Why does Cred Forums talk endlessly about EVANGELION

Why does Cred Forums talk endlessly about EVANGELION.

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Haven't you heard, user?
Cred Forums is tumbling down.

You mean that Cred Forums is Instrumentality joke?

Based Martin Shkreli is gonna save us.

It's like a religion. People never shut up.

I'm OP,
Would Cred Forums talk about EVANGELION as much as it does now if the Rebuilds didn't exist?

Did Cred Forums talk about Evangelion to the extent that it does now before the Rebuilds?

It was SO SHIT it left a permanent scar of autism in their brain

Oh you.

I dropped it. It was too deep for me and the MC is a baby back bitch.

Waifu wars.
Rei > Asuka

because there is a lot to talk about

>not liking Eva

Look at all these noobs. Sorry its not mindless action as SAO of AoT.

Because of threads like this?

I'm OP,
>not liking Eva
Actually I say Eva is the best thing ever.

Just wondering why Cred Forums Talk's endlessly about Eva.

Evangelion and EoE left an impression on everyone that watched it. It's thought provoking and it has gud-ass waifus.

Why would the rebuilds have anything to do with it. I didn't even watch the rebuilds and I still talk about it.

Hate to break it to you newfag, everyone talks endlessly about Evangelion. Not just Cred Forums.



People who dislike it feel as compelled to visit the threads as the fans.

It's one of those rare mixtures everyone seeks validation on.

Wasn't he adding a reason why people talk about eva?

Its a fucking depressing mess towards the end where nothing gets resolved. Didn't like the rebuilds stopped at end of Evangelion.

It's far from my favorite anime, but I did enjoy some of the character development.

Because its the watchmen of anime.
It can be interpreted in so many ways that it makes for endless discussion.

This. It's discussed so much because even the people that didn't like it feel compelled to discuss it.

I go into pretty much every EVA thread I see, but mostly as a lurker. I like when their is actual discussion on the show and seeing peoples first reactions is hilarious.

Because it vexes you so.

>seeing peoples first reactions is hilarious.

>some guy has a really complicated wank and cums on his hand

Hey man I've watched alot of anime in my life. like a LOT of fucking anime. literally almost twenty different titles

>I need big macho characters to self insert to so I can feel macho.

holy shit, how's that even possible?


It all returns to nothing

Inserting into macho characters is kind of gay dude.

not if you say no homo

because most of these faggots were too young for NGE and they think it's the cool retro/reddit thing to like despite it being a convoluted angsty pile of shit.

Because they can relate to a massive loser and fuckup like Shinji.

>there's no happy medium between big macho and WHAA WHAA LIFE IS HARD MY DADDY DOESN'T LOVE ME WHAA WHAA

fuck NGE

i just downloaded this show. did i make a mistake?

never did finish the soul society arc back when it was airing, figured revisiting the series would be a good way to kill time.

oops i'm retarded

>R-reddit is all just normies, us user are so cool! Evangalion is shit cause I don't like stuff that doesn't have happy cute grils in it, and if I don't like it then it sucks haha I'm so beta, not like those normies1!!!1!111

Because it's literally the first fit in test if you want to become cool kids at Cred Forums.

assblasted redditor detected

Exactly, you watch it to join the discussion on whatever side you're on.

>projection: the post

>I only use this leaf looking app on my phone guys!!1!1 please love me, am I cool yet?

It won't stay dead.

What is dead may never die

Because it's good

>eva waifus

Literally designed to show how all waifus are shit

Shinji Ikari Raising project>Neon Genesis Evangelion>Epilogue of Evangelion>End Of Evangelion>Rebuilds>Re:Take

Nice girl choice, OP.

Be honest, would you have clicked on this thread if it wasn't for the picture.

>Nice girl choice, OP.

Fuck off Satan.

>liking toilets


care to explain the toilet joke, I don't get it.

Rei looks like a toilet seat

>Having the need to create an identity for yourself when you're on an anonymous image board.

