Girls und Panzer, Gup thread

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I respectfully ask you to delete this thread. It's not time yet.

The old thread is still up, you suck. Fuck this I'm going to bed like Sawreehfag, hopefully I'll have lewd dreams about Nonna and Katyusha again.

See you fags later.

fuck off circlejerk

Dumb /gsg/ Erwinfag

btw, HoI4 or 3?

4 a shit, play 3

>not 2

>not DH

Darjeeling is my wife!

Please delete this thread, OP. I appreciate your enthusiasm for more GuP, but it's early.

That's horrifying.

This was an acceptable answer
Bonus if Kaiserreich

Remember, no content.

You can't delete threads baka.

Someone post the greentext please.

I would rob a bank with a mask like that to be honest.

Guys help, I think I'm in love with the ASS

>in love
>with an ass
that's not love user, you're just a pervert

>Kay and Darjeeling will never shit on your face

How would the various teams react to their commander getting vaporized by a shell that het them by accident? Imagine it's the heat of battle, and Miho or Katyusha or whoever is hanging out of her tank when the opposing team fires at her. The tank then hits a ditch and drops down just enough for whoever the commander was to catch the 75mm shell right in the chest. The shells are very much real, though modified not to penetrate the armor of the tanks. However, they seem to have enough power to knock treads off and destroy tank barrels, which are both not exactly weak. If a teenage girl caught one, it'd be a fucking mess.

I think the girls of Kuromorimine and Pravda would handle it best. The team would continue fighting and use the shock of the opposing team to clinch a victory. The squad in the commander's tank would assume the role of commander as a unit, and then continue leading the team to victory. News of the commander's death would not be mentioned to any team member until after the round was won. There would be a funeral afterwards, and a new commander would be chosen.

Oarai girls would probably take it pretty hard. There would be considerable chaos on the field as orders from the commander suddenly stopped. It might very well cost them the match. They would then stop all Sensha-do activities indefinitly to grieve and reorganize. If they decide to get back into the game, their team would never be very good due to poor leadership and crushed morale.

St. G's would fare similarly poorly. Darjeeling's death would rock the school and the team. It is likely they'd drop out as well.

Saunders would probably carry on but would give up the match. Morale would be low but a replacement commander would be found quickly.

Anzio is an interesting case. Morale would no doubt plummet, and combat effectiveness would decrease in the match, but the sadness and shock of the event would spur the girls into action. They would fight through their tears and try to claim victory.

I fucking hate

This is one of the anime where I had to turn my brain off. They live in a perfect 2D world so accidents like that will never happen.

I just want Kay to sit on my face with her puffy vagina and her big ass


Something tells me if a girl got fucking ripped to shreds by a tank shell the game would stop right there and then basic sport politics would ensue. Is Senshadou REALLY safe? Could this have been avoided? Should there be a rematch? ect.

I was going to say they would probably stop the match, but then i remembered how no one cared about an entire tank crew drowning.

I think you should get hit by a shell to be honest.

That ones' different because apparently there was a squad dispatched to help the girls. Miho just ran out because she's Miho.

I want to plant my seven seeds inside of Shizuka!

Chihatan would continue to charge
Keizoku would wait for Mika to respawn

How would sex with Rosehip be?

If the schools allign themselves with their respected nations in everything, then Saunders and Gloriana would deal with the situation the best, whilst KMM would deal with it the worst. Could you imagine what a bunch of leaderless krauts would do? They'd wait until they get orders from someone higher up (which is Shiho).

this thread sucks

Very, very tiring.

>shell that het them by accident
I didn't know they were all gay.

Pet the Fukuda to improve her mood.

They do align themselves with the nations they role play as, but it's a loose modeling in my opinion. KMM and Pravda both have a very authoritarian structure but at the same time, the girls on those teams are very focused and competent (in general). In such an event they would no doubt be sad and confused, but I think they're the ones most likely to carry on. In Pravda's case, Clara would likely take over which Nonna picked up the pieces of Katyusha and had a breakdown. Still, they would fight on.

