

Anime titties

How many Japanese movies have won Academy Awards, again?

Hold this L

Spirited Away was the only traditionally animated Oscar winner.

adult swim could be doing better but they keep focusing on dude weed lmao culture and humor
too much live action
mcfarlane animation cancer (he used to work good shows before his own shit)
lazzo needs to go

It had Kuvira and ten kinds of milfs. Fuck you mang Korra was great.

(((film awards)))

episodic is disgusting. It just doesn't hold my attention. All this shit goes down and by the end of an episode it's all back to the same old shit and never gets mentioned again. It's like fucking someone you like and they never call you back.

Intentional sex appeal

I don't know how Cred Forums does it, they fap to shit that is most definitely meant for kids and is more often than not actual children.

i fap to Cred Forums furshit, does that count?

>It had Kuvira and ten kinds of milfs.
The man with no taste.

korra was terrible absolutely shat on the original
took all the worst parts of western animation and put them together with the worst parts of anime

Keked. Thanks user, you ingenius faggot.

this is some terrible bait desu

Season one was okay. Two and four were garbage. Three was amazing. It was basically an animated version of TDK.

Meant for


Outsourced animation doesn't count

>outsourced animation doesn't count
why not? it gave us some good stuff

can't believe people are defending korra still

>Season one was okay.
Literally all I needed to see to drop this. Korra was the worst character on the show, and fuckboi was just there to make forced drama.

Any of the seasonal garbage haremshit anime is leagues better than Korra.

Adult target audiences


>An industry that supports variety
90% of show are just about beta MCs

Well I was gonna ask if shin-chan was good earlier but I think you summed up if I should watch it or not pretty nicely.

Korra S1 was meh. S2 was bad.

S3 and S4 though were fucking great.

>at all good
Please fuck off.

Intrestic premises/ideas
Larger Plot

also Im gonna sound really stupid but a lot of animes Ive seen at least have a certain feeling to it, like space dandy or super milk chan are the first that come to mind but they have a sort of atmosphere that I cant define, but I like it.

Also most of the time the art style is appealing.


Fucking this, so many good shows with ridiculous premises.

A wallaby, a steer and a turtle try to navigate modern life
A squinty eyed sailor goes around beating up enemies
A big guy with an S on his chest flies around
A mouse with a high pitched voice and a duck with no pants are friends


that show is based off mahou shoujo anime anyway

You realize that Megas XLR was chock full of references to anime and heavily inspired by old super robot shows right?

Conservative budget techniques. American cartoonists think things have to move all the time while Japan only has characters mouths move and not properly synced at all. Only sometimes do they go all out and do proper animation.

My brother from another dimension

They will make a Pacific Rim cartoon too

Well I mean its a stretch but anime has six kids scamming a small neighbourhood of its money, (or a man and a child depending on which version you watch). But I definately see your point.

Let me think...

I don't know.

Iron Giant

Megas XLR was fun.

Wasn't del Taco scouting anime studios for that or did it die when he left PR 2?

Megas literally had a "Win the fight" button or something similar if I remember right.

the fact that anime usually caters to horny guys as cartoons are generally created for kids

Cartoons seem more catered towards millennials now, as they're increasingly influenced by social media.

No idea, there hasn't been word on it in ages. Max Factory finally put a release date on their Jaeger models though after suddenlt going silent on them for like a year.

They are catered for manchildren, while western cartoons are catered for actual children

This. Also for some reason its generally been taboo to make anything animated outside of comedy or aimed at children. One of the few shows I loved watching on Adult Swim was Superjail! Granted it was essentially gore porn and dark humor at its best but the fluidity of the animation and the Baroque level of detail in the background animation was phenomenal, nevermind the always different intro animation.

But this also reflects the difference between concept and execution alongside the lack of animation diversity presented in Eastern Animation. Anime is generally very cookie cutter in terms of drawing styles with the differences being slight to none at all. Meanwhile Western animation styles while cartoonish have a plethora of different drawing styles and animations.

Had buttons all over, if you look, they're just another part of what made it such a great show

Tony Ja-


I read them backwards for some reason.

If I remember right the plan for the final season was that the button for the time travel thing was actually functioning the whole time and under a sticky note on the dash board that coop had just forgotten about it.

Nah, fuck you

>Anime is generally very cookie cutter in terms of drawing styles with the differences being slight to none at all. Meanwhile Western animation styles while cartoonish have a plethora of different drawing styles and animations.
I don't necessarily disagree with this, but the fact is that so much more anime is produced than western animation that with even one show a season using a non-standard art or animation style gets comparable results in the long run.

