Secret S/a/nta - October 26th Deadline


Good evening! I hope you all enjoyed the summer season! With all the new Fall shows, I know that you
may feel tempted to want to change your wishlist! If you do want to, don't forget the proper procedure:
sending us another e-mail (preferably as a reply) to the last thing we said to you noting any changes
at the very top! I'll follow this brief introduction with the notices I posted last week, so please read them!

**NOTICE 1 - Tell us you want to send cards nationally if you specifically want that!

**NOTICE 2 - Please follow the copy/paste format! This is important!

**NOTICE 3 - The 100+ bracket (USD) is whitelisted! You may only participate if you have before!
This means that you may send any combination/number of gifts below 100, but cannot do any 100+ brackets!

**NOTICE 4 - If you haven't been answered in a little while, I'll take care of it soon!
I'm just very tired a lot and little girls need to sleep

**NOTICE 5 - If you need to make changes to your wishlist or address, or anything else:
please RE-SEND the application with the changes made as a reply or new e-mail!
This means send the whole application! It's the same process as last year!
Let me know too what changes were made.

E-mail - [email protected]
Next two posts will be the FAQ and Application guide!

Other urls found in this thread:

Simply fill out the below form **(COPY/PASTE)** and send to * [email protected] *
The more specific you are, the better. (Yes, Name/Country/Address is purposely repeated for card wishlist.)

FULL Address (Please make it match the format in wikipedia if possible):
Wishlist (Don’t be afraid to post links like MAL, or say you like a character or series. You can be as specific or as vague as you want here, this is ultimately to help the other Cred Forumsnon in selecting a gift for you. Please don't just put "Surprise me."):

[If you are sending cards, fill this second one out. If not, leave blank/delete]

FULL Address (Please make it match the format in wikipedia if possible):
Card Wishlist (This is what will be sent to everyone who gets assigned to send a card to you. Try to keep it relatively short; A favorite character or waifu/husbando, a couple of your favorite shows, etc.):

Ship Internationally/Nationally/Continentally[NEW]? (I/N/C):
Price Range (Select one, Delete others):
- $0/Cards
- $10-25
- $25-50
- $50-75
- $75-100
- $100-150
- $150+
Number of cards you want to send:
[Grinched]Will you send a gift to someone who doesn't receive one? (Y/N):

If you have specific instructions/needs/inquiries or general questions, please specify here:

=====END COPY/PASTE=====
Example - "I want to send 3 gifts and cards. Two of them in $25-50. One in $50-75."
You would format it like this:

Price Range (Select one, Delete others):
- $0/Cards
- $25-50 - 2
- $50-75 - 1
Number of cards you want to send: 4

If you want multiple wishlists per price range, simply send a new e-mail with
ALL OF THE SAME INFORMATION, but a different price range selected, and a different wishlist.

And last but not least a short FAQ as always! (A little bit redone/revised)
>Q: What is Secret S/a/nta?
A chance to give and receive gifts from other Cred Forumsnons locally, nationally, or even globally with a bit of X-mas spirit!
>Q: Who is hosting this event?
Your friendly hosts are santafaggot and SantaLoli. We are the same people who ran it last year!
>Q: How do I join?
You'll need to fill out the form as specific as possible when it's posted, sending it as an e-mail to us!
>Q: Deadline to join?
OCTOBER 26TH 12:00 AM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME!!! Why? Because we need to match which takes to at maximum 1 week, and then every user needs to
buy gifts, make cards and whatever else in order to ensure everything arrives on time!
>Q: Why should I trust this?
It's up to you! In the past we have had multiple successful Secret S/a/nta events hosted by us the past few years.
The average on people not receiving gifts is very very low. We even have the grinch protection program which lets
people send gifts to those who didn't receive anything at all, even after X-mas!
>Q: Can I give you guys stuff?
We sadly do not accept anything, it's just our policy. The only thing that we do accept is fan-art, which we both
very much enjoy! Santa Loli will likely try to send out cookies (no card) this year to a lot of people randomly!

A: If you need to make changes to your wishlist or address, or anything else:
please RE-SEND the application with the changes made as a reply or new e-mail!
This means send the whole application! It's the same process as last year!
Let me know too what changes were made.


Don't forget you can ask any questions here! If I don't answer them someone else does too!

SantaLoli Konbanwa!

I've been waiting all week for the next thread to appear.

I love these threads

Is it that time again


Got my confirmation email a few days ago.


I'd say both a list of series and a list of specific items is best.

I almost thought there wasn't going to be a thread this week.

>Deadline is OCT 26
Fug, need to find a job fast. Don't want to eat more into my bank account.

Christmas is still at the same time this year, it just means you have to email santaloli sooner.
You can just do cards. They don't cost much.

Will you send me cookies SantaLoli?

tfw this might be the last /ss/

>trying to find generic gifts to spoil anons with
>it's some of the worst stuff money can buy

I suppose. I wanted to do a gift or two and maybe some cards. Since I have no artistic skills I'm still on edge about cards since they might take me longer than the average user. I just wanted to have some money set apart beforehand with added estimated shipping costs in case anything happens. One never knows when an unexpected expense might arise.

My go to is always.
>5+ specific items
>All the anime I've enjoyed in the past 4 years
>A list of the items I already have

>Couldn't handle the 3 days of stress before confirmation
>Got confirmation today
>Can't handle stress till user list
It's this time of the year again

No specific items is better.
Anons will always feel obliged to get the requested items over other things. There is no fun or surprise.

Just do cards. If you have money then spoil them. If not, then you have a month to make and send some cards. What else would you be doing with your time anyway?

>Anons will always feel obliged to get the requested items over other things. There is no fun or surprise.

Likewise, there are anons that beat themselves up over trying to get something for for their assignment wishing they could've gotten something specific.

>Anons will always feel obliged to get the requested items over other things.
That's not true. I listed anime and specific items last year and the person got me something I didn't mention.

I agree. I always list item I have just to make sure they won't send something I already have but I always tell Anons to try to give handmade gift and list a bunch of favorite show .
Handmade gifts are the best

Maybe, just say you want some from me and it might work!
/ss/ ends when I die
If you want cheaper shipping costs, we can try to get someone very close by to you (which is more likely in the US)!

>I always tell Anons to try to give handmade gift
If I'm your santa, you'll regret it.


>He doesn't develop new hobbies simply for Secret S/a/nta

What happens if you're whitelisted but just can't afford the $100+ bracket? Are the whitelisted people more likely to be matched with each other in the brackets under $100?

>A list of the items I already have

Actually being able to list what I already have would be an itinerary of about 1400+ items... I don't even bother saying what I might already have at this point since it'd just be daunting.


Hey ScarfAnon.

This is why you need to have an MFC account and put your shit in as you get it. Then just put the link in your wishlist.

Please don't die before I get out of work tomorrow ;_;

The 1400+ items is what my MFC account tells me I have. I sort of got tired of updating it in the past year so there's even more I own that isn't on there

I think you just can't enter anything above the $100 tier unless you're on the white list.

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time! I am now accepting applications for this year's batch of Christm/a/s CD's.

Here's how it works:
>Fill out the form
>list anime, anime OST's or an anime genre you love
>put your name, address and any other info you'll need to list to ensure a successful delivery
That's it. Now that that's taken care of, let the games begin!

