Draw an old man

>Draw an old man
>Call him a teenager

What the heck Japan?

Gosh golly.

leorio is the best HxH character

hisoka is the best

>draw a girl
>call him a boy

what the heck Japan?

he looks like the moe Takashi Miike

Who are you quoting, Cred Forums?

Kurapika is a boy?

Stop that

Killua is cute!

He's a man.

So what does everyone think of the dub? They recently had the testing gate episode. Every voice so far has been perfect, save for Killua. Gotoh's voice was great.

>draw a dorohedoro character
>say it's Hisoka
Togashi come on

>Draw gum
>Turns out it's rubber

what the heck Japan?

>draw an insect
>give it bicycle shorts

What the heck Japan?

who said bugs can't wear spats?

user in society we have a few rules. These are important because they keep us civilised.

Do not disembowel and eat your neighbour
Poop in the toilet, not on the foot path does not apply in china
Make sure to indicate when turning

and first and foremost of those rules is bugs are not allowed to wear tight clothing

That stupid sexy Cheetahman had the sluttiest jean minishorts or whatever they're called;

Exactly, user
And what happened to bikeshorts and daisydukes? Eradicated for the good of all mankind

Insects in tight clothing, say no.

I was pretty disappointed when he died. My enjoyment of the character outweighed the joy of seeing Killua's dad hi-fiving the earth

That's clearly Vash the Stampede

Nah it is his cousin, Nash the Camp Lead
He does summer camps for kids with disabilities, very nice guy

>Draw a gun
>Call on the phone
What the heck, am I high?