It was always fun to see what situation Popeye would fight out of next.

i think some shows/channels are more trying to go for the all-ages thing like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network did years ago. Gumball and Regular Show/ type stuff is palatable for children while at the same time having those kind of mischievous undertones older people pick up on and enjoy. still just episodic shit though and a niche; vast majority of american cartoons are undoubtedly aimed at children

The Nobel Prize.

I'd enjoy the Loud House a lot more if it weren't for all the toilet humor. I can't stand Adventure Time or Steven Universe for all the relationship emotional crap they try and shove in every episode. It ends up feeling really forced, Steven Universe being the worst offender of forced drama.
They gotta cry and sing every damn episode.


I could go up to a random person on the street and they would be able to tell that two shows from CN or Nickelodeon are different. I show them images from Kyoani or Bones and they call it the same. Thats how sad it is.

>that episode with the fish people
Made nope as a kid

i don't like them either. universe especially just rubs me the wrong way because it's total sjw bait. i'll hand a little bit to them for at least trying though to have arcs and some semblance of plot because it's such a rarity in western animation. still shit but maybe a step in the right direction.

American animation?

There's no animation outside japan. If people cared it would have a market but they don't.

Rebecca Sugar is good, her Adventure Time episodes were the best. But it feels like she's trying to replicate those episodes with every episode of Steven Universe. It's just so safe, characters are way too predictable and Steven being the one who resolves all the conflicts makes me wonder why the fuck he even needs the gems around if he can just do everything.

I second Super milk chan, it's got a very charming and bizarre atmosphere

Good animation.
When was the last time a western production had good animation that wasn't outsourced to Nippon?

I don't necessarily agree with this blanket statement (partially because answer is going to be very widely different depending on where you ask it), but I'll give it to you for the sake of argument. It's just such a common cliche for people to think that anime looks all so similar and that western animation does it much better, but it purposely ignores the anime that do look different. The fact is that truly good, unique animation is western animation is rare simply because the fact that there isn't much made in general. The problem with anime is that there's so much of the same shit made that people tend to not recognize the good stuff, even if it comes around about as frequently as it does in the west.

Good character designs
Good art

That's not good animation on your webm btw, and it's ugly as fuck.

but that was from TMS you dumb faggot

They are'nt loony enough.

I don't understand people comparing japanese animation with the rest of the world, they are so much better at it than everyone else we shouldn't even compare them, like the other user said, there's only japanese animation, the rest is just some shows for children.

I always find funny how in those old cartoons, it was basically a rule that nothing could be static, everthing has to be moving, the background, the inanimated objects, characters, Everthing.

russian animation > all japanese animation

>That amazing animation

Yeah exactly, it felt really interesting and bizarre, but somehow I felt it was familiar somehow, either way I loved it. No other show can replicate things like when milk just talked with the president over the phone the entire episode.

People die a lot more. That's what first got me interested.

>being edgy

Consistency, volume, and diversity

Oh don't worry. I like the non edgy people dying stuff.

That was big stuff in '36

Japs value animation more, so they generally make more better cartoons for older people.

It's amazing how quickly animation become good. It was invented in what, the 1920s?

A fucking industry you Cred Forumsmblr shitter, go back to talking about capeshit.

A sexually repressed audience

American and Japanese animation do things differently I guess

Like, well-animated western animation is mostly better at expressive character animation, but we get BTFO by their action scenes and detailed motions

>popeye animation
are you fucking kidding me

My favorite French cartonn has always been Code Lyoko.
Anyone here remember it?

I remember the huge foreheads
And the live action reboot

i hadn't thought about this but it's kind of an interesting point. outside of old disney flicks, nobody really dies in western animation. the only instance i can remember is the end of young justice but they're going to bring him back anyway. anime is guilty of using that cheap plot device too but it also has a ton of titles dealing with death and loss.

>poeple die when they are killed

really that's quite fascinating pray tell more user-sempai

there are other good cases of good animation but pretty much never on TV

>Stop liking what I don't like!

Judging from your picture, I'd say color

>good animation
I've seen better animation from studios doing knockoffs of other popular stuff in the 50s, what are you smoking?

Most accurate thing on this thread. I used to call Samurai X and Dragon Ball Z "serious cartoons" because of blood and death compared to Looney Tunes

are you confusing animation with art? The animation is really good.