Does Shiho owns KMM or that user was saying bullshit?

Keizoku are such a hobos and possibly stoners that I believe that's a possibility

What are we going to do once g00k closes down our home?

Sure is!

Your wish is Lolita Channel's command!

I want this. I need this.

>Lolita Channel


I need more Klara in my life


Pet the Momo to increase her comfort levels.

> report and ignore shitposting.

If only GuP has the intellectual banter that Monogatari has then GuP threads would not be full of shitposters that does not know quality movies when they see it. I propose posting more at any Monogatari thread as to raise the standards of GuP threads. Adverse side effects might include enlightenment and better taste.

Gr8 b8 m8.

GuP der Film Variante ch2 raws.

The Momo will then switch into lewd-mode after continuous headpats , in which case her comfort levels will only return to normal levels once she has been sexually satisfied.

This is job for Momofag, ganbare!

Are you going to dump it?





Momo is NOT an H-Game!!!

Not that I'd neglect my duties to restore Momo to proper comfort levels, though.




You better do it quickly then. If she keeps shouting "Ute!" like that at the top her lungs people might get worried and call the police.

High quality


Her shouting is like music to my ears.

Momo have such a lewd body.

>no mako to cuddle with
I bet she'd think I'm insane for staying up this late.


Mako is only sleepy because she stays up late, and then have school so early in the morning.


At least post a proof


Could you imagine her being interrupted mid-ute by a yelp of pleasure? Like "ut- ahhn~" she'd say with draw out breath. She'd pabt for a few seconds afterwards just to recover from the sudden shock of it.

You're a pretty lucky fella.


Easy, guys. You have your own waifu, don't you?



>Between the boobs of the irrelevant and the slut.

being Karina is good from time to time.


I've been up since 3 am. It's almost midnight. Can't sleep.

>boobs of the irrelevant

Rude, she has name, what it is again?


I am Fagfag.

We always do this, my waifu owns your waifu


You don't know the true Mako experience until you go to bed at 4am and wake up at 6am.


No, actually.

Been there, done that. Hell I used to sleep through mortar attacks.




Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!


And done.

Good job

Oh my. I hope you're having a pleasant night.

We do. But I will maintain my stance on our waifus coexist as good friends. She just happens to work under her.

How come, user? There are so many girls, surely one tickles your fancy?

Perhaps they aren't from GuP?

I loved this scene in the movie. No background score mixed with nothing but the sounds of shots firing and the distant impacts a few seconds afterward. The way the Oorai team was dug in was very neat too.

If you want to call it in that way, go ahead

Anzu is for Anal

im liking these alternate perspectives

Rude, there is only one girl that's ok for anal

I most certainly will.


All of the girls must train for anal, it is a part of senshadou

I like that image. But who's the Unnamed Character?

Nishi pls

Her name is Agiri

Is same thing

You misunderstand.

Who's gonna be the Unnamed Character?

HNNGG best girl

why does /gup/ bully her about being fat or something?



Probably because on initial viewing, she's arguably the most boring character. She doesn't do much. Thus, was subjected to fat/ seal bullying. However Sawreehfag showed us the error of our ways.

I've actually grown to like her. She has little character traits that are enjoyable, like how shes the always the first to try and stop Mako from quitting due to sleepiness.

Attempt number 7 at sleeping today, Wish me luck.
I wonder what the text says.

>This post was deleted for the following reasons:
>Unapproved in three days - about 2 years ago
The fuck?


Uuu...I understand...I'll do it...
Gununu...(some kind of frustration sound)

Are you caucasian m8?

I should try too, i have to work in 4 hours


Man that is unnerving.

The gov considers me so and I'm heavily mixed. I'm one of those new model stealth spics.


It's too late.

lol why would ppl dislike her. I liked her from the first viewing

Two loaders?
>Commander and driver
Rosehip and her driver.
>Radio op.
M18 90mm cannon GMC.


Like I said, she was somewhat boring and didn't do cool things. Compared to everyone else, she was just a loud girl who couldn't get boys, despite claiming to be a boy expert.

