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Daijobu is love
Daijobu is life

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Help ! I'm hopelessly in love with Ooyodo-san !

Then why don't you prove it by doing your weeklies?

>swordboys anime turned out well
Is it the end?

And I am hopelessly in love with Prinz!

No, not really. All it does is increase the fujoshi population.

Can you faggots please stop sexualizing my state's pride and joy? Imagine how awkward it is when you get a boner looking at an anthropomorphized image of your childhood home. Because it feels goddamn amazing and that makes me ashamed

Look at Chink!Iowa's face. She knows she can't possible compete.

Asashio for season 2 MC!

But it makes me love the Iowa all the more seeing her anthropomorphized form.

If kanmusu are supposedly "reincarnations of WW2 warships", wouldn't that technically make them otherkin?

Who knows.


Why is kuma so powerful?

Her hair is weird!

Because it serves as an excuse to not give her a kai ni or else she would be overpowered.

Kaga is Love
Kaga is Life

Because Tanaka admitted her and Nagara shouldn't have had those high stats and it was a fuck up. But since he saw many get them to their kai already and use them plenty he decided to let it stay.

In other words, they were fucking lazy and incompetent as usual.

I like this fatty more still.

At this point the other CLs really need to be buffed to the high stats that Kuma and Nagara have.

>your daughters are waiting by the window for your car to pull up to the driveway
>"Papa!" they shout as you enter, running into your arms as you lift them up
>you rub your 5 o'clock stubble into Akagi and Kaga's cheeks
>they recoil in an exaggerated fashion and giggle to each other
>the aromas of a delicious traditional Japanese dinner is wafting from the kitchen
>you hear the tub filling upstairs, ready for your bath
>your beautiful wife Houshou smiles and leans up to kiss you
>"Okaeri, goshuujin-sama."

Fuck this gay earth.

Is there anything else other than the anime and browser game?

Doujins, the official 4koma, and anthologies.

Up coming movie, several manga series, arcade game, figures, the list goes on and on. They've more or less come out with at last 1 of everything at this point.

Exercising with Kagerou!

Dancing with Maikaze!

Why doesn't Kaga have any friends?

This is your maid tonight.

Na, this is my maid for tonight.

Nowacchi looks so cute.

I rather have this maid.


Loneliness with Ashigara...

Dem tities are too big to be Hamakaze.


Would heavy and light cruisers would be best representative for the US and Royal Navy?

Will she be able to find a man like this?

Tits are great, but those are too big for her.

They need to be on the right body type.

If the TV series is good, Ashigara will get married!

Nimu is cute.


Aye, there is such a thing as too big for tits. Needs a matching body size for good proportions.



The best sub


I never cared for the subs but then Nimu came along.

Do tell, actually, I must know. I'll go watch it myself.
I was trying to figure out how that show could be done well when it has as much plot to work with as Kancolle.

Coffee. Green tea not allowed.


I like these two's interactions.

Will you hold Akizuki's hand?

What if I want to do more than that?

Of course, after all, we're such good friends.

I am Akashi, Ooydo is my wife

All shipgirls are pure, all shipgirls are cute.

Cute, yes. Pure, no.

inb4 Konishi ships

Could you slow down with the fucking images god damn.

How are the shipgirls not pure?

but which boat is most pure?

Kaga is love, Kaga is life*


Is Ashigara desperate enough to do anal on the first day?

Kagalove is real, Kagalife is forever


All girls are pure, the one most pure is you're waifu of course.
What is going on here?
Ashigara is a pure girl. She's waiting until marriage to do such things with the one she cares about.

I want to cuddle Kaga-chan

Kaga is a friend of all living beings

for what purpose

Anal with Ashigara sounds like a great idea, she's got quite a nice ass.

Loli Bismarck > loli Kaga.


None of them are pure.


Give me a loli Prinz.

When will the game be available for Android?

I take it you have never seen what they were up to before you met them.