Address (write this in the format that you would put on an envelope):
What kind of songs would you like on your CD?:
Anything else I should know?:

Now this is usually a question I get every year so i'm addressing it now.
>Can I send you something in return?
Yes, you may. I will give out my address to anyone who wants to send me something, though please don't be obligated to do this. I do this every year out my own heart.
>What's the email to send my form to?
[email protected]

That's all. Thanks for reading and have another great holiday season!

Then just give them a link to your MFC. Then they can look up figures to double check they're not about to buy something you already own.

Jebus, are you still with the same singing group? I still have your first + second (?) CDs, I cherish them every Christmastime

Hello, user.

Yes sir. I'll have another exclusive song on this year's CD too.

I just want a 2hu fumo but they're all too expensive for my bracket.

I plan to send out custom made key chains along with my cards. Assuming I have the time to make them of course.

I hope I get you this year ScarfAnon.

or when Cred Forums dies ;_;

do you know how? are those yours?

Last year I did gifts but not cards, and regretted it like crazy. I'm going all out this year.

I guess fumo whaleposting isn't just my thing anymore

You'll be matched with ANYONE below the 100+ bracket!
If only I could be sent a dekafumo from someone here... big and soft...
That cutter is very sharp! Be careful!

Yes, I made those and sent them to my assignments last year.

Truth be told, I enjoyed the cards I received more than the gift.

I was planning the same but just leaving them on the hoops. Never actually done any needlework before though.

If you can get them on pre-order or right on release, they're honestly cheaper than the average low end figure. (Around $40 before S&H)
Otherwise, you end up like Ran who cost me $180
Kasen releases in October, IIRC, and might have a few more re-releases to go with her.

I still haven't figured out what bracket I'm going to be in. I'm really tempted to pick up that Maribel and Renko fig that's on preorder but if I do, that will put me in poverty bracket for another year.
Regardless, I always make them for my cards.

I can't even remember where I got it, but I've had it since elementary school.

You can't regret handmade gift. They're always full of love and kindness.
They're the most precious gift

I don't know what I want for christmas
looking at my wishlist all that comes to my mind is that i've only been watching old anime all year and haven't been picking up many new manga to read

this is troubling.

Cross stitching is easy to learn but can be very time consuming. I think it took me about 1 hour to make the pattern and another 5 hours to make one. And they're pretty small, only measuring 1.5 in by 1 in.

The only thing I watched this year was Kamen Rider. I just listed a bunch of stuff I liked last year.

I didn't like much last year either

Here's another keychain I'm using myself.

New fumo hype.

Years later and I still have no Ran. Someday I can afford her.

I did stamps last year. I want to do something new again but I just don't know what.

I was thinking shimapan soap, but I think the cure time might be too long. Maybe I'll start on some for net year.

Reminder that giving is the best part.

Just make a long list of shit you used to like. That's what I'm doing. I don't think I loved anything particular this year, either. Yet, anyways.

Eiren when? Kanako when? Kiene when?
I was actually a little disappointed when Kasen got announced. I mean, it's better than a re-release, but if its a manga-based character, I'd rather see Kosuzu and if it was a ULiL one, I'd rather see Shinmyoumaru or Sumireko.

I got some homemade chocolate last year, and before that I've gotten cookies and other baked goods, which are always nice, even if they have extra protein.

Good taste, I myself would rather see a Keine or a Kosuzu fumo among the fumo-less 2hus. But in the end, I'm just happy to have new fumos instead of re-releases and kourindou ones.

Handmade gifts make the whole package special.


Reminder to post your present, even if you can only think of "thank you" to say about it.

Hey, Santa-chan. I have a question.

last year, I participated in 3 50~75$ tier. Nevermind the fact that I didn't get gifted for the one and I got undervalued on other Would I be eligible for 100$ tier?

For sending a gift, is it OK making it yourself? Like cooking stuff?

Buying a gift on the internet and then paying double or triple its value on shipping just to send it to someone else seems pointless.

Also, how does the submission work if I want to send a card WITH my gift? Do I fill in the 2nd part of the form?

Lastly, should I bother doing a card if I can't draw very well? I don't want to disappoint the other person. I saw some of the previous cards and they were done very well.

Sorry for being a newfag.

>seems pointless
Not if it makes them happy.

>Do I fill in the 2nd part of the form?
No, that's for separate cards.

>I saw some of the previous cards and they were done very well.
It's the thought and effort that counts.

You are eligible as long as you participated!
Yes you can make a gift yourself if you want to! And if you want to send a card with your gift, you just send a card with the gift! If you want to send a card to someone else WITHOUT a gift then fill out the second part. You don't have to be an artist to make a card user, show what you can do!


Do you think it's okay to have presents arrive at one place before a certain date and have them arrive at another place after that date? Should I instead specify one address to make it easier?

Also, what price bracket should these go in? They're pretty cheap on Yahoo Auctions (

For handmade gifts, what tier do they belong too? Or does it fall under how much you spent on supplies?

I wouldn't eat any food I got in the mail from a stranger unless it was factory sealed.

The Maki ones should be in the trash bracket.

thank you as well

honestly christmas has lost some of its excitement as I've grown older but this is making it fun again

Shipping shouldn't count towards the bracket, so if it's that bad then I'd just get something else.

Everytime I bought one and shipped with EMS, the shipping doubled the effective price.

Would you eat homemade food if it were your gift from an user?

The worst they'll have is cum on it, and that's almost always added before the baking. Stop being a pansy.

Yeah I could next day a ton of shit straight from Japan, I guess that means I should go in the $100+ bracket even if my items total ~$30.

I voted no because chances are it will be a mess by the time it gets to me. Like you can be a 3 star Michelin chef or whatever but I don't trust the postal service to manage that.

>just say you want some from me and it might work!
Was I supposed to include that in my email to you? I thought you would assume everyone wants cookies (even if you can't make enough for everyone)

That happens to most people. That's why everyone says that shipping should not be included.

Cookies don't spoil and would be difficult to break if packaged properly.

I'm planning on sending homemade gingerbread cookies, hopefully my anons will eat them.

I think it would depend on what was made and how much was spend on making it.

I always include a card with gifts I send out, most anons do, just put one in the same box. The second part is for just cards.
Don't worry I'm shit at drawing too (see pic), anons care more about effort than anything else.

My favorite part of last year was one of my anons posting the card I sent them and saying it made them happy.


The bracket budget only counts towards the gifts, not the shipping.

It's that time of year again!

Is this a joke?

I´ll never something made by an user after seeing what happened in /k/

What happened?

Cum brownies

someone came inside a brownies recipe and then brought them a /k/ meetup


Oh. I thought maybe someone laced food with drugs.
I wouldn't mind cum brownies as much as poisoned brownies.

You tell me.

I made these handmade gifts last year (not the Serial Lain card tho) and I was in the 50-75$ bracket. I think that you'll know when you'll have enough time/work/money/love in your gift. Mine was over 75 just in material and time but it was worth it. user was really happy about it. I end up with no gift Got grinch ;_; but my christm/a/s was fun anyway. Giving is the best part and over giving is even funnier.

you have to think about survivorship bias though

no-one would have made a screencap or remembered normal brownies

And the top card is not from me too
Had to specify

>That feel when you spend double what your bracket was just to get your user the one thing he wanted, only to never hear from him in any of the threads to see if he got it.

