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Tapping this fat, Asian booty!

So three episodes to stray cat?

Post pretty Okay Jojo MADS

>Part 9
>Joshua Joestein

>Part 9
>José Joestrella

>you will never shove your fist through Tomoko's torso, feeling up her intestines as she gets all hot and bothered by your assault on her internals

So im a bit confused with diavolos power. His epitaph allows absolute sight 10 seconds into the future. Though using king crimson he rejects his fate. Could if diavolos so wishes stop someone else from thier fate? Like a child is going to be run over in epitaph could he change it?


The live action movies lookin great guys

Have people reacted to the live action Jojo cast yet or did I miss everything?

nip fans

>That Pucci

>he is so mentally devastated by iggy he can't comprehend anything other than pucci

Damn son

>joseph will be japanese

Iggy just looks like a 2bit Furfag. so its ok

What are the two on the far left suppose to be? Gappy and ???

No, only his fate can change.

post MILFs

might be a piller man or in this case a Stick dude.


Gappy makes me happy

Is Joseph even appearing in the movie?
I know at least they dodged a bullet by making it based on part 4 though.



her bust is way bigger in this shot

>it's a ceaser can't keep his hands to himself episode

checked and all Lisa lisa porn is fucking garbage tier and no amount of trips can change that.

The one with the shotas is okay

Straight JoJo porn in general is barren or garbage

post your best jojo pickup line ill start

>hey is your father a priest? because that ass was made in heaven.

>it's a Caesar does something stupid for no reason and gets himself killed episode

>Not even part 2 flawless adaptation could improve the influx of Lisa Lisa porn
feels bad man


>the one with the shotas


The one with Jolyne and Hermes was pretty good until Emporio showed up, then it became a generic /ss/

Both of the milfs in part 4 have fat asses, but what about Aya and Yukako?

Why would Josuke want to burn Rohan house?

>*Skip the pick up line and just fucks the bitch*
- King Crimson

That Doujin was weird as fuck. As soon as Hermes showed her hairy pussy and Kiss had tits it became a comedy

Why wouldnt he? he hates him

No English unfortunately

That sounds like a shame. Emporio's pretty fugly

They got boob focus. I think you get a glimpse of Yukako's butt during Cinderella though

It's only garbage because it could be so much better

>nice face
>too bad that it's gonna get messed after I kiss it
>k-kiss your face, that is

Working on shitty Kira x Shinobu smut based off this scene and I already want to fucking kill myself

He didn't want to it was an accident. And Rohan is too proud to let him just magic it back to normal with Crazy Diamond.

>Josuke probably could fix his house but doesn't give a fuck

Truly savage

Holy shit, Jotaro might haev actually said this. and he would be doing that stupid shit he does when hes embarassed.
Jotaro Might have lost his spaghetti proposing.

S-sounds nice

Too bad it'll never involve my shitty kinks

Got any links on that?

Suggest some and I may include them, unless they're ridiculously out-of-character shit like vore.


lobotomies or brainfucking

Kira getting fingered

I know you're not the real Lobotomy-kun, reatard.

>english aristocrats fight eachother with the help of an italian and a chav

>various europeans fight ancient aztec warriors

>an american, egyptian, frog and two japanese teenagers fight an englishman that has been in a coffin for 100 and should have no right speaking japanese


Part 6 could have been a shot.

the one with emporio??


Write for yourself, not a shitty degenerate like me. Though you could put emphasis on her being a bit soft and pudgy with most focus on her ass and that might cut it

Reading through JJL again and Kira was a massive asshole.

Anal and armpits

is lisa lisa a linda linda reference

its a lisa lisa reference


In the latest chapter karma hit him like a bitch

No it's literally a Lisa Lisa reference.

snuff, maybe?

Did someone photoshop Joseph?

To be fair he knew Sasame was using his Stand to torture girls so everything he did to him was trying to punish him, though he did it in an incredibly cruel and autistic way.

So is Joubin the main antagonist of part 8?

>Full Force
>Furu Foosu
>Hol Horse
>Horu Hoosu

Holy fuck

Does anyone have any Diamond is Unbreakable Wallpapers?

It was confirmed that the only reference for Hol Horse was Hall and Oates

Probably. He's more likely than Kaato but the plot can really go fucking anywhere from here.

Gappy is the villan

his stand seems kinda underwhelming for a main villain stand though

I guess we just haven't seen the full extent of his abilities



check the anime wallpaper board, there is usually a few jojo threads

To be fair most villain Stands seem to get upgrades at some point. The only ones that don't are The World (technically) and King Crimson

Since Speed King looks like works around heat I think its gonna be a less op Magician's Red, tho the range needs to be reworked on, you cant do jack shit if your range is only 10 cm

Volume 7 said he had an unknown ability and making shit hot is only one part of it. Besides, Whitesnake was fairly underwhelming at first too and we all know how that ended.

his stand can evolve, and we don't really know the extent of it's power.

