What's the last anime you watched?

What's the last anime you watched?

Did you enjoy it?

Saekano, marathoned it. Yes, the girls are cute.

Danganronpa 3 I just finished. Is not even remotely close to being a great anime, but for some reason I really fucking loved it. The meme threads were great, too. I feel like if you were a fan of the VN's the anime is worth checking out, you'll enjoy it.

Re:Zero has been interesting.

Dat assassin. God she makes me cum hard.

Strike witches 2, yes it was fantastic.

Patlabor OVA
I didnt really like it. OST was banging and the MC was one of the better female protags though

Binbougami ga
10/10 Momiji best girl

Hachi no Shounen


El chavo, best SoL ever made.

Shuumatsu no Izetta. Not sure what to expect but I can tell I'll enjoy it.

Galaxy Angel.

It's gold. Ranpha a best.

91 Days, best 12 episodes I've watched in a long while.

>nichi bros

Way better than nichi whores, sadly not as much episodes

Future Boy Conan episode 3 was fucking good. Love the dynamic between Conan and Jimsy. Last show I finished was Macross Delta which I liked more than others did, it seems. The last half was a bit slow but there were some great episodes in there, plus I liked the Evangelion-esque finale.

Most beautiful bromance story ever told, dude cucked himself to save his bro


Anne Happy

Yes and it soothed my mind

FMA 2003 and watched the movie earlier this week.

Yes, holy shit I loved it.

My dead imageboard can't be this cute!

At least his alternate timeline self got Naho. ;v;

Just finished Railgun S after putting off Raildex for years. The Sisters arc is one of the best I have ever seen.


Yeah, it was pretty good

The last anime I completed was High School DXD season 3 and the last anime I watched any of is Freezing season 2. I enjoy both because I have shit taste in anime.

Can of pineapples, what does it mean!

That. Fucking loved it.


Time Bokan 24

Pretty good. Full completion? It's been a while since I sat through an anime without dropping it, maybe as far back as Stardust Crusaders in July.

Barakamon I liked it alot.

Finished it about a week ago, depressing as fuck. Any recomendations of shows like it?


gachupines must hang

Not sure why I didn't catch on to that faster

>Last anime watched
Regalia, it's pretty based and I'm glad it was pushed back to fall because there isn't too much interesting stuff this time around.
>Last anime completed
Kuromukuro. Underrated mecha show which is mostly disliked by misguided people looking for a trainwreck or bloodbath. P.A. Works delivered.

Just finished the 3 OVAs.

Damn, this scene though. I think it must have been animated on ones, because the motion was fluid as fuck. Easily best OVA of the 3.


Yes I did

>Tiger Mask W

First episode was good

ReLIFE, it was meh.

Ninja Scroll
It was pretty cool

I will never understand why Mexicans love anime so much.


You fucking fucker.

What's surprising her is how little edit you had to make.

As a Nico fag and mexifag I'm both laughing my ass off to the edit and offended!

Love Live

no it was shit

it was pretty good.
basically Shinji "get in the fucking robot" Ikari trapped in an MMO: the anime

New Game. I normally consider an anime that makes me smile at least half of the time to be at least alright.

I don't get it


Spic memes are strange, you're probably better of not knowing.

Last series as a whole watched was Kuromukuro I guess. I had a lot of fun.
A shame the threads here were so often shit.

>El Oniichan

ask the french why they love anime too much while you're at it

the french like anime because they're weak and effeminate, just like the japanese

I had saved pic related (actually all things Ai Yazawa) for the day I'd run out of decent shoujo/josei stuff, and the day eventually came. Too bad the ending was open so I had to go to the Internets to check the status of the manga only to find out it's been in hiatus for 6-7 years with no ending in sight.

Fuck the Japanese cold.

Because when you were a kid growing up in Latin America you had to pick between Cred Forums and Cred Forums. Western cartoons were Disney, capeshit or lol-so-randum shit, all in all, very kiddie stuff, while on the other hand, animu had people bleeding or dying in them, there were panty shots and the series seemed to actually have a plot. You'd develop new friendships with people with similar interests.

Then you grew up, got yourself piercings, bandanas, nail polish, anime patches, etc. and you were ready to go to a shitty 3rd world conventions where everyone was dark skinned, greasy looking with zero fashion sense and an endless love for idiotic shounen anime.



its shit. but the streams are fun and the memes are dank. Hajimeme, you know why, juzoboys. i miss it

Watched or finished?

Watched Is The Order a Rabbit, yes

Finished Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, very much

That tequila a trash.

>currently watching bakemonogatari