All those pens man


Yeah that can happen too.


Anyone has DIY ideas if cooking and drawing aren't an option?

For what? Gifts? You could try sewing something.

Sky writing.

Break into their house while they're out, wrap yourself in nothing but ribbons and spread your (boi)pussy when they return.

How many paper cranes is 25 dollars worth of paper cranes?

If you're buying washi paper, not a huge lot
If you're buying 14k gold leaf, definitely very little.

Depends on how expensive your paper is. It could be a lot or very little.

I just wanted to say: Good Job!

I participated a couple of years ago, but stopped because I got a girlfriend

You people are amazing!

or maybe 2?

How does the money bracket shit work if you DIY a gift? Cost of materials? How does postage work into the equation?

See and shipping isn't included.

You make a thing, then think to yourself, "I would probably pay X amount for this" or ask someone what they think it's worth.

Or you know, stop trying to be a cheap fucker and just do cards if you have no money.

I can't think of a gift to aak my santa! What should I ask for? I don't want to come off too demanding and I don't want to trouble my santa with vague requests. Doushio~

You could just list some series and characters you like and leave it up to them. You're sure to be surprised that way.

List your waifu if you have one, list some of your favorite series, and list some things you like (do you like chocolates or coffee, etc).

Ultimately, it's not too bad if you're a little vague, as long as you also don't get made at the end if you get stuff that's not a perfect match for you.

>tfw I can't remember any more than a dozen series that I like at any given time
Why was I cursed with this shitty brain? I'm surely going to die before I hit 40

I'm pretty sure I thanked my gifter last year, but if not, thanks again. I know you're in this thread

Check myanimelist or create a list?

Or you can check past seasonal lists here

You need your protein in a balanced diet user.

>create a list
That's the thing, my mind goes blank after I list a few. I guess I'' check myanimelist but it will take a long time

$25 can get you about ~2000 sheets of printing paper, so at least that many paper cranes

If I recall, this was proven fake.
Also you can clearly see the "cum" is not realistic at all.

I guess his dick on the bowl is a bit of a problem though.

How do I into hand made gifts user?

Perler bead craft

Have a custom mug or shirt or accessory printed at one of those custom-printing personalization sites

Write a fanfic about your user and his waifu's adventures together

I think listing more than a dozen would just make life hard for your user anyway.

>Have a custom mug or shirt or accessory printed at one of those custom-printing personalization sites

That's not DIY

I just keep it to shows I've seen and liked in the past year. It would never end if I tried to list more than that since I have been watching anime for 25+ years.

It's about as DIY as it can get for some anons

I live in Canada and I was wondering if it would be possible to say that I would be willing to ship things to the states and nationally but not to other countries. The US doesn't count as international shipping, it has its own rate.

Read the thread.

But wouldn't that include Mexico ?

Is there a collage of last years gifts?

The chances are slim. It's over one hundred burgerclaps compared to a couple of mexicans.
Just specify no mexico if you want.

If I can get my gift together relatively fast, when would be a good time to ship it to user? Mid to late November?

As soon as it's ready.

Ship it as early as you can. It's better that an user gets it early and can enjoy the time waiting to open it than to risk getting it too late.

Well everyone can create something on is own even if it's not perfect. I started sewing not long ago and these gift gave me a hard time but I tried my best. There's so much thing you can try and every handmade gift is a good and awesome gift. They're full of love and you always know there's time behind it.

Who /poverty/ here?
>one $25 and one card

I'm going to be moving at the end of November, can I sign up with a PO box?

Yeah i know that feel

They will try to give you someone in the same country, but if that fails then you will probably get someone from burgerland.

Ok, fair enough. Granted, all of this depends on international mail being a bitch here.

I just don't want to disappoint my giftee. First time doing this on Cred Forums. Only did cards on previous years

I signed with PO Box just fine.

What's the point of putting whitelist at $100+ tier if $100+ tier had zero instances of grinching? You're doing it all wrong you fucks

There had to be at least one case, as I sent a gift to a guy who got grinched last year who was in a 100+ tier.

That's exactly why there aren't grinches on $100+
Simply because they are all whitelisted.

If you're so sure that there wasn't any cases of grinching then you should be on the whitelist already, so why does it matter?

Furthermore, what's the point of letting people do something like 3 50-75$ gifts on their first year, but just not 100$+ gifts?
I appreciate the effort, but I don't think this system is going to deter any actual grinches.

He's talking about previous years. This is the first year with a whitelist.

because i'm not in $100+ tier and even if i'm in $0/card tier would like to use the fact that i've done this before to get paired with other whitelisters for to get rid of risks while first timers are the ones taking chances

Why don't you just buy the stuff you want with your own money? You're obviously missing the point of this.

because i'm in $0/card tier and don't care about expensive gifts and just want to trade cards and homemade gifts with trust worthy oldfags while keeping newfags out?

Try trading with people you know or reddit then. This isn't some super elite exclusive members only club deal.

I can't believe you honestly think this will do better as some fuck huge event, the only reason it works is because of it's limited scope, how do you even say super elite exclusive member and not think of Cred Forums and Cred Forums?

Honestly it just pushes the grinches down into the $75-$100 tier.
Also it doesn't really stop repeat grinchers, unless santaloli was notified that they had grinched last time. Otherwise they look like a normal person who signed up before like the rest of us.

Also this . One $150 grinch affects one person, two $75 grinches affects two people for the same value of presents.

The whitelist was a mistake. I think the grinch protection program (if handled effectively), is the best and only real solution.

You should see some of the posters that come to these threads. Non-Cred Forums images, emoticons, obvious new behavior. It's sad but there's not really much you can do.

I hate to break it to you buddy, but Cred Forums isn't some quiet little corner of the internet. There's nothing exclusive about this site.

They did a great job with this last year, and they're doing great this year. If you want to give them suggestions, calling them fucks is not the way to do it.

I hope it's obvious that I don't respond to rude comments. Please refrain from discriminating against those who wish to participate for the first time. The whitelist solely exists in order to maintain a standard for monetary value of the gift itself. I've already discussed this in previous threads, please read my posts. If you don't want to communicate with me and want to seethe hatred, I kindly ask that you don't participate. Kindness and cheer is what this event is about, and if you can't get off your ass for a mere second to think of another's good fortune and happiness, DO NOT JOIN. If you have LARGE doubts about certain money tiers, or about the event itself, DO NOT JOIN. If you have trouble with benefit of the doubt and receiving a gift properly from another anonymous person, DO NOT JOIN. If you have any reason in particular to insult us or doubts from your own delusions/ideas, DO NOT JOIN. We are always open to opinions, but please consult us directly through e-mail, or by replying to our posts with suggestions. Passive-aggressiveness is not a reply nor is it a solution. If you do decide to participate, know that you are treated by me with the greatest amount of respect by placing your trust into us. While I may be slower at replies to e-mails at this current moment, they do get accomplished and will be done even quicker as the deadline approaches. This is not a post to re-affirm doubts or to be used as a defense mechanism to say "trust us!" It is merely to highlight whether or not this event is right for you.

Also, I ask with the utmost respect to not reply to certain posts. Thank you.

We say every year to please notify us if you did not receive a gift, we have a maintained, consistent blacklist. We've had errors with the grinch program due to communication issues, but this year it should be resolved as I've already stated.