Just in the Anglerfish team we have:

Cute Commander
Fluffy Loader
Flower Gunner
Sleepy Driver
Unable to get boyfriend Communicator

By comparison, she's very boring.

But this was simply my initial opinion of her.

The OVAs and movie have improved my liking of her.

I havent even watched the ovas yet!

I guess I have amazing taste then

Why would it matter anyway?

>OPfags makes threads too early
>People having day dreams about commanders dying
>Fag having more than one waifu
>Thread full of people who only watch GuP

Sometimes I hate you guys.

Is she a main character or just one of the girls you can play?

Can we all agree the history team is the best? And does team normies actually do anything worthwhile? Haven't watched the movie yet.


>Does x do y because you should tell me rather than me doing z because I'm a retarded faggot.

What the hell are you doing here if you haven't watched the movie? You're asking to be spoiled!

Are you fucking retarded? Go watch it and find out yourself.

Mikafags. Your waifu has abs, I hope you don't mind.

wtf i hate her now

>team normies
which one is this

I feel like shit not being able to buy stuff from my waifu, so i decide to not have one.

It's got nothing to do with 'deciding' you faggot.

By deciding, i mean not calling the anime girl i like the most my waifu.

Curious, who is the girl you like most?

You're confusing 2D waifus for 3D bitches.

Though I'm not one to talk. I got 5 dakimakuras of mai waifu, and one costed $600.

One's favorite doesn't equate to the same thing.


>painted nails
What a slut.

The cutest.

Look at these little boys, kissing each other. What's wrong with this world?

Da-dang is Emiracle of the universe.

Despite reeking of CG this looks A LOT much better than the first adaptation


Why is Alice so lewd?

If you can find the full-res image then by all means, share it with us.

She got molested as a toddler.

We just don't know.

No, that would be Miho.

Certainly you mean ASSam and Saunders girls.


Whoever was responsible for that nomenclature should've been dragged out into the street and summarily executed.

Got the rest of those?

Yeah, over at

Here is perfectly fine.

Wait, what's going on there?


I'd rather you talk to me than image spam.

"Students from Moscow opened Russian cafe in Tokyo"

Beware the yurifag, the crossboarder, the shitposter.

I loved that scene

Oh. Cool.

I think I watched the end of Season 1 or whatever where she drifts and shoots the Tiger in the rear.

What else is there to watch? Something about an ARL 44?

Hello again lads, back from my nap. Here's a render of Saori. I'll be away for about an hour while I go get some dinner, if you have any render requests just let me know!

I had a dream I went to a riverside cafe with Saori. We were joined by Momo and Momofag, as well as Erwin and an Erwinfag!

OVAs and Der Film.

The Anzio OVA, the 6 Specials, The Movie, Alice OVA, and Yukari's Tank Special Corner whenver you wanna.

Kay, Yukari and Anchovy.

Honestly, Saori looks so wonderfully chubby here with her stomach like this...

>Erwin and an Erwinfag!

I suggest that you, Saori, Momo and Momofag run the fuck away, because god knows what would happen when the rest of the Erwinfags find out.....

>I think the girls of Kuromorimine and Pravda would handle it best.
Yeah, cause Nonna and Erika of all people would handle it SO well to see their beloved commander getting blown. Sure, mate.

Obligatory: rewatch, OVA05, Anzio OVA, der Film, der Film OVA
Everything else (the other OVA, the tank corner specials) at your own discretion, before, after everything else, and the manga spinoffs right at the end (just the spinoffs don't bother with the adaptation)

Could you render Yukari curled up around a Panzerfaust taking a nap?

Last night I had a dream where I ended up marrying her. Kid was a bit screwed up but it's what happens when a sperg and a /k/ommando have a kid. He was happy, she was happy. So that's what matters, I guess.

You don't want Katyusha serving you cute food?

I'm sure the Erwinfag is a symbolic character representing all of them at once.

There is nothing but love and harmony in Sawreehfag's mind.