>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

>And the live action reboot

I'm not denying that there are differences, but it takes a finer eye to notice the detail with eastern animation as opposed to the west. But again this highlights the conformist and "If it ain't broke dont fix it" ideology of the East.

9/10 whenever i see anything eastern with a cartoony style equivalent to western stuff its usually allocated to those mini shows (with Crayon Shin being an exception but for some that falls into the sketchy style anime category albeit loosely IMO). Anime isn't as willing to take as big an animation risk as the west is because of perceived audience standards and norms


Who are you quoting, Cred Forums?

Even in a series like Dragon Ball, where death is the furthest thing from an issue, it still gives some sort of tension. Most series tend to avoid that, favoring a more episodic approach. Which is a shame, really.

fuck off Cred Forums


>the live action reboot

Search your feelings, mates

Oh my god it's actually real


avatar was and is still overrated garbage

Still sold better than every other anime you like

It's weightless and there's no technique, it's from fucking 1900 something.

Iroh is my favorite fat old man.
He's like a Japanese Santa Claus. Why can't more hentai have guys like him.

>the expression on all the actors

They all look like they're one step away from killing themselves

I beg to differ when it comes to animation styles (not character designs mind you), anime tends to offer animators a lot more freedom with respect to how they would animate. Western cartoons tend to be more unified in their approach to animation where animators strive to follow a set of principles achieve the illusion of life(especially Disney) while you can find Japanese animators like Yoshinori Kanada who go for over-the-top poses and snappy movement all the way to the likes of Hiroyuki Okiura and his uncanny realism.

Yeah avatar wasn't great

Like did we really need a ferngully reboot?

who gives a shit, anime > cartoon shit

Yes, and so was Eva.
I disagree, but I have a biased opinion, as I watched it while much younger.

I can't believe they're making sequels. It made its money, it had an ending, there's nothing you can add to keep me interested.

>Yes, and so was Eva.
Not the parts animated by our lord and saviour, Mitsuo Iso.

And it didn't even have the Tim Curry singing smoke man, that was the best part of Ferngully

It's quite good, but I think he has a point in the sense that the animation is unrefined as is clearly a product of its time. While the animation is fluid, it's very obviously pose-to-pose movement unlike the more natural sense of weight found in Disney movies like Pinocchio.

>muh Iso
He's good and all, but don't forget the great work Takeshi Honda and Yoh Yoshinari did on the show.

Tits for one thing.
Kinda surprised, Cred Forums being Cred Forums that no one brought this up.
I mean have you seen Olive Oyl recently?
Granted the modern anime style is based on Betty Boop and Disney more than Popeye. Good thing, that'd be weird.

honda is a literal shit animator

I fell asleep in the theater during the first one. I won't be seeing the sequels.

Or Robin Williams being a bat.

To be fair, modern cartoons like Regular Show and Gumball are becoming more teen/adult friendly and adult cartoons are no longer censoring curse words.

>but it takes a finer eye to notice the detail with eastern animation as opposed to the west
Perhaps. But I still get the feeling if you asked your question to any culture that consumes mostly manga-derivatives (which is a fucking lot of people), they might get the anime question faster than the cartoon one.

I don't know what you mean by "mini-shows", but there was literally a full TV anime called Mob Psycho 100 that aired last season with a more cartoony art style. If you limited your idea of anime with different styles to cartoony, then you'd miss some good shit like Mononoke.

>Anime isn't as willing to take as big an animation risk as the west is because of perceived audience standards and norms
On average, sure. The vast majority of anime don't take any risks. But again, there's a shitload of anime being made, so even if one show a season took risks, then that's good enough in my books. The easier it is to make a medium the more trash will be spewed out, but the frequency of the good stuff is more important than the ratio. Just look at traditional books.

Except for that time where the Green Lantern comics made Hal Jordan a canon lolicon.

>Hal Jordan becomes romantically involved with an alien Lantern named Arisia, for which he comes under fire due to Arisia being only 13.

>Arisia is first shown as having a huge crush on Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814, who ultimately reciprocates her feelings. After being stationed on Earth with Jordan and confronted with their age difference she subconsciously uses her power ring to age herself so that she and Jordan can be together.

>modern cartoons like Regular Show and Gumball are becoming more teen/adult friendly
Too bad they both have degraded in quality over time.

Nothing. There has been legitimate storytelling done in both, pandering done in both, good animation done in both, bad animation and bullshit done in both. They just have different audiences, so the content is different.