You're better than we deserve, Santaloli.

Poverty bracket for the sole excuse to spoil a lucky user.

I want a loli, a Pink Floyd album, and a six pack of coke for my wishlist. What bracket does that put me in?

you're one of the rare tripfags I like, thank you

The prison bracket.

>6 year old newfag
>still haven't participated in a SS
Have fun again, Cred Forums.

>6 year old
Little girls should be careful around here.

But we're all little girls here, user.


Yea you tell em. Fun things are suppose to be fun and not not fun.

I agree about not responding to people that are just bitching and moaning, but I think there's merit in the point brought up of
>One $150 grinch affects one person, two $75 grinches affects two people for the same value of presents.
in that an unintended side-effect of the whitelist may be actively spreading unhappiness to more people than before.

This isn't about money, or discriminating against newcomers bar none; but, as you said, about the kindness and cheer of giving.
Regardless of price tier, putting effort and love into the good fortune and happiness of someone else, but thinking that nobody could be arsed to do the same for you really diminishes the sense of community and love for your fellow anons that this event helps cultivate in the first place, and is the real problem with grinches.

I think a robust system of blacklists and backup gifters is going to be the most effective. Even if it concentrates the problem into a few anons that have to "take one for the team" so to speak, it would, at least theoretically compared to adding the whitelist, reduce the total percent of unhappy participants, which I think could be posited to be the overall goal of any system in place to handle this problem.

Out of curiosity what price range has the most people?

Kinda wanna go small and cute as this is my first secret f/a/ggot time so I'll probably go 10-25 or 25-50.

25-50 is a good start if you dont have some nice handcrafting skills and you can get some goodie for you ss and get something nice yourself.

25-50 is about a nendo/figma+bit and pieces or a simple figure

The price ranges were different last year, but the low-mid tiers were the most popular.
I'd guess 25-50 and 50-75 will be most the popular this time.

I definitely agree with the grinch system, and stand behind it deeply! The whitelist was a test for this secret s/a/nta, and we can't improve unless we try new things as well! Thank you for the very valid input and we always consider what people want deeply!
25-50, and of course sending only lots of cards, are the probably the two biggest price ranges we see!

Punished SantaLoli is back.

Goodnight user.
A lot of people are against receiving figmas/nendos since they usually have what they want I think! I'm not saying people dislike it, but from a few I've read there's a more general consensus toward receiving other things just as a note! Take this lightly, okay?
We may all be headed straight to hell.
But what better place for us than this?
It is our only home.
Our heaven and our hell.
This is Secret S/a/nta.

thanks, anons.

I understand since I pointed out that I dont want figma too, I receive 2 honoka figma last Christmas

I just use it as a reference for the newbie since if the person doesnt point it out, getting a figma/nendo is the easiest gift you can get

How many people there are that are willing to ship internationally? Feels like this ss is US dominated (well, duh).

Enough, you only need 3 to make it anonymous.

I've done it in the past (shipped to both Hungary and Australia before) but Canada Post is just too costly for me to keep doing it. I've decided I'm better off giving more actual gifts to North American anons than spending half that money to the post office.

I'll send cards anywhere though.

I normally put that I'm willing to ship within Europe.

I made cookies but with a little bit of extra protein. Hope you get mine!

Ok got extra cash $2k for secret santa
what would be the best gift for anons?


>what would be the best gift for anons?

Im talking about giving something to all the anons here and not dragon dildos or that egg onahole

Just give out to more anons, and buy them shit they like according to that list

Homemade stuff and the egg onahole is awful anyway

Well everyone has different tastes.
You could always sign up for 10 assignments and buy them $200 worth of stuff. Choose an expensive tier if you want stuff in return, or the poverty tier if you don't.

>not loving your fellow anons

hmmm maybe i will and if im lucky i can double the $2k to 4k so that i can give more to anons since this would be the last Cred Forums Cred Forums christmas together

Don't be so pessimistic, maybe you should just grant the gift of Cred Forums to anons.

>the last Cred Forums Cred Forums christmas together
Why would you think that?

maybe because nagasaki sold us to a literal jew who wants more Cred Forums and Cred Forums cancer

How do I improve my handwriting in a month?
It's the thing that bugged me the most about my cards last year.

I'm going to glue lewd pictures on all parcles I ship out and there's nothing you can do about it!

Thanks, I've always wanted to spend Christmas in prison.

>living in a third world country

It's a life changing experience.

Will I get shit on if I put down my husbando?

No, unless you get a really shitty santa.

Good taste user.
I plan on putting Black Jack on my whitelist as well.

Not at all. I've drawn lots of dudes for anons who like dudes.

No, but your gift will get lost in the mail.

Alright I'll trust the system and hope I get someone good.

>October 26th

Damn. That's right in the middle of my autumn vacation. It'll take until the following week to get the assignments, I assume? I actually would've had time to draw and shop around freely, but I suppose that I can do them on weekends as well

Do I have to buy shit from someone's wish list or can I gift anime stuff I don't need anymore

P-please take care of me this year.

Gee I wonder.

Please respond

I sometimes add stuff I have lying around that the other party might like given their wishlist, but only after already exceeding the budget.


Nah, Black Jack is fine. I put down a way worse husbando and nothing bad happened to me.

For the USD100+ bracket, does that mean everything above 100 is pooled together, or do I specify how much I am going to spend instead of just saying 100+?

It's okay if the gift-cards don't compare to the card-cards, right?
I usually end up wasting too much time on them, so they all suffer.

How do smug lolis celebrate Christmas?

I wonder if the guy who did my gift 2 years ago is still around.

He sent a great gift with a handmade card, stitched himself a flag from One Piece, and sent me a great figure. I have kidney cancer so I left it in the description I may not be able to post his great gifts but I've just recently got back. Should I post them in the thread on the christmas despite it being 2 years now?

You mean $150+?
It's just one bracket. You might spend $500 and get $200 in return.

>kidney cancer
As expected of wan piss.

Yes, post it.

Oh, he changed it. Used to be just 100+ (first thread or so).

Are more people signing up for 100-150 or 150+, you think?

You may as well. Even if he doesn't see it, someone might be inspired.

Most likely 100-150. The top tier doesn't usually get many people, but I guess that's also a good reason to join it.

Although last year the top tier was $250+, so as far as I know it could be much more popular this time.

You'd have to ask santaloli.

Still wasn't bad enough to kill me (yet). Who knows, manga takes a turn for the worse I may finally leave this place.

I figured as much but thought I'd ask anyways. He also did some woodwork, really wide yunocchi woodwork that to this day I have no idea what it's supposed to do (legitimately a large slab of painted wood with yunocchi on it). Guy hand stitched a flag, did some woodwork, and is clearly a drawfag from his card. I feel so bad he never got to see how much I loved it

Top tier costed hundreds of dollars more last time. Now it is just 50$.

>I feel so bad he never got to see how much I loved it
Most anons are good people, he's probably worried that you died more than anything.
Hell, I still worry about the user that grinched me 2 years ago after he was having money troubles and couldn't afford shipping.

Hiro is just scamming us, he wants more passes

I bought 2 Honoka Nendo because it was on sale last winter. Then I I received 2 from Cred Forums and 1 from /toy/. Fun life. Not mad, though.

First time participating and I have two questions:

How do you match santas? Do you try to match similar interests or do you just look for the prince range?