But If I created them, how can they be not pure?

For you

You didn't "create" them, they simply come to you.

Takao is purest bote

But how are they not pure?
All shipgirls are pure except for Laga.




Dear lord


Disgusting edit

A disgusting edit fitting for a disgusting original.

It is time for sleep, may Bismarck grant me pleasant dreams.

My friend wants to know why so many pictures of the admiral are made into dragon girls and boys. Someone spoonfeed me this shit please

A disgusting post fitting for a mentally disabled poster

A disgusting reply for a mentally challenged Kagafag



The art that's uploaded on danbooru is a disproportionate fraction of art for any franchise, especially for one with so much art and artists as kancolle. One particular uploader simply likes an artist who draws half-dragon Admirals or whatever.

It is neither representative of overall interests of the game's fanbase nor are they particularly of note compared to the loads of art (some good, a lot more that's shit) of the series available.

Cute Kaga


Sup hip hop.


What do you guys think of the new DD?

Pretty cute if you ask me.

Shikinami a cute.

I don't know but Shikinami is cuter.

Not as cute as this DD.

Who's the sluttiest and purest among the group?

The green haired ones are the sluttiest.

And Kiyo too.

Why do all the dragons wear that necklace?

Okinami purest



>all the dragons
More like only the CVL dragons.

Not daijoubu!



Is Haruna the purest girl?

I'll fight you.

Extremely cute.

She won't be pure by the time I'm done with her


I bet Haruna doesn't even know what sex is.

Kaga bump



Every time is Kaga time.



My Kasumin tonight.

Not if I get to her first!

Your Kasumin is cute if I don't say so myself.

I prefer mine.

Kashimi is cheating.


Is the admiral in that kind of relationship with Kongou?

If he's not I would volunteer

>name translates as 'Pale moon'

More like fat duck.

No love.

>Kaga time.
best time, my kaga friends.

But Atago has always been a staunch Kagally

Kaga era

Fat in all the right places.




Shiratsuyu is better.


What a touchable looking butt

The Best Ooi is a hetero one that isn't a psycho lesbo caricature.

I wanna sniff her butt.


How about an eager hetero Ooi?

I hope you mean her bare butt.


Is your secretary a nerd?

Takao a lovely

Cunning granny foiled by her own plot.

It already is.

Assashio is for ____

not lewd activities.


I would take her to a Yamato.

She looks le she hates being tickled.

A clumsy granny is fine too. Especially in a shoulderless sweater.

Pure sex.

Kamikaze is not a granny!


You're right, Kongou is the granny.

Would take advantage of.

I'm so glad I married Max.

Except Americans.

Iowa will change that, with force!

God save the queen!


Not so funny when it happens to you, is it now?

Touken Ranbu >> Kantai Collection

You're already obsolete guys, go home


Not daijoubu!

This is not daijoubu.


I want to go out drinking with my ships. It'd be a blast.


Hope it puts Civ 4 built in alarm back in.

Happens to me with a lot of ships.

I love Murakumo!!!!!

Post the Atago one


Daijoubu mind.

>Look at Chink!Iowa's face. She knows she can't possible compete.
I liked her design much more that shitty cliche burgershit Lowa


I want to roughly squeeze Haruna's ass and tongue her butthole.

Why do you love Haruna's butthole so much?


>complaining about gaijin ship being a stereotype

Haruna is more than just a butthole.

Hibike is a Russian gaijin ship.

Does she look stereotype? No.

Single unwed mothership is the future of all titty DDs.


Ass fetish and Haruna's ass is perfectly shaped.




Verniy's a prisoner of war. not a gaijin ship.

Why not give it the spanking it needs then, just to watch it jiggle?

>suddenly uncontrollable urge to post Hibikek

IM SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The things I'd do to that drunk DD.




Silver hair, taciturn and very concise whenever she does speak.


Because I don't like seeing a red bottom.