Back to red dit with you.

Why is Anno so angry at women?

>this is the insult asukafags have to revert to using


I just finished this. I'm going to watch the movie tomorrow. Already started the manga. Goodbye, everyone. I've found purpose

why is the rei figma so expensive on amazon? is it because she sucks and it's kind of a punishment to those who like her enough to buy her?

no sad asukas, asuka deserves happiness

Go read Re-Take then

Why do people sat Re-Take is good? its stupid as hell.

I prefer Girlhood.


oh no, a fan fiction that is already copying everything also took some panels from the pages people just glance at and flip past anyway.

Because they're retarded shippers.


Some people just want a happy ending I guess

Granted Girlhood is shipping as well,

However it's non-H, and it has a better understanding of NGE than Retake.

It's not an insult it's a fact

>this is the insult toiletfags have to revert to using

Boy hips were just the style in the 90's.

Is Evangelion the most overrated anime in existence?

ur life is the most overrated anime in existance

everyday life?

No, that's cowboy bebop or code grass. Evangelion lives up to any and all hype.

>evangelion lives up the hype
no it doesn't, it's just a shittier ideon

Remember when instrumentality happens on /a ? Falling crosses. The music. Good times

It makes people feel like shit

The original series does, the Rebuilds just don't. You gotta go into this whole thing with the right mindset though.

So 3+1 wont?

How do you like my waifu?


i luv roi






Asuka will save you.


Because it's the most controversial anime of the last 20 years.

But Asuka can't even save herself

Next year.

What the fuck are the Rebuild movies again? Just a retelling with a different twist or a whole different time line?

Because, this.

Asuka confirmed as cat.

>shinji had the chance to fuck that

>yfw you'll never see a confident shinji slay that german puss

Because anno never shuts the fuck up about other anime/manga, so you're forced to think about his trash piece.

asuka best waifu


>eye-patch asuka
Haven't seen the rebuilds, but is eye-patch Asuka hint/confirmation that the rebuilds are happening after EoE?

I thought I was smart for noticing the red sea and the eyepatch thing on my own, I don't usually piece things together like that on my own. Someone can post the picture of all the continuity tidbits now.

Maybe people talk continuously about Eva because Eva is (close to) the best-anime-ever new people are discovering and viewing Eva for the first time and are blown away by it

>source: me, I watched it for the first time a few days ago and I still feel disoriented by it's awesomeness

Fuck off martin

>Haven't seen the rebuilds
Hello newfag

Why should I watch them?

I tried watching the first one, something was off, didn't like it, I prefer the original series and the original films.

there's a dinner party that almost happens

you are a retard

i just finished the anime. didn't watch the movie. are there one or two movies

oh, and explain EVERYTHING to me please

like, am i supposed to watch all these in order?

how does one person get so retarded? Can you not figure out how to watch shows without other people's input?

I saw a youtube evangelion music video and thought it looked cool, so I watched evangelion. It was super simple.

i've finished the anime. i just want to know the order of movies to watch. i'm going to watch them no matter what

have you considered sequential order?

But if you are literally searching for any goddamned order, go 3.33, then 1.11, then 2.22, then end of evangelion.

Fuck you're stupid you stupid fucking cunt.

You're the stupid one for not reading his post correctly.

Only End of Eva is a necessary watch. But if you want to see all of them then watch them as they are listed on the wiki from top to bottom.


>Cred Forums is tumblr

That sure was depressing as fuck. Thank you

I'm pretty sure all those ridiculous anime physiques in the 90s is why I have a thing for lanky girls to this day.

So when is the last part coming out again?

because it's shit
people in Cred Forums love shit
but they don't like the same shit I like
fuck the people from Cred Forums

Before 2020. Probably. Maybe.


Because it's fulfilled its role as masterpiece whether people like it or not, everything is still open to discussion and talked about years after. Of course the rebuilds helped a lot keeping the media alive.

it just keeps

Yes. I was here and it did. The waifu war it invokes and general shitposting has been around since before Cred Forums.

holy shit fuck off, if anyone actually exists that watched the rebuilds first speak up now.