>Or Robin Williams being a bat.
Robin Williams was the only reason I ever watched western animation.

Still, teen/adult friendly can also only refer to millennials, so it's not overly inclusive.

Mob Psycho's less out of decision and more being faithful to the source material, which happens to look like scribbles.

Censorship depends on the network. Cable can get away with it as they aren't as bound by the board of censors. They just choose not to air heavy swearing because muh advertisers. Even then Shit and Nigga is as far as they generally go.

Network Television is different. Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS more often than not won't let more than PG13 words air.

Megas XLR:
You dig giant robots
I dig giant robots
We dig giant robots
Chicks dig giant robots

just gotta wait a while before it get really good, but at that time japanese animation might get back on the right path

Dumb passfag.

>Gumball degraded

Gumball started out shit and with cliche overdone plots, then it become something watchable once they focused more on their animation-based plots.

Gumball started out good then turned to shit like it's animation quality.
It's shit that Cred Forums likes to praise when it's not good as it seems.

That final Popeye vs Sinbad fight was pretty fucking hype. More anime battles should be like that.

Moe, schoolgirls, big bouncy tits, delicious panties, yummy pink hair, animal girls, maids, lingerie and frustratingly proper MC's.

>fuck off

I chose it out of convenience and direct relevance to what he said, I don't really know the creative process behind it. I don't really think that breaks my argument either way.

Comics and cartoons aren't anywhere near the same thing.

the last naruto fight was literal kino

Who are you quoting?

Popeye has always reminded me of my grandfather.
Except he was never a sailor, and was missing a thumb.

Gumball got better in some ways and worse in others
Nearly all the characters became absolute cunts, most of all Gumball who has no personality outside of being obnoxious. The humor now is also heavily referential which I personally dislike
The unconventional animation is a plus though, it's probably the best animated Western show

>S4 Korra was great but S1 was "meh"

S1 Korra was the only good season. S2-S4 Korra was just several shitty attempts to add politics to a world where magic users run society.

Fanservice in a nuttshell

XJ9 was pretty moe. Even got the twintails.

>it's probably the best animated Western show

Calm down, CalArts shill.

>best animated western show
>best animated

Gumball is fucking shit. And that's coming from a guy who loves Adventure Time.

G'night folks.

>completely normal shit except the characters are animals or have some gimmick
>this passes as "ridiculous premises"
This is why toonami is contained to Cred Forums along with the rest of you shit tasters.

You know things are bad with today's animation scene when old toy commercials looked better than current shows.


how the fuck do we save animation?

I'm not saying the show itself is good, I just like the unusual animation
It's not like it has much competition in that department considering everything's getting canceled

I liked W.I.T.C.H. The comics at least dealt with adult things like divorce, rape, murder and jelousy, pregnancy, going through your period, being flat as a board or having huge tits. All for 13-15 year girls who also were under huge pressure from aliens to save the earth and the "veil". W.i.t.c.h was pretty damned good.

Did you also know it was printed in like 20 languages, and at one time had more circulation than any other magazine worldwide?

Anime is visually appealing for my dick.
American cartoons are not.

>being an alien with superpowers derivered from exposure to a yellow sun is a gimmick

She gave me a huge robot girl fetish when I was younger


Not yet. There's not enough production for french animation to be superior to anime just yet. Going by the good gobelin student grad films and occasional movie doesn't mean much.

A case could be made for their comic industry, however.

I'm not sure how 'jealousy' is on the same tier of social issue compared to the other categories you listed.

two words

Totally Spies

Yes, it is, you retarded Cred Forums shitter. The premise of superman is "guy with superpowers does hero stuff", a completely standard premise, and his gimmick which sets him apart (from say batman) is what you described. The typical LN title has more uniqueness than the shit you listed.

french animation literally will never be superior to japanese animation

So western is how I imagine a fucking cumdumpster driven succubus to look like compare to the weebs version of what a succubus would look.

Not ever since they decided to trash the great 2D animated Ladybug for the shitshow that is the 3D CGi show they are doing

I remember that.

Jealousy is one of the worst things if not the worse. Ok technically it's Envy and it's one of the seven cardinal sins.

Immunity to obnoxious western politics and social bullshit like modern feminism and other tumblrcore cancer.

Fucking this.

>Show about teenage girls
>Has more fetish fuel than any other cartoon, even adult cartoons

Man, if MLaaTR was released in Japan, she'd be a hit with everybody. Kids love her, NEETs fap to her, win/win.