Based on it's name, if he is the villain, his power is probably rotating something in time, making it speed/heat up (yes, that's a thing. It's relativity)


>The censored name for D4C isn't Thirty Thieves and the Thunder Chief

i wanna eat yukako's butt

Why did you post a drawing of Milo Yannopoulos?

White Snake was pretty op
its a punch ghost that can easily steal your stand and has a 20 meter range, and can also have different abilities depending of what kind of disc Pucci uses on himself

>Tomoko's huge hips


I wanna eat Aya

>being a bit soft and pudgy


>not wanting Yukako to eat yours

>she stopped showing up halfway through except to get kidnapped by Terunosuke

I like Rohan and all but I wish DiU had more room for other side characters to get some more development

>one week left

There's a lot of rule 63 Koichi getting the dick but it's all by one guy

There were a bit too many of them and a lot of the focus was on Kira in general

I think Tomoko, Yukako and maybe Tamami deserved more screen time. Tomoko could've been an interesting Stand user, but that's asking for a lot

Do you mean her cooked butt or just licking her b-hole?

>full on seduction mode
>screams when your husband touches you
Is rape fantasy the norm for Japanese couples? Are holidays the only times they get kinky and have outwardly consensual sex?

Friendly reminder that you're literally a pedophile if you want to fuck Josuke

>Fem Koichi


Hayato is cuter

She just wasn't used to Kotawu being so affectionate, she thought this was finally the day he would make his move and kill her before she got the chance to murder him in cold blood.

The problem with DiU is that it has way to many character, you can focus on every single one of them since you derail the story and make the main character and villain very unfocused

By that time in SBR final battle is already rolling, who is main villain in JoJolion we even not knowing?

to be fair she didn't go seduction mode in the manga. She's just supposed to be regularly changing here. David changed it.

i'd kill to suck on those tits
i'd allow it as long as i get to eat her's too
i mean like kissing her butt cheeks, burying my face in there, and licking her butthole
basically worshiping it


I think Araki did a pretty good job regardless, I would've killed for another Okuyasu-focused chapter near the end though

>those afterimages in the new opening

Is that how King Crimson is going to be animated?


i figured it would be like ova dio where he just blinks in and out of existence

I wish Araki did a book like it was a travel book of the Jojo world, with landmarks where important fights happened.

I just want the wallpapers, I only use landscape wallpapers.

Yeah he did a good job on just focusing on very few, like Yukako, Miki, Yuya and Hayato. An Okuyasu focused arc would've been great, but well atleast hes always there when Josuke is on scene

Why would you want an arc focused on a literal retard?

pretty sure Love train is not 50 chapters in. Last I checked the halfway point was finishing up sugar mountain arc.

Yuuya was a neat surprise, he turned out to be a cool dude

Shit that would be some sorta neat coffee table book. What besides the motion landmarks would be there. Like the remains of the joestar mansion?


I was surprised he also got a character arc in Enigma, he was nervous and scared for most of it but then he mans up and saves Josuke and Koichi

Why is it that, around the time the Egypt arc starts in Part 3, enemy stand users start getting incapacitated instead of outright dying, with the "retired" text at the end of the chapter specifying how they survived? (Example, Oingo going to the hospital, D'Arby fainting and going insane but not dying, Mariah getting broken bones)

After an entire part full of enemy stand users getting killed in cold blood, this seems like a strange and deliberate change of pace. Did Jump complain about the violence or something?

Also it somehow doesn't have the same weight that Boingo is trying to avenge his brother when his brother isn't even dead.

no u


>When Kujo has demonstrated multiple times to be far more powerful than his grandpappy

Not all of them during the first half were killed and I think the "retired" thing was just a fun gimmick Araki came up with

Joseph was the leader though

SBR was more action oriented and JJL is a mystery story. The mystery isn't resolved until the last quarter or so.

>"could this be.. Terri Funk"
What did he actually meant for that?
Is he talking about the wrestler or something else?

At least he had a pivotal role in the final battle.

Is the budget for DiU lower than for Stardust Crusaders ?

He's talking about a type of parasite native to that region of japan.

>you will never be remembered as a better writer than araki because you don't have the willpower to force yourself to write

sure looks that way

Terri Funk? Th-The Wrestler?

As far as the anime goes, SC still looks the best imo.

Okuyasu is moe user.

Jotaro's the most dangerous one but he's not the one calling the shots. It's like how Giorno's the one to worry about the most, but it's still Buccellati's group.