My knowledge of eggs is tremendously wide. I’ve eaten them boiled, I’ve eaten them fried. Poached and shirred and deviled and scrambled, hummeled, shmummeled, cuddled, and frammeled. I’ve eaten them beaten and swizzled and swuzzled. Frizzled, cadizzled, bamboozled, and fuzzled. I know every way that an egg can be guzzled

This too?

What's wrong with those eggs?


Good morning!

That dream sounds wonderful! Especially since I'm so so darn hungry right now.

You will need to provide the image in question, user. Rendering does not mean creating.

I'm an idiot, my bad. I'll dig it up, gimme a minute. Also.


There are many good girls in GuP. Momo is one of them. I just find Yukari a best since I like fluffy hair and that sort of overexcitable nature.

please don't talk to me about food I'm starving, craving a crunchwrap and Taco Bell is closed. ;-;


Can we food bully Momofag now?

Explain this.

>Reminder to report and ignore shitposting.


It was already posted less than an hour ago you faggot.

I want to feed Katyusha cake as she lies on my lap.

Yukarifag reporting in. Please don't, food-bullying is the equivalent of carpetbombing.

[spoilers] I just remembered I have some eggs. [/spoiler]

Don't worry, rendering can mean many things, it's easy to get confused. What Sawreehfag does is very neatly crop an image so the background is transparent, like the picture I'm posting now.

At least you have a Taco Bell. I would kill for a fake Taco right now.

There's nothing more you can do to me at this point. I can hear my growls over my loud fan.

But you just did it.

What sort of ingredients do you have in your kitchen? I can run you thru how to make something.

What country are you in, actually? It's important because different countries/nationalities have different kitchen contents.

I'm sorry ;-; that doesn't make it okay.

Replied to instead of you, oops.


Which girl would be the wildest in bed and never let you be the one in charge?


I'm sorry to hear it. I'm only having shitty little party pies, if that makes you feel any better.

I'll get on it once I've had my dins. I won't be able to get that Choby though because she's covered by Maho.

So which Image did you want mate, this one? I can just do some official art Yukari if you'd like.

Erika was one of the people in the tank that Miho dove after, and she still borderline despised her for it because it cost them the match. She'd probably save her grieving for afterwards, then drink herself into a ditch or something between matches.

It's cool. I found a Dr. Pepper. That's sorta like food, right?

Also in the image you posted, since the cut-out of Saori appears to have gotten wet, it makes Saori look really nervous, as if she was sweating. Maybe she just realized she's eating Hana's food? Really adorable!


That image was a lot cuter when it was just a pair of pink legs coming out of a Hetzer.

That one works nicely. Whatcha eating?

Maho probably. She seems very calm and strict about things.


It has calories in it, so it'll tide you over. Please get some real food in you soon.

>On all levels except physical, I am a Hetzer


It's fine. I gotta sleep soon anyways for work. How else will I be able to afford this beauty when it finally gets released?


For some reason I wanna see a Yuzumori-san parody of GuP now.

Which guppie would you make a fried egg sandwich for?

Because goddamn do I love fried egg sandiwhces for breakfast.

>Miho and Alice on their first date together.

All of them. I hope you have enough eggs and sandwiches.

I don't think having your mind eaten away counts as sex.


>Whatcha eating?
Party pies.

Will do that Yukari as well as an official. As I don't have anything else to do, look forward to it.

Have you guys had egg and fried egg sandwich? It's great. I'd give some to the rabbits.

I feel bad for

How is the non-fried egg made?

Boiled? scrambled? Poached?


I meant spam and fried egg sandwich.

Nice blog.

Ah, in that case, no I haven't.

That's the post you decide to nitpick? Out of everything in the thread? The one guy contributing?

He asked, decided to tell him while giving an update on the content I'm doing. Settle down fella.

Here's the Yukari, Kay is almost done.


Nice meta post.


Awesome, thanks. I wish I can ask you for Mikko stuff but there isn't much official art of her.

What are they saying?