Sure you do user
sure you do, you pervert
I bet you fapped to the inflation episode


>giving a shit about western cartoons

I can't wait for the new red dwarf cartoon that's coming out.

What I mean is if it were an anime. She's got wide appeal, even worldwide.

By that standard, everything is a gimmick.

It probably did, Nick has a trend to release its shows everywhere in the world with full redubs

There is probably a clip of the JP dub somewhere out there

the show sucked though desu

On this day and age, almost everything.

You know it's cheaper to do animation for a commercial than a full-length show right?

Strange facial proportions

Mob psycho is what i would put under the sketchy category, especially for the action scenes, but again it falls back to the source material.

>Princess Mononoke
That right there is some good shit but again that falls back to what Miyazaki said about using the medium to tell a story, and not a story to sell a medium. Its what seperates art from junkfood tier media. The industry is losing that due to an oversatuation. Motifs and concepts that were once far fresher than they are now have become stale and cliche. Mob Psycho tries to break the monotony from an animation perspective by being more loyal to ONE's original style but from a tale perspective it fails to excite me, especially after the BBEG arc at the end with a base full of henchmen.

The last anime I watched that really hit me hard and told a story had to be Sakamichi no Apollon. And ironically, it came from Watanabe and Kanno who understand this concept fully.


better comedy
mostly fun

The audience includes adults also SoL that is not entirely comedy focused is an actual genre.

But he invented it.

Proto-anime is such a magical thing to behold


>it didn't have your fetish
Fuck that show.

>Code Lyoko
SAO and SnK are better than that shit.

That was pure shit and you know it. SnK started out decent but became metstatic cancer once the anime dropped

The westaboos at Trigger did at least.

It was basically slice of life with a dash of war. Even almost 80 years ago, the nips loved their moe and taking it easy.

I said Mononoke, not Princess Mononoke. Look it up.


I want to find a good Western cartoon so people will stop calling me a weeaboo but all that I've seen are stuff like Adventure Time and Steven Universe with dialogue like "THE AWESOME SWORD OF AWESOMENESS!!!" and such. Not interested in capeshit, either.

Isn't Trigger the worst animation studio in Japan though? They have kuso taste in western cartoons.

What is this? Looks like an interesting propaganda show.

Yeah, that's the point. I'm saying garbage (SAO) is better than piles of shit (Code Lyoko and Wakfu)

Are you calling based Code Lyoko bad, user?

You have slim choices. Maybe try Venture Bros

Yep, I sure am. When's the last time you've seen an episode?

just watch looney tunes or some shit, you can't go wrong with that

Code Lyoko, AtLA, most nineties cartoons, most early 2000s cartoons on CN, the choices are there.

Try Motorcity, Wander over Yonder, or Superjail.

A few years ago, I watched the whole thing.
Still enjoyed it.

I don't know how narrow your taste is but almost everything that aired on KidsWB was worth a re-watch except Johnny Test.

Also 90s/early-2000s DC cartoons are the best Superhero cartoons you're going to get.

>all garbage from 2010s
try again

Do you guys remember the 2003 ninja turtles?
That was great.
Always loved going to WB on Saturdays.

I've seen Superjail, it's not quite my cup of tea. I remember seeing stuff about Motorcity and that looks cool. Wander Over Yonder looks really good, nice background. I've noticed that a lot of American and Canadian cartoons have really really beautiful backgrounds (Steven Universe and My Little Pony come to mind)


>popeye invented the super-mode concept
holy shit, they were just about even but sin had the clear advantage but then BAM spinach
holy shit

Fuck yeah nigga I woke up early as shit to watch that

And then Cartoon Network cancelled it

Rick and Morty to fit in, Bojack Horseman for suffering

I love it whenever someone brings up western animation, Cred Forums shows up out of nowhere. You can feel the triggers.

Found a promo youtube.com/watch?v=vQS_hSBpKlk

and the japanese dub OP song youtube.com/watch?v=mnItEhkZcBA

tiny toons was better

Okay, Pinocchio and Yellow Submarine then.

I wasn't really a fan of it, but I do respect that amount of effort they placed in it to make their own adaption original.

Most of these, I think.
I didn't really watch Disney Channel much.

And then used it as a tax write off making it literally illegal for them to use it any more.

