Heavy Object

Volume 12 translations updated.



>implying anyone at /jp/ reads light novels
>implying the thread wouldn't archive with 0 posts

>Light novels

>“What is it, Evans? I know you’re nervous, but try not to vomit. There’s nowhere for it to go in these diving suits. You don’t want to drown in your own vomit, do you?”
>“It’s not that… Sorry, I’m not sure why, but that Object is scaring me so bad it’s giving me a bit of a boner.”
>“Welcome to the club, Evans. Now you’re a true member of the 37th!”
>“Wait, are you including me in that!?” protested Myonri, but the idiots did not care.

These guys

Holy fuck this place is kill.
Meta thread about status of Cred Forums was closed, the mentality LN is not Cred Forums related when it's the lifeblood of future content, apart of the trifecta medium between novels, manga and anime.
It's not even cross boarding confusion, people are just genuinely fucking retarded here and the mods have made sure these people let their opinions live while closing discussion on past anime, BECAUSE THEY FUCKING KNOW NOTHING ABOUT IT THEMSELVES.

I reckon if you put them under a test they would fail knowing shit all about what anime is even currently airing, or will be.

Feels like the whole battalion has resigned themselves to the fact that infantry are going to kill Objects by this point.


Lolis fighting and getting protected: the volume

I love it.

Still reading, but I realized that it's a damn shame HO will never get a Battlefield: Bad Company style video game. The way it's set up with the four heavenly idiots is perfect for it.
>You will never fight with anons over who gets to use Myonri

Kamachi said in the afterword that he tried to model this volume's missions after video games instead of the usual action movies.

It certainly felt that way, Titanfall HO volume when?

I posted that and I completely forgot about the Object from space somehow. I'm still waiting for the day they use boosters to wallrun though.

>All of this bullying of Ohoho and Myonri

>IA Battle Maids cameo mention
Kamachi totally wrote this volume watching the anime

What is the point of an Ohoho if not to bully her?

I need season 2

>Evans doesn't get in an illustration
Even Kevin got one.

I'm amazed he's survived so long.

is there Frolaytia?

Squad's gotta have 4 members, not 3. But a second cute girl would have been nice.