Also, how "weeb" are most anons usually packaging their gifts? I'm living in a dorm so my package is probably going to get delivered to someone else first.

>/toy/ secret santa

I hope there's one this year too, even if it turns into a shitstorm

they match anons within the same bracket

and as for wrapping paper see pic related

>Also, how "weeb" are most anons usually packaging their gifts? I'm living in a dorm so my package is probably going to get delivered to someone else first.
Do you mean the box? You could get wrapping like but boxes are relatively normal with few rare exceptions. Like the Diaper Box image I've seen around. There was also an image I've seen I dont think it was /ss/ but it had a Strike Witches poster on the entire outside.

Now I got an idea to get a doujin, rip the individual pages off and use them as gift wrap.

Good thing that I'm too lazy for something like this

Im feeling like shit right now but im glad /ss/ is around the corner.
Hopefully everyone's christmas will be great for everyone including me.

I would actually take that wrapping paper.

What would happen if I use one of rustle's floor drawings (just the floor) as custom postage stamps?

Oh boy, is it the time of the year already? Definitely going to partake in the higher end ones.

I'm not sure what to ask for since i'm not a fan of figures and i would rather not ask for hand-made sweets after i read the copypasta from the /k/ meet-up.

Maybe i'll ask for lingerie again this year.

Although $150 dollars on lingerie seems rather excessive.

I've gone a tier higher every year.I started at 10-25 and now I'm at 100-150.
Send help.

Why contain it?

I don't think I could ever look my neighbours in the eyes again

Would help worth roughly $100-$150 be okay?

Wasn't able to participate for the last couple years, but looking forward to this one. I've only done this once before, and I still have the card from my santa in my waifu shrine.

I kept my cards from last year displayed well into summer. I still have them, of course. Just needed the space.

What I find really odd is that no one asked about them. A lot of people saw them.

I'm going to sign up for the $10-$25 bracket and spend $150 on my user and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

>tfw got into $25-$50 bracket and won't get this guy

Nah, just kidding. That's still awfully nice of you

Christmas is my favorite time of year, especially on Cred Forums. These past few years I've really been hit by Christmas cheer, giving is the best part desu.

Well, I just started working out, and /fit/ said I need to get more protein, so I guess it's fine.

I signed up right away in 100+, now that the cap moved up do I have to send an update email?

Lol damn so you ended up with 3 honks? Gift or not I'd try to sell 2 of them, because who needs 3 of the same figure?

Nah, the deadline is just to remind people.

What happens if you opt to only ship nationally but there's no anons in your same price bracket?

I really wanted to go into that bracket this year but finances aren't allowing me. Maybe next year.

How many of you guys also ticked the I will help those grinch options

I can't think of anything I would want besides nendos and a few prize figures. I don't think I would even mind what nendo it is, as long as it's not a duplicate or a bootleg. And I included a link to my mfc page, so that shouldn't happen.

I think they would either move you to continental, or send you an email asking.

It's people like you that keep me from emailing Santaloli already. I have an MFC with all the stuff I own and have some stuff I want on wish. But part of me agrees with first user it would be more fun to let Santa do the work while I vaguely reference what I want. However I feel the second user is correct that having specific wished is ok. I want and would love the stuff I have listed but I feel it will eliminate any chances of getting something more creative I'm not thinking of from Santa. I feel like I should keep only a few oddball or Never Evers in my wishlist then send my Shitty MAL also and let Santa stack on from there.

My gift got here really late so I only ever managed to post it in a really late thread, but I just wanted to thank my s/a/nta now. I really enjoyed reading them on the train to and from uni when I was too tired to do my anki reps.
There was a message saying a second half would arrive later, but it never did. I hope you just never got around to it, rather than it getting lost at sea somehow.
I would recommend you use a different shipping method this year, I don't think my package was delivered by any of the big companies or my national mail, because I got a small handwritten note by the deliverer saying that he left it at a local bar. The bartender was as surprised as I was, but at least it turned out okay.

Just link your MFC and say anything from the list is fine but other surprises are also welcome.

MFC is fine if you don't want duplicates. If there's one thing you really really want and would be miserable if they misinterpreted your hint, I'd say either just put it on or buy it yourself and make a more vague wishlist.

A list might be good if you do have a lot of stuff so the user doesn't end up getting you a duplicate. I know I'd feel like crap if I ended up getting something they already have instead of something new. Of course putting your MFC doesn't automatically mean they'll get what's on there. They can still surprise you with something handmade or something.

How many years have you guys done /ss/?
Fourth year reporting.

Also fourth year

This is my second year, first year I did a 100-150 and two cards, doing a 100-150, 10-25 (to spoil) and 2 more cards this year.

Since the start.

Is putting a total of 25 shows/manga with a few specific item suggestions too daunting?
I wanted to give my user a wide a variety as possible to chose from so our tastes would most likely match up somewhere.

>misinterpreted your hint
>no nendos

I did the same. I'm a bit disappointed whenever I get someone that just wrote one or two names of shows.

25 seems like a good amount to give someone an idea of your tastes. Better to have too many shows then give barely anything for the user to go on.

>Wrote a rather lengthy wish list
>now feel regret and want to change and remove some things

W-would Santaloli mind?

Third time for me.

Second time reporting in. After going to printing services to print postcards I can't be fazed by anything!

The fourth if I count the first year that was just card exchanging.

This is second, and last year I only did cards because I forgot to send the application in time

Thanks for the card and key chain last year, man
Woulda sent you a thank-you card if you had placed a return address.
The small metal joint connecting the keychain to the ring becomes undone very easily, because of how thin and malleable the metal is.
I tried tightening, as much as I could, but still, it only took time for it to become undone.
There were a lot of instances where it just fell out of my pocket whenever I took my keys out, so I just hang it by my desk now, at the risk of losing it at some point.

Hope you had a good year.



There was one time when a couple of my assignments lived at literally walking distance.
I thought about inviting them over for a Nabe pot, but nah.

From Russia with love.

God God, don't do that. I signed up for 10 cards last year.
>All those sleepless nights just drawing
>nothing but drawing
>The horror.

If you live in a dorm, are you planning/ would you recommend using your dorm or home address for /ss/?

Simon is a fag.

Fuck you, Alvin.

>Last year's /ss/ came from a dorm address
>I live in that same dorm now
I don't know whether or not I want Cred Forums/ss/hats showing up at my door or not.

I had dinner with my s/a/nta and my mother when he delivered my gifts a few years ago, there shouldn't be any problem.

If there are any Tex/a/ns participating this year, we should get together and have Christmas dinner.

Figure out what your college's policy is on mail is. I remember that my old college didn't care if the dorm number was on the package, but would refuse to accept anything that didn't have a correct name on it.

>tfw only like 60 or so canucks participated last year
>Probably 99% of them are in Ontario, Montreal, or BC
>will never meet up and have a comfy Christmas toast with my s/a/nta

You're welcome and I'm sorry to hear it kept falling off like that.

You can change your wishlist as much as you want, I don't mind okay?

Anybody got assigned to some interesting addresses? Had one to the military base in Norfolk, and another to a motel in Ostpreubenweg.

tfw last year my secret Santa assignment didn't post anything about the Caesar/Joseph Daki case I sent them.

I hope they got it and just don't like posting...

