What are you staring at, user?

What are you staring at, user?

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That HD camcorder.

the softest feet

I don't really know, and as such I'm also conflicted as to weather or not I am enjoying the content in which I am partaking in the consomption of.

What do you think?

Those toenails need trimming.

>those feet
Still, i swear to god i wanted to break that girls jaw. She is genuinely the anime character i hate most.

I want to fuck Nao.

Same. Two biggest anime related things i would like to do are 1) kiss my waifu and 2) torture amd rape nao.

More than Kirino?

MFW user admits they are the same.

100%. I genuinely hated nao with a burning passion. Something about her really got under my skin

Was it the lice? Because I totally took a bath in shampoo.

It was her personality. She seemed like a self righteous cunt who has no problem ruining people's lives because she thinks it is the right thing to do.

Batatata appreciation thread?

How does he keep doing it?
Those make me 🤤

make you square?

Didn't she cure MC from his depression. And the people whose lives she apparently ruined was for their own sake so they don't become some scientist's guinea pig.

Early on she seems like a nuisance until you advance in the plot.

Batatata is mediocre. Naturalton's feet are look way better and less deformed.

That's very rude.

what's this batatata?



A harllote


oh that's an artist, my bad I though it was a tag or something. thanks.

[something vague about feet]

God dammit OP's pic makes me diamonds every fucking time.



I'm so hard right Nao


That's Oyatsu though.

>armpits and feet in one pic
Thank you for the belated birthday present, user. I love you too.

No sweat.

Yeah I wiped it off for her earlier

>not licked
Found the faggot.


just wow

>no one has posted that monstrosity

holy fucking shit wtf!

but imagine the foot jobs

I want to die.

That would be like getting a blowjob from the monster from Alien.

yes, and?


So what are the anime to watch this season for footservice?

tfw you realize you can't fap unless there are bare feet, or at least heavily foot-contoured socks/stockings/etc.

Naturalton is a fucking god

Everything is better with feet


What is this from?

Strike The Ie, senpai

My dick has decided to pick up this anime.

It also thanks you.



Why are girls' feet so lewd?

because girls are lewd

>cute girl
>stinky sweaty feet


Your milky thighs

Get out.

Check the metadata and lurk moar.

Is this worth watching?

How about you marathon the first episode and find out?

That's what I would do if I didn't mind potentially wasting time on garbage just for one scene.

I'd recommend splitting that marathon up between multiple sittings, personally.

Wait is this from the OVA?

I don't remember this in the anime and not having a webm of it saved.

I couldn't get through the first episode when the show came out if that tells you anything.

>Wait is this from the OVA
Tripfags sure are retards.

Guess I won't bother, then. I'll just save that webm and fap to it some other time.

Blah, blah, blah, FEEEEEEEET.



I'd be distracted as fuck trying to fight her

Best Soul Eater character. I only watched/read it for her and the way she was offed was disappointing.

>he didn't watch the OVA

sasuga retard

I'd be distracted as fight trying to fuck her

She was the worst girl, but had the sexiest design after the fucking frog

>Cures MC's depression
>MC saves her brother using a blind American lady
>MC goes back in time
>None of it ever happens and her brother is still insane logically
>Has some autograph in the end credits

What size shoe is that? Like an American 14... mens.

That's foreshortening is a bit exaggerated don't you think, or are you just into giant Peggy Hill feet?

OP, you're even more degenerate than than the average footfag, sheesh. Or do you just like shitty art?

She does NOT have feet my size!

I wish she did though, that'd be hot as fuck

Hamada Yoshikazu is best mangaka for girls, anatomy, and feet


Put On My Princess Feet

They're slowly falling in love.

The way to a man's heart is through your feet.

feetfags are worse than ntrfags



What do feet taste like?

>normal feet
Sweat and skin
>cute girl feet

Lick yours and tell us.

What do rainbows taste like?


>inb4 (spoiler for a reason) I'm the only degenerate here who used to do this obsessively as a kid and got the most bizarre satisfaction out of it.

this thread is much appreciated


>I'm the only degenerate here who used to do this obsessively as a kid and got the most bizarre satisfaction out of it.
I still do this from time to time.


C-Can confirm

I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's so incredibly arousing when they're clean and soft. Even just stroking them for long enough is enough.


>Lick yours
There's got to be a term for this... Autopodoglossia, if I can just make up a placeholder?


I want this slave to make me her footslave.

