Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut: Duel of blondes

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut: Duel of blondes
Who do you prefer Celestia or Lisha?

Only Lisha and Krul matter.

Those who chose Lisha are dumb. If you read the novels you'd feel dumb about your decision. She gets the LEAST amount of screentime, she only had 1 or 2 volumes dedicated to her. The author probably thinks he made a mistake, which is why he is cutting down her screentime so much.

Celestia obviously.

She's cute, though.

Her VA is dead.

Lisha is superior.

Also this.

iie senpai

Lisha is one of the better main girls

How can she still do her job if she's dead?

Why use instead of

She can't.

But she is.

I have nothing against Lisha, but Celestia is perfection.

No she isn't. They already replaced her in some things.

Celestia is best girl.

>Perfect body
>Moderate breasts
>Cute personality
>Strong and intelligent
Lisha-sama is literally perfect

Obviously saving the best for last

Cute personality?
You mean bitchy, whiny and envious.

She's being cucked almost every single volume.
Like literally every other girl has history with Lux save with LizShit

>beta loser
>jealous bitch

her whole character is just to be cucked by superior girls such as Krul and Yoruka

posting in an ESL-kun thread.

>hose who chose Lisha are dumb. If you read the novels you'd feel dumb about your decision. She gets the LEAST amount of screentime, she only had 1 or 2 volumes dedicated to her. The author probably thinks he made a mistake, which is why he is cutting down her screentime so much.
Rewrite that again and you will see

More or less. Imouto are notClock are good too, but Lisha and Krul are best.

"Those who chose Lisha are dumb. If you read the novels you'd feel dumb about your decision. She gets the LEAST amount of screentime, she only had 1 or 2 volumes dedicated to her. The author probably thinks he made a mistake, which is why he is cutting down her screentime so much."
Try me. Fighting against shit taste is a noble goal, liking Lisha is shit taste.

>Celestia losing
>to generic tsundere main girl no. 634

I just hate Celes the least from this series.

>is not tsundere
>is actually sweet and loves to mount drills on mecha


That describe to slutella and louise
Hater Faggot
Both are shit
>beta loser
>jealous bitch
And you are a lover of slut girls
Shameless and Disgusting
And what
Fuck you Stupid Idiot Autist Retarded Shitty

She sounds like a mediocre Ranpha

Trump will win and will ban you forever.

>he fell for the "obvious tsundere girl is not a tsundere girl" meme

I'm a Lishafag, why can't we all just get along? I like the other girls too. Lisha is just perfect

Cause you keep saying she's perfect

because you have subhumans like ESL-kun in your side.

Lisha is an enemy to the harem ending. Literally all girls are on board except for her, she wants to be the only one to hold his hands.

Lishas worth is comparable to the entire harem mate

Celestia is the generic Cecilia clone of the series, so I'd have to go with Lisha.

Lisha's worth is less than or equivalent to three side girls.

>Harem ending of best girls is inferior to single ending with worst girl

When everyone else is so unremarkable, the blonde is usually the best.

And it's usually not the main girl.

>slut with the hottest design is a side character that only appears in a filler episode

Fuck this shit.

Yeah celestia fag, Lisha is less important than celestia
Celestia is a very important character
She is very important because she has more tits and she is very smart also her arc was very important and not a filled
That was sarcasm you Idiot
Donald a shit, celest to
Trumpet wins and me banned forever JAJAJAJA
That never will happen

Claudia was best girl, though. Fagyato aka. Ichika 2.0 was not worthy of her greatness.

Left is automatically inferior.

That's why someone completely unrelated to him is better by default.
stunted manlet detected

>because you have subhumans like ESL-kun in your side.
Thats come frome a Stupid Idiot Autist Retarded defender of the Real Shit Taste also heused in their "insults" the word kun
You are The Real SUBNORMAL who give his dick to the shit of donald trumpet

Celestia >>>>>> Lisha

And she literary is perfect
And for that you Hater her, like a Miserable Hater Faggot

>ESlfag likes X so now detractors are using him as an excuse to shitpost X character that he likes
It's happening in every fanbase ESLfag is presently shitposting in.

The only argument I ever get from Lishafags is that she's cute and frankly, I don't think that's enough.

ESL-kun I am a kind and forgiving man. I however despise those who refuse others a happy ending for their own selfishness. If it is greedy for the man to keep multiple wives then it is greedy for the woman to keep the man to herself.

>a blonde girl who showed up for only episode
Even Claudia is better than her and Claudia is low tier.

