Shingeki no Kyojin

It's time.

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LM soon.

LAr soon.

Lars Ackerman Arlert when?

Never. Armin is Levi's child.

BRA are best shingekis.

But Armin only calls Manlet "daddy" when they are alone.

Both of them would have to answer to EM, Armin's other parents, so that would be finicky and a situation they'd rather avoid.

Armin doesn't like calling Levi "daddy" since it weirds him out but he does it anyway because it fulfills Levi's gaping hole both in his ass and his heart since he never knew his father.

>Arminfag still trying to force his shit.

AM is endgame.

Arminfags in general are disgusting.

Why does Armin attract the most cancer

I hope Isayama stops sucking Armin's dick soon and gives BRA some deserved exposition via flashback.


Only Reiner. BA are pieces of shit.

Post your favorite drawfags fanarts.

He doesn't. That'd go to Blorty.


Because he's the cancer ruining the story.

Please come back.

A blessing

>If I haven’t posted on my website and linked it here on my Tumblr it isn’t from me. Watch out for fakes and posers.

>My ETA for SNK is on the 4-6th roughly.

Woahohohoho, slow down Isayama!

Can't believe he actually went and drew that, the absolute madman.

Do you think Isayama has played his hand in any other doujins?

Who is stronker Annie or Bert?

Bert has the armor gimmick but Annie is smarter and more skilled.

I bet Isayama owns all the Firing Pin books.

Definitely not in that one. She doesn't look like Mikasa at all.

Yes of course, Isayama would never cater to LM delusions.

Bert. Reiner explicitly said he was the strongest of all.

>Isayama would never cater to LM delusions

That's right. Can you believe that whenever they had the chance to speak or open up to teach other they never did it ? Levi and Nifa were the superior ship.

Because he is literally the worst.

Nice try, solid attempt, good ploy, that was nothing but hate though. I don't have pic related saved in my lewd folder for nothing though.

>TFW EM and LH will be endgame
Thank you based Isayama,

>canon straddling
>canon interlocked fingers
>canon sexual tension
ok, but a mother and son's hands slightly grazing is way more canon right?

You are as delusional as EMshits.

I know for sure that her leg definitely felt his cock, but do you think he felt the warmth of her pussy?

Her leg was on his shoulder faggot.

That close to his lower torso? Definitely.

And given the strenuous situation, that area was moist as fuck and generated a lot of musk. He felt and smelled it.

>canon straddling
>canon interlocked fingers
>canon sexual tension
Funny because literally everyone of those things has happened with EM and NOT with LM.

LMfags are the same. Self inserting whores.


You delusional fag, she literally has her kneecap pushed into his crotch so she doesn't have to feel his dick.

Chest close to the shoulder shipperfag.

Yeah and your head is close to your ass.

Nigga her leg is nowhere near his shoulder or chest. I might be delusional but fuck at least I'm not blind.

Why did he have his leg up? It seems counterproductive in that situation. He should have kept both legs down to make it harder for her to overpower him. But instead he made it easy for her by just letting her ass rest on him for support.

She did that to take the serum and immobilized him. Shipperwhores are disgusting.

>Shipperwhores are disgusting
Says the delusional EMshit.

Is this leaked

You're delusional and an imbecile.

Fucking disgusting shipperwhore. EM and LM are shit.

Post Armin lewds

Calm down LHfag.

Armin turns the tables tho


This whole scene was a lot lewder than it needed to be.

Shipping was a mistake

>quadruped stand was playing both sides
Who saw that coming

Try again shipperwhore. Levi is shit and EM is disgusting. Stop replying to me.

I love you.


Tfw im becoming a waifufag like the rest of you

I used to be a normie you know.

That's what I get for being a dirty mobile poster

Grisha did nothing wrong.

Fuck off Carla. Waifu #1 is best girl.

You can only save one cute girl here, user.

Eren couldn't have beat him with just his Titan and eren beat Annie with missing limbs

He gave the greatest power in the world to his retarded and deranged son.

Fucking THIS.

Eren confirmed a shit.

Levi and Armin are shit and cancer.

This is the last chapter of the volume and arc so hopefully something cool happens

Armin is far worse. Along with Eren and Mikasa.

