I'm gonna miss you guys

I'm gonna miss you guys

Yotsuba anime ruins everything.


>moot as admin for 11 years and 3 months
>No financial issue

>Hiroyuki as admin for only a year

I don't believe Hiroyuki.

It wasn't going to last forever, but I'm glad we had the time we did.

I'm glad Shkreli is buying this website. We need a guy on the street running this place.

>hiroshima ruined moot empire and legacy in less than one year

Goodbye minasan

Beginning to get mad beaten wife syndrome here

But m00t was always complaining about money problems

Cred Forums is so full of newfags I feel like it's time to move on.

What did he mean by this?

I'm gonna be a complete mess when this site sees its last day. Crying like a little bitch.

The Japanese knew the minute he took over this site that somethings going to go wrong. No one believes him, and people at /qa/ came up with legitimate methods of saving money to run the site well and Hiro basically ignored all of it and is currently selling it to that guy.

He's literally a Cred Forums guy and hates anime. That board along with /r9k/ were the main reasons why J-list pulled back their ads from this site. We literally lost all weeb advertising


It's gonna be funny when Cred Forums kills this site. Shoulda kept it dead.

if j list pulled their advertising, there's nothing hiroyuki could've done better

moot tried for years to get other advertisers but it never happened

>there were people who trusted Nagasaki "card thief" Hiroshima
I'll just learn japanese and post on 2chan

I'll feel alone without you guys, I hope we have a back up place that is not /ghost/.

We'll always have the memories.

Is the sale to Shrek finalized?

There's no way it doesn't happen if he really wants it. We should be exploring places to evacuate to because there's no way he will be sensible about the Japanese Culture boards.

I wish all "The Team" would quit and take the code with them and create their own chan, free from all this shit.

I'm gonna go fucking postal if this stupid cunt ruins this website.

we should take over other site