Are you completely sure it's not the wrestler


who's ready for the glorious part 5 adaptation, with a high budget from all that fujo cash

yes, I'm guessing because DiU is less action oriented, hopefully it's not the case for 5 and 6

oku is a best

Remain of the Joestar mansion, Ogre Street, Dio's Mansion, the shipwreck where Joseph died(if there is one).

Air Supplena Island, the nazi bunker where Joseph fought Santana, The place where they found the Pillarmen, the place where Whammu and Joseph fought, maybe the place of the last fight against Kars.

I could go on, you could do a book on Morioh itself.

I feel like jojo porn will get better once the dub is released. As we know western artists will be more exposed to it

Will Joshu ever get his lobster pet?

How much money do you think is going to be lost animating part 6?

>a book with illustrations of all the Morioh landmarks

wait is it really not the wrestler?

>watching something dubbed in anything other than the original language

I don't want their porn, they can go fuck off.

I want to have sex with Shizuka, those sunglasses do crazy things to my dick.


Pretty sure its gonna be slightly less profitable than 4, I dont think it will bomb

Still, the art is not as good even during slow-paced episodes. Like in the last episode where they talked without moving at all.

Can't wait for the 5-minute Cioccolata beatdown

You mean lisa-lisa Right?

No, I want to fuck that slut that's always riding around on Jojo's arm.

Even if he throws himself infront of the car and uses king crimson to throw the child out of the way? Would fate twist it so another car hits the child.

>Half of the episode is dedicated to Giorno beating the shit out of Cioccolata

Or he could grab the child with KC, or demolish the car and it's driver with KC, or an infinite number of things that don't involve dying like a dumbass for no reason.

Contrary to popular belief, baby rape, is not alright.

>Fast coma challenge : take a shot for every MUDA

what's Tomoko's stand?

Okuyasu is a boy silly

Not if he's wearing a skirt

I want to punch you in the fucking face, fuck you.

I didn't say rape, I said fuck.

I want to fuck that invisible babe.

I'm talking about Shizuka Joestar, I want to put my dick inside of her moist, quivering, virgin anus.


Rps kid and mannish boy are about the same age right? Because imagine a spin-off based on them meeting and getting in a stand battle

What if he uses The Hand to masturbate? Then he'll be a girl.

Shut the fuck up

When's porridge

If he karate chopped the bloody hole that used to be his dick he would be a cunt boi.


Never. Here's some American La Men instead.

Shizuka not real though

She's not, but my onahole is.

I was thinking it as a scenario where he saw it through epitaph. I already knew he could do the things you said. I was just wondering if even if its an absolute prediction could he change it.

Fuck off retard Part 2 is shit.

Why Araki shitted on Dio in part 6? Is DIO that wanted to go to heaven would smash Jotaro with road roller?



At least it's better then part 5.

In English, please.



No. That was a fake DIO that was given The World by Whitesnake. Did you read Part 6?

I don't belive that DIO in part 6 is same person as DIO in part 1/3.


Let's do this anons, post your FAVORITE Jojo poses, the more obscure the better.

Starting off with one I like, though I don't like Giorno that much, this is a cool pose.

Well, they aren't. The Part 6 DIO was just Oingo pretending to be him because the real DIO was too busy playing OH! THAT'S A BASEBALL! in the basement with Telence.

haha what if killer queen was Garfield


No generals at Cred Forums user.

Part 6 Dio is pretty similar to the one we see throughout most of 3 when he's in the shadows

it's ascended Giorno who tricks Pucci into thinking he's Dio, remember the end of part 5?

part 2.

That would be Nermal.

Garfield is too lazy to be stuck to some kid all day waiting to explode.

Is this from Over Heaven?

I wish.


Did he realise what Dio did to his minions and dead enemies

So guys, which character is the most 🦍?
And the most 🦏?

What about 🦇?

Now the Rohan chapter is 200% more horrible

But not to the one with whom Jotaro was fighting. Dio from part 6 and ROAD ROLLER DA MUDA MUDA is not fitting in.

what the hell is this 🤡🤡

you're such a bad kitty that's it i've had it with you that does it im done that's the last straw kilrer quen


DIO just got really high off of Joestar blood and started to overflow from all of the smugness and adrenaline. He was just in the moment.

>"omelette du fromage"

Guys... I think I've figured out who the part 8 villain is


Fuck off Diavolo

>hi welcome to chili's

No, even before that, all that thing about heaven and "INTERSTING, IS JOTARO's HEART IS BEATING?!! LET"S CHECK IT OUT!!!!!"


Was it rape?

Pretty sure he will act in a very different way when facing off against his long time nemesis the Joestars, while acting in a very calm and methodcal way when talking with his minios and the other Crusaders he met


It's not rape if they're both screaming.