Levi is bad, but nothing is comparable to Armong in terms of shittiness.

Dubs confirm.

Annie is waking up this month. Get ready lads.

Never, this month is EM development month.

I love all Erens and I want to make them mine.

>all Erens
Are you sure you can handle that user?

I am ready for anything as long as I have Eren.

Too good to be true.

LM always.



That's so cute.

That's so cute.

Even JM has a better chance than LM.

Nah, Hitch is for Jean.


My nigga.

I agree, LM is disgusting. JH soon.


Annie a piece of shit.

We need more AM drawings!

Yes, we need.

>We need more delusion
No, we don't.

>No fun allowed

>Shitmin and Mankasa

Entertaining the thought of them together is certainly fun since they're alive and well and their relationship can only keep growing from here.


LM & JH a beautiful.

Since when is anything involving fartmin fun?

I haven't seen this much shit taste in a single post in a long time.


Annie/Marco is cute.

They're both a lot less shit than EM or anything involving shitmin.

They are still shit LMshit.

Do any of you have that picture of the eyes Isayama drew a long time ago? it was on his blog, I think.

At least AM love and care for each other deeply, LMshit. All you got is inbreeding and hate, kinda resonates with your own life.


>this salt

We aren't LHfags.

At least Mikasa doesn't literally think of Levi as her son, making it nowhere near as incestuous.

Levi could be her dad and Mikasa doesn't think about Armin as her son for just one comment.

Mankasa a shit, Levi a shit, Armin a huge shit.

Oh, so one comment isn't enough to do it for you? How many more comments would it take to convince you?

None because she doesn't treat him like a child.

>Armin a huge shit.
shit taste

He isn't entirely innocent either.

wew, and you have the gall to call other anons delusional.

You should read again because it wasn't me.

Learn how to draw.

Annie is shit.

if Levi could 1v1 the female Titan why didn't they station him over where the trap was made for Annie

Then how else was Eren going to get the no ragrets speech?

Wall humanity deserves to lose and get wiped out

LM & JH a perfect. I hope Writefag will bless us with the fic soon.

Let the fucking thread die shippershit.

Fucking where is this from?? For the love of god, have mercy kudanasai.

It's english translated but I can't find it on Sadpanda??

Ymir is canon and well alive.

Feels like it's that way for any ship involving Historia with someone other than Ymir too. Either they start off by trying to convince others that Historia has no feelings for Ymir, or they just flat out ignore their relationship altogether.


Typical EMfag porn. Not even the PNG can handle their delusions. MYLH forever!

What did he mean by this?


YH is canon.

>tfw you will never ever dominate then violate Ymir's body by impregnating her with your man seed

I like this pairing because they are complete opposites of each other in every single regard except for height.

Hisu pls, she will only impregnate you.

>Not getting dominated by Ymir instead
What are you, gay?

Shitposting from work, but nothing to shitpost about. What is this fresh hell?

I know that feel. Office work?

Media. Turn up on site and it's a dive. Wrecked my nice new shoes. Half the staffers haven't even turned up yet. And so here I am. Annie a best.

Good. I want her to dominate and violate me.

Annie a shit.

And a cute.

You should have your skin pulled off.

Weirdly cute.

Here comes a hero!

I had a dream the other night that beyond the walls Zeke is a nobody loser and that's why he wants to steal the coordinate

Post handsome Erwins to save me from my boredom.

I'll just pick out a few since there's so many.


Do you have any drawn in Ink? It's Inktober after all.


I don't believe I do. I wasn't aware of Inktober at all to be honest.

That's okay. I like doctor Erwin.

Here comes a phantom of the opera


Model Erwin is great too!

Erwin looks so handsome. So does Levi. It's a shame they're together in such a way though.

Please don't ruin my favorite stage performance with shipping.

>waistcoat under the blazer
He knows what he's doing.

So very handsome!

I like that the artist gave him a tie instead of a bolo. The pocket watch chain is a nice touch too.

Erwin in a tie is great but I can always appreciate him in a bolo too. This is one of my favourites.


I've just never really liked bolo ties in general. I don't mind them in snk though because they seem to exist as a means of discerning rank.

70's fashion isn't that interesting. The mod scene was a bit bland.

