What's the best romance anime in Cred Forums's opinion?

What's the best romance anime in Cred Forums's opinion?

Ano Natsu de Matteru

Bible Black.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica


The first 17 or so episodes of Kare Kano or Princess Tutu.

Say whatever you want, this was pretty fucking good.

The romance between me and my waifus

Boku no Pico

It was an enjoyable anime, but not really a good romance. I mean, Saito was super unfaithful and it was always set up so that someone would either walk in on them, or that she would walk in on him doing something like kissing some other girl and misunderstand (or in some cases totally make the right response, like how she reacted to him kissing Henrietta).

I liked the show, but the romance aspect was pretty mediocre since it was a harem.


Golden Time because it actually has characters my age.



Any romance that doesn't involve someone trying to get between the characters

This show was an unexpected great watch.
Then I checked the director and staff, and felt dumb for not watching it sooner.

>forced drama the animu

ummmmmmmmmmm ok???

Toradora is still the greatest love story ever told. Nothing has surpassed it since it aired.

Clannad After Story

>>forced drama the animu
Why do people keep repeating this meme? Ano Natsu avoids more drama than nearly every romance out there. If you need proof, compare it to Onegai Teacher.

In Onegai Teacher, the dumb third wheel actually breaks up the main couple. In Ano Natsu, the MC really doesn't give a fuck that the other girl likes him and doesn't let it affect his relationship with the lead girl.


Greatest love story ever told


This one.

>Ano Natsu has a character that instigates drama
>not forced drama

ummmmmmmmmm lol???

The best, or the greatest ever told?

Boku No Pico

0/10 bait

>can't prove me wrong


Kare Kano

Even with the lackluster ending

The only thing I watched that sort of resembles romance is Bakemonogatari, first season. 12 episode version.

Don't worry about it. Most newfags haven't gone back far enough to watch Onegai Teacher. Nor do they retain enough knowledge to know what "forced drama" even truly is.

How does Cred Forums recommend watching this?

-anime only
-manga only
-entire anime, then entire manga
-entire anime, then manga where it left off
-first 18 episodes of anime only
-first 18 episodes of anime then entire manga
-first 18 episodes of anime then pick up where it left of in the manga


>ano natsu doesn't have forced drama because it's not as bad as onegai teacher

Forced drama is a meme but this makes no sense

what happened to anime romance? everything is dumb neo-seinen action shit nowadays

ghost girl. the scene before ending made me legit cry. too bad they go with happy end

first 18 episodes of anime only

I just watched the anime, I couldn't handle the Josei art of the manga.

I hope Cred Forums keeps up the tradition of watching Toradora in December together. Best time of the year.

Entire anime, then entire manga.


Anime only, honestly. The manga is fine but it's Anno's directing that makes KK something special.

I wish there was anime of this. Properly made too, it would be the best romance anime.

Jitsu wa watashi wa.

Dumpire is beyond adorable.


Eh. Watching it now, so far its the best in terms of comedy. The romance is literally a carbon copy of Shakugan no Shana.

harems aren't real romance and never will be

Also Oremonogatari it skips all the "will they won't they" bullshit and turns the cuteness up to 11. Takeo is probably the best "shoujo" MC of all time.

It's Toradora

Dusk Maiden pulls a close second; the manga might actually surpass it, but the anime falls a bit short.

I liked it but the MC started feeling to Gary Stuish as it went on

Dusk Maiden is a close second.

Ano Natsu avoids the drama that other romance have. Why is that so hard for you to see?

>ryuuji likes minorin
>minorin likes ryuuji
>minorin rejects him because taiga likes him too

>ichika likes kaito
>kaito likes ichika
>neither of them care that kanna likes kaito too



Tsukasa had easily the best route and is also the best girl so I quite liked it. Rewatched it even.

Manga > Anime

This scene hit me like a ton of bricks.


Toradora in terms of the overall balance between character development, drama, and comedy.

This dess dess
And also the greatest love story: MORE GREAT than mothefucking Toradora dess dess!