My user never posted his gifts, either. The box was delivered with tracking, so I hope he enjoyed them. I received my gift around ~2 months late, but that's okay.

Be careful what you wish for.

I don't see why you're encouraging this since the last time an /ss/ party happened, Cred Forums shitposted about it for two years.

I had a giftee last year who didn't even receive the gift. It just stayed at the post office for a month and then came back to me.

This happened to me for the last two years. I really don't get what's up with that.

An user personally delivering a gift is kinda cute. >Cred Forumstoronto
was vomit-inducing.

I wonder if it was a PO Box and the user forgot about it. I've seen it happen before, you open a PO Box for one thing and have no habit of checking on it, so when the month's lease is up, the post office has to do something about the contents.

I hope the user wasn't too spooked to go pick it up.
For the off-chance that I couldn't deliver, I'd always order gifts with really good resale value, so that I can get rid of it if it comes back or the user can go sell it for more cash if they wanted.

Are you in Quebec?

Is there a way to anonymously receive mail via a proxy address?

No, Manitoba.

Post Office boxes.

Whereabouts? I live in Brandon area but I'll be in Winnipeg for the holidays.

Looks like it was a university dorm. It could be that their internal system made a mistake. Either way, I never heard about it from the Santas or I would have attempted redelivery.

So how does the matching work? I want to make sure I am not paired with some faggot that I actually know IRL.

If you're paired with someone you know, you can just ask Santaloli to change.
Happened last year

I live in the west end of Winnipeg

Has anyone made friends from doing /ss/? I've made a couple of Twitter pals.

Cool, maybe we'll get paired up and we can hang!

There's that story about a guy getting an IRL girlfriend since he delivered the gift in person.

I was forced to close out my PO box last year after /ss/ had already started. It was either pick between that or food. I hate being a poorfag. My gift was sent back, but thankfully my /ss/ contacted santloli to get up with me. I had to give him my cousin's address (with his permission of course) becasue I don;t want people knowing where I live.

But either way that person will know about my participation in the scheme. Also, why have you spoiled ``Happened last year''?

I don't really like the idea, I feel it should be as secret and anonymous as possible. That being said, I think some user from Germany left an email address or something in his card last year, I might send him a Christmas email this year.

Maybe! Either way, have a lovely Christmas user!

I met with my assignment one year.
He was chill but unfortunately I'm a married man.

That would be me, I was your santa that year from the description of the gifts. I remember seeing your initials letting me know of your condition that year. I was a bit sad to hear that my giftee had serious health issues but if I managed to make your Christmas better that time, then I'm happy, regardless that you posted it in time or not.

>He also did some woodwork, really wide yunocchi woodwork that to this day I have no idea what it's supposed to do

I knew it would be a bit of an awkward present once I finished it. It's supposed to be used as a shelf for your figures. I remember even putting the screws you'd need to fix it to a wall.

Yes. I still hang out with them.

I'm surprised to see other anons from winnipeg.I'm in the north end.

>I'm in the north end.
I'm so sorry.

Lol, yea I hear it is a bad part of the city. Though nothing bad has happened to me because of it.

if it was long enough, it could have doubled as a stretcher.

I hope he posts it.

My secret Santa was super nice last year but I'm full autism when it comes to internet relationships.

I mean despite our really high crime rate most of it is gang on gang so it's not that much of an issue for normal people.

I walked by my assignment's places to scout out a possible personal delivery.

They seemed like decent folk, but i figured it would be awkward to just show up like that.

>long enough
You mean wide enough.

>got factory job working 12 hour night shifts just to pay for SS
Christmas please come soon so I can quit.

On a positive note SantaLoli is really cute!

Maybe we could all meet up and watch The Disappearance of Haruhi or something Christmasy together.

No need.
Reactor already hosts his faggotty-ass stream. Then there's the autism stream that marathons it on christmas.

>Sorry, you can have this back.
>someone makes a comment about Haruhi being the better girl anyways
>IRL waifuwars begin

Only if my wife Kurisu can tag along.

How much information, and of what nature, should the Wishlist contain. Even if I list some anime that I enjoyed, I can't image the other person deducing what kind of person I am and choosing an appropriate present. I honestly wish to be surprised, but apparently that's not good enough.

I'm not against the idea.

>I honestly wish to be surprised
Enjoy your dragon dildo

Only if we agree that Mikuru is best girl.


I just list some series and characters I like. At least 10 series.

The way I do my list is I list a bunch of anime I enjoyed, and have a little comment next to each show with a favorite character or gift suggestion, so something like:
>Girls Und Panzer (I think Soari is the best girl, and I'm also pretty into tank models.)
>Sora no Woto (The soundtrack for this was amazing.)

Is there a place I can check what people have received in previous years?

Read the thread.

Put down "Surprise me" if you want shit from the back of someone's closet or SURPRISE IT'S ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when you open the package.

user, please, I live with other people

People who think I'm not that weird

They already know you're weird.

Is there wrapping paper of that best-doujin-quotes collage?

It's all rubbish?
>Physical media
Obsolete in 2016.
>Handmade shite
Useless and often ugly.

You have to be some mentally ill buyfag hoarder to enjoy the ``presents'' that's been posted so far.

What service do you guys use to print custom wrapping paper? Most of the websites I've checked really like to hide their prices.

English translation when? that's all I really want for Christmas

Yea, because I can get something really useful in the $25-$50 bracket...

You don't have to get in if you dont want to. I'm sure you could do it and ask for like a steam code or something.

Anyone from Lebanon here?

What exactly were you expecting?

The very definition of anime is impractical. Anything anime related that can be considered remotely useful, would be greatly overpriced.

Then he might as well join a /ss/ from Cred Forums or /vg/.

Ive always been interested in this but have always been scared to dive in and do it.

What are you scared of? Getting anthrax in the mail?

Cred Forums often has begging and gift threads for Steam codes. I usually buy 4 packs to give out the other 3 codes.
I know /toy/ has a /ss/ too, but if that user doesn't like Cred Forums's /ss/ then they probably won't like /toy/'s either

That's really awesome you're still here. I really want to show all your work but I'm going to wait for the christmas threads so more people can actually see it.

I think I remember it was supposed to be a shelf now! I think I lost the screws because I don't remember ever putting them away, I used to never misplace my tools or shit like that.

It just so happened I got fairly sick a few years back from chemo and then I had some surgeries the year after all during christmas. I still remember the day I actually got your gift, though. My doctor didn't like the flag, he thought it was too dark given my condition and I should visualize getting better, not fixate on 'skull and crossbones'. I told him its just a fucking pirate flag. I tried to open it privately, but couldn't really.

Sorry for the blog, it's just rare you get to ever do things like this years after the fact. I wasn't actually sure if I ever would. It was a really great gift, the card was the best part. I started to seriously improve starting in early January so I have really fond memories. I used to read the card you sent everyday until I got sent home. The nurses all thought 'the girl is really cute'.

Thanks so much for all the work you put into it. It was my most memorable secret santa. I know this shit sounds sappy as fuck but I feel like it helped improve my mood a lot and really helped me keep going. I won't keep yapping but I'll make sure you pay your kindness forward this year to someone else.

I most definitely will, don't worry.

surely it's just magical Christmas snow!

Nice bait son. You almost had me.

Why are you even here if you're so against the idea?

you'll be happy to know I got you a YEAR (!) subscription to Crunchyroll!

