Did Grumpy Jii-san have good taste?

Did Grumpy Jii-san have good taste?

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It is really decent taste, the thing with it is that it is completely unremarkable. High quality anime films that are fantastically animated made by some of the best directors in the industry ever are great? Who would have thought it. There is hardly one surprise there. All very standard and objective feeling rather than feeling like a subjective preference.

yeah he got decent taste

Grumpy Jii-San was the greatest of us to ever exist.

He's fine, right?

Better than mine, at least.

He loved Lupin and Harlock, that alone elevated him far above the plebosphere.

He was a little too positive about Shinkai shit, but otherwise acceptable.

They are generally good looking films and the animation has only become increasingly better so they do have some merit and at the time the earlier ones were also impressive for being made by only a small team or even just Shinkai in some cases but yeah Shinkai's same story over and over gets real old.

>Summer Wars

Pretty good otherwise.

What would you want him to rate 4.5 or 5 stars that wouldn't make his taste "boring"?

God, he really did his reviews so good. Can anyone even take on his legacy? Grumpy Nii-san maybe?

>Macross: Do you Remember Love


90% of that shit I haven't seen

Can I watch Arcadia of my Youth before the rest of the other stuff in the series?

Lurk the fuck more

I haven't seen any of it.

pls ignore me

watch more anime

>he didn't live long enough to review Legend of the Galactic Heroes

I really should, but I always fall into the trap of watching breezy stuff with zero substance.

Then watch the stuff in the OP

I thought about doing something simmilar, going out and doing reviews out in New Zealands mountains. However I don't feel like it's appropriate. It was Jiisans thing you know.

I never said boring or even bad. It is just really obvious for the most part. Mostly just fairly popular high quality film works by the most well known directors. You could almost get most of the same list just searching "anime movies" on google.

I never understood this as a criticism. His list of good movies is made up of good movies? You are literally picking on him for not being contrarian.

>bokurano anime
not so good

It's more so much that it ends up feeling a little bit pointless.
It doesn't really tell us anything about exactly what makes those films work compared to others.

I thought he did?

hey digibro

>area 88
>shows the TV art
this nigga better not be implying he means the TV series

I don't watch things released before 2010.

>It doesn't really tell us anything about exactly what makes those films work compared to others.
Yeah, because it's literally just a list of films, not a detailed critique.

he's still alive fyi

How come? There's lots of good stuff you're missing out on.

Batman told me he was dead

Not that guy but for me, personally, it feels a little artificial and disingenuous when someone's top series just happen to be universally praised and hard to argue with, and have little else in common. It makes you wonder where personal taste comes in? Most people would have a few 'objectively good' series that they adore and a few that they dislike, not because of any serious flaws but because that person naturally leans towards certain genres or styles.

I don't think that applies in this case though, since there's some fairly clear preferences.

No really that is not what I am saying at all. It just seems redundant to make a list of the same anime films that everybody knows about and point out they are good.

Did he only watch physical media or something because that is kind of what it feels like based on the choices there and what isn't there?

Please don't compare me to a pleb like him.

GITS 2 is shit

There is a bunch of stuff I feel is completely unexplored too, nothing for mahou shoujo really for example, very lacking in mecha. Combined with the stuff that isn't films it kind of feels like you could pick the majority of any "serious" anime watchers 3x3 straight off of there. It's almost entirely entry level "patrician" choices for the person that thinks they have great taste after they watched the 100 anime from a half decent rec list.

He had very inoffensive taste. He only got attention for the novelty of being an old man watching anime.

Anime is too niche for that to even be a thing. Expand it to world animation or cinema in general and there are enough great works for taste to exist, but within anime alone there simply aren't that many masterpieces.

>nothing for mahou shoujo really for example

Maybe he didn't like them? You can't assume the reason people don't like the same anime you do is because they haven't seen it.

I didn't say he hadn't seen any. I was saying the fact that this kind of thing missing lent to it feeling unremarkable because it is the kind of thing you find missing in the taste of most of the types that I previously described as entry level patricians.

Mahou shoujo isn't really a patrician genre. Niche, sure, but the few that are great fall under that "entry level" patrician group as well.

Lurk for 2 years before posting and watch more anime.

>no zeta

He talked about both, preferred the OVA version, but he gave them both the same score since he believed that the TV version's story also had its merits.

It is just really hard to say someone specifically has great taste when all they have basically just said "good directors are good" it is like for film someone saying their favourites are fellini, hitchcock, kurosawa, ozu, murnau, bergman and dryer then expecting you to be impressed. It could be a list made by the preferences of anyone at all with a decent taste and is in that sense unremarkable.

Do you think he's trying to impress or do you think he's trying to recommend great works?

>nothing for mahou shoujo really for example
It has both Princess Tutu and Tweeny Witches

I'm addressing the question of the OP. If he had great taste I would be impressed his intentions are irrelevant to the point.

So what is good taste to you? The simultaneous ability to enjoy great works but also some worse, niche stuff?

so confirmed RIP?

Niche != bad.

It's okay.


Truly the greatest man among us.

I didn't mean to imply that.

The problem is that there are very few anime in general. If a bunch of people who were very well versed in fill made a top 1000 list, I bet you there would be a shitton of overlap. Now, if you took those same people and told them to make a top 20 movie list, I bet you there would be very little overlap.