Oh right, I completely forgot about that stuff. I've watched Rick and Morty before. I'm turned off by Bojack Horseman because I keep hearing that it doesn't get good until a certain amount of episodes in

you fucking pleb
only old cartoons are good
captain planet, rugrats, old warner brother shit and yes, old capeshit was fucking hype

Both are nice.

Watch Wakfu, it's like a french anime

I was literally having this thought in my head before you posted this.

90s to early-2000s Disney shows were decent..

2000s had good shit, too.
Twenty-teens killed cartoons.

I could only handle the first few minutes of Wakfu. The animation is garbage and trying to endure that English script is like putting your nose to an asshole and inhaling deeply

I remember seeing All Grown Up
I felt conflicted.

early 2000s was pretty decent, it still had some leftover charm from the 90s
late 2000s was fucking shit though, and it still shows today

>I'm turned off by Bojack Horseman because I keep hearing that it doesn't get good until a certain amount of episodes in

This is completely true. It's complete ass until like ep. 4 or 5, then it develops somewhat of a plot and becomes tolerable. Later on there are some clever episodes, the last two of season 3 were actually good.

Personally I think you should just embrace being a weeaboo faggot, but if you insist on watching cartoons those two are the least bad.

Modern western is ether dudebro stonner animation for "kids" or progressive shit for tumbler

The only good western animation in the last few years was Bojack Horseman and even that is a comedy at first

Yeah, i remember it, my sister used to buy it and we read it toghether
Irma and Cornelia were my favorites, Will and Taranee were my sisters favorites

I was thinking of all the fun cartoons I watched when growing up in the 70s/80s

then I realised the ones I enjoyed most were actually butchered dubbed anime.

'tis a funny old life.

yes, stuff like wakfu is great
good modern western animation is all canadian or european the only non-avant-garde cartoons that dont look like literal shit coming out of america is stuff like boondocks
anything after 2005 is absolute shit
name these "good" modern cartoons

How common is political commentary and social satire in anime? Is it uncommon or just going over my head? Like I don't think I've ever seen Prime Minister Abe depicted in an anime, but US Presidents make it to cartoons often enough.

I swear to god you faggots are annoying.
Stop recommending that garbage, at least recommend Dofus instead.

Child sexploitation late night broadcast toons in the Washington DC / Chicago area in the mid/late 70s were the best. It was legal for kids to get in sex positions and experiment rotoscope and shit.

we all felt like that user
We all got boners for chuck's step sister, Lil and angelica all at the same time

Well, that's because almost everything is. What matters is how well it's utilized.


Best show is Venture Bros, which balances comedy and story and character development best of any western cartoon. It also takes 2-3 years a season to make so season one from 13 years ago seems pretty different from the recent season 6.

I think the difference is that western cartoons treat their audience like elementary schoolers, while anime treats their audience like high schoolers who need exciting action, big titties and fat asses to be entertained
They both have a tendency to infantilize their audience

I never thought of it that way before.

I always though it was hilarious how he calmly reaches into his pocket for a can of spinach as he's getting pummeled in the face.

>Is it uncommon or just going over my head?
Both. It's more like direct political commentary is incredibly rare while social satire is probably just too subtle for you.

What about AD? The first 6 seasons, let's not talk about what happened after that.
Bublegum a huge cunt

its going over your head
lots of anime are political metaphors, not everything is going to be direct like koizumi mahjong and zetsubou-sensei

You're either not reading seinen, or you're not reading comedies.

stuff like wakfu includes dofus you dofus

Monogatari has one scene when they make fun of the Tokyo Metropolitan Ordinance Regarding the Healthy Development of Youths while tsukihi shows herself to the camera fully naked, but thats it I guess

no, don't watch wakfu
just watch dofus
wakfu and the OVA are shit, dofus is at least watchable and fun

There's always tons of social commentary going on in anime, but direct political stuff is rare.

This was all a trick to out you all as Cred Forums crossies. You're all scum, fuck you.

I mean if you're a grown adult who takes superhero comics seriously, there's probably something off about you

Even in those demographics and genres stuff like blatant depictions of modern Japanese politicians is rare. American stuff is just so up front about it in comparison, like his example of South Park.

I've literally never been to Cred Forums, I just have experiences outside the internet and have therefore been exposed to popular culture.

Not voluntary experiences, shit like Christmas and stuff. I'd rather sit and watch cartoons with my cousins than have to have an actual conversation with them.