What would be your duties as her footslave?



This and the ED and OP are the only good things about the show.

>massaging her feet after a long day of training
>preparing her footbath
>washing her feet
>exfoliating her feet
>applying lotions and oils to keep them moist and supple
>gently wiping them clean
>massaging her feet... again?
>w-with my tongue??
>why is she laughing at me...
>licking between her toes just as she orders me to
>at this rate she could suffocate me with her bare feet alone. I'd better do everything she says.
>It's been like this every night
>I think I'm starting to like it...

And voilà, a mindbroken footslave is made.

Thanks for the boner.


>not liking it from the beginning

Yeah that was fucked.

Feet fapbait threads are the best.

I had to make some concessions for the sake of progression. Naturally, I would be enraptured from the moment I laid eyes or tongue on the delicious, soft underside of her foot.

At your feet. Sure is wasted potential the series.


Open up.

Y-Yes ma'am...


For the love of god. You know what I am going to ask. Please, don't make me say it out loud...

I won't be happy unless I drown in feet!

Why are spread toes so sensual?

This is your bath tonight

Only my tongue (can lick it)

You have to not like it at first since the dive into sexual depravity and slavehood makes it all the sweeter

A show of ability




i hate how she got no foot scenes at all.



Lick it.

But there is literally nothing depraved about worshiping a cute girl's feet.

Please... l-let me do it instead.


>There is still no /ss/ footdom doujin where Nico Robin completely anihillates a boy with her feet, and she'll actually use her powers to bury him in hundreds of her feet.

>the monster from alien

Okusama ga Seitokaichou has the girl giving the MC a footjob through his pants, she's wearing stockings though and this is not actual hentai so the MC backs out in the middle of it like a regular fag harem MC.

Sequel when?

Which episode was that?

I have recently taken a liking to Otohime's feet.

Good. I don't think my penis could handle that jealousy.

what you guys think of souji kurokawa?
I think I remember seeing 1 or 2 of his pics before, but lately he seems to be pumping them out more frequently.

Forgot my pic.
This is also his

is this him?

What's everyone's favourite flavor? I've recently taken a liking to Delinquent, myself.

Tomboy, NEET and Ojou feet in that order.

Yes I fucked up and quoted the wrong post.

He's my favorite.

Oh him! I'd never seen before about a week or so ago. Thought to myself this must be a new foot artist on the scene. I quite like his stuff, I'm excited too see more.

Damn user, that's some good taste.


smug arrogant ojou-sama feet

It seems he's going for a semi-realistic style as far as the shape is concerned. Works ok for the most part but in some cases looks kinda exaggerated and awkward, like pic related.

Also, make sure to check his Pixiv if you haven't already, not all of his works are on the booru.

This series has already ended and it was disappointing to be honest is the most amount of footservice you will get between the two.

I wonder if Subaru was more ecstatic about licking her feet, she would have helped him out.

He updates twitter more often than pixiv.

>already ended
Last update was just a couple weeks ago and didn't seem to have closure yet.

According to the site that releases the rows there won't be anymore chapters. Either that or its just on a break this month.

I'm loving his stuff, he seems fairly new to the scene and pops out some really good stuff here an there, case in point, the Saya above.

Toeless stockings are the best.

You mean Comic Walker?
It still lists release date of next chapter as October 19th.

Really hope they don't cancel it now as there's been some significant developments lately, such as MC starting work on Akane's shoes and Akane discovering she has a hand fetish.

Not bait but..
I never understood anons with foot-fetishes and never will. How do you degenrates can find anything erotic in fucking feets?
Somebody, pls enlighten me - and also please elaborate on how you adapted this kind of fetish, i really wonder what kind of odds need to happen to adapt oneselfs sexuality in this kind of way.

You don't adapt, it's a fetish. Either you have it or you don't.

This bait has been posted hundreds of times before, but no, this time it's not bait. Honest, guys.

I miss wokada

This isn't how humans work, dude.
There has to be somewhat of an impact in your life which directed your sexuality in this way.

It honestly isn't, i'm just generally corious about it. It also seems like that people who like animes tend more to have fetishes in this kind of way.

We all know it is, it's been done literally hundreds of times before. You're not doing anything original.

What do cute anime girl feet smell like?

Like a flower garden.

I like the way you think user, have you considered writing smut?