The lovely love between Anonymous and his beautiful Waifu.dess dess

this show is a prime example of wasting good characters

usami is incredibly cute, but the plot is boring as fuck and nothing happens.

those eyes are my fetish

Well I was talking about the fact that you compared ano natsu to onegai sensei to show that ano natsu does not have "forced drama". I just see that argument a lot for different things and I think it's bad.

Also in ano natsu wasn't lemon always trying to put the characters in situations where drama would occur? And also there was this 5 way love triangle thing (I don't even know what to call it)? I haven't watched it since it first aired.

spice and wolf

Nagi no Asukara.

This actually, I retract my previous answer.

>best girl lost


>one of the worst tsunderes ever made
>good romance
Toradora and Oreimo are shit too for the exact same reason.

Maison Ikkoku is and will probably always be the gold standard given it's been 35 years and nothing topped it.


>Also in ano natsu wasn't lemon always trying to put the characters in situations where drama would occur?
But most of it goes no where. The show doesn't have too much interpersonal drama.

I got meme'd


I don't get these kinds of romances, they set up the childhood friend character just to have her ntr'd by the super magic girl and I just end up angry the entire time I'm watching the show


Absolute madman

I'm going to go with

Not Toradora, Taiga is the absolute worst girl

>no My Little Monster

You're all niggers tonight /a. You make me sick

Ef: Tale of memories.

Not just one, but two good romances that I still vividly remember years later.

The one where the tsundere tomboy childhood friend actually wins

kill me


Is it worth watching to the end? I've hated everything Tsurumaki's directed, but I don't feel like leaving a series unfinished.


Gundam 00

You're so right.

And even though it's a good lovecom, Ookami Shoujo manga is super cute, but not a dramatic romance. The anime was a crippling disappointment.

Have you read Issho ni Neyou yo? Think you would dig that if you like Taiyou no Ie.

I remember those threads on Cred Forums that used to do this as a way to measure how fast your computer is.

Romance in anime are all shit that's why I only watch romance anime that doesn't take itself seriously.

Kanna wasn't Kaito's childhood friend; she was Tetsuro's. Why do you fell sorry for Kanna, but not Tetsuro?

It's Oreimo.

Because he's a guy and that poster is probably a waifufaggot.

Tetsuro is a chad and banging the teachers

When there is cucking, and you self-insert as the cuckold because that's how you are in real life.

Second half of that show was shit nigga, forced love geometry bullshit is dumb as fuck

This show would have been so fucking good if the author had just gotten them together sooner. The characters were all likable, the main girl was adorable, and the jokes were actually funny. I honestly thought this was going to be one of my all-time favorites after watching the first few episodes.

The best i don't know, but i do know i can safely discard any show with a disgusting tsundere as focus.

Oreimo, toradora, Zero no tsukaima, Love Hina you catch the drift.

I'm not even baiting, i can't see how a person could possibly love this putrid archtype. Yeah, i get it honey that you are a strong independent chink woman that need no bakas, that hateful attitude needs to go.



I was so fucking dissapointed after the main girl went to cram school and everything went to shit.

>Remember how the main guy doesn't want people to think he's violent and struggles with it? LET'S HAVE HIM THREATEN TO LITERALLY MURDER A DUDE
>Neither of them just fucking talking to each other like they did in the early episodes
>Complete halt to all the buildup in the first half
>Everyone is in love with everyone they can't have


I guess we could count Spice and Wolf as romance

Yep. The girl and guy also flip flopped between being in love so much I just lost interest.

>I love you
>Lol I love you but don't 'love' you

>Okay I 'love' you now
>Okay but now I don't love you I love studying

And so on. Shame because it started great.


>Everyone is in love with everyone they can't have
Just like in real life!


Of course it's a fucking romance. Would you still have watched it if Korbo was a guy?

>I love you but I love studying more
>Hey how about we study together because we're both intelligent people who know this shit
>oops they forgot that part of my character

I unironically think so.

It remains to this day my favorite anime of all time. I want to befriend Sawako.

my nigges

It's the greatest pre-love story ever told, for certain.

fucking explain this love in greater detail because I keep seeing it get praised everywhere and I haven't seen it yet

not romance

get out of this thread

Mate go watch it for yourself. None of the characters are idiots, everyone is likeable, MC is cute and adorable, among other things. It's everything you could ask for.