For anime we can do the same thing. Pretty much everyone can agree on the top 50 animated films, but if you cut down the size to top 5, or even top three, you would get a lot of discussion and disagreement.

There is nothing wrong with his taste almost everything there is decent at worst. The implication that something being niche would mean it was worse is just stupid, anime itself is niche as a medium so I guess we should all be watching more mainstream media like films?

If anything though a better way to put my point would be that it makes it really hard to grasp at what someones taste is when they are agreeing with just about everyone else that X, Y and Z that almost everyone with a decent taste who isn't a contrarian thinks is good. You need more data than that list can really provide. Hence it comes off as unremarkable.

Actually, fuck it, lets do this shit.

Top three anime films, top three anime series.

EoE, Millenium Actress, Nausicaa

Evangelion, Utena, Spice and Wolf

I'm starting to get real tired of this trend of people criticizing someone's taste for "Being too boring".
Have too many critically acclaimed drama series on your list? Well, just sprinkle in some slice of life CGDCT in there. Better yet, why don't you get some art house shit in there, that will REALLY add some flair to your tastes.

I don't even think Grumpy Jii-San's tastes are even really all that typical. A lot of the stuff he has up there has faded into obscurity, not even popular enough to have a cult following. Some of it is even a departure from the normal straight-faced serious drama series he seems to like such as Aria or Gunbuster.
But there's definitely a clear pattern as to what he likes, I don't understand this need for someone's taste to be eccentric just so that they're not "boring". This shit didn't happen until Digibro made that video calling out 3x3s that are too "boring". Now everyone just tries to be as weird as they can in any 3x3 thread on Cred Forums, so all that really did is make people afraid that their tastes will be viewed as "too boring", which is fucking stupid.

There's a huge breadth of great film directors but only a couple in anime. I'd wager there wouldn't be too much variance even for a top five or three if you go by the standards of those who are well-versed.

I think what made Grumpy Jii-san's taste so remarkable is that yes, the highest quality films were put in their place, but the exclusivity of what he put there.

First thing I thought of looking through his list is that most of it is rated far higher than they deserve.

People were actually making a similar argument on Cred Forums long before digibro ever made such a video, in the 3x3 threads where I assume he saw it as he frequented there and took it on board. People frequently argued over this kind of thing there criticising peoples taste for being too "Cred Forumscore" which basically meant a 3x3 that had some abe, ikuhara, yuasa, aria and so on. People even analysed what showed up most frequently in order to define Cred Forumscore anime.

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I know that it definitely existed before Digibro released his video, but when people pointed it out in 3x3 threads then they didn't try to dress it up as something more than it actually is, they just took a jab at other anons for trying too hard to fit in.
Now people act as if it's an actual criticism to accuse someone of having too many agreed upon classics on your favorites, as if you need completely unique and wacky taste an anime. Just look in this thread, they think the man who has Tweeny Witches and Yokohama's Shopping Trip on his favorites list is "too boring" just because his taste in anime isn't quirky enough.

Sorry user, is this any better?

yes he did

Top 3 anime thread now?

>Grave of the Fireflies
>Perfect Blue
>The Girl who Leapt Through Time

>Ashita no Joe 2
>Ping Pong

What was that one image that went around that had shows like Hokuto no Ken and Utena on the right side for patricians and Haruhi and Bakemonogatari and other moe shows on the left for plebs. I know they didn't used the terms pleb or patrician but I want to know the anime on the image.

I miss him ;_;

He was only good reviewer and nobody can top him

And a lot of things that are often rated higher, aren't. LoGH is one of them.

Honestly, no, but it's not bad taste either. It's a bunch of easy to watch high budget things for westerners who don't really get anime.

There's also a bunch of anomalies that make it easy to see how little he's watched, like Tweeny witches and Appleseed being that highly rated. Nothing wrong with watching a small selection of shows, but you can't hold taste up as anything close to objective in those circumstances.

The only good anime reviewer

You should absolutely watch Arcadia of my Youth first, it's difficult to get into the original show without an appreciation for Rintaro (the director) and older, atmospheric shows with a focus on episodic parables.

The movie's just great too, I think I rewatch it at least every two years.

Not him, but if I didn't like Metropolis and Teito Monogatari should I just give up on Rintaro, or what? It just feels like he strings a bunch of broody scenes together awkwardly and doesn't give a shit about his characters.

I would try watching Metropolis again in a few years because you might like it, but just abandon any hopes of ever liking Teito Monogatari - I think people mostly like it because it's esoteric and most of the original fans saw it on VHS from the anime section in their local Blockbuster Video's.

One of the things you come to appreciate about Rintaro is that he can create a mood, to where the story comes second place. Plot is just a vehicle to deliver animation and atmosphere - and it's very typical for his film to be truncated adaptions of works that require knowing the story beforehand to even comprehend the plot! So basically, don't watch for the plot. Get drunk and enjoy the ride.

I do think the Harlock film is his strongest work however, and is worth watching a BD rip of. The 999 movies are also brilliant, and can probably be appreciated on their own better, since Rintaro was allowed to tell a full story, without being constrained by the anime running at the same time.



yes you got it

>Escaflowne (movie)
>no Cardcaptor Sakura

Other than that, he's good.