Are you ready for more lolis in swimsuits Cred Forums?

Are you ready for more lolis in swimsuits Cred Forums?

I liked the art style.

tight vaginas

the hell is this from ?

An anime airing on wednesday.

One of the two anime I'm watching. It's a shame this faggot made all these futa.

Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure

>all the girls are cunts except the one with no screentime

Wednesday? I wanted it to be on Monday again.

Mitton please go


Aww yeah!
Just a few days left.

Need more bathing / shower scenes.

It is earth star, they know how to do loli shower scenes if YnS 2 is anything to go by.


Was there uncensoring in the BDs?

For gods sake I just want loli yuri, Japan.


Gay toddler mountain lolis?

I can't believe it got a second season. So fucking hyped.

Yama no Susume s3 never ;_;



It's from the big anthology that was released last comiket. I have it but I'm not scanning. Hopefully someone else will.

Oh right, the 200 page doujin.
Someone probably will or a shitty digital rip will come out.


Loli yuri and mascot abuse.
God I've missed this show!

Was there actually yuri in this?

You know, subtex. Enough for a deprived loli yuri fan to pair them together.

like Yama no Susume subtext or madoka/utena "subtext"?

Take a guess.

Closer to Yama. Basically just close friends but I say fuck it and pair them anyways because there were some nice moments. Go watch the first season and see for yourself. It's short.

>Closer to Yama. Basically just close friends
But Aoi/Hinata were pretty gay for each other...

The friend in this is pretty gay too, stealing her friends panties and the like.

I'll check it out.

Well, yeah, not as gay as them but that's why I said "closer". user these are like 5 minute shorts so we'll see how season 2 goes. Basically all I'm saying is there's potential. Season one had some instances and therefore I hope they give me more. It's not like I have anywhere else to go for loli yuri.

Wait, there is a season 2 of this.

Shit, time to rewatch first season.

In a couple days.

MC's best friend blatantly lusts over her hard but it's pretty much played off as a parody of yuri subtext in mahou shoujo and not anything serious

I wouldn't really say parody though. Just light gayin' it up.

How is this show?

Got shit rating on MAL but then again it is MAL

I know to expect loli fanservice which I'll like but what about in terms of character and story?

There's not much story-wise, it's a mahou shoujo parody used as a vehicle for cute SoL, mascot bullying, and lolis in swimsuits
It's fun and it's a short so why not just give it a try

12 episodes which are 4 minutes long each with the OP taking up 45 seconds. How much depth do you think it could have?

An interesting take on the Mahou Shoujo genre.
Not a deconstruction per se like Madoka was.
More of an intellectual exercise. What would happen to magical girl mascots if their job was done, what if all the monsters were dead, what if there were no more reason to have magical girls?
Throw in loli fanservice and yuri insinuations and there you go.

It's just cute light hearted shorts. Not really any story and whether you like the characters or not is up to you. Why would you even bring up MAL?

Quick, user! Reply with your three sizes!

It has good art & animation. All shorts get low ratings on MAL for some reason even though they're so easy to watch.

>This gets a second season
>Sekai Maou doesn't have an anime yet
I'll enjoy this show more than I really should, just like the first season, but I'm upset that the best fantasy manga I've read in a long time is both untranslated now and without an adaptation.

I hope the episodes are a little longer this time.

The whole show is a parody of mahou shoujo. She's a comedic exaggeration of the token yuri friend.

Gay loli pantsu!

>untranslated now
God damn it.

With all the 'parodies' and 'deconstructions' we got lately, this almost feels vanilla in comparison.

Macadamia nuts mahou shoujo?

This series is a masterpiece. Cutest demon lord ever.