Voice recording's done for the upcoming projects, right? It's a significant loss if Taneda's unavailable.

But she looks so soft and cute.

You're right, she has a mouth and a pussy as well.

Is she dead yet?

A man who worships ass and doesn't like spanking is a rare find indeed.



Haruna deserves a good dicking.

Not an excuse, user.

Why is Nagato such a rapist?


She is a super stereotypical Russian anime girl.

Nagato is a rapist, that's not a meme.

I would fuck Mutsu so hard. We would have sex in the office everyday if she were my secretary. She would make the best mother.

Please be nice.

There is something about Hibiki wearing that color of pantyhose that does things to my dick.

Probably not, these devs don't seem to think that far ahead or at least not plan ahead.


>She is a super stereotypical Russian anime girl.



I can't take it. I need her in my life.

Iowa had a better reception than I thought she would

You knew if you failed to get her you would have to wait, that's just how it is, bear with it.

>pasta bb
Finally someone remembers they exist and put them in a BB group shot.

Ro makes it hard for me to stay true to my wife.

This ducky is too pretty

And meaty as fuck too


I want to taste that tender meat.



That madman


No, this is.



Please don't not molest Asashio.

She shouldn't be touched like that.

I hope he does one for her Kai 2.

Okay, what ever you say.

Is it just me, or has Asashio been getting less hentai fanart and doujins since getting her K2?

These CLs put most CAs to shame

She grew up, as Jun'you points out.

It's just you.

Wat to do when you boat wets her pantyhose ?


This is your girlfriend.

Will Sakawa be the lewdest?


That's what she gets for having a shitty voice.

Good. I love sluts.

Have her take it off and let you sniff it.

Hey Boat-Sanae




>no (You) hat


>everyone prefers Suzuya to Kumano
Kind of a shame.

I like both.

The marriage lines were recorded about half a year in advance, since people found them in the game's files at that time. There's a lot of things they've been "planning" for ages that are in who knows what stage of completion, but that's probably best chalked up to laziness.

I like neither

Suzuya is more fun.

I didn't watch the new LL because the first episode was crap, but she's the best new girl, right?

I didn't either but she's one of the more memeworthy girls just for her hat.

No, that would be Zuramaru

Her, and the Chuuni.

No, this one is.

Ruby a shit


Who has to pee more? Suzuya or Kumano?

I just had my doubts since there are ships with white day lines but not valentines day lines. It just doesn't make much sense to me to have one but not the other ready.

But then again, you could be right and it all comes down to laziness.


But I wasn't asking about Bismarck

Scat and golden showers are the normal way you greet a German lady.

>This is your girlfriend.

My wife will not be happy about it.

Is Kawakaze an elf?

She isn't for rape, so no.


She isn't?



I want to do this to this duck.

Shiratsuyus aren't for rape.

Say that to Hai Hai.

You can't rape the willing.



the loveliest

best lady with best sisters

I want to pomf=3 them all~

Help me, Cred Forums. I never thought of fucking a duck before.

More like finally an artist realizes that Nagato is supposed to be the representative of Japan and not Yamato, since she's the official leader of the kanmusu and flagship of the combined fleet.

She's the one that's going to rape you.

Only one country left.

ladies first

Hamakaze is so cute...

Then what does that make Hotel-chan?


An expensive waitress.

Why is she so scared? It is just a belly button rub.

How about I just casually rape her then?

Consider her cervix bruised.

>How about I just casually rape her then?
Can I watch and hold her hand while you do that?

I changed my mind, I'm raping Amatsukaze instead.

Remember Cred Forumsnons! Your shipfu loves you back!




>Remember Cred Forumsnons! Your shipfu loves you back!


She just does user. Don't doubt it.

Atago a cute

>I changed my mind, I'm raping Amatsukaze instead.

Fight me faggot.


You can't rape the willing.


Post smug


That's not how smug looks. She's clearly embarrassed.