Unrelated, but last year I got a huge pack of Star Wars games on one those threads. I nearly cried.

Fuck that. Some faggot did that for valentines and I sent him a figure and a bag of salt.

Here's the Christmas snow that spreads the cheer.

Was that a good or a bad cry?

>and a bag of salt
I'm laughing so hard.


>I sent him a figure and a bag of salt.

Oh wow thank you. That will do nicely.

I think I'm going to work on a collage of smug faces and if it turns out well I'll share it.

>implying I am a videogame-playing manchild

Nothing much, I was still disappointed. I just expected it to be a bit less normalfaggy and juvenile. Some seriously cancerous shit going on here.

>The very definition of anime is impractical. Anything anime related that can be considered remotely useful, would be greatly overpriced.
Completely wrong. There are many gifts that could be both cheap and very practical, not to mention aesthetic and/or discrete. Not a bunch of weeaboo toys.

I am exploring the idea and it seems absolute shit.


That's great. I actually gave out the extra For Honor beta codes I had and everyone was so nice about it.
I don't have any friends, so I like to pretend I do by buying gifts and making cards for /ss/ and buying games for Cred Forums

In all honesty im just a jaded fuck that doesnt trust anyone and doesnt believe most people are in any way honest or good. I always see these threads and wish the best of them but deep down i just imagine half the people trying to game the system or just flat out not sending their part. I know its not like that but like i said trust issues.

This is the reason i want to take part though. There is a part of everything that is genuine and good that needs to be fed and supported.

But basically i want to participate in something good but am too jaded to believe.

>Completely wrong. There are many gifts that could be both cheap and very practical, not to mention aesthetic and/or discrete. Not a bunch of weeaboo toys.

Provide examples.

>I think I'm going to work on a collage of smug faces
It's been done.


Any examples besides a coffee mug? Or maybe an overpriced pen?

>trying to think of shows and characters to put on my wishlist
Why is this so hard.

If I'm not mistaken, the data from past years is around so that would give you an idea of how many people actually grinch. That and shitposting aside, the threads from previous years should give you a good idea about how much effort and appreciation there is from everyone that participates. You could always participate in the lower tiers if you don't want to get too invested but if you never give it a shot, you're going to stay jaded about one of the few aspects left of Cred Forums community as a whole.

There is proper hard data showing that grinching rate was roughly 4%, I'm sure someone could find it for you.

If you're uncomfortable sending gifts, why not just send a few cards?

I'm seriously tempted.

I put down video games that have anime adaptations. I'm sure you can't do worse than I did.


I have poll data from one of the years but not last year's at least.

>tfw not creative

Don't have to be to take part.

First year for /ss/ here, do you guys use your real names or do you just make up them? I'd think for mailing something you'd want your real name but I was just wondering.

>Did you spend more on your assignment than on your actual family
>75% yes
It's kinda sad

Real names or Initials, because no one actually cares.

Maybe Santaloli or Santafaggot have it. I know the other years have their data floating around somewhere. Nonetheless, grinching is never high.

>Did you spend more on your assignment than on your actual family?
>Yes 76%

Every time.

Would you rather spend money on someone who shares similar tastes or understand your hobbies, or people who begrudgingly tolerate you and can't even start a real conversation about your hobbies and priorities with?

Real Name

who gives a shit

1. All sorts of tableware, from bowls to cutlery.
2. All sorts of books -- photo/art, educational, academic, raw manga, rare magazines, etc.
3. All sorts of computer peripherals and gadgets -- mousepad, flash drive, all the stuff from gearbest and the other chink websites.
4. All sorts of stationary -- pens, pencils, erasers, paper of all kinds, etc.
5. All sorts of clothing -- t-shirts, sweaters, socks, underwear, etc.
6. Tons and tons of traditional Japanese stuff -- like a Shogi set, a pair of wooden sandals, a nice paper fan, a bonsai tree, a bento box, an origami set, etc.
7. Food of all kinds.
8. All sorts of small and/or discrete junk, like a keychain or a small figurine or a badge, etc.

Literally hundreds of ideas.

I use my first name + initial of last name.

As an only child, I can confirm this.


>raw manga
Watch out, you'll reveal your powerlevel like that.


>use my real name
>use my trip name that people know me by and have known me by for years
Gee I wonder.

Really depends. If it's some moeshit garbage like Azumeme or Yotsumeme, then you are in for trouble. But if it's some nice seinen with beautiful and aesthetic cover, then you are good.


That's a lot of murricans.
Can I be the sixth pole?

I hope the list can help someone. Probably not most people, though.

>1. All sorts of tableware, from bowls to cutlery.
Difficult to ship if it's non-plastic. Can shatter. And if you are an adult and have a place, you need to get matching sets of at least 4X-6X if not 8X sets to have them be practical, and for all of it to be good quality, it will get very heavy very fast = cost-prohibitive to ship.

>2. All sorts of books -- photo/art, educational, academic, raw manga, rare magazines, etc.
Heavy. But people are already gifting each other manga, I don't see why include it as a suggestion of something we're not doing.

>3. All sorts of computer peripherals and gadgets -- mousepad, flash drive, all the stuff from gearbest and the other chink websites.
If you want to join a gadgets /ss/, it's not Cred Forums. Anime-related or printed gadgets exist, but they are very overpriced.

>4. All sorts of stationary -- pens, pencils, erasers, paper of all kinds, etc.
If you want to join a stationery /ss/, it's not Cred Forums. Anime-related or printed stationery exists, but they are very overpriced.

Don't understand me wrong, I really love Secret S/a/nta and I love to participate but it just feels weird to do so much for a complete stranger while doing less for your family.

>5. All sorts of clothing -- t-shirts, sweaters, socks, underwear, etc.
If you want to join an apparel /ss/, it's not Cred Forums. Anime-related or printed apparel exists, but they are very overpriced.

>6. Tons and tons of traditional Japanese stuff -- like a Shogi set, a pair of wooden sandals, a nice paper fan, a bonsai tree, a bento box, an origami set, etc.
If you want to join a Japanese cultural /ss/, it's more /jp/ than Cred Forums. Anime-related or printed Japanese items exist, but they are very overpriced.

>7. Food of all kinds.
Perishables are generally a bad idea for shipping. Homemade cookies are basically the only kind widely accepted. If it's a prepackaged food item, might as well send a check for $20 in the mail and tell the user to go buy it themselves. Also, food isn't specifically Cred Forums, either, in most cases.

>8. All sorts of small and/or discrete junk, like a keychain or a small figurine or a badge, etc.
We already send each other that.

poor hungarian user

If this is the same person, all that already gets sent. So I'm not sure what your previous point is other than, "I don't like that stuff'. If you don't like it, say you don't want it

>no nendos

Every year I struggle with presents for my parents
>oh anything's fine
If they would just tell me it would be a lot easier; I just end up buying the same stuff every time.

Every fucking year.
I don't know what else to get them.

>Azumeme or Yotsumeme
hiro pls go

has it right, buying for family is like... My parents would either say "Why did you waste your money on this?" "We don't need this." "You're nearly penniless already." whenever I tried to get them something. They've never sincerely thanked me for a gift or shown appreciation. I've concluded that I'm just poor at gifting toward normalfags and I shouldn't even try.

what the FUCK does i/n/c mean

>Edison's robot things don't drop gears anymore

International, National, Continental

International(Anywhere)/National(Your cunt only)/Continental(Your continent)

I think you might be retarded.

