Just finished reading Bleach

Just finished reading Bleach.

We waited 15+ years for THAT?

Just what was Kubo thinking? And what was the reaction to the last chapter?

YHVH please go.


Largely indifference and some butthurt by shipperfags.
That's it.

Cred Forums is chaos go away



Apocalypse confirms that isabeu is into yaoi, so...

It was like...

What happened with the Soul King and all the turmoil his death would cause?
Kazui and Ichika cute.
Hime is even hotter. Ichigo tittyfucks that.
Karin's tits. She grew up to be a fine lady.
It's not a mullet anymore, but miss Tatsuki's butch hair.
What happened to Isshin.
Smug Renji never speaks.
Ishida does not "age" aka get a new hairstyle.
Chad was never relevant.
Are Urahara and Yoruichi still alive?
Aizen is still the prettiest.

Bye Bleach!

You forgot Yuzu doting on her nephew.

>she sleeps in Ichigo's old room and dotes on his son
Yuzu is too corrupt. I blocked her out of my memories.

I'm pretty sure it's Kazui who sleeps in Ichigo's old room.

Isshin's on a vacation and hanging out with his old teammates in Division 10.

why are people still making bleach threads just let this series die.

he should have brought karin with him.

They've been circlejerking about IchiHime for a month now,you'd think they would have something else to discuss other than posting deathberry threads or about how there isn't any doujins of Ichigo screwing Orihime for the first time but nope,that's how shit Bleach's ending is

Why is that Bleach had next to zero romantic subplots or plot in general. Nothing got resolved this is criminal for a 15yr Jump series. Kubo is a hack and Oda is showing signs. I am pessimistic about the end of One Piece cause of this.

huh, i think some anons do it out of nostalgia, i mean, this shit started 15 years ago, it's a little hard get used to it not being there

I actually joined the threads just as the manga ended and now I can't stop shitposting in them.

I need help.

Wan Piss faggots day of reckoning will come. Slowly, but surely.

your own fault for wasting so much time reading trash user

I accept this with the year of Sanji being shit.

That's not really an excuse considering how popular Bleach threads were at its peak,the lack of activity now just only proves that the majority of the fanbase stopped being interested a long time ago and only checked in for the ending which was so fucking shit that hardly anyone talks about Bleach anymore other than IchiHimefags.

Really sad how the series went down but there are other manga out there which are better and doesn't have a hack like Kubo who can't keep it consistent and actually rounds up all the plotholes before moving further to the next phase rather than dragging it along.

Which SMT game do you think would make the best anime?

Aspect raidou will make the best anime

the lack of activity it's because it ended, after the final chapter there were still threads for a couple of weeks with honest debate that turned into shit with all the shipperfaggotry from both sides, and no one wants to post because of it

Having been lingering around these threads for about a month, I notice that they explode with activity when some shiptard or troll tries to stoke the flames of a ship war that's already ended. When this happens, it feels like I'm seeing a zombie shamble around in a pale imitation of its living moments.

Anyway, let's talk about the Soul King, the (supposedly) most important plot element that never got a resolution. Who do you think took over the duties after Yhwach's demise? How would you have written a proper end for this subplot?

Jesus fuck,I forgot all about the Soul King, you think Kubo will explain that he's merely a figurehead?

before the ending my money was on aizen, with ichigo being the 2nd option, i would not have been surprised if it turned out to be hime, doe

That would be sad but its something I would expect from Kubo

Why is *scratch record* in Cred Forums?

He is not a "figurehead" the world's got destroyed when he died took the mimi to fix it but that got absorbed.

i expected a bittersweet ending desu, not this disney ending, wich in itself isn't bad, it's everything before it that was awfully paced and incomplete

Soul king is just an improbably powerful hollow/spirit that forced the universe into it's current form for some unfathomable purpose.

The "soul king" as they call it is just an empty lovecraftian husk that 0 division protects. He's sort of like...the emperor of mankind in a way.
Long dead but kept "alive" by his devotees because without it the universe would fall apart and they would be thoroughly fucked.

Also Yhawach(sp?) isn't the soul kings son so much as a piece of his consciousness, like his arm or hands or whatever that manifested inside of his pregnant mother and made him.

The quincy were never human psychics that created a martial art around fighting evil hollow. They were infected/empowered by the child who was possessed by the eyes of the soulking.

The really fucked thing is the soul kings bodyparts were so...corrupt and so unbelievably powerful that they, once taken from the soul kings..corpse, took over the bodies of whatever they came into contact with or gained a consciousness after absorbing untold numbers of souls and hollows.

Anyone significantly powerful can sit on the soul kings throne and make sure the clockworks of bleach's creation continues to tick however.

Cred Forums is neutral.

I wouldn't care about the ending itself had it not spawned shipperfags fighting over it

the sad part is, no matter what the ending was, the shipperfags would still fight over it

Even Ichigo ending up single?

Fuck you YHWH
Fuck you and you fucking dungeon holy fucking shit

Just how many unresolved plot threads did Bleach end with, anyway?

You mean you waited 15 years for that? You're 25+ now, shouldn't you know better by now?

Did he die?

there will be no romance in one piece

same could be said for Bleach prior to last chapter.

Kubo said he didn't want to focus on the romance too much. He never said there wouldn't be romance at all.

The Soul King might have a conscience, since Yhawach did say that those little black blob monsters were filled with his hatred for the Soul Society.

Who thought making Merkabah so hideous was a good idea?

Still would've preferred a platonic conclusion to all of it, but Orihime is a walking talking onahole that lives for Ichigo so it was inevitable. I'm pretty tired of this "where are they now" shit though, especially for this case since we didn't even see what became of everyone and it left us with more questions whilst outright ignoring previous ones.

I mean you should know by now that if a girl has big tits and loves the MC then she would always end up with the MC,sucks that theres no originality but meh

>implying he had any plan after aizen defeat beforehand