>This was all a trick to out you all as Cred Forums crossies. You're all scum, fuck you.
>going to Cred Forums
Cred Forums does not reflect my childhood anyone that likes modern american cartoons needs to be shot
give me a danny phantom reboot and I might just visit it
>not watching wakfu for the elf and brown

I think overall Japan has better series as they can target a lot of different ages.
Western need to be familiar friendly or they won't exist.
Still, Over the Garden Wall is better shit than most of the anime on the last 6 years.
Are we counting Web stuff like Rick and Morty and RWBY?

The man can cut a truck in half and a helmet blocked him?

Jokes on you, I also frequent /toy/, /vp/, and /m/.

I thought Rocko's Modern Life was pretty decent.

OtGW wss shit tho

My nigga, but the comics also started deteriorating storywise when they started the Teach 2B W.I.T.C.H. story arc.

I also forgot how many boys revolved on each heroine.

Quality ?

He cuts a fucking shooting star in half in one episode, it's a goddamn anime.

These days(last 20 yrs) western cartoons have gotten better but for the longest time most western cartoons (excluding movies) were just people bopping each other over the head to classical music while anime had robots and scifi. Furthermore, due to the old, glorified toy commercial cartoons of yesteryear, there's a stigma with cartoons not geared towards little kids, meanwhile anime had, and still has, more options for animation geared towards older audiences.
Shows like the simpsons and family guy have helped break that mold but it's still so ingrained in western culture.
Look up the history of seiyuu for more intrigue on why VA are better regarded in nipland, leading to a more diverse cast of acting talent.
Also hentai.
I could go on all day (but wont)

I don't use Cred Forums, I just watched cartoons as a teen and kid.

The Simpsons, family guy or american dad? Let's say each one of them is on their prime. Which one is better?

nigga pls

This is the only actual answer

ATHF is better than 90% of anime

they have lots pf social commentary
anime just doesnt take sides, and I like it that way

everytime I go to a precure thread I hear the winx club theme in my head

Cred Forums isn't Cred Forums

Cred Forums has their own culture of deciding what anime is shit and what isn't.
Cred Forums is literally just people(mainly newfags) going on a nostalgia trip, there's no actual culture to it. Unless you consider the tumblr/SJW infestation to be culture.

>These days(last 20 yrs) western cartoons have gotten better
>steven universe and phinnus and ferb and shit is better than danny phantom, rugrats, and hey arnold

There's no Tom and Jerry in this thread?
What the fuck is this?

who the fuck doesnt like tom and jerry

>that french revolution episode when Jerry gets Tom guillotined
Tom was just doing his job, man
Fuck Jerry

tom and jerry is shit
tom was best jerry a shit
no mouse circle jerking here

That has to do with the fact that for a long time, US media was being broadcast out to the world, but not the other way around, and even in todays more globalized entertainment space the US is still clearly dominant in terms of output
Social commentary and the like will go over you head because you just don't live there and don't have the background that the people writing the jokes do, it'd be like growing up in the middle of Nowhere, Indonesia and watching episodes of South Park and trying to pick up on the social message behind Barbara Streisand turning into a robot

Only, pretty much ALL anime is shit now. When's the last time you saw a non-shit anime? Unless we're counting Kizu, it's been months since I've seen anything decent.

>He hasn't seen nyaruko

Compared to the 80s and 80s swill, yes.
Being more diverse in age demographic, yes
90s and early 00s is definitely the golden age of western cartoons for me but
New cartoons will never be as good as the ones you grew up with.


>New cartoons will never be as good as the ones you grew up with.
but I like my new anime much more than the stuff I grew up with, modern western shit is just that shit

Japan loves them. You can get Tom and Jerry toilet paper in Japan.

>80s and 70s swill
My bad.

Kumeta's work (SZS, Joshiraku) is chock full of satire of Japanese society. He also hates gaijins.

They also draw porn of them on Pixiv, which is nice.


>He also hates gaijins.
What makes you say that? SZS had some good gaijin girls.

There's a lot of it if you just pay attention.

She's actually way older, but 13 by her planet's standards

Of all people weebs should be able to understand the hundred-year-old loli

Unmatched amount of Cute girls and fanservice.

Nah, probably a better answer is that Japanese animation appeals to a wider range of demographics. Consequently, it's more free to explore different themes/genres depending on demographic that American cartoons can't because of general attitudes towards animation over there (the stigma usually being that animation is for kids, and adult animation usually being raunchy, episodic sitcoms).