Asuka and Rei II are both very nice girls.

Probably not
The original NGE series was about how bad it is to be a reclusive otaku, but the rebuilds just say fuck it and pander to the otakus by throwing in more fanservice, more waifus and more kewl mech battles

I love how people always make it out to be that liking eva is about age.
You like it and you're older: you're just a nostalgiafag
You like it and you're young: it's just because you think is the cool retro thing.

You're pretty retarded

>Other user did not watch Rebuild
He might just be smart.

stop it, it's too late for that kind of talk, too much water under the bridge, too many crimes have been committed and can't be overlooked just for the sake of peace.

Is it okay to read the slice of life manga if I haven't seen the movie? I want to read it RIGHT NOW. When I saw the last episode, I immediately thought, "they should make a slice of life story out of this." Is this just the weeb/otaku/anime fan thought process -- and the creators actually make it real?

because Cred Forums has a constant influx of newfags and NGE is always on every fucking list of "anime you need to see" and it's usually the first piece of art in their lives that uses heavy symbolism and thought-provocative imagery so their tiny baby brains are turned inside out so they come here and make a thread about it and then usually stick around and post in other threads that people like them make about it for a few months

it's a vicious cycle

>Shinji ever being able to fuck Asuka without passing out from his beta nerves
It's like they didn't even watch the show.

Because it's a visual representation of themselves.

Because they can.

I've never watched eva before.
But I read the manga and the wiki.

Good, shippers can fucking die.

watch it


asuka cute


Not in the same way. Posting about evangelion was frowned upon because it was associated with normalfags


Is it thee controversial anime of the last 20 years.



because it technically hasn't ended

So the eva train will dwindle down a bit after the last film comes out.

yes indefinitely

unless of course they decide to milk it even more.

and if they do the japs will buy it and the west will complain like usual.

does anyone discuss ranma as much as eva?
how about shin chan?
or card captor sakura?

these series ended. got replaced with other shows.

EVA still hasn't ended thanks to the rebuilds.

anno is probably laughing all the way to the bank.

I hope Eva doesn't become something like starwars. Let's say anno sold Evangelion to another studio, would that studio capitalize on their investment?


can't spell ev/a/ngellion without Cred Forums



In the end, she made her choice of which one she believed others should trust.


Each character has one personal memento that represents their desires.

Asuka - Cat ears because she defines herself by piloting Eva and wants to show the world

Misato - Cross because she believes in humanity's survival

Rei - Glasses because she's secretly a raccoon who likes to hoard things

Shinji - Tape player because he wants approval from his father and listens to his voice on repeat.


Stop reposting this no-brainer shit.




not only is it one of the best series ever made, but there's a lot to talk about concerning it. also, Cred Forums wouldn't exist if evangelion never happened. moot made this place so he had somewhere he could talk about his waifu with people.

Evangelion is to Cred Forums what Bane is to Cred Forums, what Infinite Jest is to /lit/, what Rick Owens is to /fa/:

A shitty PoMo meme that will not die

>Waifu wars.
>Rei > Asuka
pfffff, minor waifus, nobody care

>one of the best series ever made

Stopped reading right there.

Literally the greatest piece of fiction ever made.

2.22 was pretty much straight up pandering, but it was pandering to the
>Why doesn't Shinji man up like Simon
Crowd. The anime fans that hates Eva as it was. 3.33 then proceeds to shit on the idea that you can just try as hard as you can to solve all your problems, and that intent is not going to match up with results.

But yes the original series is still better.

Why Retake?

Why not Girlhood?

Girlhood doesn't have them walking down the aisle at the end

People can't handle the truth. The truth is Rei is best girl

no bucket dumping scene in that one

Son, we live in a world that has waifus, and those waifus have to be defended by men on the internet.

Wsup EVAs