>ESLfag sperging out

Always amusing to see.

Lisha has more reasons for lover her than celestia

She left more of an impact than Claudia did than S1. Claudia didn't do anything S2 either.

>Replying to ESL-kun
Stop being a retard.

You're wrong either way. It's not like Celestiafag or fans of other characters don't go body this, cute that, hot this, tits that, etc either.

>more of an impact
By having a feud that lasted exactly one episode with the blue loli at the swimming pool? Really?

did ESL-kun just go full retard?

Yeah, and Claudia barely had a "fight" to herself either but at least Violet got one.

Celestia is pure but with a massive potential for lewd at the same time. She can also fight better then Lisha

>blondefags are only claiming muh best because the girls have blonde hair
You're a fucking annoying and shallow.

He's always that retarded. It's even suprising he can type out the captcha to post his garbage here.

Celestia is basically an upgraded Lisha, with some initiative to advance her relationship with faggot MC to boot.

celestia has NOTHING except COWTITS

She has everything Lisha has except better.

Not true in the Okusama thread.

>massive potential for lewd
All that applies to Lisha.
>fight better
That's arguable. Lisha's powers are cooler and she's the more skilled than powerful type.

I couldn't care less about her hair color. Celes is the nicest girl in the show. I thought she was gonna be another annoying cunt like Miku from DAL, but she's the opposite of that.

The one who isn't used goods.

Her entire gimmick did seem completely ripped off from DAL and the whole cross-dressing shtick but she turned out okay
I like Miku either way

Cowtits is a negative. Lisha clearly pulls ahead by default. Counting hime traits and sidetail would just be over-kill.

Not really. Celes started out a bitch. Being only nice and nothing else is actually a bad thing, so being bitchy is a good thing.

I feel this only works as an after-thought character trait with how little respect she gets
>Cowtits a negative
I could care less about chest size but okay. Lisha is basically the beta harem MC as a girl and it's pathetic how irrelevant she is when she is upstaged at every turn.

t. masochist

>Celes started out a bitch
it was an act to keep up her "man-hater" image

>I am only attracted to doormats

>I need women to treat me like shit to feel loved

Celes is a good middleground compared to Lisha's irrelevance and Krul's domineering. Just because I don't like doormats doesn't make me part of the other extreme.

Seriously. Every girl has dere, so praising "niceness" is redundant and pointless.

You are both taking it to the extreme. Is the world in black and white for you? There is nothing wrong with a girl who is able to speak up what's on her mind when the situation recalls for it and yet still be nice most of the time.

>It's not like Celestiafag or fans of other characters don't go body this, cute that, hot this, tits that, etc either.
I feel like Krul didn't do her job catering to dfcfags. They either prefer the imouto or Lisha and other fans would like her design more if she had bigger tits.

>Implying I don't like cuteness and lovable side of the girls too

Not act. It's a disposition she believed in and tried to follow through. There wasn't a need to anymore after Lux conquered her.

And for that
All my disgusting enemies in Cred Forums are a
Im gonna write this in spanish
Unos Malditos Descarados Hipocritas Desalmados nfelicez Haters Marikones contra
Yui, Houki, Lisha, Chitoge, Seraphim,

Are you stupid? Lisha has more screentime and larger overarching role than Celes.

Can't wait until they overwork Mao.

>Yui, Houki, Lisha, Chitoge, Seraphim,
Dude, maybe you are the one who needs to get better taste.

Did we watch the same series? Lisha doesn't do anything but stay in the sidelines

user only Seraphim is the good thing in your list, and you would probably hate her because in the light novel she went megal dere, even bathing with Ayumu

You only like "cuteness" and "lovable side" of bitchy girls and will shit on any girl who is not defined by bitchiness.

If I was a Retard
Im gonna doing this
Write ESL-Kun,Fag
Posting donald trump deportation
Waifus make America Great Again

You should go watch it again. Lisha is the central heroine, she always is around and does something even in arcs that are dedicated to the other heroine. The first and last arc were mainly for to boot.

>Central heroine
She was a poor one.

Come again?

You're just saying that now because you don't like her.

So does this series facilitate any discussions at all other than waifu wars?

Best girls:
Magika: Mio
T7: Liese
DAL: Tohka
Campione: Erica
Antimagic: Ouka
DXD: Xenovia
Testament: Mio
Vanadis: Ellen
StB: Asagi
Rakudai: Stella
Fafnir: Kili
Machine Doll: Irori
Bahamut: Celestia
Hundred: Claire
Asterisk: Claudia
IS: Cecilia
Raildex: Misaki
HxH: Yurishia
Blade Dance: Fianna
Color Wars: Purple
Absolute Duo: Lilith
World Break: Shizuno

>It's been a year since the Fall Harem Trio
Fun times

Wait so there's another ESL Lishafag? Why do tsundere girls always attract this kind of faggotry?