Japan can at least break out of those demographic barricades frequently thanks to its shotgun approach of releasing a comparatively large amount of shows every year. Granted, this has the side effect of producing a lot of shlock as well, so there's also that. There's also the social stigma in regards to certain anime being for FILTHY OTAKU (most of the stuff on Cred Forums), but that's a topic for another day.

I do hear American cartoons getting better these days at not being just for kids or just slapstick, but can't comment for sure since I haven't really watched one in years. Apparently Steven Universe is hot shit right now and it involves lesbian gems or something. Also random Eva references.

But seriously, it's the cute girls. Can't be beat.

its not even a question, user

what is this

Sally the Witch I guess

just gonna leave this here


Cartoons have no over-arching plot unlike anime, that's why I hate cartoons.

I wish American cartoons were like this again.

Well for starters the cultural differences, most notably:

-Japanese is less sexually reserved than American.
-Social trends, perception and interaction.
-Style of life.

Watching anime itself is already interesting because you're discovering a new culture, a new 'world'. And within that culture lays the
author perceptions which are plastered into their works, adding more story variety.

More differences:

-Animation style, art style, animation techniques.
-Tropes withing the medium.

And so on.

Heavy Metal and ATLAB are literally it

Maybe Orion

>-Japanese is less sexually reserved than American.
this is a really strange
because in real life both are reversed

Name one cartoon that has any of the following:
- People die
- Difficult concept that children cannot grasp (ie. Political, psychology)
- Dark, depressing as fuck
- Realism, ie. non-fiction, historical
- Erotica, bonus point if has little girls


South Park
>people die all the time
>political concepts
>dark humor like cannibalism
>real world setting
>showed Wendy's uncensored boobs

Damage control.

Neither of you are looking hard enough

Anyone eho says anything other than Simpsons should be fucking shot on sight

Venture Bros

Try Cyber Six.


That and Samurai Jack are like the only two good western action cartoons.

I want to add Batman the Animated Series but that's long as fuck and not consistant

it's terrific and I'm sad you don't enjoy it

Heavy Metal

Aeon Flux

Japan does their own animation apart from maybe douga :^)

>including a real part of daily life is edgy

fuck off tamerlane

>someone in your life dies on a daily basis
You sound like you have a hard life.

>Buying Cred Forums pass

cute girls
cute things

And I'd like to point out anything pixar has done is not cute, they all seem so forced, especially that rabbit in zootopia

Season 2 finale of ReBoot was some hype shit
Made me remember another "inside a computer" show, Tron Uprising and how they had dismembered programs left and right but it was no prob because they weren't really living things

South park is good but, by political, I mean political element like GitS, Magi or Sangokushi, not political humor

looks pretty good to me, I bet you know jack shit about good animation

my pain is far greater than yours

>When the only good animation in a western series is animated by a japanese animator

Most of anime is boring and slow-paced as fuck, what are you talking about

My God, what the fuck


Japan already made Popeye their bitch.

Momotarou no Umiwashi


>Live action
>It even has "evolution" plastered there

Who is that William fucker, anyway? Looks like an edgelord. I don't think the dub in my country continued after the...what, 3rd season or something?

Oh, and Aeon Flux/Reign the Conquerer

>that's long as fuck
No it's not.

So is this fucking happening or what


I want some Vampire Hunter D shit

It's fucking 100+ episodes

I don't want to search my feelings ever again

That's not long.

/m/ please

There are a lot of garbage responeses in this thread so let me fix that by giving the real answer.
Monologues. Monologues are what makes anime great because nips realize anime are for autist who are incapable of understanding others unless they literally know exactly what they are feeling and thinking. Inner monologues, outer monologues, blushes, obvious tsundere acts, its all so that people can understand the characters perfectly when they are meant to.

There is a reason why Miyazaki is praised and yet his style barely pops up in television. And when they do, like Dennou Coil, they are commercial failures.
Any anime that is good without having overtly obvious character traits are just plain good and could have easily worked in western styled narrative, like GiTS, so they don't debunk this fact.

God why did it have to end?

kill yourself immediately

You're a fucking nutter

What's long then?

Conan and Simpsons and nothing else?

I don't know, I just remember it not taking me very long to finish it when I rewatched it a few years ago.
You're right.

Most Western cartoons actually are starting to have ongoing plots and continuity. Fucking South Park has it now.

From an animation stand point not much. From a story and character stand point Japan crushes it.

nigga that is 10/10 animation considering how OLD this shit is...

I have watched ten episodes but I haven't find it difficult so far. Does the conflict get complicated or is it just big bad country waging war to get bigger?