They never have user it's usually the assassin dolls that do, also /fgo/ is that way.

>it just feels weird to do so much for a complete stranger
We're not strangers, we're friends!

It's just a lot more difficult to find a good gift for someone you know. And therefore less fun.

>playing F/GO

Just want to say good luck

Oh, I'm retarded.

So when should I expect an email back?

I'd rather not have people sending stuff to my cunt.

Generally within a week, if not then resend.

1 day to 1 week, depending on how busy the organizers are.

>very overpriced
Literally none of it is. You can get mousepads for like $1 the piece. Flash drives and whatnot would be in the $5-$15 range. Stationary is cheap too: a pen would be in the $5-$15 range and the rest is anywhere between $1 and $20. For the clothing I have listed, you can get any of it for $20 or less. The same goes for the traditional Japanese stuff. And when I mentioned food, I didn't mean a bottle of coke and a bag of crisps, obviously. There's plenty of interesting and moderately luxurious (still cheap) that would make a very nice present.

Again, it's all about making a practical and interesting gift, not just a bunch of dolls, CDs, and handmade rubbish (cards are okay though).

Where do you find anime merchandise that cheap?

Are you talking about illegal bootlegs and and unauthorized shit from Taobao or eBay, or using one of those sites to print your own? Officially licensed stuff doesn't go for that cheap unless you're buying secondhand or thirdhand.

That's not cheap, idiot. That's western prices that you can find even in places like JList. You can usually get stuff much cheaper if you buy from the chinks.

I am talking about official merch.

Anons don't actually buy bootleg shit for their /ss/ do they?

The mousepads have been a thing on Cred Forums since forever. They're usually $1 now but you used to be able as many as you wanted for free.

>thinks it's okay to buy from Taobao etc.
I'm sorry that you are mentally challenged.

Sadly I've received at least two gifts that were Chinese bootlegs/unauthorized. I put them back in the envelopes they came from and threw them out.

What if I buy them the leg without the boot?

>$15 for a pen is cheap
Yeah, sure it is.

no they buy it for themselves through the year by accident and then send it away during christmas to unsuspecting anons

>I am talking about official merch.
>buy from the chinks.


I once received something in the mail from Secret Santa that was clearly sent directly from China, customs label and all. Contents were bootlegs.

To be fair, you can print up some pretty cute stuff using those "make your own" sites.
Here's a quick little saber notebook I farted out, which currently costs ~10USD on the site I found.

So a notebook with a small picture of saber glued onto the cover?

Is it okay to put video game stuff on your list? Can I cheat by putting a game that had an anime?

If I choose to send two cards does that mean I have to send two things within my price bracket, or can I send one thing within the bracket and the other just a card?

I've seen these threads for years but it's my first time actually doing it.

Obviously if I was making something for my giftee I would put a lot more effort into it, but some of those "make your own" sites are good, for example I plan to make some custom wrapping paper to wrap shit in.

God dammit.

Reread the second post.

Depends on the pen. A regular ballpoint one would be around $5-$7.

No, I said you can get even cheaper from the chinks.

This. You can make virtually anything, from clothing to tableware, for pocket change.

I'd say it's fair game if it has an anime or manga.

If you're just sending cards, you only have to send the cards.

Oh I missed that. Thanks user.

The second line was directed to

That's why you are a fag Simon.

I've listed some /jp/ stuff and JRPGs before, and listed the Halo series in a list of Sci-Fi stuff I liked. Also, last year one of my card anons listed Fire Emblem.
It depends on your tastes overall and who you get. Nobody's given me shit about it yet, even if I probably deserve it.

Does anyone have that big transparent png with all the santa hats?

How about Touhou, it technically has anime and manga but eh

Touhou should be fine.

I think that would be in the same category as miku. I doubt most people would give you shit for either of them.

>apologize multiple times in wishlist for being vague
I hope it isn't too hard for them to think of stuff from my ramblings.

You might get some spaghetti.

>tfw santa sent japanese language manga last year and I still haven't attempted to learn moon

I feel like I failed them.

Always remember user.

I used my First and Middle. My middle looks like a last name anyway.

I laughed a little

what happened?

Don't ask. Let's just say it was so socially revolting that it's not something to speak of again.

Do we really have to bring it up every thread?

That's not the thread with the pictures, though.

Of course. What's a ss thread without bring up the horrors of toronto?

It wasn't even that bad, Cred Forums blew it way out of proportion like it always does.
A guy had a meetup party or whatever, and opened his /ss/ gift(early) and showed it to his friends, Cred Forums freaked out because there was a fedora in one of the pictures.

>opening gift early to show off to riajuu is ok
>have a literal reddit group posted on the top of your christmas tree is ok

I agree that it is blown out of proportion and should stop being brought up every thread, but lets not downplay it either

I'm totally ready for these cards, I just bought a shit ton of crayons and construction paper.

Sweet. Crayons are the best.

Thread will reach bump limit soon, if you have anything to ask me do so now! Or through e-mail too.

Will you be my best friend?

Can I be a loli, too?

Will you be giving out cookies this year?

Who else is participating from Japan here?

According to this chart, no one.

I'm still not sure what to put on my wishlist, it feels weird putting anyone other than my waifu down but I already own nearly all her merch.

My email address changed from the last time I took part, should I send that in a seperate email for your records? I won't be whitelisted for a high tier anyway, but you'd probably want to update something.

learn to read, there is one person

Who else implies that he is from Japan. Since he's the only one there isn't anyone else.

only if he participated last year and noone new from japan joins in though

That chart was from last year, it could be different this year.

Which is why he said "according to this chart". Of course it could be different this year.

Maybe, you'll have to fill out a different application for that!
Only on some days!
Don't worry about it!
I was going to post this image next, but it seems it was stolen from me!

Meant to reply with But don't worry about the e-mail address change!

So how big are wishlists for gifts? Don't want to offer too little nor overkill.

Big enough so you shouldn't know what you'll get for christmas.

Doesn't really matter. But I'd suggest listing at least 10 series.

>chose same-country recepients this time around
>going to personally give them my presents in person

>if you have anything to ask me do so now!

Can you gift me a loli to do housework and maybe impregnate when she reaches maturity?


I became friends with an /ak/ person. We talked about tanks and went to a U-boat museum together.

>Remaking my 4x4 for /ss/
>Can't pick a 16th series

There are so many. I can't decide. ;_;

D-did you hold hands?

>He was chill but unfortunately I'm a married man.
>Married man
a. are you bicurious s.senpai?

So what do I do if I get a fujo?

You should probably get them the gift they want.

Buy her a dragon dildo and wear some shimapan when you go deliver your boi pussy.


Cum brownies.

Good night to everyone before this thread dies. Remember, CD submissions are now open. Submission info is at the top of the thread.

We shared tanks

Will you respond to the email your received ? I send one but got no confirmation.

What kind of music do you like?

Classical, Future Funk and Rock


I ended up with 5. Always bought 2 of anything when possible, so that really really fucked me over. Haven't sold them yet. If I get tight on money, I might. Honestly speaking, though, I didn't open them so I might be gifting them away but we'll see

Spoopy halloween exchange when?