Sudaca was a mistake.

At least girls with a bitchy and dere side is better than a girl who is only all dere. with dere, so his taste > your taste. You a fag that hates bitchiness and will shit on any girl who has a drop of it.

>Normalfag tier
Kill yourself.

ESL-kun is the same shitposter, you moron.

T7: Sora
DAL: Kotori
Campione: Athena
Antimagic: Mari
DXD: Ophis
Testament: Maria
Vanadis: Mira
StB: Natsuki
Rakudai: Shizuku
Fafnir: Mitsuki
Machine Doll: Yaya
Bahamut: Krul
Hundred: Liza
Asterisk: Fan
IS: Laura
Raildex: Mikoto
HxH: Ragrus
Blade Dance: Claire
Color Wars: Green
Absolute Duo: Julie
World Break: Maya


>Testament: Mio
>Vanadis: Ellen
>Rakudai: Stella
>Raildex: Misaki

>You a fag that hates bitchiness and will shit on any girl who has a drop of it.
That's you pulling shit out of your ass and trying to pass it as my words.

Nah. The other ESL Lishafag is at least capable of writing intelligible statements.

Celestiafags are obnoxious and arrogant now. What happened?

Other ESL? Where?

Cause they're tired of Lishafags.

Check the anime threads.

people were talking shit about their waifu

They're insecure and jealous of Lisha because she's a blonde who's more popular,

She was the only decent character in a shitty series. Plus the ESL Lisha shitposter was literally asking for it with this thread.

ESL trying to put his shitty waifu against Celestia because he always loses against Krulfags.

>muh cowtits and healthy
Normalfags happened.

But people would need to talk about her to beginning with.

9/10 taste

>Automatically associating Celestiafags with the thicc and healty crowd
Fuck you, those guys are absolute trash. I can't like decently proportioned girls without them being mentioned.

Not in Japan. Even Phi is more popular than Lisha in Japan.

this is bait

Derederefags/Cowtitsfags picking fights with tsunderefags and DFCfags over the past couple of months happened.

>decent character
Pick one.c

Better than Lisha.

You mean Krulfags? That's just cheeky banter. No one ever gets mad if you call Krul a skeleton.

Worse than Lisha.

He's obviously talking about boy's chest and homo insults.


DAL: Mukuro
Campione: Liliana
DXD: Roseweisse
Testament: Yuki
Vanadis: Ellen
StB: La Folia
Rakudai: Sara
Bahamut: Krulcifer
Hundred: Sakura
Asterisk: Sylvia
IS: Laura
HxH: Himekawa
Blade Dance: Restia

Those are even tamer.

I dropped the series cause of her.

Why is he a slut? Discipline him.

My nigga.

You mean you dropped Rakudai because of the sexy painter girl who is 100x greater than stella?
kys stella fag

Lise is a natural-born cuckquean? Now I love her even more.

No, he made best character in the series a jobber. I wanted my damn rematch instead of fucking clowns as villains.

why does the same show have so many different names

Bahamut is arguably one of the shittiest ones.

Such a perflation.

It's you again.

Best girls:
Magika: Koyuki = Kanae
T7: Sora = Levi = Arin = Mira
DAL: Kotori = Kurumi
Campione: Athena = Luo Hao
Antimagic: Mari = Lapis
DXD: Ophis
Testament: Maria
Vanadis: Mira
StB: Avrora > Yukina = Natsuki
Rakudai: Shizuku = Nene
Fafnir: Charlotte > Vrita = Mitsuki > Kili
Machine Doll: Yaya = Charlotte
Bahamut: Krul = Yoruka
Hundred: Emilia > Karen
Asterisk: Fan > Julis
IS: Laura > Charlotte
Raildex: Leivinia > Mikoto > Othinus
HxH: Scarlet
Blade Dance: Restia = Est > Claire
Color Wars: Red > Green = Brown
Absolute Duo: Julie = Sakuya > Rito
World Break: Maya > Satsuki > Shizuno

You three are in every fucking battle harem thread

At least it's better than Asterisk and Rakudai

I'm nowhere delirious enough to believe that.

>Literally all girls are on board except for her
Sauce? When do they agree for it?