I don't always do official and I do like Mikko. I'll see what I can find when I've finished up everything.

Shimada or Nishizumi?

Nishizumi. Shimadas seem a bit too posh.

Can't I have both?

>just touch my boko, Miho


You mean "violently beat the shit out of"

Thank you user!! Have a Saori.

I'm headed off to bed. It's been fun.

See you guys tomorrow.

This I guess. The one where she's in her uniform.

Good night Momofag, dream well.

Very welcome, I've got another one coming.

I'll get it done.

I have to prepare myself so

g-...go ahead and enter the shower first...

I want to hug and fug Sodoko.

One is a goddamn methhead hobo.



With Nishizumi you get a free Akiyama and / or Itsumi. With Shimada you get a teddy bear....



Can you actually do this without autists sperging out? Or only joke one are acceptable like ?



Here you go man. Sorry everything's been late, I'm still a little sleepy.

Time to get some actual sleep for once I think.

It finally arrived
Now I can sleep with Darj

I want to make Katyusha a mother.


>"At least we'll hit more targets than Momo"

Go to bed.


>Even Yuzu is afraid

In comparison, no girl will love you as much as Rosehip.

except for the other girls that I like more.

Hey, m8. We were missing you. Had you been OK? I hope your absence was only due to you being banned again and nothing more serious than that.

>dat Araippe

>first image of one of Nonna's crew

What role has Nonna in her tank? She seems to be both TC and gunner. Was it common - or even POSSIBLE- on Russian 3-men-turret tanks?

Ayumi Yamagou
>not knowing the names, nicknames and/or surnames of all 50+ garupans by heart
Casuals. Fucking casials

I see they're doing the "hand signals" thing more blatantly in the manga adaptation

Rosehip is love
Rosehip is life

What would you do to this pure, innocent, harmless and defenseless girl?

>What else is there to watch?
Ignore those telling you to skip OVAs. They are all great. Also even the "filler" OVAs are full of worldbuilding. If you don't watch OVA 3, you'll ask "why the huge ships?" and be branded as newfag. If you don't watch Ova 2, you'll ask "why did they knew the final's terrain layout so fucking well?" and be branded as newfag. If you skip OVA 1, you won't know the loaders have super-strength and will ask "how's that loli can handle that shell?" and be branded a newfag. If you skip the .5 episodes, you'll ask "how's that girl named?" and/or "how's the shells don't penetrate?" and/or "what tanks ccan they use?" and be (you guessed it) branded a newfag. OVA 6 won't answer any series question, but wthout it when you watch the movie you'll brand yourself a newfag by asking "Who are those new girls?"

No, really. Watch fucking everything. GuP has no "bad" episodes nor OVAs. Well, OVA 4 is technically filler, but trust me, you WANT to watch it, too - it's the full Ankou Dance.

You need to zip all your stuff and upload it somewhere. Or make a /c/ dump thread. Make it "And/or".

I honestly have a hard time trying to remember Leopan's names besides Hoshino because I can't connect them to something special.

Nakajima (TC), Tsuchiya (driver) and Suzuki (loader). Them all are based upon IRL F1 racers

Get her out of those cuffs and take her somewhere safe

Release her and asked who did it.


I am just gonna associate their names more with PuroResu since I'm more familiar with that than F1 racers.

Who? Do you mean, there's one hidding behind the canon consumated martial artist, excellent athlete and badass commander that's obviously playing prisoner roleplay ith Yukari?

Ask if she does
If so, apologize and leave, if not, get something to open the cuffs.

>Walk in
>See this

What do?

Leave before she bites my dick off.


Let her bite my dick.

What if she bites your dick off?

Mika will just steal a new one for me.

Untie her and ask her if she's allright. Ask her who did this and do my best to comfort her while I bring her somewhere safe. When the dust settles, ask her if I can become a member of her senshado team.


>ywn witness Naomi being femnine because we never see her outside of Senshado

>Implying that she isn't a tomboy outside of Sensha-do.


Feed her eggs to calm her down.