Mrs cancer? why are you replying to yourself? How come you haven't hang yourself yet?

I think you misunderstand who you're talking to. And, as far as I'm aware, Mrs Smith would typically answer, "The trip always stays on."

If you are talking about me, no I am not replying to myself. I happen to rather like the mod scene and certain aspects of vintage fashion.

And I never said I would hang myself.

I think it all depends on who is wearing it. Bolo ties in real life do look quite peculiar.

When will armin finally die

Ah, you answered that part for me. Yes, the trip always remains. If you float around on other boards you may see me posting with this trip, though I tend to remain here.

A fair point, I've only really seen the bolo being worn by those from America that have the whole cowboy thing going on.

Picking up your patterns has become a hobby. Strangely, I haven't actually noticed you elsewhere. Although we both browse a lot of boards so it's easy to understand how I haven't seen you.

user you're fucking creepy.

Is the tripfag obiously. Not a chance there's two people in /snk /with the same level of retardness, although close.

Think what you want.


Why on earth do you imagine that I would remove my trip, when plenty of people do interact here with me? I have no interest in talking to myself.
If I did wish to talk with myself I would simply keep the trip because the trip always remains.

Yes, those are the only people I'd ever seen wear bolo ties before. I don't think it's really a grand fashion statement outside of that culture.

Perhaps. The bolo just seems pretty pointless in the grand scheme of clothing in my opinion.

Not sure how I feel about this shift in artstyle.
At least Armin got /fit/ after the timeskip.

Yeah, when he went to live with Rynaaaaaaaaah and get /fit/ I think it really went downhill



Armin resurrects Frieda with super Titan Reiss powers confirmed.

>trying to force his shit again.
Cred Forums seriously need post IDs too.

You've got such a sodium build up it's leaking out your eyes. Such salty salty tears.

Hehehe yes.

Hehehhehehe, that's totally something Historia would say.

Hahahaha, so empowering. Also don't forget to wear your v-neck sweater.

Now that's a BENdable post right here.



wat fuk

Please why did you delete it. I will post the spoilers (legit, I have insider info) in return for your answer.

>I have insider info
How hard was EH confirmed?

Fag confirmed.

No, Historia read Ymir's letter and Yumikuri was upgraded from "Soon" to "Indeed".

Wow, so I am the f-word because I wear V-neck sweaters? I'll have you know that wearing those is empowering. It signals the virtues of being an YH ally.

You dashed my dreams of canon EH with Ymir Futa Monstrosities.

That's what you get for asking questions before giving me what I asked for. I just wanna see where that thicc Reiner doujin is from.

>YH ally
Murican snk sjw ftw

Hah, nice try but as you can see in picture related, I am the thing that Tumblr hates the most, hahaha.


Not even good bait. Back to Cred Forums you Cred Forumsermin

Mikasa is worst girl.


I was only memeing you earlier but now I think you're actually gay my dude.

I thought only landwhales ship YH. Are you obese?

Cute girl, cute butt.

BRA did nothing wrong.



>those trips
w-what is mikasa doing to armin.

why is she so perfect Mikasabros?

She Shingingles my no Kingles

Spoilers soon.


I see the cancerous Ymirfat mod is sperging out again.

That picture is very disrespectful!

Manlet got his dress dirty.

Mrs. Smith, does this look like the face of mercy to you?

I will literally kill Isayama if that really is what Armin's final didan form looks like. He's already got the bobble head and noodle arms, please no more. No "there is no need to be upset" old man face. Please. Don't. Do it.

Would the series improve if Eren and Mikasa were genderswapped?

>being this autistic over a shifter form
Typical Arminfat

That looks like the face of a sweet little boy who will end up on the naughty step or even in the naughty corner if he does not show more respect to his superiors.


Immensely. Same with Armin. Girlmin is the only acceptable form of the coconut head.

Typical landwhale arminhater, shoving their shit opinions where nobody fucking asked them to. Eat a dick and die.

But...I've been nothing but nice, Mrs. Smith!

Nobody cares about you whining about Shitmin's ugly shifter form either, Arminfat.

I think that little boy is going to be rather upset over the death of Erwin.
You have warmed my heart by posting a picture of him when he's upset. I just want to cuddle him now. You are messing with my hormones and it's not fair.