The heroine is shy, naive, optimistic, and kind to a fault. The male love interest is confident, popular, but also a pretty nice guy. The side characters are all fun and interesting. You immediately want to see everyone end up with each other and be happy. The drama is there, but it's never frustrating or forced.

That said, it took way too long for them to become a couple. By the time it happened, I stopped caring. Plus, halfway through, they introduce this douchebag who pseudo-NTRs the lead male, which really pissed me off.

>It's everything you could ask for.
Don't lie to him. There's no kiss, and it takes 50 episodes to get them together. Also, the side characters have barely gotten together in the manga, which is years and years ahead of where the anime ends. Also, Kent is a terrible character, and Pin's relationship with Ayane got scrapped, probably because the author thought it'd be too controversial.

>None of the characters are idiots


I wanted to love it so much, but literally all the drama comes from the most contrived MISUNDERSTANDINGS I've seen in an anime yet. Characters will cut off other characters before they can properly explain themselves and storm off in a fit of sadness.

It's awful. A shame because the few moments of the main couple being cute together are nice but they don't make up for the shitty half-assed drama writing.

They did actually have better written relationship development than most actual romance stories, and had a lot emotional impact. It's especially impressive considering so much was working against it (the guy is a baby murdering ant, the girl isn't conventionally attractive and is a bit gross, they aren't even main characters, they were almost 100% platonic, all they ever did was play gungi, etc).

I'll put it on the list but I fucking hate love triangle bullshit

The winner

fuck, me too
two times

There's no love triangle, but the whole crux of the story is that the lead male is helping the heroine to come out of her shell. Then in the second season, some other pretty boy comes around and starts helping her to come out of her shell too. It's like NTR without being NTR.

It reminds me of Nodame Cantabile when Nodame's "virginity" got stolen by Stresemann.


I know it's from the sequel, but still.

Is that really good, user? Tell me the truth. Because if it is, I'll download it right now.

It's really good if you're a teenage edgelord like I was when I marathoned it starting at 2AM instead of writing a paper.

I still think about the guy on top of the church every now and then.

Even though they're not exactly "romances" and they're both short, I would say

>Denpa Teki no Kanojo
>Kyou no Go no Ni

Which makes Aiura the greatest romance of all time, followed by Yuyushiki.

It's one of Shaft's best, and the last show Oonuma directed before hopping over to Silver Link.

Hibike Euphonium :^)

One of the few kisses that leaped my heart to utter bliss.


A hetero mahou shoujo? Picked up.

>Went in for romance
>Got 'SCIENCE!' and romance

Pleadies(sp whatever) is normal and abnormal at the same time. It follows many typical mahou shoujo cliches while also throwing some curveball weird shit in there.

I still have no clue why there were two of the boy running around.

>thinly veiled recommendation thread
>131 replies

Cred Forums is dead

>What's the best romance anime

>They kiss
>They actually kiss

Makes me want to fist pump. Makes me want to walk up to every mangaka/anime writer out there and shout "LOOK AT THAT. IS IT THAT FUCKING HARD?"

I unironically like Clannad

I unironically want you to kill yourself.

y-you too

This. Nothing can beat maison ikkoku

Just watch the whole anime.
The last few suck but if you stop at 18 youll want to see the to the end anyway

Rec threads are allowed now?

is the game translated yet?

Probably this
Yukino is a great character and the romance couple end up having sex as a couple should

Hope you're working on that Christmas challenge

how can you people watch romance anime without feeling like shit?
or are you all fucking normalfags?

Literally this.

Does Utena count?

People told me that Kimi no Todoke was the best romance but I have put it on hold because of this FUCKING RETARD

What, are you telling me you don't know nobody?

Tonari no Seki-kun, obviously

I love light hearted story.

Garden of Words is unironically my favorite animated film.
>Inb4 shit taste
At the very least be productive and tell me why it's shit and/or what is better


Rushed ending

Does this count?

