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>2 days

Are you ready for the new anime phenomenon?

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This garbage is going to flop so hard

I don't know if I can handle the fabulosity

>calls it yuri
>it's yaoi

Why is this allowed?

>that hairline
Poor guy.

I'm actually excited about this, making a show about this sport is something pretty original and the animation looks nice. And for once the characters don't seem to have sameface syndrome.

Only fujos and closet homosexuals can enjoy this piece of shit though.

>There’s a METRIC BUTT-TON OF FANSERVICE throughout this part of the episode, as Victor gets to know Yuuri better. In one particular moment, they’re alone in Victor’s room, Victor in nothing but a thin yukata, explaining that in order to coach Yuuri well, he must know Yuuri intimately–asking questions like what he likes to do, if he’s ever had a girlfriend, if he’s ever kissed anyone. We ever see the yukata slip down Victor’s shoulder, giving us a flash of a nipple.
>giving us a flash of a nipple.

FlipFlappers airs in 3 days.

Kek, where did that come from?


Real men can watch male ice skating without questioning their sexuality. What kind of gay pussy are you?

>Are you ready for the new anime phenomenon?

Fujoshit isn't something new.

>there are people on this board who unironically don't enjoy cute animated homos

This shit is why we invented gas chambers.

theres a pastebin for the first 3 episodes lying around, its super duper gay. Like Victor fingers Yuuri at least once every episode

>new anime
Gintama is pretty fuggin old man

I'm a fundashi but I don't know how I feel about this.

Homolust needs to be sapiently used.

I can't wait for the wall of shitpost threads.

go watch your cringey waifu bullshit faggot

>The arena is staffed by an old rinkmate and childhood friend, Yuuko, and Yuuri has a very poorly hidden crush on her. They catch up for a bit, and then Yuuri explains that he has a routine that he’s been wanting to show her–and he performs Victor’s gold-medal-winning routine perfectly.


Nice vIog, now go back to tumbIr.


>Victor demonstrate the choreography for the arrangements himself; Yurio manages to memorize the routine after seeing Victor perform it only once, and Yuuri is a bit nervous about being able to pull off his own–especially since, after seeing Victor skate it, he admits with a husky shudder: “His skating is so sexy I feel like it could make even a man like me pregnant…“

The main characters are named Yuri.

let me guess, they never kiss and end up with girlfriends like all other fujobait anime?

I, for one, welcome this new era of high quality, well produced fujobait.

>high quality, well produced
Yet to be seen.

I know but I'm staying optimistic. I do think it shows signs of talent and effort behind it, the staff and PVs are quite promising.

What's all this now?

fuck off

Yaoi and yuri are Cred Forums content, surprising to newfaggots Iike you, isn't it?

And why would "real men" watch this in the first place though?

Yes. So Cred Forums will then.

Because they happen to be attracted to other boys and want to self insert as characters going through homoerotic situations
what are you, a fag?

I want this to succeed because MAPPA has been doing some decent anime even though they're financial flops, and because of Sayo Yamamoto.

Did you read the next sentence.

You know it already bb.

FEMALE should not be allowed in sport anime.

Can't wait for someone to get a compound fracture.

I literally cannot wait

Good thing that makes up the majority of anime viewers.

Best boy, and primary reason I'm picking this up.

It's shaping up to be the new Free! Meaning no girlfriends, but no actual homo either.

Well all I need is the Russian Yuri to be not as insufferable as Haruka and it's all good.

Is that gintama from gintoki and the glasses man?




Anyone gonna tune in?

>the animation looks nice
Won't last long though, the animation wasn't finished in the pre-screening event. Not exactly a good sign if the production hasn't been able to wrap up the first few episodes at this stage.

Pretty funny author lol

I feel like that's actually fairly common for pre-screening events.

what's gintoki doing to shinpachi??


A man shouldn't be allowed to own lips this sexual.


What are you; a fag? Go jerk off to Sakura, cuck.

more like yaoi on ice

This is hot.

What about boys who are made for sucking dick?

So why is Cred Forums hyped for this more than any other show overloaded with male characters.

Because it's an interesting sport about pros instead of highschoolers and looks like it could actually be well animated.

>rare sport
>no high-school hijinks
>good director
>MAPPA animation
Not the highest bar, granted, but it's sufficiently different from what we're usually getting.

Now that you mention it...

This looks pretty cool, definitely picking this up.
N-no homo


Dumping the pastebins here for all you faggots that missed the prescreen thread.

And anyone picking Fairy over superior slav is fucking delusional.

It's not about picking one over the other. Rather, they serve two different functions. Fairy is the communal semen depository, and Victor is whatever he is.

Всё так по-гейски

>The new free
Nah only three eps in and it's already gayer than 2 seasons of free and a movie.

The whole reason Yuri got cucked in ep 1 was to show the audience that all the homo is TOTALLY pandering and not a build up to actual BL.