You mean it's WORSE.

hate to agree but it really was boring.

>you will never massage this goddess' shoulders and breasts

>Hate to agree
Other than the girls, this series had nothing else going for it. Rakudai had two great fights and Asterisk had the benefit of pretty high funding that at least gave out some good tracks.

Not him, but the girls are better than the other two's. That's all that matters.

The girls are better at least. The intense waifuwars are a testament to that.

Mostly shitflinging and the same arguments over and over again with no progress but oh well.

the truth hurts, senpai. the generic mob enemies were especially lackluster.

>5 main heroines
>10 volumes
>So far each heroine has two dedicated volumes to call their own
>the harem race always curves to whoever has the latest arc barring exceptions
Because I see some are beings retards in here.

It'd help if the novels were translated, but no, the translator preferred to do Asterisk instead, and no one ever discusses that.

And the series tries so hard with its plot, it actually made it worse.

Terrible MC too

I just really want to bum the fat one.

I mean, it goes to show something about the series I guess. I doubt people wanted to read a copy of IS.

That and the anal posting made Bahamut threads a lot better and more memorable than the average battle harem fanbase.

That doesn't say much. All three have girls that are better or equal to most of the others when compared among one another.

It was an average experience in my memory, lasting waifu wars and just lewd discussion, par for the course.

>volume 11 will be Lisha's volume and she will take the lead once again

Because Krulfags thinks that they own the board and nobody can like Lisha.

>It took 11 volumes for the "main girl" to get her volume
Is that the longest buffer period for a development volume or what?

>Krulfags thinks

ESLfag strikes again.

> Dude, maybe you are the one who needs to get better taste
Im not your dude Big Asshole _| |___
| | Fuck You Miserable Hater Faggot
Tasteful Guilty Pleasure:
Houki, Seraphim and Chitoge
Top Tier Waifu Tsundere:
Yui and Lisha
Yui is my only one waifu

>we will never get more hair down Lisha

>Terrible MC too
what would you change to improve him?

And here we go again.

>volume 1
>volume 6
>volume 11
You can't into math.

Volume 11 is a Yoruka volume.

You assume I read this trash and/or pay attention to it.


>最弱無敗の神装機竜《バハムート》 10巻
No, that was volume 10.

>pay attention to it.
But you clearly do.

I see a lot of Ayato in him. He's a reactionary MC to the biggest degree where it seems he has no drive or intent to do anything for himself other than to help others, as well as being a doormat. His past is a such a big part of the universe yet he does absolutely nothing to imply that it is, at least in the anime.

I realize what I say goes to a lot of MCs but there were at least one or two moments of distinctiveness for an MC that makes him a bit better but I can't really think of one for Lux in particular.

His grammar there isn't uncorrected though. This ESL Nazi hunt you're carrying out screams desperation, you know.

Celestia gives the best kisses while Lisha hasn't even kissed Lux. The choice is obvious.


Only for what the anime shows of Celes, that's mostly it. Compared to other series where I at least screencap it for some girls, I only have around 30 odd pictures with just Celes.

Is there a single illustration of Lux that's not a cover art that doesn't have him completely submissive/fearful of women?

And you get a ban, Piece of Shit

You don't know what you're talking about. Asterisk got licensed so the translator decided to stop translating but not before finishing all the novels released up to that point. As someone who follows both series, I was grateful that he chose the priorities he did.

Volume 10 spoilers
Some bitch went psycho and hurt Phi-chan
Lux went completely psycho on her ass to the point she's on her ass with her back on the wall fearing for her life.

>His grammar there is not uncorrected though.

Exactly. Conveniently ignoring blatant shitposters and blaming a fanbase that isn't even present in this thread screams ultimate desperation, though.

It should be "Krulfags think" not "Krulfags thinks".

No. It says a lot when even a faggot like this managed to man up but Lux will forever be dominated by his harem.

good analysis. MCs being self-inserts have always been present in harems and they lack personality because of it. It's like the author is afraid to make them too much of this or that because it'll ruin the immersion. at this point, an cynical asshole or misogynist MC would be more interesting to see in a harem setting.

Well, in his defense, Bahamut isn't over yet. There's still time

I don't think so. Unless I'm mistaken, "fags" is a collective noun so it takes plural verbs. It's not treated like a singular noun.

In the end. Who is winning?

A Krulfag is 1 person.