True dat. I agree it'd benefit from another 15 minutes of runtime for a better build-up.

thinly veiled rec thread? OK

>w/o forced drama
Tatami Galaxy
Nodame Cantabile
Kare Kano
Spice & Wolf
Ore Monogatari!!

>w/forced drama
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (I swear to god I hate everyone who refers to this one with the Western title)


Sukitte il na yo.

This guy gets it, Kaoru best girl.

Rec threads are not enough for me to convince Cred Forums to watch Princess Jellyfish.

Are quads enough to convince Cred Forums?

>Skrillex ii na yo

I really liked in one of the early episodes how the boyfriend introduces her like she's his autistic little sister. The power difference between them was fun.

>Best girl
>Younger than 20

i love her dopey stare when Kyosuke moves her

Not ashamed to admit I have this on blu ray

Not only rushed... it was a horrible, wish fulfillment ending complete with some character assassination of sensei. The manga made a minor change that completely redeemed the story, however.

You shouldn't be user, It's a really good show.

Based Skrillex.

>wish fulfillment
At this point, this term has become a buzzword on Cred Forums.

1. Oreimo
2. YnSora
3. Koi Kaze
4. Aki Sora
5. OniAi

Your post didn't go unnoticed user.

I didn't mean it to be one, but for that movie in particular, the term does apply. Their promise to stay together or for him to wait for her, or however it was worded, was ridiculous.

I don't know why Toradora gets the 'forced romance' label. I found that the character conflicts were handled pretty naturally. Ryuji and Taiga come from complicated families and consequently are complicated people. Minori sees Taiga for the damaged person she is and also recognizes the kind of kinship that Ryuji and Taiga have.

Ami felt irrelevant 80% of the time though.

I'm an incestfag, but AkiSora and OniAi are just terrible anime. Even Miyuki would be a better choice.

Well played nigger

I couldnt think of any more where sister wins

Pic related is pretty good so far. It isn't just a bunch of drama, it is just a bunch of funny and cute couple stuff.

Hori's dad is best character. Also the last few chapters have made me like the Prez a lot.

I don't know, probably the same reason I can watch fighting shows and not feel like shit for being weaker than most ninth-graders?

toradora was shit otherwise though


Did you even watch the movie? It's ambiguous that they even get together. And that's one of the reason the movie is bad.

Ambiguous endings and bittersweet garbage is the cancer killing romance. They should have clearly ended up together, and the fact that you think otherwise, is why you're a piece of trash who shouldn't be posting in a romance thread.

Love riron or my balls for manga
And clanad after story for anime.

>Ambiguous endings
What was ambiguous about it though

He said he would seek her out when he's matured



Either Dusk Maiden or Horizon, can't decide.

You're unironically right.

What he says is not ambiguous at all. Why would they have ended up together? Real life doesn't work that way.

Did they fug?

Like rabbits.



>What he says is not ambiguous at all.
Yes, it was, jackass.

>Why would they have ended up together?
That's what the entire movie is about.

>Real life doesn't work that way.
First of all, this is a movie. Secondly, yes, in real life, there are boys who marry their teachers. It's not common, but it happens.

>bittersweet garbage is the cancer killing romance
Yeah, why can't everything have a forced happy ending like my shitty Hollywood films?

>>Real life doesn't work that way.
>First of all, this is a movie.
I never saw Garden of Words, but fucking thank you. I'm tired of muh gritty realismfags.


It fucking ends with him promising to find her in the future. How much more clear cut do you need it to be? A second epilogue showing their wedding? That goes against the entire theme of the movie (you're completely wrong here, btw), which is about two outcasts finding fleeting comfort in each others' company. It's a bittersweet movie through and through--that's why the ending is so tonally dissonant, and that's why I take issue with it.

As for your comment about "well it's a movie! It's supposed to be unrealistic." Shinkai is one of anime's leading auteurs right now, whether we like it or not. If he is going to be the face of original, theatrical art movies, they deserve to be held to a high standard. But if you are so inundated by shitty romance anime/manga that it necessitates you continue to expect cheap, disposable dribble (like ), please be my guest and continue to lick the windows wherever you go

>It fucking ends with him promising to find her in the future. How much more clear cut do you need it to be?
Just stop. There is nothing to indicate it's romantic at all. I WANTED it to have a romance ending, but it didn't. It's intentionally left ambiguous.