He already does this every few threads, look for a mega link in archived threads.

No, user. Not the eggs.

I mean in private. Just little things, like I could imagine her humming a little tune in a girlish way while hanging out her laundry or blushing when she imagines herself in a dress she sees on television or something like that.


Which is the worst type of tomboy.
Fake garbage loser

I want to break Erika.

Stop bullying Erika!

>not like gap moe

What's wrong with you?

A tomboy should be complete and not half assed.
Her charm is her status as one. I am not meeting that shit half way if she doesn't even respect herself.

I think you got issues user. Let's all hope you are never in any vicinity near a tomboy for she cannot even hum a song in your presence without you thinking she is self disrespecting.

You're the one that applied effeminate connotations to humming.

I have a Kuromorimine.
I have a Miho.
I'm still alone.

Erika is for sexual bullying by Nishizumis.

>Stop it Miho-dono, Erika-dono isn't your Boko.

Ribbon Warrior cover of Monthly Comic Flapper this month.

>He already does this
including the /c/ dump?

>prisoner roleplay ith Yukari?
>Yukari not being the caught spy
I was about to just post it as a snark, then realized it's plainly Yukary playing the "I'm the spy and am about to interrogate you for info" role.
Doujin when?

That's sure a scary femlet

No, but we can have Yukari to accompany her.

>not femenine
You wouldn't recognise what's femenine even if it were to slap you in the face with a pink rose-scented vagina, /y/ou flaming faggot

>Miho pointing at the fanfic character.jpg

I want Shizuka to pin me down, and, with her staring at me with pure lust in her eyes, have her way with me, and once she is done with me and cum oozing out of her pussy, immediately walk away.


No, just the zips.

I want Shizuka to pin me down, and, with her staring at me with pure lust in her eyes, have her way with me, and once she is done with me and cum oozing out of my pussy, immediately walk away.

Rin pls.

you got it backwards

>He never continued it

Thank goodness. Femdom a shit.

So be it then.

Huh, no hint of the story.
KMM / BC Freedom match aftermath, i presume, there has to happen something, most participants were in no good mood or condition last time...


You're watching a tankathlon match when this girl comes up to you and slaps your ass in front of her girlfriendo. What do?

please tell me there is more

Blush really hard and ask her to stop.

Nigga you just copy and paste--

>cum oozing out of my pussy,

You have no chance Erika, Miho was training by punching Boko for years.

>He doesn't want to be femdommed by the guppies


Dark skin and blue eyes is the true master race.

Bring my girlfriendo close to me and tell Shizuka to fuck off.

The garupans are for romance damn you.


fuck you, the only suggestions i got were of saki , which has already been done, and Saori teaching the rabbits how to treat a man, which would have been hard as balls to write

>domfag calling other people faggots
Das rich mane

I remember how I asked you to do one of the Leopons, which name I forgot.

What would you do if you were in place of this Boko?

>write one for a character that forgettable i forgot her name
if people really wanted more i could do more tho

People asked you and you did nothing.

Tell her to hurry up.



Nice, I dig my Erwin Daki.
Is good mane.

Erwin is my wife, back off!

Was doing my Monogatari reflection yoga when I happened upon this video.

I cringed so hard I almost told myself to vote for Trump.


No Daki, No love.


Yes goy, vote for Hillary. Kay would be so proud of you.

>not toothbrushing
STop falseflagging, you moron. You are not deceiving anyone. You. Are. NOT Monogatarifag.


Jokes on you buddy, I sneak in through your bedroom window and just use yours every night.

Erwin is mine, and one day I'll set her free of your captivity.

Yeah. Monogatarifag may be a moron, but he's OUR moron. Pretending to be him is just not nice.


But Erika is best girl



>not Erwin

You can't trick me.

Miho and Maho best girls.
I want to burn her hat.

>I want to burn her hat.

Why can't we all enjoy our own best girls without fighting?
It's been clearly evidenced that every girl has their own traits and merits so why argue which one is best?
Pic related is my best girl but I'm not saying Erwin, or Erika, or any girl for that matter is worse
It's just personal preferance

>a cafe with only 2 persons that act as cook and waitress.

