ITT post the first anime you watched

ITT post the first anime you watched

Pokemon first
then Ranma

well technically pokemon but that would be a lot of peoples firsts

Mine was Ernest Reid San's gnome anime.




Ignoring watching Naruto on Cartoon Network as a kid, this.

>Naruto on Cartoon Network
>As a kid
Am i being baited?

I was 10 when it first came out. I really only watched up to the Chunin exams.

Either this or Speed Racer, I can't remember.

This and Sailor Moon

Probably Lupin 3rd

Gall FOrce

Probably this.

Saw the entire series never watched it again still confused

I'm guessing you are from Mexico or Latam.This was my first anime too.


I am. Watched Stuff like Heidi & Remi way before knowing what anime even was. back at the point were childhood memory starts to get kind of fuzzy.

The first anime I watched that actually counts (i.e. NOT a 4kids dub) was Nausicaa. I didn't realise how disturbing it was back then.

I am gonna spam ranma.


one picture
so much spam

Oh wow toilet guy got a doujin.

It was great, no regrets.

I don't remember which was first.

I guess I'll just say Akira.

This thread is making me feel old.


it ran on cartoon network originally back in like 2005, lot of people were kids then

not relevant to your post or your thread but is that a fucking borsig

is it in the anime or is it art

You're too young to remember.

...and the deep lust for delicious brown has ruined every girl since.

If we're going on the first one we downloaded to watch, .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet. I thought anime was degenerate and refused to watch it. Somebody said to try this anime and I can't help but feel like I was trolled, it was terrible and represents everything that is wrong with anime. I watched Azumanga, Rozen Maiden, Pani Poni Dash, and Ouran High School Host Club at around the same time.





*flashbacks to really early cringy weeb phase*

I didn't even like it that much at first, I thought many fights and arcs were pretty lame.

The ideal kids' show, with light-hearted subjects such as Apartheid, famine and Nazi crows.

astro boy

Everyone got like 80's/90's shit and I'm here like

I miss the good old days where anime was something and not just garbage

Anime these days sure got pussier.
Demetan didn't fuck around, it was violent.

go back to racist

Even my parents used to watch this when they were kids.



>not knowing Demetan

princess mononoke in middle school

Devilman on VHS. Weird that I'd watch stuff like this back when I was a kid, now I'm an adult I watch Moe and SOL mostly.

Not sure what would be first, Sailor Moon on TV or Guyver on VHS. Damn, those 6 episodes changed my life forever, to the point where my mom took me to psychologist for drawing monsters all the time. I was like 8

As a fellow oldfag who keeps watching edgy and manly shit, what would you recommend as the best moe or SOL ever? I've tried to get into lucky star, k-on, and some other but I couldn't stay interested. I think the only SOL I enjoyed was young saint men.

K-ON is the gold standard to me, but Silver Spoon, Working, NNB and Flying Witch are stand-outs.

On a shitty 8in B&W TV. I remember the tube blowing mid-way through the series. It was after this epic battle when the ship was severely damaged. I've known pain. Oddly, never finished it.

Flying Witch gives me the greatest of warm fuzzies.

Maybe Hyakko?

I must've watched about 4 or 5 episodes of K-ON and just dropped it, I wasn't interested on their dialogues or what they did, same happened with Lucky Star.
I just looked those up and Silver Spoon and Flying Witch stand out, I'll try them out, thanks.

Fuck off newfag.

Haruhi is also an awful anime to start with. It relies so much on parody of anime/LN tropes you wouldn't be familiar with. About the only worse show from that era in that regard is Lucky Star.

>not mentioning Azumanga Daioh

my man

I can't be certain, but it would have probably been some OVA on VHS. I remember seeing Robotech broadcasts in the 80s sometimes but didn't watch the entire series.

I know this show is shit as manga adaptation but I still like it since it was the first anime I watched.

Me too... well, that or pic related.

Tough to say, really.

Remember bumping into this late at night on some random ass channel. Can't say it's my first anime, but it's the first one I actually gave a damn about.

I am surprised this has not shown up yet.

I hope you like them, the thing is with SOL's is they can take a while to get into them, but in the end they'll leave you with the best feels.


My Neighbor Totoro was the first film I saw on VHS

I faintly remember seeing Gatchaman airing TV