It doesn't help that for such a "plot heavy" presentation the anime hints the series is like, there's barely any tension in any of these fights when Lux can just pull out Bahamut and wreck face. Even when it is revealed that he owns the damn thing, no one even makes a fuss about it when I thought it was pretty sensitive information. The series writes in a way that it's a big deal when it really isn't. It's like starting an RPG with the best sword in the game and with all abilities unlocked.

What did "weakest undefeated" even imply anyway? Other than being an oxymoron?

And tell me, you are a Hater Faggot of Yui, Lisha,Houki, Chitoge
Seraphim is better tsundere comparing her with the shit of haruna (Worst Girl and Mahou Shoujo)

If the walking gravastar from Omamori Himari could anyone can.

I can't accept his praises when he wasn't even conscious when all the girl took turns raping him in his sleep.

Oh yeah. Then it has to be a plural noun then and that follows with singular form.

>Volume 6
iirc, it mostly revolved around the kingdoms' version of UN,the first volume a person stronger than Lux appeared, and the later parts being about Airi's abduction

I despise Shitoge
I love Yui Kotegawa
I haven't heard much about Houki, she does have great tits though.
Lisha is a parasite, a worst girl in a series full of bests.
Seraphim is completely dere by the end of the series, perhaps the one who loves Ayumu the most.

Your taste is shittier than Lelouch.


You don't say 'people is', 'the fans is'. Christ, go back to school.

Haruna is one of the best girls and is actually cute. Please consider killing yourself.

>believing secondary Lishafag lies

Both are shit

You're shit

He's lying. Lisha has the least development of every girl in this novel
Those anons who are saying volume 11 is Lisha's volume are also lying, it's a Yoruka volume.

I feel sick just knowing that I share taste with ESL-kun. Everything else about his taste is shit though.

I like Seraphim and Yui

>tfw you like Krul and Lisha
Come at me.

Then. Who is wining?

Faggot, Yui is best TLR.

Lishafags have it easy compared to the bullying we have to go through in TLR threads thanks to the ESL shitposter.

All girls except for Lisha. I am not kidding.

I like Yui too, user. One of the few in the archetype I really like.

>that chest
Who the fuck is this imposter?


That's obvious. The tricky part is whether or not plural nouns are followed by plural verbs. In the way "is" agrees with collective or singular nouns and are when the noun is plural, when using plural nouns, the mind sometimes ties to agree on its own by matching with plural to plural.


Soon it will stop being fake.

>What did "weakest undefeated" even imply anyway? Other than being an oxymoron?
"even though he's weak, he's undefeated". I can't confirm anything because I don't read the LNs but it seems he's absurdly overpowered beyond comprehension and has to use a weaker dragride as to not obliterate everything/everyone into oblivion.

also, a very good point has been brought up: he casually shows off the thing, which is undeniable proof that he IS indeed the black hero or whatever from the war, and no one bats an eye; not even Krul, who was looking for said black hero.

it seems like the author was trying to do a "super overpowered MC who holds back and hides his identity" but didn't do a good job at it.



It means what it says.
He uses shitty gear but he can't be defeated because he is that good.

How is the BD, lads? Uncensored? Bonuses?

So it really did try to make "he's so fucking strong even when he limits himself" sort of protag huh. He's more like Ayato than I thought.

It's like some IS mixed with a little bit of Mahouka and Asterisk.

You really have a dangerous and disgusting shit taste like louise faggots
That fanbase is a cancer
That responds me a Big Shit

English, please.


At least Lux is cuter than Ayato and lets girls rape him all the time. That makes him less of an Ichika clone.

Hayato isn't holding back. His sister sealed his power for a kame reason.

Lux in the other hand worked hard to be powerful and change his country but ended destroying it to save his loli waifu.

Preach it user

seriously? best girl is the MC

I meant it in a way that Ayato is being held back at all with whatever shit his sister used to limit his power.

Lux gets stronger and power-ups via upgrades. Ayato doesn't. He has seals that gets lifted, but his level of power stays the same throughout the whole series. So to beat stronger opponents, Ayato is more about techniques and using Ser-Veresta's attribute to his advantage.

Crossdressfags are the worst.

Would the series have been better if Lux was a girl? Kind of like Ange Vierge.

Harem end minus Lisha till she stops being a cunt

>you will never have a threesome with Celes and her treacherous brown friend

Now Aika is fappable.

What do you mean?

A battle harem with a female MC.

Lisha is fucking perfect

Nothing new.

Oh, then it would be better since she would not act like a fucking faggot every time she sees the girls naked.

he was so feminine and beta His gender became irrelevant

Why celestia was very idiot?

Lux makes for a convincingly better girl than a boy.