Jesus christ Konishi

I want to kick Kaga in the face.

It's too bad it's not melon season, so no one wants her.

It was more the bug eyes from the Ooshio days that I was commenting on. I thought he was past that.

>only looking at her eyes
user, really.

Looks like the old style of Konishi.

Thanks, I think the current one might bite me at this rate.

Not daijoubu!

>no one wants her
fuck you, melon-chan is awesome!

That looks more like his old style, I mean it even looks more like her default CG and not like the more updated rainy seasonal CG.

Should he look at her slender legs then?

i watched this more times than I probably should have.....am i in trouble now?


What is Melon for?

experimenting with

Well it is from C84.

late night welding
>nudge nudge

That image is 2 years old.

Abusing until you get the results that you want.

Ah, well that explains it.

>docking procedures
Go on.

Test fitting pipes and other hardware

How did all the kongou sisters manage to be best girl

Would you let a fleet of Fast Battleships step on you?

Ah, then is ok, that user is just a Konishi hater then.

hey! is that popsicle regulation, missy?? Hand it over here so i can inspect.

Of the pissing themselves doujins, Suzuya has none, Kumano has one, and Bismarck has two, and a third in the works. You asked, I answered.

I want Haruna to step on my crotch.


I'd let all the battleships step on me.

Would you accept the honour of being Warspite's chair?


While I appreciate the effort, it's still a mediocre port that's completely been outpaced by the actual game at this point.

I want to go drinking with this battleship.

Hello cancer, my old friend. Your shitty game ports have come again...

If I can worship her feet either before or after my service.

That would just make her even grabbier.

I want to gangbang Suzuya with some anons.

Well its nice that someone wants and is willing to do it, the game was quite bad. Still, its great to see the efforts of the Vita being cracked is already showing signs of action.

I am remarkably okay with this outcome.

>about to be gobbled (up) by Suzuya
What is the correct course of action?

Tell her I have no money.

ask her what are her ten desires

>artist's Pixiv tag: 32000ton

Suzuya don't care about money.

They all involve getting married to the person she loves and spending the rest of her life with him.

Well she's obviously a slut for using condoms.

I think that I'm the only one that are less and less faith on Season 2 and Movie now.

I don't know, I got a bad feeling.

Or maybe she just doesn't want to get those STDs everyone seems to think she has.

Fuck drunk retards like Kongou!

Probably, because most people at this point have no faith whatsoever in either.

Why would she have and STDs? She's pure.

>I think that I'm the only one...
Whatever gave you that idea?

Suzuya has this one:

As long as they make Shiggy the MC, it will be fine.

Who is this beautiful submarine? And what haven't I seen her before? And why does she look 10x better than the current submarine class?

Because Diomedea has a proven record of handling dramas and historical ships well.

What have you bastards done to my daughteru?

suggested an alternate career path.

She got fixed.

Most subs look like shit, though

Granted her wish of becoming a battleship. No need to thank us.

Yeah, since you don't like her it's great that she'll be ruined.

I said, everyone thinks she has. Your view of her seems to fall by the wayside, though it's probably more correct.

I want to impregnate her.



Looks cute, would hug.

When did you realize Nachi is secretly a cutie?

Yeah, careful with that.


Dont fuck Sharky.

Sharky would make a cute mother.

The moment I started using her.


Only recently, actually, but she quickly became my favorite Myoukou.

Good taste.

Cutest Gumo along with Kiyo.


I want a sharp teeth blowjob from her.

Those two are miracles of cuteness.

Haruna is for pure, innocent cuddles and handholding

I want to use Kamikaze as my personal bodypillow.

Is it wrong that I desperately want to breed both of them?

Why does the shark like BBs so much?


Rape Akigumo.


She wants to know if you were really checking her out or if you were just playing around.

Not as cute as my wife.

You wouldn't call her a pervert for always wearing a bodysuit right?

>always wearing a bodysuit
Perverted duck.