I feel sorry for Pravda

Cute boy, I like Noriko a lot. he's adorable.

I think Erika would absolutely disagree with you, since she views Maho as best girl.


Noriko is a good girl.

He is

That's why she's the best

It was nice that Noriko got a full art set but why did it have to be rape?

Erika and Maho is the cutest couple

*Noriko is a good boy.

Silly user, girls like Noriko are made for rape

It's not rape, it's just teasing.

Kuromorimine? More like Kuroshirimine amirite?

Don't lewd the Maho

Please don't say that about my wife

/u/ pls go

Tell that to the others ducks, someone Post the headpatting pics

I want to pet Fukuda



Wish they had picked another blue, that one is too dark and doesn't go well with her skin.

You mean the ones where the other ducks pet Noriko? Because I have the vice versa too

I ended up with Insomnia and did two more renders. Now I'm finally going to bed, so I'll be back later. Goodnight (It's 4:17am).

I would suck his cute little trap cock if I could


That's luckily just a paint gun.

Mini Miho.

See you around Sawrefag

Her only captivity is her love for me.

Mi fucking heart, good job


Speaking of Dakis, where is the best place to pick one up at?

Official ones, that is.

That's the one, thanks

Like Miho, so boringly lewd


Sites like Amiami are good for brand new, if sold out, check Mandarake. If you want a bootleg of an official, eBay is the place.

Alright, thanks.

She is also cute.

Is this the grand /gsg/ general???

The who duck sure has the best butt

She sure is, but Karina and Yuuki are cuter


>That face that Miho is making

I'm a little bit lost. Can you point me in the right direction? :)

Yuuki is lewder, and everyone knows Karina is the cutest Rabbit.

Man I'm getting some really lewd thoughts from this.

>Yuuki is lewder



You better accept those damn chocolates.


They better be made with her love though.

Do not reply to /vg/ crossboarders.
I was expecting blood chocolates.

Nah I find that blood takes the sweetness away from the taste of Chocolate, whereas in comparison, putting love in chocolate makes it taste all the more better

Yuuki sure is lewder, but she is still cute, so she is the cutest slut

Don't sexualize Saki, you don't want her to sexualize you back.

That we all already agreed on.

Shinobu seems to be alright

>you don't want her to sexualize you back.

Yes I do.

>you don't want her to sexualize you back
Explain further. Does it involve lots and lots of suffering?


Only mind breaking pleasure, but i don't know if pleasure to Saki is the same for us.

It is.

Sawreehfag if you read this can we please get a collection of Darj heads like ? They would be put to good use.

>miho for body breaking
>saki for mind breaking
I'm so hard right now.

Then fap to the things that either Miho or Saki would do to your dick


>When she peeps on me fapping

>not fapping together

I want Miho to go "Ganbare! Chinpo~"

I want to treat Miho like Boko.

Erika please.

Momo is not legally blind! She just has trouble keeping the gun still!

Go back to sleep, is still not bully time



I like it.

But I'm done sleeping. It's awake time.

Anyway, has there been ANY news on when we're getting anything Final Chapter related?

Or was the last big thing still the backpedal from the film announcement?

Nope. Looks like we'll have to wait for November for that at the Ankou Festival.


Darn. Oh well. At least we have something to look forward to.

I really wish I could go to one of these festivals. It seems like so much fun.

The leopons have so little love

I don't even remember their names.

The Brown one, the slutty Brown one, the boy and the freckled one

I'm guilty of the same sin. Everytime I'm proud that I can recite every Guppie's name by memory, I start to hate myself because I forget all the Leopons' names.

EVERY Guppie?
The entire St Gloriana team?

only canon names are Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, Assam, Rosehip, Earl Grey and Ukelele


It looks much more autistic than the original..

>darjeeling is literally everywhere
How can she keep getting away with it?

Where is this from?

How many pantyshots does the audience get at your average senshado match?