Are you sure?

i hate to be the one to acknowledge it, but what?

Dio spergs out when he smells a joestar

I wish.

Did any fans of the manga even like the old SC OVA series? I just finished it, and I was disappointed, even going in knowing it was bad.

Pretty well animated, good aesthetics and atmosphere, but it lacks all the humor and charm that makes jojo jojo

6 really isn't as unpopular as people make it out to be, it's less popular than the 3 preceding it but still well received. It's more popular than 7 and 8 still.

It's alright for the animation, which was also off-model at lots of points, and adding more to the final fight, but not much else. The Vanilla Ice fight was horrid, and a lot of the series' charm fell flat by making it too 90's for its own good.

It's nothing but fanservice for people who wanted to see the best Battle in Egypt fights animated, it's not really a true adaption. Some elements were certainly handled better in the OVA like Kakyoin returning, but it's clear that the manga is superior

As for the prequel series that shit's probably even worse

probably at least for the sake of it being the only animated jojo they had

Anuses typically aren't moist, virgin-sama.


He wanted to be above fate, heaven is just a metaphor ESL-kun.







I'm not gucchi with Pucci.

Their adventures are finished though, what more do you want?

Chibi DIO is adorable


No. Diavolo only really cares about himself anyway.



Deal with it
That story is over and had nowhere else to go

Why? What's so good about the old universe that we should just go back?

Granted SBR and JJL are beyond terrible but going back is not an option

Little Giorno goes to Dio's Mansion.



What's wrong with SBR and JJL? They're trying something different and Araki's writing has improved tenfold.


>Remember that time when Tsurugi rapes Yasuho inside a tree


Araki could change part 6 endings where everything is okay, and make part 7 new crew to shrink themself to miscroscopic scopes that goes inside of growp up Jolyne's through mouth to fight villain that occupies her intestines and his minions. Or something like that.

SBR went on for way too long and made too many mistakes, namely stuff like character potential time after time being tossed out the window, Johnny's autism just getting to the point of being unbearable, the fights ranging from awful (like Catch the Rainbow) to decent (11 nameless men) to cringey pseudointellectual trash (Ringo, Axl).

JJL is boring for the first 30 chapters and constantly keeps making new threads and substories which seem to have been forgotten about, along with the fights being an absolute chore to read, some of the worst stands in the series, and gappy building his harem is not appealing at all.

Both lack the fun, creative, inventive spark that made pre-SBR parts Jojo.

Tsurgi is a real creep, I still don't like him

I had forgotten that I really want to kill myself until I just read this post

Like, seriously, fucking why. Why do you associate Jojo with...whatever the fuck you just wrote.

And his dick is bigger than Rohan's ego

He'll probably die along with the Higashikatas, or so I hope.

Is this vore?

With Osmosis Jones.


If part seven gets animated, do you think it should use Last Train Home as an ED again? 7 parallels 1-3 so it would be fitting, and the song fits the mood as well

Could, could.

It should use 'Horse with no Name'

and have roundabout for Tusk act 4 reveal

Osmosis Jones was not some creepy autist's vore fanfiction, it was a movie for kids with some biology related stuff.


Goddammit, w2c Kira's outfit, that fucking sweater/button-up combo is slick.

Modding mario kart is harder than I thought
I'm still learning the basic

as long as you don't give up

Nah, It'll take more time than the expected but I'll try to work harder faster better stronger

Who even makes these?

Thread dying
Let's talk about jojo dicks



>Josuke tell me when you are about to c...

I want to marry Kenny G.!

His stand name was cool
>Tenore Sax
Sounds menacing and powerful

You though it was Josuke, but it was i - JOSHU!

When JoJo generals would be banned?

I wonder how the Vanilla Ice fight would've went down if he wasn't instantly K.O.


O-oh god... (i dont bleive in god) im about to nut king call all over your face yasuho chan

>Joshu unbolds time
>He stops the flow of time
>Nut King Call: King of The World

Not even The Hand can delet this.


The reason JJL is introducing so many plot threads is because it's a mystery story. They'll be resolved near the end.


Joshuu no Ken: Cum of the Nut King Call.

Joshuu Balls Super

Ashita no joshu

Josho wants to become PornStar!!!

Probably not the first movie, but if they make more he will eventually.

That's not a plot point that's Araki being weird. By plot points I mean shit like the publisher's mark and that article about the baby. Araki is always gonna do shit like that regardless.

Tengen Joshu Gurren Lagann

Legend of the Galactic Joshu

Even if we never knew what the hell happened here, how the fuck did Dayas leg recover from that?
you can see the fucking bone, Jojolion is kinda going back to the Stardust Crusaders way of "all the injuries the characters suffered are magically fixed in the next arc like nothing happend"