That just makes her sweaty and fragrant, and we don't like that kind of thing.

I was just wondering how much the orthodontics are going to cost.

im hungry

What do you think now?

The body suit is there so that I can rip it off. Its like opening a christmas present.

God I swear you cant get meatier than this

That's some crummy anatomy.

Sarashi are no playing matter.

She's my favorite gumo so yes I'm checking her out.

France had amazing BBs. So much so Britain was afraid of them so they bombed them in harbor straight away killing former allies.

She's a good ship.

Things would never be dull with this one around

>Its like opening a christmas present
Someone finally got it, Hatsuzuki would be pleased.

my takao is better

UK was wary of any increase in Germany's naval power. France's BBs were nothing particularly remarkable.

>Not using the suit as a makeshift condom

>t. White flag waver

Don't be jealous just because Warspite has better fire power than the French slut. She was just showing off her guns. Frenchie couldn't handle it.


They gave them the offer to hand the ships over to them or the Americans instead of joining the Nazis if they so chose, instead they decided they liked sucking Kraut dick a bit much and got bombed for it.

Not really eliminating a threat so much as nipping a potential annoyance in the bud before it can become an annoyance.

Actually, the French just took too long to respond and the British got impatient.

>Thinking Britain had their shit together during the war
They were getting their shit kicked in by the U Boat raids on shipping lines. If Germany kept that up and didn't think the use of BBs for raiding then UK would have starved. A lot of naval actions were done out of desperation and extremely risky. Operation Chariot, hunting the Bismarck,

>using the suit as a makeshift condom
so your saying, when you buy a model you don't remove it from its box?

Keep talking kraut. All I'm hearing is the bells of sweet victory.

>instead of joining the Nazis
They never joined the Nazis. The Vichy French Navy never joined Italian or French naval operations, and only fought when attacked (i.e. Dakar). When the Nazis tried to take them the Navy scuttled everything.

Good for love.

No they wernt. The U-Boat campaign was the biggest fuck up of the war.

It would have taken a full year of the most successful day of tonnage sunk to have even slightly impacted them.

The main objective was to disrupt as much as possible the UK providing Russia with aid and even that failed miserably.

U-Boats were the biggest meme of the war and Donitz was a complete moron.

>Old grandma Warspite equal to modern Richelieu
Richelieu's armor was equal to Yamato's and Richelieu had better speed and firepower. I like Warspite but you can't compare a WWI BB to a (at the time) modern BB. That would be like comparing USS New York to USS Iowa.

They gave them plenty of time. Much longer and they'd have been bringing in more AAA to protect the ships.

The effectiveness of U boat raids is greatly exaggerated, as is the strain it put on GB's food supply.

Vichy France was Hitler's bitch through and through, regardless of their claims of neutrality.

>Don't be jealous just because Warspite has better fire power than the French slut.
But Warspite's sister Barham and Resolution failed to defeat an unfinished Richelieu at Dakar.

Though USS Massachusetts did btfo an even more unfinished Jean Bart at Casablanca.

Good for snu snu.

Total bullshit. The U boats are well known to have been completely ineffective even at the start of the war. Once ship sonar and ASW was developed they were even less of a threat.

Her stockings drive me crazy

>Vichy France was Hitler's bitch through and through
Except they didn't. The Vichy government held onto their navy jealously because it was the only branch of the Vichy military that wasn't under the control of the Germans, and they never took part in axis operations. Historical events at Toulon in 1942 proves that the French had never any intention of allowing the Germans to get their hands on the navy, just as they had no intention of handing it over to Britain or the United States.

Churchill himself said he feared the U-boats more than the surface ships. Had Hitler not wasted steel on meme-battleships, they could've built enough to bring Britain's merchant marine to a grinding halt.

>we're talking about actual boats again instead of boats with tits.

This whole anime/game was bound to strike up historical arguments from its very beginning. Can we please get back to shipfu posting?