You cared enough to respond, Arminhater.

Someone has to tell you landwhales to fuck off.

As a Jeanfag, I am really sad how irrelevant he has become.

He will indeed be very upset. It was once stated that the person he looked up to the most (sans his grandpa) was Erwin. Now he must live up to those incredible expectations. I almost wish Levi had let him die and chose Erwin.

>d-do i fit in yet??
Take a fucking shotgun to your brain. I'm not going to bite your bait any further.

Calm your tits and fucking move on Erwin fags, he's already dead let him rest in peace.

It's not surprising. JSC neither have special backgrounds, are not connected to secrets, have a special status or are special snowflakes somehow. They are supposed to be the normalfags.

It's not bait. Just telling the truth.


I think they'd better cast Michael Fassbender as Erwin in the inevitable Hollywood adaptation of SnK. Or Alexander Skarsgard.

Not them but """"truth"""". Just stop. These threads are a lot nicer when the arminfats and anti-armin folk alike aren't sperging out.

Or Kurt Cobain Because they're both dead and deserved it

Too bad arminfats are always sperging out somehow. When they don't, they either try to bait or post soc shit.

They aren't, and I say that as someone who does not like Armin or his fags. You and other anti-Armin fags just overreact to every little thing they post. And it's extremely annoying.

Leave them be while you do your own thing.


>d-do i fit in yet??

Fassbender and Mcavoy as Erwin and Manlet is the only good choice.

>Janitor didn't delete this retard yet.



Stinkmir a stink.

Then Erwin would have felt an incredible amount of guilt. It's a tough situation and I believe overall the serum was a curse.

I will never get over it.

Michael Fassbender is a fantastic actor and would look the part. Chris Evans too, I'm not too sure about his acting skills since I've never seen him in anything but he definitely looks like Erwin.
Alexander Skarsgard I can't see fitting the role that much. Tall and blonde certainly but he doesn't look much like how I imagine a live action Erwin. Dan Stevens has the perfect Erwin eyes though.

Obviously that would not work. Kurt Cobain was disgusting looking.

訓練兵時代のアルミンが書斎で本読んでる ライナーとベルトルトが入ってくる
ベルトルト「案外僕らを助けてくれるのはアルミン 君なのかもしれない」

壁外の技術パネエ、エレン「この写真の男の人はオレの父です でも他は知らない人で 一体これは・・・」、これからどうする、壁塞いだのは良いけど獣とか鎧とかまだ倒せてないし、団員減ったけど募集しても来てくれるか微妙だね、とか色々会話

If this happened in the first 10 pages I would believe it but not the whole chapter.

Jesus christ chinks use Google translate and then post it, none of us speak moonrunes.

Rough Translation Via Google Translate:

86 Hanashiyume
Aluminate of training soldiers era incoming liner and Bertolt you are reading this in the study
Discussion I present are reading, this favorite do I Do not truly classroom lecture top of the giant, unwillingly Son, like a conversation
Berthold "of us unexpectedly help We might be a aluminate-kun."
Aluminate "Eh? Good for nothing is I something in combat in only a top-heavy."
Greasy sweat wrote aluminate to wake up to. Sleeping in bed. Jean Sacha Connie is also sleeping. Maybe quarters of the corps.
Aluminate (Why too late this kind of a dream)

Scene flying Commerce
There are judge, Pyxis, Zakkure Nile Revival Ellen Mikasa
That of the basement, Erwin death, Berutoru subdue, aluminate giant reduction, letter Toka various reports of custody from the liner
Nile has received various shock that it had been said of it and Erwin did not apologize was a fact
That other members also dead Elvin Gee Majikaa ... reaction
Zakkure little thought I (Erwin or did not fulfill the dream) Shobon Pounds
Description of the lie I'm struck in aluminate from dead too late I was trying to strike injection in Erwin
Wall outside of technology Panee, Ellen "this hell in humans this man of the photo do not know the other, even the father of the I ...", to do now, but the plugged wall is good still Toka beast Toka armor Defeat it does not, that's subtle or you come also to recruit but decreased Members, Toka various conversation
Judge "and not open hard metal I want to see the contents before passing it to the Historia the letter. Poor Opening to to not be allowed to Abon trying to from the open letter is to report to carefully have to work ... Historia


Armin, Bert Reiner flashback in a library. Armin wakes up from a dream in a lodging house.

