What was her major malfunction?

What was her major malfunction?

She lacks new seasons.

She's a slave to the dragon.

With 104 episodes of the main series I think that the show got plenty of love. However it would have been nice if they had just adapted the rest of the LNs rather than do stupid shit like they did with Revolution.

Too perfect, too wonderful, and too sexy.


Why is she such a womanlet?

Her moody teenage soul was spoiled rotten by all that power.

So she can make tiny dicks look huge.

she's a bitch

I know I shouldn't be but I'm kinda shocked at how old these things are

She had too much restraint. Fireballs everytime, all the time. If it doesn't burn, nuke it. If it doesn't nuke, break out the big magic and invite LoN to the party.

Why did she switch from a sword to a dagger between the first and second seasons?

It was technically a shortsword that she switched to because it was lighter.

In the LNs she actually thinks strategically and doesn't blow up towns on a weekly basis, opting for less flashy spells like Zelas Brid and Blast Ash. Even Gourry was actually perceptive.

If you watch the first few episodes of season 1, Gourry was very different. They made him ultra dumb for exposition reasons.

There's nothing wrong with her faggot fight me

I don't get the flat meme, she's not even really flat.

I guess 90s flat is b cups, or less.



She was too cute. Too innocent. Too good for this world.

I don't get it.

Hiro is going to force everyone to upload all images as webms in order to save space

Really? Interesting.

She "recorded" Luna taking a shower and then selling it to townsfolks.

Her face gives me a strange feeling of nostalgia

That's the idea. 90's faces are the best.

user who uploaded the still webm here: I browse Cred Forums and Cred Forums most of the time and we want Cred Forums to allow us to use the webp image format. A still webm is the closes we can get to describing it.

Anyway just thought I'd show you all how good VP8 is (which is used in webp).

Original PNG: 1.79MB
My Webm: 74KB (~25X smaller)

To be fair, Luna is implied a mega bitch

Puffiest of vulvas!

Lina's purity is off the charts. How does she do it?

I wouldn't mind if this took off, but what's a webp? Is it just a still webm or a different format or whatever just for still images?


Wasn't she the knight of some important dragon? Relating with dragons turns people into that.

With magic.

She is essentially the chosen one in that part of Ciephied's soul is in her body, which gives her special powers and all that jazz. She is supposed to be around as strong as Xellos.

Flaming puff at that.

Nothing, she is mai waifu. Perfect sorceress protag.

Her sister looks like Xellos.

>those eyes

The LNs are a lot darker. Remember those two rival wizards from Atlas City? One got decapitated and stuffed inside a jar, and the other was turned into a fleshbulb.

For sure. There are also a lot of racier scenes that were cut out. For example the one where two guys tied up and gagged Lina, but before they could do indecent things to her Gourry bluffed and said that she had STDs.

The LNs were lighter in the sense that Rubia and Abel actually survived.

But we're all slave to the giga.

That fleshbulb was mentioned a few times in the LN I think, it's basically I have no mouth and I must scream in the form of a curse.

Don't forget cutting every single scene where Lina uses alcohol because of Japanese broadcasting laws

She's a cool main character, and that's not allowed in modern anime

Yeah, and you can see that it looks like utter crap without even zooming in.
We don't want Cred Forums to allow you to use the webp image format.

Try harder next time

Shabernignog all up in her grill.
Retarded swordsmen.
Aint got no tiddies.
Kids got more tiddies
More work than money, she a mage but can't make it rain.