Favorite show[s] to rewatch

You get home and are ready to unwind. What are your go-to comfort shows that you can watch again and again?

Pic related for me, currently sick in bed and have this on the background. Playing the dub right now cause it's good quality and allows me to multi-task.

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>he actually watches new anime instead of just rewaching k-on over and over again

The first season of keion.
The first season of school rumble or the Sawachika episodes from S2 (15 to 17)
Dragon ball if it's on tv.

>currently sick in bed and have this on the background. Playing the dub right now cause it's good quality and allows me to multi-task


Yeah hopefully you'll never recover and die.

Haruhi is a comfort show for me too, but I have to much respect for it to just play it in the background. I know that probably makes you sound autistic, but you know what I mean.


Hyouka and Uchouten Kazoku. Sometimes Hibike and Nichijou.

Kino's Journey.

Chills every time.

>sick on bed
>not focusing all his attention in goddess Haruhi
Heresy. I hope you are inside an hospital's bed dying of cancer right now.

>dying of cancer
He's probably dying of ALS.

Kaiji S1. Always intense to watch, and the part where everybody falls off in Brave Man's Road always gets me.

;_; rip

press F to pay respects

I'm currently watching Haruhi for the first time. I'm watching it in chronological order, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

These days, it's usually Umaru. TSF best grill.

Death Note
The WHAT A TWEEST episodes of Madoka Magica
Inferno Cop
Ufotable's Fate/Stay Night
The few episodes of Dragon Ball/DBZ where shit actually happens.
Gurren Lagann

Depends on my mood, obviously.
>inb4 shit taste entry level faggot

Yuru Yuri. I can just load up a random episode and forget all my worries

I like to watch old Osomatsu a lot, also Super Milk Chan and Space Dandy are fun.

good, only faggots and kyoanus faggots watch broadcast order
10 years ago I was pissed that "episode 1" threw me in the middle of a bunch of shit I had no idea about


Honest question: Why would you watch it in chronological order?

They aired it in the specific order for a reason.

>They aired it in the specific order for a reason.

Yeah and it was a dumb reason.

Wait you're not supposed to do that? but I watched episodes 1 and 2 in order. what do?

I still don't understand why people like the Haruhi anime (aside from nostalgia goggles, god complex issues, "muh waifu values", and the admittedly stellar soundtrack).

However, the LNs are good, and I don't dislike the manga either.

I can't be bothered to read LNs. I've tried, and I did enjoy the first Haruhi LN, but that was ~7 years ago. I'm a pretty slow reader, so if I'm going to read something it'll be more substantive than a LN. So, I enjoy the story through a different medium (anime).

They aired it in chronological order for a reason, as well. "Season 2" is a misnomer.

Ouran High School Host Club

>rec thread
Good answer.

I understand. It's not like I hate the anime. It's just that after reading the LNs, the show feels weak to me.

The movie is still awesome as well.

Keep on watching it that way. It really doesn't feel out of place if you watch it chronological. Trust me I've watched it both ways.There really was no way for it to be aired any other way.

Serial Experiments Lain
Space Dandy
Cowboy Bebop
Ghost in the Shell
Naruto (fight scenes)
Hunter x Hunter
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

I'm that user, forgot about;

>space dandy
my nigga


Yuru Yuri
FMA 03
Lucky Star
Ika Musume

Not that user, but I started reading the LNs this summer, though I watched the anime 7 years ago (!!!) as well and really enjoyed it. I'd been avoiding reading the light novels since I was worried they wouldn't live up to the anime experience.

Frankly, that's basically what happened though. I don't know moon so I read the Yen Press translation. I get that translating things like this is difficult but there were too many moments where the translation felt awkward and unnatural, pulling me out of the immersion. I think I eventually got kind of used to it though.

I think I read up to book 5, or whichever one it was that ended up with Snowy Mountain Syndrome. It was the only non animated story I read, I have to say it really lived up to my expectations, it was fantastic. I hope the rest is on this level.


It gets much better.

Just a heads up, if you end up with a need for more there's the haruhi theatre part 1 and 2, and the short story.

Keep going, it gets better

The show climaxes six episodes in if you watch it in chronological order.

Why would you watch the show in broadcast order if you are going to watch s2 anyway?

When I first watched it I watched Broadcast. But now, Chronological is the only way to rewatch, unless you wanna be nostalgic. The pacing of I-VI throughout the broadcast order was a really cool thing to experience.

Lucky Star. I've re watched it like 3 times in the past year.

Railgun S at least twice a year. The filler too, because Saten is great.


Minami-ke and Hidamari Sketch. It's not possible to be in a bad mood after watching an episode of either.

I also rewatch FLCL every so often, but I wouldn't say it's comfy.

I'll catch a clip on youtube and watch a couple of episodes

Recently I found my self re-reading Love is hard for an Otaku.

Haven't done that for a series since I was a kid. I just wish there was more.

Gurren Lagann
Space Dandy
Inferno Cop

Ping Pong
Humanity Has Declined

How did I do Cred Forumsnons?


>Playing the dub right now cause it allows me to multi-task.
You're never going to learn Japanese at this rate.

Spice and Wolf
Zettai Bouei Leviathan
Azumanga Daioh
Outlaw Star for nostalgia.

School Rumble
I still wonder why Yakumo didn't win.

Don't fucking remind me. That shitty ending is not canon, best girl don't deserve that shallow victory

>Implying Some Day in the Rain isn't the best episode of the show

>Nigger lips on best girl
Sir, please delete that picture.

Pretty much this

my nigga, it was the comfiest episode and ended the season so nicely. Watched that shit like 5 times.


;_; I want S3, bros.