Gee user, you really know how to get a conversation rolling.
I just stated my perspective on this matter - and like i said, it's something i'd never came to understand.
I know that there is all kind of fetishes and some are even worse than this one, but the thing that's interesting me the most on this matter is, when in your life you started to develop this fetish and why.

they have a faint smell of wet sand

I hope you're proud of your intelligence for trying to bait in a way that's been done literally hundreds of times before. Very original and well-thought.

Is it acutally that embarrassing for you to talk about that? I mean, just come along with something like "There was this one girl in middleschool who bullied the shit out of me and had me forced to lick her feets" or somehting like that and i would eventually understand why you're all fucked up nao, but u literally haven't said anything yet.

You are baiting in a 100% transparent way, and nobody is interested in entertaining you. Piss off.

>fucked up
says someone who's wasting his time shitposting threads on the internet because of some autistic obsession with hating them, instead of doing something fun. How's that for "fucked up"?

You seem to lurk too much on Cred Forums when you automatically assume "bait" behind anything, with which you don't happen to agree with.
I just hoped for a bit of a selfreflection/observation from your side.

I actually never wanted to offend you :3 But if the shoe fits, feel free to slice that motherfucker up an wear it - also, you don't need to explain it anymore, cuz you already did.

Good day sir.

see , I hope you're proud of your intelligence for doing the exact same thing over and over and expecting it to have different results.

Where were we?

I want to lick this robot

I like you. I've done it a couple times. Nothing foot-centric (yet) sadly, even though it's one of my most prominent fetishes.

you shouldn't have deleted that last post, it had a good picture attached

>that chimp face


Smug senpai
Sweaty, clammy NEET

Getting hard just typing this, honestly

Thought it too ironic for someone praised for their writing to demonstrate such poor composition, but you're right. Reposting,

What anime is this?

Smug, dominant delinquent
Sweaty, clammy, filthy NEET who hasn't showered in days (but hasn't left their bed since their last shower)*
Christmas cake
Feisty, sporty girl/tomboy
Pampered rich girl

* It's important that the feet remain clean and soft, save for the natural oils of the skin and the thick, musty scent unique to the foot itself.

There are probably more I'm forgetting, but I've got to end this list sooner or later. Getting hard just typing this.

>forgot to spoil image
Whelp. I blame insufficient bloodflow.


All of them should be dominating and humiliating, of course

It is literally a male nipple there is nothing to spoiler.

High School Fleet

She does though.

What If I myself have no idea how I developed this fetish and why I even like it in the first place? Truth is, I just randomly started finding feet really appealing and arousing during my high school times and it started with 3D feet.



That's a dude baby!

These are amazing.

>trap feet

You have awoken a beast

The cuffs only make it extra hot.



>Love foot-licking
>Don't care for femdom at all
Anyone else know this feel?

Right here user. Femdom does nothing for me so I just put up with the fact that so much foot fetish art is femdom stuff.

I like femdom but I don't think worship has to be exclusive to it, in fact, I much prefer the opposite scenario in which the male is dominant by tying up the girl and forcefully licking the feet of an unwilling girl, but you don't see a lot of that.

I know that feel, bro. I just want to lick some delicious toes, and have some soft soles stroking my face.
Also, no Tsukihi yet?

>tfw seeing a 3D pig disgusting QT who has ugly feet


I will guard this beast until my last breath.

feet licking is probably my favorite thing.

What the fuck is wrong with you niggers? Hands are way more sexual than feet.


I need more foot pics of this angel already. It's a sin how few there are.

Semi-related; another qt I love whose bare feet are depicted not nearly often enough

Shitty feet.

Mine too mate.

Yeah. Looked much better in the thumbnail.

>gorgeous feet
>huge bulge
Now THIS is what I'm talking about!

Ah yes. Another fetish Cred Forums's given me that I must hide

It's a fetish that even anons are afraid to admit to other anons that they like it. I mean, ffs, its not scat, or guro, or toddlercon so why so much hate?

Above me is the usual guy reverse trolling by pretending that it's a shameful thing and we should be ashamed of liking it. Don't fall for it.

its always nice to find an fellow user of fine taste, and if you happen to come up with a foot-related story before the thread dies, at the very least I'd be interested in reading it

It's one of the most mainstream ones, foot fetish is the Shingeki no Kyojin of fetishes.


Well then. I'm gay.



the sky – i see it everyday yet its beauty never fades


I think it is like said. I just looked it up and it is a really common fetish, but in society, any fetish like this is still weird, and for Cred Forums, anything associated with more normal = bad by some tryhards.