That's Ange Vierge?

How you know volume 11 is yoruka volume??? No one know yet...since no one translate or summaries volume 10 yet..


White hair looks like best girl

Get in the tube.


How gay?


It's legit yuri.

I just really want to bum the fat one.

Useless fat.

It's muh subtext. Don't expect much and MC isn't good either just /u/fags chilling their shit usual .

Portable cushions

>double bikini


meant for


What do you mean? Julis is a better main girl than Lisha and Stella, but other than that, Asterisk's girls are lackluster or irrelevant. Rakudai only has Shizuku and Nene as decent girls surrounded by shitty girls. Overall Bahamut has the better female cast.



>tfw you almost have the same name as one of them
Does that count for the post an anime character with your name threads?

>Rakudai only has Shizuku and Nene as decent girls
Best Rakudai girl is Raikiri though

Lisha is trash, just like the shithole ESL-fag lives in


The show needed more DFC interaction.

>Forgetting Dirk and Fan


Dirk is moe as fuck. Sugita WILLS it.

Can you even imagine a culture that can create lolis like La Krulshe to manage and operate their installations? The world lost something irreplaceable when they disappeared.

The show lost as well when she was put to sleep again. I wanted to see more of her.

>DAL Mukuro
You're the user. Best taste.

Can we just agree that Bahamut wins when it comes to the girls compared to other battle harems?
Even the side girls are amazing

Except Phi. Fuck that autistic cow.



And try to explain why
Miserable Hater Faggot

Bahamut has the best girls yes

No homo but I'd pick the guy, he's pretty cute

>posting Ass War

ASSwar is good

No, spanish hater

Tits & Ass War is nice.

>I despise Shitoge
inodorofag or marikon fag both are shit
I Hate more marika than onodera
>I love Yui Kotegawa
If you support the plan harem
You're a Damn, Traitor, Sonuvabitch
Yui never accept that damn plan
>I haven't heard much about Houki, she does have great tits though.
I am honest sometimes she will be violent with Ichika, But she also shows her lover side by him without he is account
And in the season 2 Houki improved her attitude and in Infinite Stratos 2 - World Purge-hen It is proof
>Lisha is a parasite, a worst girl in a series full of bests.
Why Lisha is a good waifu
1 - Good Tsundere
2 - Cute when she blushes
3 - Nice body (Her tits are perfect. Not too big. Not too small.)
4 - Not is a Slut like krul and yoruka
5 - Jealous because she really likes Lux
5 - Cute personality
6 - Strong and intelligent
And why she is a parasite?
And not konjiki no yami
Miserable Hater Faggot
>Seraphim is completely dere by the end of the series, perhaps the one who loves Ayumu the most.
why lelouch is famous for be called lelouch and not ayumu

>ESL-kun is still at it
Kill it with fire. I say this on behalf of Lisha and fellow fan's sake.

Lisha will give you a kiss of thanks (only in the cheek) All the real fans of Lisha deserve it

At least I defend to Lisha like Yui also Houki
You hate her because she does not want to share the love of a boy
and you are one of his slanderers haters
Fuck You and Die

>I feel sick just knowing that I share taste with ESL-kun. Everything else about his taste is shit though
You would have been even more Stupid and Hypocrite if you were to hate them by me
Yui, Houki and Seraphim are The Best
Piece of Shit

>Seraphim is completely dere by the end of the series, perhaps the one who loves Ayumu the most.

If you really loves Yui you should be against of the the plan harem, of that Damn, rotten fruit bathed in semen of momo
A true fan would be against

Fuck off.

Celes is Lisha but better in every way. The only thing Lisha had going for her was her cuteness, but even that has been taken from her by Celes.

>Celes is Lisha but better in every way. The only thing Lisha had going for her was her cuteness, but even that has been taken from her by Celes.
Celestia is a copy cheap of Lisha

I love her sister more though

>Even the side girls are amazing

I fap to Yes time to time.

Imouto was also fun


Not so "cheap" of a "copy" when she manages to be better in every way than her "original".

The way I see it, the main girls were of so little significance that nobodies like the side-characters were able to stand on equal ground.


I wonder how many men of her country came inside her.


Go away spic.

ITT forced awifu wars continues

it's past time bahamut threads die already

She's so lovely. Cute, wonderful hair and soft.

I also only just noticed that Celes wore the dress she went shopping for with Luna during the beach episode. I must have been too distracted by her ass before.

And for that is a copy cheap

How far we into the story ?

Which girl has the most deathflags ?