>Gintama going full fujo

About time

Because Sayo Yamamoto. The trailers have looked good too.

Victor is the default older guy who can treat the fairy like a cum receptacle if you're not into fat old men.

Reads like bad fanfiction.

That's the fun of it

We still got Hypekyuu this season for our not-gay sports fix.

The voice actor cast is nice, I want to see/hear them to lewd things to each other.
That's why I'm hyped at least

B-but I'm a boy..


Maybe if it wasn't airing in the same season as Utapri,Touken ranbu and haikyuu it would've stood more of a chance.


i thought that was gin and shinpachi

>all these serious replies to Ledouch
I wish Hiro would nuke this site already

Spotted the underaged

>gay as fuck fujo anime
>give it great sakuga

Fucking... fuck this shit. I'm gonna end up watching this and hating every second of it.

You don't have to watch it if it's good animation you're after. There will inevitably be webbums of the pretty parts.

Then again, you could also just stop being a little bitch about gay stuff, which might help you enjoy it

My favorite anime is LoGH, I'm fine with gay shit. It's just that this show is going to be nothing but fanservice and good animation. I just felt like venting, don't mind me.

What the fuck is with the huge influx of yaoishit within the past few seasons?

Do Yamamoto and Kubo have the balls to go full homo?

I hope so

Judging by the PVs the yaoi bait will get in the way of the actual sport, see Free for reference, and Haikyuu for how it should've been done. Also pre-screening viewers said that the first few episodes weren't even finished, so we can also expect a production disaster.

this is no gay
this is traditional soviet intimidation technique
very effective you should try

How do I get a boy to do this to me, OP?


Are they going to do the socialist kiss?

It was written by a tumblr Freefag after all.

Wh-What's the next step if it doesn't work?

you put knee between legs and slowly move upwards
same time pull own face back a little and drag chin up with one finger

remember to look deeply into eyes entire time

I'm sure that would make all kinds of secrets spill out.

Boy of the fucking century.

Seriously, I could masturbate to this alone. I have never seen such beautiful determination in my life.

THICC, sumptuous determination.


>Utapri, Touken Ranbu, Natsume and HQ in the same season
This is gonna flop so hard

Oh god

The name is ''Yuri on ice'' but it's actually about yaoi

And bungou stray dogs season 2

it's not lewd what you say
its very intimidating

Because of the studio, staff and the PV looked real good. I won't bother with the threads thoughs.

Looking forward to this.

Does anyone have the YoI bingo? I forgot to save it.


Bingo should be OP pic for every YOI thread.

But it's not retarded melodrama fanservice shit like Free, it's over the top fun fanservice, like Imaishi's stuff.

Have some Kubo drawings as goodbye gift.




Destroy yourself immediately.

Go back to your ghost thread.

Why is Gintoki about to kiss Shinpachi?


You can see a slightly different preview here (first one is at about 3:15ish), but it's very very very low quality (and you need a nico account) nicovideo.jp/watch/sm29766957

Kagura reaches the age when she gains fujo-vision

Does CR have this one?

Actually, it's jist Russian intimidation technique, it's not as gay as it looks.

Yuuri is so cute. I love male moeblobs.

Haikyuu is mediocre though, it has charming characters but it's repetitive and uninspired. I am sick to goddamn death of sports series that are just non stop hot blooded high school level games. Sports needs to be mixed with other genres to be truly entertaining, and drama is one of the best genres for it.

Free is just a SoL with sport in the background, it was nothing special, but it's not bad at what it does either. The 'yaoi bait' didn't get in the way of anything, it was the main reason to watch it.

Yeah, I was expecting a serious take on professional sport on a global level, but this seems much more low key with fanservice that gets in the way of the story. Like a bakeshi for fujos.

I wish it was about pair sakting.
I need to fill that gap.

thats what happens when you try and ride the Fujo bandwagon too late

Too hetero to get an anime, sorry.

Eh, I don't know.

The anime already has fanarts, there is certainly hype around it. It also has the whole "new and shiny" angle to play.


They made an Idubbbz anime?

Yamamoto has had homosexual characters in her works before.

They were marginal characters, though.

But it's a start. Could have been buildup.
I'm not banking on Victor being actually gay, but I'm not ruling it out, either.

I dont want to live on this planet anymore

but gay faggots in anime is not new

Deal with it, any anime that doesn't have 4 retards girls as the main characters at this point is aimed at women because otaku are triggered by any male presence but their self-insert and the idiotic side-kick.

bingo time




Maybe I'm misunderstanding because I don't really know moonrunes, but what do they mean by 'good timing'/'just meet'? It seems like bad timing to be competing with Haikyuu/Tourabu/Utapri in the same season.

Or am I just massively overthinking this, and it's simply that it's good timing for a winter sport anime to air in fall - early winter?

They mean ice skating is huge in Japan right now because of Hanyu.

Also there's a Grand Prix in the end of October.

this really does need a gintama panel