Maho is a really cute autist.



Kantele should stop bullying my dog like that.


It's ukelele

Yukiyukite Senshadou Doujinshi. It's available for read in G-E, if you are into that kind of shit.

TL:DR; F'd up Sensha-do where there is no impervious coal inner coating (or whatever it was) and if a shell penetrates, it can (and does) kill the crew. Also a bunch of other fucked up shit.


Did i say Perkele wrong?


Unga Unga

Isn't her from Anzio?

Artist name?


No. That's the girl in the Matilda who got DUCKED from behind in the practice match against St. Gloria.

Reminder that Erika sees that every windy day.


>Nekota will never pin you on the ground and have her way with you

One day I hope I have a daughter this elegant.

What does Maho sama see?

One day i gonna steal your daughter

Cutest hobo.

Traveling around with them must be fun.

Aki is the cutest hobo, Mika is the sexiest

Mikko so cool.


Made for breeding and continue the Shimas line


If that should be Erika, wrong eye color.

For haifuri fans

Which school would be the most successful if all the senshadou teams were turned into Prostitution teams? I net it's Gloriana, maybe Chihatan.

Best: Saunders
Worst: Continuation

should've went 0 to 100 with the boko suit and Miho being a psychotic sadist.

>Worst: Continuation
Not when Mika is the biggest slut around.

She's the kind who would steal your wallet after you fall asleep, though.

Successful, not satisfying.

Finns would make the most money.


the senshado team in korea


Shouldn't that Elefant be freaking out over the Maus on that Panzerkommandant's head?

do you think the girls at Saunders practice boxing?

I want to be beaten by Naomi just to feel her, n-no boko

Learning to be mothers.
Wine and friendliness go well together
They're American
How do you think they convinced MEXT guy to give them a chance?
Satisfactory? No, but they would make the most money.
In neat straight lines.
Like Kuromorimine, but in filthier facilities.
The one time where you would be better off fapping to your 2D waifu of choice rather than engaging in a sexual experience with an English woman.

Duck team pls

Anzio ought to have some experience as well, given their poverty and all. Food stands can only take you so far.

>fapping to your 2D waifu of choice rather than engaging in a sexual experience with an English woman.
it's really that bad?


Why would she?

I love Nekota

>mfw Continuation scored twice as many kills in their half-assed jerry-rigged assault gun as Saunders with their three purpose-built medium tanks

>Come home
>Find these two on your bed
What do, /GuP/?

I want to cum inside of Oreo

She's so damn adorable

ask why I have three cats

Stab the furry abominations and go find real Miho.

I'm glad you're doing your best to save Oryou from memes.

Penetrate Maho's glacis

I want Oreo to massage her belly as my cum leaks out of her pussy

I love Oreo

Continuation would just fleece their clients for everything they own.

well, both schools had their tanks perform FAR better than it was realistic to expect. I mean, how many Shermans do you know to have been peppered by 90mm rounds yet have suffered no real damae? And both Naomi and Arisa were on the receiving end of such.

Put them in the spare bedroom

You're a good husband.

But why?

sisters can't love sisters

Well what else would I do?

I honestly don't care what they do as long as they don't do it on my bed

>he doesn't want l-lewd cat fluids on his bed

Hug them and let them cuddle with you?

Yeh no thanks I'll pass

I'm happy sleeping by myself thanks

I bet you don't even have a pet cat.

No I don't what's your point?

cats are cute
my cat just did a lewd sound a loli would do

You disgust me.

Oh wait I'm the disgusting one for not wanting to fuck a cat?

>equating to fur faggotry
C'mon man stop being retarded

I never said I wanted to fuck my cat

Sounds to me like you guys want to fuck cats and you're just in denial

Holy shit.
Catfags btfo.


I'm just teasing you fucking autist.

I don't appreciate it nor do my cats.

Cats smell like shit.

>Short hair
>Wants to be relevant

She is in heat.

Sorry if the joke went too far I apologise

Do anteaters go into heat?

I hate OPfags

I prefer dogs.