I'm dumping new translations next thread, so frankly I'd like the shitposting to continue.

Good for making into a mother.

Then why didn't they say so at Mers-el-Kebir instead of hemming and hawing while the British got more and more agitated?

U boats were shit and any report of their "effectiveness" was Nazi propaganda.

The reality is that they achieved fuck all and took a significant part of the KSM budget. They even built that hilariously retarded U-Boat base on the westen french coast at a stupid price.

UKs land and air forces may have been understrength at the start but its Navy was top tier and secured the Atlantic; North; Arctic and Mediteranian seas as well as maintaining a presence in the Indian and Pacific. It was the Navy that occupied the most theatres with the highest degree of success.



But how

Mou sugoi Iowa-san!

>I happen to be an expert on that topic

Nope. see The KSM already devoted 90% of its resources to U-Boats and it would never have achieved anything. It would never have truely dented the merchant shipping and was a complete lame duck once their ships mounted sonar; depth charges and hunter seeker planes.

U-Boats were a desperate attempt of a navy that full well knew it would never be a match in surface ships and threw all its eggs into one basket of underwater shenanigans and got btfo.3

Dem American thighs

Hatsu with her affection switch flipped is simply adorable.

Their expertise did seem to be AAA. Who else can say they splashed 1/3 of whatever came in range?

>Then why didn't they say so at Mers-el-Kebir
We don't know whether they did, because "not giving the ship to the Germans" wasn't part of the British ultimatum. The British conditions were:
a) keep fighting against the will of your democratically elected government which has signed an armistice (read: not a surrender, the armistice conditions stipulated that France reduce its fleet but did not demand that any be handed over)
b) give us your ships (see above)
c) give America your ships.
None of these were remotely reasonable. Even if the French DID say that they wouldn't hand over their ships to the Germans, the British fleet was not prepared to accept that. The British provided the French impossible conditions with limited time.

Of course I'd be checking out Asashimo with a sarashi. Also without one.

>People expected known collaboraters to be collaborating

Stop the fucking presses.

Stockings? You mean thigh boots? Specifically her Kai 2 boots that pinch her thighs.

They were all reasonable, frog.

>Vichy France
>democratically elected
Stopped reading there.

>People expected known collaboraters to be collaborating
Except they weren't collaborating in 1940. Name me one stipulation in the 1940 armistice where, in any way, the Vichy French agreed to provide any meaningful assistance to the German war effort outside of quartering occupation troops?

That doesn't excuse Churchill's quote saying the U-Boat Peril was worse than the Battle of Britain.
After the Battle of Britain was won the Battle of the Atlantic was still going on and Britain was losing. Churchill's words, not mine.

Both are very likeable and make a nice contrast. Suzuya is more fun and easy going, indeed, while Kumano is elegant and lovely and makes that "Wooooo↑ooooah↓!" sound.

I still don't get why she makes that sound.

The chamber of deputies remained active, and Petain was chosen by parliament and senate members (all democratically voted in) in 1940. The Petain government became more authoritarian as time passed, but this hadn't happened in 1940, and Britain had no reason to believe that it would happen, given that Petain was a popularly acclaimed war hero who had actively fought against the Germans.

Explain how handing over your navy to another nation just because you are no longer at war with a common enemy is remotely reasonable.

The serafuku is the package, not the suit.


Kaga last.

Could you sage it next time so you actually have some remote chance of being Kaga Last?

Go back to your Date A Live threads, faggot.

Iowautist lmao

>Being this triggered by Iowa getting last image

Not daijoubu!

Kaga is love, Kaga is life. Marry me Kaga-sama!

Fuck it, we're going to page 10.

Kaga's diet consists entirely of semen.

>All this U-Boat bitching
>Nobody remembers the US Submarine campaigns

They sunk more tonnage than every other source put together. American Sub grills when?

>Kaga's diet consists entirely of nigger semen.