Meeting with the commanders. They talk about Erwin's death and his dream, and what's inside the basement. Then Hange gives Historia the letter. The end.

Goo goo gaga, motherfucker.


You forgot your trip but I know it's you.


Why don't you have a seat over there.


Someone save that poor child from that pedophile!

>what is deleting your trip so you can post that image
You aren't very bright, are you, Disgustman?

So we have to wait ANOTHER month to find out what's in the letter? Great.


Now then now then. Dirty dirty.

Poor baby.


You should already be used to Isayama dragging everything out.


Why are baby shingekis so cute?

Why even post this?

Because they are babies and thus innocent and cute and not at all devil spawn!

If the shit spoiler was real, yes. But it isn't.

Because retards lke you keep giving it (You)s.

is this how Titan babies get made?

Very cute picture! I love the title and the little Erwin and everything about it!

I bet you're grumpy and hate Christmas. What would you do if a baby Shingeki came to chat with you?

This sort of counts as babygekis, right?

It most certainly does! Baby shingekis, young shingekis... Beautiful and sweet picture!

Vomit inducing.

I love X-mas its near my birthday so i dont mind.
I would kick the fuckers skull in.
They're fake manga characters.

Here's this then! I think this is sadly all I have though, except for 5 year old catboy Armin.

We know you are, Disgustman. You forgot your trip.

You are the most evil person in this thread. Horrid person.

>Disgustman is a child abuser
Why am I not surprised?

It's not incest if they're first cousins once removed, right?

Little Armin is so cute! I don't believe I've ever seen 5 year old catboy Armin before!
I need to go on another hunt for some more beautiful baby shingeki pictures!

i just dont fucking like kids, i'm sorry can i be in the cool kids club if i rape a kiddo?

All I have are ones of Reiner perving on Armin so I should hunt for more too!

There isn't a single ship with Armin that don't look like absolute shit tier.

No but you can go to jail until maggots are coating your eyeballs you fucking abhorrent piece of shit.

You are messed up. The creepiest person here.

I haven't seen anything like that before. Looks like baby Eren suspects something!

Because Armin alone already looks like shit.

Colorado te doy media hora para que me soltes.

They're relatives but it's okay because their love is pure. PURE!

Got to admit they would have some cute kids.

Just a reminder that i also play pokemon

Got to admit anything with Armin is shit and Hisu has better taste.

Pure Aryan midget kids, but height doesn't matter. They will save the white race, so long as pic related doesn't happen first.

>height doesn't matter

It doesn't and shouldn't you superficial anti-white racist.

Manlet detected.
>Weakling midget
>Pure Aryan.
You mean Erwin and Reiner.

When will they ever learn?

And Mike.

Because Armin looks like a degenerate.

What does liking Pokemon have to do with it?!

>6ft tall
Please. Don't make me laugh.

lmao he looks disgusting

What the fuck /snk/
The armin posting ruined this place beyond saving

Arminwhales confirmed trannies.

Armin looks like a valkyrie sent from Asgard.

Main anime character is 10 and every main protagonist is younger than 15, i dont hate kids

Nope, I was born with a vagina and still have one. Wanna see?

>every main protag is under 15
>what is serena and calem who are both 17 or 18

Even worse.

>not being able to handle a true aryan goddess

>Wanna see?
No, your posts and Shitmin are already disgusting enough. No need to post your landwhale vagina.

>A plank with two bigass sticks
>"""Aryan""" """"""""goddess"""""""""
I love dem dicks, m8.

Ha! Like I'd actually show you! I'm not a whore.

>M A N L E T
So Arminfats actually hate Armin.

No, I just hate you for being a shitskin. Your height makes it worse. Armin is an Aryan so his height doesn't matter.

Too bad I'm white, Arminfat. I'm also a different user. Just poiting out how retarded you braindead autists are again.

I don't like where this conversation is going.


Whatever you say, balding Brazilian Anniefag. :)

Did Annie's dad sexually abuse her? Is that why she loves and hates him so much?

Not even close, Arminwhale.

>Armin is an Aryan so his height doesn't matter.
It gets funnier.