Anyone got something like this?

Why are feet so difficult to get right? I feel like only a handful of artists are actually capable of consistently drawing them well.


pretty gross.

At wasted potential.

>This thread


Yeah it does make sense, but still, what a magnificent point of balance it managed to achieve. Well, cute things are cute and I will still like it.



show feet or get out

I wish

Jesus. Best one so far.

>show feet or get out


>tfw my waifu is named after a leg and feet covering
>tfw hardly any feet related art ;-;


Should have picked bare ver for bottom right.

Beautiful bump

>don't give a shit about feet but love asses
>feetfag images often have good buttshots
Jokes on you guys.

We need pantyhosed feet so desperately in this thread.


Reminder feetfags are cancer.

>she will never put her toes in my mouth then pour her "tea" down on her leg

You are so upset, watching you never gets old.


So, you know how a stark naked woman isn't as enticing as one wearing almost nothing, or really well-made lingerie? Does anyone else feel the same way about feet?

Like, imagine a bare cute-girl foot. Now imagine that foot in one of those sandals with a million straps. Or in a pair of translucent stilettos.


Totally agree.

comme ca?

I know what you mean, but I personally prefer girls who are fully clothed, yet barefoot.

That's also great.

I prefer it when they're fully clothed from the waist up, but completely naked from the waist down. But toeless stockings are a welcome exception to that.

Bare feet in jeans is underrated.

Can anyone share the name of this cartoon ?


Nigga who the fuck can luck their own feet you stupid


Translations: never.

>t. hamplanet incapable of basic flexibility

Why not both?


Hayate the Combat Butler right?


Her right foot is fucking huge.

Because what?

I'm trying to figure what could possibly be going on in her world to make her take this kind of stance.

yall need to step it up.

Yes, Yes, YES.


Shes lifting her leg up to sit down on your lap and straddle you as shes stripping because you teased her saying shes afraid of showing her giant areolas.

Funny thing is I love feet but hate asses. I mean I never understood why people would be attracted to the place where your shit comes out, if its for the squishiness then breasts is where its at.

Holy shit, source? google doesn't gives me anything


I LOVE that explanation. Thank you.

That's gross. I'm going to ralph.


I love feets and ass, glad my fetishes synergies.

Idol na Kanojo to Wotaku na Boku to

Don't say i never did anything for you Cred Forums.

Asses are leg breasts. Thighs are ass midriffs.
Asses bring every part of the lower body together.

Thanks bro

And yet people will look down on foot fetichists, including foot fetichists who are hiding it. A g uy talking about how he is a masochist and how he like to get nails hammered in his cock could talk more openly about his fetish and get some "Oh, interesting. Can you tell me more about that ?" reactions.

Keep thinking this wizard.

The video for rammstein - engel comes to mind

This is the most erotic thread in weeks.

Holy fug, sauce me, my man

Not worth it, trust me.

Fine, the webm alone is enough

Because simple exaggerated art does not lend to attractive feet, so you must blend realistic, and abstractive styles together.

That's actually the short version of that webm.

Here you go,

thread needs more rg

Dead and buried.

I see you too are a man of taste and culture


He's drawn quite a bit of Stocking.
Most of it is sketches, but his colored stuff is top tier for fapping.

i refuse to accept this

I'm sorry

No matter how fluff the topic is you're always going to somehow get that one shitposter in the thread doing their little meltdown bit. It's just the fucking stupidest thing imaginable and I'll never understand it.

I just can't handle pampered rich girl foot fetish stuff. It sends my hatefuck instincts into instant overdrive

They're the best because you know they deserve to have their feet worshiped.

It just works insanely fucking well. That and idol feet are like the final boss of Japanese foot fetish material

Page10 saverave


>Idol feet
There should be more of this both in 2D and 3D

What the hell.


how many times must we do this dance?

I honestly don't get this 'only one anti-feet shitposter in an imageboard of millions' meme. And I say all this as a footfag.
It's just an excuse at 'conversation,' isn't it?

I don't know but people could just put it in the image title or just tell people instead of making a pissing contest out of it. Then again Cred Forums

That's my guess

Do you still not know what the source is?

Alas, I've been out all day. You might be pleased to know that I incorporated foot-licking into one erotic scene of something I wrote, but it was _____gay_____.


This artist is one smooth motherfucker

Archives, you retarded fuck. Every one of these source requests can be solved by using the archives. You newfriends reveal yourselves far too easily.