>As for your comment about "well it's a movie! It's supposed to be unrealistic." Shinkai is one of anime's leading auteurs right now, whether we like it or not. If he is going to be the face of original, theatrical art movies, they deserve to be held to a high standard. But if you are so inundated by shitty romance anime/manga that it necessitates you continue to expect cheap, disposable dribble (like ), please be my guest and continue to lick the windows wherever you go
His last movie was about body swapping. And if you think 5 Centimeters Per Second was at all realistic, you're an autistic NEET who's never had any real human contact. 5cm/s was just a standard romance but with the "twist" that they don't get together. There was nothing original or realistic about it.

not the hero we deserve, but the one we got.

Eureka Seven

You may find the main romance plot annoying or frustrating but what would you expect out of a romance plot involving 14 year olds.

The underrated strength of the show is how it portraits several types of relationships throughout the show. You have Holland who is extremely passionate about a goal and his gf being supportive and how she deals with that. Charles and Ray shows us a couple that is perfectly in tune and was strengthen by a tragedy. Pic related, it contrasts all this seemingly working relationships with a failed middle age couple that couldn't overcome some hurdles.

We never fully see the cog and gears of this relationships but we do get glimpses of how they develop as the show goes on, in contrast to the main characters. Like Moondoggie and Gidget moving relatively fast compared to Renton and Eureka.

I'm just going to agree to disagree because I really don't feel like going back and forth with this.

Tonari no Kaibutsu

>Not one mention in thread of school days

you all disgust me

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, there were two sets of female authors: Jane Austen and the Bronte Sisters. Jane Austen wrote romantic comedies about love conquering societal norms, whereas the Bronte Sisters wrote horrifically depressing melodramas about childhood friends turning cruel then getting disfigured in fires. Now, the Bronte Sisters hated Jane Austen. They called her work "commonplace", contrived, and sterile.

However, 200 years later, Jane Austen's legacy is still burning through Western civilization. Her magnum opus is one of the most read novels in human history and is taught to every school child in the Anglosphere. Furthermore, the mark of her story can be found in nearly every female-written romance of the last two centuries. Her male lead has lived a thousand different lives in a thousand different books, films, and television shows; the romance between her main characters has been reinterpreted and retold over and over by ten thousand different writers. Meanwhile, the Bronte Sisters have been relegated to a small footnote in history, gather dust on your grandmother's bookcase.

Jane Austen's sweet, saccharine comedy of manners that places love above all had more of an impact on culture and art than the Bronte sisters' unromantic take on human nature ever could.

Prunus Girl is the best romance manga in existence and needs an anime asap

I'm still mad about chuuni season 2

The best.


I have been warming that bench during christmas for years.

You're projecting. I never said anything about everything needing to be grim or bittersweet. I just said that within the context of the movie, its presentation, and its characters, the ending I was defending (which IS the manga ending), makes more sense. I'm all for a happy ending, as long as it is thematically consistent.

Also, not sure if copypasta, but those are some bold claims likely to trigger anyone passionate about britlit.

Does it really count if he's going to end up killing her?

She looks like discount Asuka.

hated the sequel tsf monogatari though


fuck you chiyo is 1000% times cuter than Asuka

i'm so, so, fucking ashamed i know what this is, i nutted to it so hard that i got testicular torsion and had to go to hospital

All of these

warms my heart

if only we ever actually got romance


What's wrong with tsf monogatari?


I will eat your fucking face.

This. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is the shit.

Where my Gyabos at?

Nobody cares about your shitty tsundere bitch. She was an awful person, and Anno remade the story three times just to make sure she got a bad ending in each of them.

>Nobody cares about your shitty tsundere bitch.
Fuck you, I do.

>She was an awful person,
Fuck you, I love her.

>Anno remade the story three times just to make sure she got a bad ending in each of them.
Fuck Anno, because he's Anno.