Since we're all talking about heights we can all agree that Erwin is a tall, perfect Aryan superstar right?

>projecting this much.

Yes. He also physically and emotionally abused her which is why she doesn't know what real love is. She wants to return to her father who she thinks she loves but in reality the only person who truly loves her is Zeke, her step father.



Armin should have been euthanized at birth.

>Height don't matter.
>There's a manlet on this thread right now.


No spoilers yet. Post Armong.

My height isn't even on the chart. Thankfully I'm female so it doesn't matter!
Aim for the yellow and green lads! If you can!

That picture is lewd.

There's always a place for you to work in an eccentric possible-paedophile's chocolate factory. Remember that.

Zeke didn't want BR to rescue her

whats 1,80/1,90M in english talk?


He did though. Just that the coordinate is more important.

>Armong is 5'4".

Nothing is more important than Annie

Height doesn't matter, although as a 6ft tall female I have a preference for extremely tall and extremely short people. But unlike you superficial cunts I care more about personality and values than looks.

>Levi is 5'3'
>Connie is 5'1'
>Rod is 5'1'
>Uri is 5'0'
Their heights are perfect. Well except for Rod because he's a piece of shit.

Post Lollipop Guild members. Either gender is fine.


Ugly lanklet detected. Soon will be writen off the gene pool.

>be me
>not oomanatees strongest
I'm concentrated manlet

t. manlet with an inferiority complex

Nope, manlets. Everyone is taller than them. At least manlet han a excuse.

>concentrated manlet
Why did this make me laugh so hard?

Manlets are perfect.

Ugly self incerting lanklet.

For mexicans and midgets.

Not making me feel better about it.

danks thoc

dont post cancer, post mimes



Yonkou posted the cover of the magazine and the text said "/snk/ is going to be real mad about this chapter lol" on his snapchat about 7 minutes ago.

What did he mean by this?


Proof or get the fuck out.

and I cry....

That it's boring? He also said for chapter 84 there is a huge plot twist, which everyone already pretedicted at the end, so it was nothing.

Everyone is going to die

I didn't take a screencap fast enough. It goes away after 10 seconds, never to be seen again.

wasnt armin dead? Are they still trying to get into erens house?


That's literally how snapchat works, dude. It's retarded.

Not my problem you're bullshitting and /or have no idea messages can be saved.

What would make us mad? Armin a Reiss? Annie dead? The walls were just a prank the whole time?

Colorado garca!!

Just checked, can confirm it's real.

What would make /snk/ rage the most?

Nothing happening again.

Armin being a Reiss, or the notebooks revealing nothing at all, or it being a boring chapter.

Proof or GTFO.

No proof. You can't take screenshots afaik.


>You can't take screenshots

Nothing about islam, I am offended.

If you can, please teach me because I don't know. If he sends another I promise I'll screencap it.

LH when?

Are you serious? You don't know how to use your phones built in screenshot function?

You can use it with snapchat?!



I ain't never been sent a pair of tits in my life, boyo.

Fuck off Arminfag.

That's the biggest insult I've ever received on this site.

Well fuck. Now you know. That's my good dead for the day.

That's just sad.

Eat a dick


Very soon.


Yonkou just posted this.

>Armongfags trying to attentionwhore again.

I wonder if the military would force Historia into an arranged marriage to appease the people?

It does matter because you're fat. Oink,oink.

Nothing new.

>I haven't used SC in ages
>Literally used snapchat last month's chapter

1 Month is quite some time.

Arminfats should all be gassed desu.


Llego el bigote

During their training years if someone from the 104th asked Krista for sex do you think she'd say yes because she felt that's what she had to do to be a good girl like the one in the book?

Yes, we can.

she definitely needs punishment for being so perfect

Who do you think would have asked her?

I absolutely love that picture! I will never tire of it. So motivational!

Who wouldn't have asked her is a better question


No. As a good girl, she stayed loyal to her husband Reiner.


That's a very cute Annie and Anniebot

When Ymir comes back I hope she and Mikasa conspire together to break EH up.

Where did Mikasa's boobs go?

There nothing to break up. Mikasa should be more worried about Eren and Armin. Although Isayama already said EMA will split up, with Eren most likely going to his brother Zeke.