God, I needed this thread so much. It feels like I've just reconnected with my penis on a whole different level.

my planets

Nice whatever the fuck, but this is for FEET.

Same non-arguments, same transparent ways to shitpost or incite shitposting, same verbal tics, same words, same treatment by the mods. Deny the obvious, uphold the inane.

Not convincing anyone.



>be her onii-san
>decide to prank her
>sneak up on her and motorboat her feet in that position
>they're just as smelly and moist as they are every night.
>she turns around and sighs
>"again, user...?"
>stick your tongue out and grin as she pouts and undoes your zipper with her toes
>you smile, knowing you get to lick her feet clean afterwards

Classic sibling teasing


Hate how easy it is to make me fap.

>posting 10/10 trapfeet
Y-You too. You better cum buckets, f-faggot

Thanks for the cringe, booru comments section.

Np user, thanks for the (You)s


But doesn't it only stay there for a week before being deleted?

More Re:Zero feet service is appreciated.

Here's some official art.

>I d-don't think he meant those archives, friendo

I liked your posts, user.

I didn't even watch the show, I just know the blue bitch is a meme, and I want to marry her feet.

I hope you had a good fap, friend. There'll be more where that came from in the future

Nothing wrong with that I suppose.


>look up feet artist on Pixiv
>see a nice piece of work
>decide to grace it with happy elephant stamp
>check comments
>some cringey english comment
Who the fuck is this autismo anyways?

>he doesn't keep his feet cute and soft by exfoliating and moisturizing daily



>Kashima feet
Now that's just not fair.


Cake, neesan, and ojousan are top tier. Have a bonus qt mom

Why are feet so fucking great

If that's a mom then I want to breed an entire city with her.





I want to show her ___feet the pleasure of a man's tongue she's been missing out on for years.


I'm familiar with that person. He's some jackass who used to commission Palcomix to draw shit for him. He actually wasn't so bad years ago but I guess he's just one of those autists who gets worse as he ages. He's also too stupid to figure out how Google+ works.

hahaha. This. He's probably some deviantart fag.

Did somebody say feet?

Y-Yes, senpai~

why aren't there more hentai with this position/feet fucking

Wow, thread is still up.

Just like MY DICK.

In all seriousness though, this thread is one of the best things that's happened to me in recent days.




Another page 10 save


I love it when they're not the focus, but they're still done so well.

We also spend quite a little time looking at feet, artists included, so even they will not necessarily get them right.
Hands are ridiculously hard to draw but they are a very prominent human feature so artists practise them.
Unlike hands, feet are usually covered and they aren't central to expressivenes like hands are, so most just ignore drawing them or oversimplify.


I love feet and feet love me!

This is exactly what I'm talking about. No attempt to explain anything, just a child throwing a tantrum and shouting
>You're wrong because I'm right!
whenever anyone says something they don't like. It's like arguing with a Tumblrcunt, you cannot win.

>Ankle bracelets.

See what I mean? Same non-arguments as always.
>You're wrong because I'm right!
says the guy who asks a loaded question like "why are you guys fucked up?"
And you expect us to believe you're not baiting. You really are as dumb as you sound. I hope you're also as mad as you sound.

Stop replying. Just ignore.

That's not even what I asked, faggot. Why would I shitpost my own fetish? I was just curious as to why everyone acts like one guy in a site of millions is out to get them. But this has given me some food for thought. Either
1. You're just that delusional.
2. You're just shitposting yourself to revive the thread.
or a little of both. Either way, you are a disgrace to us.

>my own fetish
You think anyone believes that, when you employ literally the exact same methods to shitpost these threads every single time?
Do you honestly think there's a single person here who's falling for your little charade?


it's for the best

her character is shit

Fucking armpitfags












Best girl, hands down.

thank you for all the feet, brothers


smell fetish


lets go for 400







It's gratuitous shots like this that tell you the creators know what we want to see.

Mein bruders, have some more

Loving this guy's art lately too, he keep drawing all my favorite characters barefoot.


Successful thread me thinks.

medusa feet

as109 can draw some very good ones too, when he bothers.

For the love of feet, please sauce.



Is it just me or nobody has posted this yet?


I only give sauce to fellow footfriends



Thanks, user.
How this wasn't in my favorites already I have no idea.






Any girl who has the personality to pull off a femdom angle pic with confidence is automatically best girl.