Kaga's two devotions in life consist of Akagi-san and Dicks.

mainly dicks.

The Marianas Trench is the second largest and deepest fissure on the planet earth. Kaga-san's anus is the first.

Is this daijoubu? danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2496377

After being burnt by British forces from the Peninsula in August 1814, the Presidential Mansion of the United States of America was painted white to hide the burns and was henceforth called the White House.

A similar process was done with the Aircraft Carrier Kaga, except semen was used in place of paint.

Kaga is love, Kaga is life

A shit,
Just saying

I love Kaga-san the most!
Kagalove is real, Kagalife is forever

Likely never. I can think of more than a few of their ships that would run in terror. Iowa sank a cruiser, but our subs sank ships from almost every class, including Yamato and Musashi's half-sister.

It is often said that the Sahara Desert is the largest piece of barren wasteland in the world. This is incorrect, that accolade belongs aircraft carrier Kaga's Uterus.

Mou sugoi Kaga-san!

Kill yourself, retarded Iowautist

In the same way that a Salmon can always find its way back to the stream from which it hatched, the reproductive organs of much of the population of Africa can always find its way back to Kaga's vagina.

Somebody please archive this thread already.

Some say that Kaga's love for her sister was displaced to that of the reproductive organs of mankind as a direct result of her death.


>Resorted to spamming
SasuKaga Iowautists

Kaga is among one of many women who have not been compensated by the Nation of Japan for her role as a military prostitute. Unlike other former comfort women, however, she has requested her payment be provided in regurgitated semen.

So is your posts,
Just saying

Don't forget the Barb. Only submarine to ever get a kill on a train.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe privately confided to journalists that the construction of Helicopter Destroyer Kaga was an attempt to rehabilitate the name of the Province of Kaga in a lesser capacity such that "she can't fuck it up this time around."

Nah, the likely hood of at least Albacore and Sealion is there. Though I would want Barb.

Kagalove is real, Kagalife is forever.

Scientists believe that there are certain genes within the human genome that allow the body's active immune system to properly disassemble the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). A primary target for research is aircraft carrier Kaga, who has managed to enter into sexual contact with the entire AIDS-infected population while remaining miraculously unafflicted.

Please marry me, Kaga-san!


Unlike her predecessor shipgirl, IJN Kaga, the shipgirl JMSDF Kaga's helicopter compliment is carried internally, within her gaping vagina.

It is said that the silverback gorilla has the intelligence of an eight year old child. It is believed that aircraft carrier Kaga is the only one of that species to exceed this boundary, achieving the equivalent intelligence of a ten year old along with the libido of a twenty year old.


Enterprise when?

When asked about the world war II aircraft carrier that bears their name, citizens of Kaga province became very vocal about how good the weather was.

loving how kagafags are quick to spam when loosing to the last post.

Iowaustist going all out

>Implying that the spammer actually likes Kaga.

Psychological studies have revealed that human memory is often flawed, and that recollections are often reconstructed on-site.

These insights into human memory may help the psychological community to develop means to restore past memories, like the last time Kaga's hymen was intact.

In colloquial English, individuals born into privileged and wealthy families are said to be born "with a silver spoon in their mouth."

While Kaga could not be said to have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, she was in fact born with a dick in her mouth.

I hope never


Introduced in the Meiji reforms, the minimum age of 18 required to take the Naval Officer Corp's examination in the Imperial Japanese Navy had the side effect of protecting children under that age from unwarranted and unsolicited sexual contact with aircraft carrier Kaga.

>replying to yourself

If you have a DMM account and a KanColle account, just download the DMM app and install KanColle for Android. You don't even need a VPN or Japanese IP.

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I would've made Haruna my shipfu if I hadn't found the one. She's a great girl.

>Kagafag(s) being saltier than sodium chloride

"Kaga Last" denotes her relative position in terms of wartime exploits. In terms of the amount of men with which she has sexual contact, however, Kaga is by and far the First.

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