They'll just hook up instead. Ymir is a Jaeger anyway and I'm sure Mikasa is still cute and feminine enough for Ymir.


That Beardwin is delicious.
Not too sure about the other Erwin though.
Is this drawing thing going on right now?


Are you hangry again piggy?

I miss creepyfag.

her wife Ymir*


>TFW all these autists left

Kill yourself or just fuck off back to dumblr already.

What flockemod does everyone use? link pls


Cry me a river you triggered fuck

>IPs 57

You guys remember that part when Eren couldn't turn into a Titan against Annie and Mikasa kept making super creepy faces at him for some reason

It's spoilers week. We'll go back to being less than 40 after the 15th.

You're the only triggered one here, you're dedicating your free time to "ruining" a thread on an anonymous image board.

I'm not the one posting shitty outdated scribbles

It's still the same post number as it's always been.

Never forget. ;_;7

>outdated fanart
It trully was better times without any whinny Arminfag around.

Neither am I. But replying to all of them implies you're really butthurt about it.


Please share the link for the room!


No. Don't you dare compare us to that whiny cunt. Us Arminfags love flockmod and all the drawings that have come from it.


内容はあれだけいた調査兵がまさか生き残りは君たちだけか いや しかし死んだ兵達の命は無駄にはなっていないなと語るピクシス



86話 転換


ピクシス「…そうか エルヴィンは残念だったのう…」




ピクシス「だが彼らの犠牲無くしてウォールマリア奪還は叶わなかったじゃろう 彼らは人類のために心臓を捧げた 決して無駄死にではない」


ザックレー「えてして エルヴィンの見たがっていたエレン イェーガーの自宅地下室にあったのがこれか」


ハンジ「内容は我々の想像を絶するものでした エルヴィンの言っていた事も正しかった そして何よりこの本に書かれている事が正しければ…」

These are fake as fuck, not even trying.

Kill yourself.

Seems legit?

sounds like a political scene


Shifters ruined SnK but I still follow it for the asses

i always figured that mikasa eats butt, glad to see it confirmed


Barre Simple

Pyxis, has been discussion Zakkure, Revival, Judge, in the Nile other various
Content says Do not become the waste is only a survey soldiers never survive that had you guys just do Yea but soldiers our life dead there Pyxis

That aluminate became giants, that died Erwin, judge that the book of story that I found in the basement

Nile is facing under the slightly sad
Say while looking at the book in Zakkure that treasure says Do I was in the basement of his desire is

86 episodes conversion

Beginning of Commerce

Pyxis "... so? Erwin was disappointing ..."

Nile "......"

Zakkure "Do you guys only the survived also study soldiers who were only there ..."

Judge "... Yes."

Pyxis "But they are by no means useless death gave their heart for the sake of humanity that would Jaro did not come true Wall Maria recapture lost their sacrifice."

Revival with a bitter face

Zakkure "Eteshite is whether this was a home basement of Ellen Yeager that wanted to look at the Erwin"

The desk three books and photos

Judge "contents If it is correct that it is also written in it was right and this book above all that has been said of Erwin was our unimaginable things ..."


What's the link to this room please?




Armin is putrid feces.

>the link is literally right their in the image
>this dumb newfag cunt still doesn't realize these are old screenshots anyway

>Erwin and Bert dead
>Bertfags left while Erwinfags still linger

this is hell

calling all the drawfags and boredfags

This. Erwongfujos are cancer.

I never left, but Armin has made this place even hellier. Sasha, Mikasa and Annie make me endure it.

join you fags

Spoilers soon
user prepare for disappointment

Text spoilers out.