I still reread the manga from time to time. It's so satisfying.

no fuck you. although I would cum inside asuka and (not) take responsibility

I want to flay you.



When was the last time a cake won? I legit can't recall it happening, though my memory has gotten progressively worse.

Onegai Teacher, I guess

Does Jitsu Wa count?

Fuck that was ages ago, we need a new Sensei victory soon.

I'm fine with best girl losing on this one, all the girls were good enough.

Aku no Hana
White Album 2
Cross Game

Most of the replies to the post are the poster himself.

Nothing comes close to beating this.

>Maison Ikkoku
>2 matches


>Aku no Hana
Fuck you.

FUCK you.



the fucking guys faced pissed me off too much i couldnt make it past the 2nd episode

It's not that great. The romance was injected in the last minute, and they had to extend it via movie.

As far as I can tell, manga did most of the romance bits better.

And did I ever mention that most of the side romances involve age gaps and gays?

Neither are romance, and neither could be called best by any stretch of the term.

>And did I ever mention that most of the side romances involve age gaps and gays?
Well it is written by women.

Both are romance though and Aku no Hana is a masterpiece.


Elaborate please

I'm actually impressed. You managed to choose anime that has all the annoying traits an average bad shoujo has.

The World God Only Knows


First off, stop referring to the tripfag as if he has an identity. That makes you as bad as him. Secondly, shoujo is the only source we can get alpha male stuff. Are you really saying that you never want alpha male/submissive female romance to exist? If it follows a cliche format, it's automatically bad? That's as absurd as saying

>this story has a hero defeating the villain, so it's terrible

Better than the manga art

Gender bender is half gay

Internal organ damage.

I correctly understand that transfags have a mental illness, but at the same time, I can't fap to male-transformed-into-female hentai, because I still consider the character to be a male, despite having the body of a woman.

You clearly didn't read this shitfest, so shut up

No, I watched it, faggot. I did read the first couple chapters, so yes, I know the lead is more spunky in the manga. In fact, that's one of the reasons I like the anime better.

Aya's fault she lost. Didn't have the balls to say what she needed to all along.

Because you're a flaming faggot that overlooks all the flaws because it has muh strong male. Newsflash, almost every shoujo has, some of them even manage to not suck.

Tatami Galaxy, then Steins;Gate

Fuck Toradora. FUCK Taiga.

>Hating on greatest love story of all time
I bet you're a virgin too


Real men love Ami.

My absolute favorite couple.

At one point they have a phone convo where she says "I love you" and he answers "I love you, too." in a heartbeat. No spilled spaghetti, no nervousness - I could feel that they both meant it and that they would literally be together forever.


My friend recommended Toradora as one of the best sol/comedy/romance shows. I only made it through 4 episodes before I dropped it. It was just garbage.

It must've been one of his firsts. Sentimental value skews judgment.

i know that's why i felt so fucking ashamed, was just in the mood at the time

Forgot picture.




>greatest love story of all time
>not Ano Natsu
suck a dick fag

Where's Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama and Horimiya

objectively the best romance animu

Horimiya has been mentioned already, Maid-sama gets progressively stale after a while.

Did not expect Hori and Miyamura to fug, props to the mangaka for that.

Nodame Cantabile.

I cried so rivers and oceans of tears from my dick

the point is normally everyone experiences romance but fighting monsters is just a fantasy.

Except real life romance is a mix of good things and bad. Most works enhance the good stuff.


>Meanwhile, the Bronte Sisters have been relegated to a small footnote in history, gather dust on your grandmother's bookcase.
Is this bait? Am I being baited right now?

pretty great if you are a Ichikafag

I find most romances to be pretty bad unless it's a side plot in another genre (Silver Spoon, Black Lagoon), or it's heavily paired with comedy (Working, Nozaki).

Thanks for reminding me, time to watch this shit again.

Lemon is just a ebin ruse master fucking around. She wasn't trying to break up the romance between the characters.

something is better than nothing

Golden Time, loved it


so smug.

At last. Why did I have to read 237 posts to finally correct ones?

re zero