>Chapter 86 “Turn of the Century”
>Year is 853
>Historia is seen giving birth in a large bedroom, Eren is at her side. The baby is a girl and they name her Ellie. Eren is king inside the walls.
>Nile resigned after learning the grave news in the basement, Levi took over as the Military Police commander. His new look is similar to a SS Nazi, his hair is slicked back and military garb is changed to black. He has a conversation with Flegel and Zackley.
>Pixis recently passed away, Rico is named Garrison’s commander.
>Hanji is commander of the Scouts, she wears an ornate eyepatch and cut her hair. Armin is Hanji’s confidant. Keith rejoined the Scouts. Armin’s hair is longer and his demeanor seems more serious.
>Jean and Connie are now squad leaders. Connie has a short mohawk.
>Levi and Mikasa are married and have a 2 year old daughter together, Najia. They seem very, very rich. Mikasa wears nice clothes and lots of jewelry, and covers her scar with makeup. She seems to have quit the military.
>Sasha is overweight. She quit the military as well and owns a bakery in a shady town.
>Cameras, lightbulbs, trains and cars now exist. Civilians are now entirely employed, mostly in railroad construction and vehicle production.
>Jean visits Hitch, who is pregnant and smoking. She quit the military and is working as a showgirl, but blames Jean because she can’t work anymore.
>Historia confronts Eren with the contents of Ymir’s letter. On the surface it was a desperate plea for help, but she knows it's a hidden code. Eren feels terrible it’s probably too late for Ymir.
>Armin and Eren meet after not seeing each other for a year. Armin attempts to lift Eren’s spirits, telling him he doesn’t have to carry the world on his shoulders anymore. Once the new set of recruits graduate, they will be ready for all out war.
>End of chapter shows the next top 10 graduates: Will, Clyde, Evan, Hilda, Jess, Felix, Gus, Preston, Otto, Ramona.

This is the single worst set of headcanons I've seen on /snk/ since forever. Congratulations.

>Levi and Mikasa are married and have a 2 year old daughter together

激怒はナイル血清はエルヴィンで使用されていなかったことが明らかになったときです。ナイル川はアーウィンの死を嘆きます。ピクシスドリンク。使用されなかった場合、血清がどこにあるザカリーが求められます。レヴィは神経質に汗、彼らが家に新しいおもちゃを持ってきた宣言します。 「私は地獄からアーウィンを救った。意味俺何を理解してください。 "彼は起こったイベントの詳細を示します。韓紙はレヴィで怒っています。 3誌が取り出されます。




I quite like this.

Hello rubber-faced hero.

>Korean paper is angry at Levi.
Fucking gooks, it was them all along!

1980s? That's awful.
Anything later than 1930s I'd say just ruins the series completely.


80s shingekis. Girls with feathered hair.

Not really. That picture of Grisha was taken at least 30 years prior, probably more like 60 or 70 since Grisha seems to have been trapped in his titan form for a long time like Ymir. Think of how much fashion and photography changed from the 1910s to the 1980s. The answer is: A lot.


Joined. At least do something.

I suppose. It'll just be a huge leap. I'm not a fan of the decade as a setting, preferring earlier decades in the century so that might be why.

1980s? I don't care about that time period unless Kenny Loggins's last name was changed to Ackerman.

I would not mind an SnK/Archer crossover.

>levi spills spaghetti
>armong cries
>jean thinks with his cock
>flocke is best boy
>em punishment is boring
>spaghetti is leaking from levi's mouth
>fucking nothing of actual substance happens except for jobber #1 and jobber #2's return to funky town
It's real.



Whoops, forgot
>Peeksushisu drinks
Everyone go home, it's another shitty chapter.

More Flocke nice.

>It's real

The amount of cancer in this one post is truly astounding. You deserve to have your skin ripped off.

Anything here?

I don't have the script to view it

Nips use that as a joke sometimes, like with Riri.

It might take place in the 1980's but the titan pandemic halted technology in the early 1900's


You have to have a script to view it? That's retarded.

Shut up and let us believe.

No, the text outright says the outside walls technology is around 1980s technology.

I guess they dont have nukes in this alt. Earth.

>Ymir and Mikasa are the same clan.
What will be next month's?

EH wedding.

Well Eren and Hanji marrying wouldn't be surprising.

>Ymir Ackerman
Disgusting to even think about but it makes sense how she must be around Historia like the rest have somebody, she can be oriental slut for all I care.

Are these spoilers even confirmed real?


>but it makes sense how she must be around Historia
That's already explained without the Ackerman autism.

Hitch is a titan

She's either a Jaeger or Ackerman, but I'm leaning more towards Jaeger.


They're considered fake until we see the scans. Which we would get either tomorrow or the day after.

I hope Ymir is dead.

>80s setting
Holy fuck, i'm actually hyped
Isayama you madman